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Not Sure Which Tv To Buy This Is Our Guide To Picking The Best Tv For Your Budget

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Many of us spend a significant proportion of our downtime watching television, which makes choosing the best TV our budget allows for a crucial decision.

If you haven’t upgraded your TV for a while, youre likely to be pleasantly surprised, as television technology has come on leaps and bounds over recent years.

In addition to the outstanding picture quality you can expect from 4K HDR sets, the latest TVs all have built-in Wi-Fi and slick user interfaces that can negate the need for a Blu-ray player or set-up box.

Modern televisions bring Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and many more streaming services directly to your lounge and display your favourite shows and movies in glorious detail and vivid technicolour.

On this page, youll find our pick of the best TVs weve tested, along with links to each individual review for more in-depth analysis.

Before that, youll find our handy buying guide, which takes you through everything you need to know about finding the right TV for you, from which resolution to choose to the smart features you may want to look out for.

How To Know If Your Smart Tv Has Bluetooth

Often it is pretty easy to tell. However, if you dont readily know whether your TV has Bluetooth, here are a few tips and tricks to help you figure it out.

  • The cardboard box that the TV comes in will have the Bluetooth logo on it.
  • The TV or remote for the TV has the Bluetooth logo on it.
  • In your TV settings, you will most likely see a Bluetooth section that allows you to control the connection. This can allow you to turn it on or off and connect or disconnect to certain devices.
  • If you have a smartphone, open up your Bluetooth settings on your phone, you may see your TV listed there. If so, then your TV is able to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Some brands like Samsung are all Bluetooth enabled, as this is how their remote connects with the TV.

How To Make A Tv Bluetooth

For those smart TVs that dont have Bluetooth out-of-the-box, there are several ways to make them Bluetooth enabled: 1) Enable Bluetooth through the TVs secret service menu 2) Download the TV manufacturers smart phone app 3) Buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV

Secret service menu

One potential way to make your TV Bluetooth is through its secret service menu.

Every digital TV out there has a secret service menu. This menu allows users to access some advanced menus/options and to change/enable/disable lots of features in your TV that you cannot get at otherwise.

If youre feeling brave enough, you can use certain combinations of codes on your remote to access this menu and poke around to see if Bluetooth can be enabled from there.

I say brave enough because in some instances, making a mistake in this menu can brick your TV .

Oh, and accessing the secret service menu voids your TVs warranty.

Not great.

If I havent scared you off yet, keep reading.

You can find many of the secret service codes for Sony, Samsung, LG and Philips TVs here. If you have a different TV brand, just Google search for the codes.

Often times these codes can take a few tries before working, so dont give up too easily if the menu doesnt show up right away.

Take your time and make sure not to change any other settings while youre in there!

Smart phone app

Take Roku, for instance.

They provide a free smart phone app that allows you to use your phones Bluetooth capabilities.

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How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones To The Tv

Connecting your TV to your headphones or other external Bluetooth enabled device, is TV specific. However, general guidelines are the same. The main part is accessing the Bluetooth settings on your TV. Once you have accessed the main section make sure that the TVs Bluetooth settings read on or discoverable. You want the other devices to find the TV.

Once you know that all devices are powered on and the Bluetooth is active, check the list of discovered devices on your TV. Once you see your device, hit connect, or allow it to auto-connect. There may be a password or number combination to ensure a private connection.

Once that is done, you are good to go! It is that simple. There are no other special settings or buttons that you will need to press. Just make sure that you select the right inputs or outputs based on the devices that you are connecting to the TV and enjoy the show.

Exceptional Picture And Sound Quality

Infinix 55

4K Solution


See what youâve been missing on the crisp, clear picture thatâs 4x the resolution of Full HD. Pair this with 8.3 million pixels and a full array LED backlight, and you get a sharper, more colourful picture.

Dolby Vision HDR

Never miss a moment on screen. Expanded range between the darkest and brightest parts on screen are enhanced, giving you a more true-to-life picture â with all the details.

DTS Virtual X

This TV is equipped with a versatile advanced post-processing package that creates an immersive audio experience that includes psychoacoustic bass enhancements and multichannel virtual surround sound. Experience more lifelike, multidimensional sound with DTS Virtual:X.

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What Can A Bluetooth Tv Do

You may be wondering if this investigation/effort is even worth it.

For me it definitely was.

Bluetooth just offers a lot of great functionality that you cant get otherwise.

For example, a Bluetooth enabled smart TV allows you to do the following:

  • Connect wireless headsets or speakers to the TV
  • Use your smart phone as a remote control
  • Sync a wireless keyboard to type on the TV
  • Stream music from your iPod or smart phone to your TV
  • Project your smart phones screen and apps onto the TV
  • Just being able to watch TV with a pair of headsets late at night so I dont wake up my wife, makes the effort to make my TV Bluetooth enabled, worth it.

    But what can you do to get some of these capabilities if