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The Best 32″ Smart TV (2021) – Nokia TV 32 | 39W Onkyo Sound | Dolby Vision / Atmos | Android 11

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  • Résolution : 1366 x 768 HD
  • Qté de ports HDMI : 2
  • Design : Silhouette Slim
    Livraison gratuitei
  • Taille d’écran : 81 cm
  • Rétroéclairage par LED
    Livraison gratuitei
  • Taille d’écran : 80 cm
  • Rétroéclairage par LED – Assombrissement Micro Pro
  • Format d’affichage : 1080p
  • Résolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Tuner TV numérique : DVB-C, DVB-T2
  • Améliorations d’image : Digital Clean View, HyperReal Engine, Mega Contrast, Ultra Clean View, accentuation du contraste, PurColor
    Livraison gratuiteiLivraison gratuite en France métropolitaine. Retrouvez toutes les conditions sur
  • + d’offres à partir de 291,38+ d’offres à partir de 242,82 HT
  • Taille d’écran : 80 cm
  • Rétroéclairage par LED
  • Design : Samsung UE32T4005AK 4 Series – 32″ TV LED – HD
  • Tuner TV numérique : DVB-C, DVB-T2
  • Améliorations d’image : Digital Clean View, ccontraste dynamique, HyperReal Engine, Amélioration des couleurs, Amélioration des couleurs
    Livraison gratuitei
    Livraison gratuitei
    Livraison gratuitei
  • Taille d’écran : 80 cm
  • Rétroéclairage par LED
  • Tuner TV numérique : DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2
  • Améliorations d’image : Pixel Plus HD
    Livraison gratuitei
  • Taille d’écran : 80 cm
  • Rétroéclairage par LED
  • Tuner TV numérique : DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2
    Livraison gratuiteiLivraison gratuite en France métropolitaine. Retrouvez toutes les conditions sur

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How To Connect Bluetooth Devices To A Smart Tv

The Bluetooth feature included in Smart TVs can boost your TV experience. It can keep you glued to the TV, especially if you know how to use the Bluetooth feature effectively. By enabling Bluetooth on a Smart TV, youre opening up your TV to connect with other devices while maximizing its potential.

There are quite a few benefits in enabling/ connecting your Smart TV with other devices via Bluetooth. For starters, it gives you a better viewing and listening TV experience. If you are a gamer, smart tv with Bluetooth allows you to connect your headphone to your TV, boosting your listening experience while gaming. It also allows you to redefine movie night by connecting your Bluetooth speaker or soundbar to your TV, giving you a pleasurable, cinematic sound/ experience.

Although connecting your Smart TV to multiple devices leads to amazing experiences, it is not as easy as it sounds. The process might seem a bit complex for some people, which is why we created this section as a guide for you. First, well simplify the process of connecting other devices to your Bluetooth Smart TV.

Start by setting the device you want to pair with your Smart TV to pairing mode. If your device comes with a specific pairing button, it makes it simplifies the pairing process. However, if your device doesnt come with a pairing button, check your device’s manual for instruction on how to set it to pairing mode.

Bluetooth Speakers And Headphones

What better way to improve your Smart TVs sound system than linking your Smart TV to your speaker system, especially if you have a home theater sound setup?

Even better, connect it via Bluetooth for less clutter on your console.

Truth to be told, the stock speakers of Smart TVs are not usually the best and tend to border on the average performance. They may sound good with their built-in enhancements, such as to equalize presets, but you can have a better viewing experience with your Bluetooth-enabled sound system.

Or, should the TV be too loud for nighttime viewing, take out your Bluetooth Headphones and pair them with your Smart TV.

You can get the same viewing experience without waking up the whole household.

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How To Choose The Best Small Smart Tvs For You

When looking for a small smart TV, follow our TV Buying Guide tips. If you put some thought into what you need from a TV, youll be able to enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Size: How small is small enough? The difference between the screen size of a 24-inch TV and a 43-inch TV is pretty significant. If your space will allow for a larger unit, we recommend you go bigger even if you think youll be happy with the smallest screen, a bigger one helps make the experience of watching more engaging.

Price: Expect to pay $100-$200 for the smallest TVs on this list, and expect to pay more like $300 or more on the larger end of small. Some of these TVs sell for $500 or more.

Features: Consider which ports you need and how many. The number of HDMI ports you need depends on how many devices you plan to plug in a streaming stick, game console or cable box, for example. Most of these TVs have three HDMI inputs, but some have only two. If you plan to use a sound bar, you may need an optical digital audio or a 3.5 mm auxiliary output. You may also want a TV that supports Bluetooth so you can listen on your headphones without disturbing people around you.

Check out our additional TV coverage to narrow down your TV shopping by brand, price range or screen size. Check out our picks for the best TVs in each.

Bluetooth Tv For Small Spaces Or Carseats

LG Led TV 32 inch Smart with Bluetooth 32LM560 Online at Lowest Price ...

This is one of the best headrest TV screens with HDMI in and HDMI out ports with HDMI cable. We can only sync the screen with an HDMI cable or another computer.

Android TV has 13.3-inch touch headrest TV with 1920*1080 and supports 4k HD playback. This device supports multiple formats. It is the perfect car rear-seat entertainment system for long road trips providing a joyful trip.

Reasons To Buy

Supports: Car headrest video player uses T9722 program with 8-core CPU, 2G RAM/16G Rom.

Dual-Brand WiFi 2.4 GHz/5GHZ: Android 9.0 car has 5G+2.4G dual-brand WiFi network high-speed access where tablet network access speed is faster for online viewing games and causes delay.

Multiple UI: It has built-in UI styles and a boot logo that you can freely choose to change.

IPS touch screen: it is upgraded to 13.3 with a large screen sensitive to 1920 x1080 IPS touch screen with 4K crystal clear pictures and smooth video. Its easier to install with headrest mounting hardware.

Warranty: It offers a 1-year warranty after purchasing from manufacturers.

Reasons To Avoid

Overall 13.3 Android 9.0 Car Headrest Video Player is a good choice, but you can go for some better options at this price

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What Is A 32

Did you know that on average people watch about five hours of TV per day, nearly 35 hours per week? Almost as a full-time job! And most families own two or more TV sets. People tend to install huge 55-inch TVs in their cozy living rooms and more compact models in smaller rooms. A 32-inch TV has just the right size to fit in bedrooms, guest rooms, exercise rooms, or kitchens. For this review, we have chosen the best LED TVs available on the market. This type of TVs is equipped with traditional LCD panels that are backlit with LEDs. Usually, LED TVs have very thin displays, produce a wide color gamut, provide added brightness, offer good contrast levels, and consume little electricity. The majority of models are packed with built-in Wi-Fi allowing users to watch stream TV, YouTube videos, browse the Internet, listen to the radio, access various apps, and more. So, keep on reading our review of the top 5 32-inch LED TVs and choose the one you really need!

Pairing Tv And Devices

Like other Bluetooth devices, you have to pair or digitally connect Bluetooth devices to your Bluetooth-enabled television. Pairing uses a passkey, also known as a password or passcode, to secure the Bluetooth connection so no one can access the television or Bluetooth devices connected to it. Once paired, Bluetooth devices remember each other if you separate them, then bring them into range again, they reconnect automatically.

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Do All Smart Tvs Come With Bluetooth

No. Not all smart TVs come with Bluetooth, and there are good reasons for this. For starters, at the advent of smart TVs, the Bluetooth feature was only available in some of the high-end smart-tv versions. Hence, unless you had a lot of money for the Smart TV , you probably would end up buying Smart TVs that didnt have the Bluetooth feature.

As a result, older Smart TV models do not come with Bluetooth built-in features. In addition, aside from older smart TV models, some low-end models from brands with their low-end smart TV lines might not include the Bluetooth feature in these low-end TVs.

Thus, youll mostly find that it is mid to highest-end smart TVs that come with built-in features. Nevertheless, the Bluetooth versions in these different models of smart TVs would vary. For instance, the Bluetooth version in mid-range smart TVs is usually lower compared to high-end models. The reason is, high-end smart TVs from the best brands are always top-notch, seeing as they are usually flagship devices.

In other words, while both mid-range Smart TV models and High-end Smart TV models both have Bluetooth, it functions with different capacities. So, most likely, the built-in Bluetooth in a mid-range Smart TV might be slower compared to a high-end model.

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Is It Worth Buying A Smart Tv

Samsung k4300 32 inch smart TV with Bluetooth look around

If youre someone who loves to watch TV, whether it be soaps, Nordic noir dramas, reality shows or blockbuster movies, then a smart TV is likely to be worth it. The internet connection offers up plentiful access to free and paid-for content via apps, whenever you want it.

If youre in doubt, read on for our discussion on the best smart TV apps.

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How To Listen To Tv With Your Headphones

You don’t need to share your TV’s audio with everyone around you. These are the easiest ways to connect your headphones to your television.

When you’re watching TV with friends, your TV’s speakers let everyone hear what’s going on. When you’re watching TV on your own, you don’t need to share that audio with everyone around you. In fact, you probably don’t want to disturb your significant other, roommates, kids, or neighbors if you’re the only one watching TV late at night, or if you’re using your TV as a second monitor while working from home. You can mute the speakers and rely on closed captions if you really want to be silent, but we have a better solution: Use headphones.

Headphones let you listen to anything you want without bothering anyone around you. You probably use them mostly for listening to music or podcasts, or even watching videos on your phone or computer, but they aren’t limited to mobile devices or PCs. There are several ways to connect your headphones to your TV to enjoy the combined benefits of private audio and a big screen. Here are the ways you can use your favorite headphones or earphones with your TV.

Best Budget: Toshiba 32

Courtesy of Best Buy

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

  • Not 1080p

If you’re working on a budget to buy either a newer small-format TV or a secondary unit for a garage, kitchen, or playroom, the Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV is an excellent choice. This unit features and Alexa voice command technology built in. This means that all your favorite shows and movies can be accessed quickly and easily either with the remote or hands-free voice controls.

The included remote has quick access buttons for the Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and Playstation Vue apps so you don’t have to search menus for them. With automatic updates and new Alexa skills, your TV will always stay on top of the newest apps and hands-free controls. The screen provides 720p HD resolution for great picture, detail, and color saturation no matter if you’re watching cartoons, sports, or the latest movies. With three HDMI inputs, a USB port, RF connection, and composite video input, you’ll be able to connect all your favorite devices and game consoles without a fuss. Toshiba backs this TV with a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and DOA units.

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What To Look For In A 32

We know that shopping for a new TV can be a massive hassle, more so when youre not sure what youre looking for. But, don’t worry, the experts here at TechRadar are veterans at compiling lists that help you find out what features to check for when you’re looking for the best 32-inch TV for you.

Ports and inputs

One last thing to consider before you decide which 32-inch TV you want, is whether or not it has all the ports you need. Devices like the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and DVD/Blu-ray players will need HDMI inputs the Nintendo Wii or other legacy game consoles will need a component or even composite video input PCs, if they dont use HDMI, will likely use a DVI or VGA input and Sky or cable set top boxes will need an additional HDMI.

When you have a lot of different devices to connect, it will really make your life easier getting a 32-inch TV that has enough ports to support everything you want to do with it.

The right kind of panel

There are essentially two types of LCD panel technology out there for 32-inch TVs: IPS and VA. IPS panels offer slightly wider viewing angles, while VA panels support much better contrast.

With big screen ‘main’ TVs likely to be used for watching films, sometimes with the lights dimmed, the lack of contrast with IPS screens can become a big issue, causing dark scenes to look washed out. So if you’re looking for a 32-inch TV to go into a relatively dark environment, a VA panel is a must.

Sound quality

Best Smart Tv: Hisense 32h4f 32

Hisense 32


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

For those looking at buying a smart TV but don’t have a lot of space, the Hisense 32H4F is an excellent choice. This model features the Roku platform built in, so you don’t need any extra devices or equipment to access your favorite streaming apps. You can use the Roku app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control with voice commands for easier searching and browsing. The simplified home menu allows you to access your game console, cable or satellite box, over-air antenna, or apps all from a single screen so you don’t have to go through multiple, clunky menus to get to what you want.

If you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you can connect it to your TV for expanded voice controls and smart home network integration. If you’re a gamer, this TV has a dedicated game mode which reduces input lag and ensures fast responses to your controller to give you that extra edge you need to win. It also has DTS TruSurround audio technology to produce a virtual surround sound listening experience when watching your favorite shows and movies.

For an amazing picture in a compact little package, loaded for bear with a fantastic suite of features and bonuses, our top pick the TCL 32S327 is a no-brainer. If you’re looking to save some scratch, on the other hand, Toshiba’s 32-inch Fire TV is a great alternative, with built-in support for Alexa and a ton of streaming platforms.

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Which Smart Tv Has A Bluetooth Enabled

Instead of buying an adaptor, you could just upgrade to a Smart TV with Bluetooth. The advantages here, are that you might be ready for one anyway, and you can take advantage of the cheaper prices on TVs, a bigger size, and all of the streaming capabilities of Smart TVs. Most of them are basically a Roku in a TV, except they have much more functionality and many more apps available.

Here is a quick break down for the best Bluetooth TVs on the market.

Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

Best Small Tv Alternatives: What About A Smart Display

It’s worth considering whether other, smaller displays might fulfil your needs as well. Once your screen gets smaller than 32 inches, you’re moving into monitor or even smart display territory.

A monitor might be a better idea if you want to double up your TV with a computer screen and you’ll often get better specs and higher refresh rates thrown in, compared to the same size for televisions.

Smart displays, too, are effectively small screens that can be easily placed anywhere around the house, and tend to come with basic app support, such as YouTube. Amazon’s Echo Show range pack in , while the boasts Netflix support making a little TV binge while you’re cooking pretty straightforward.

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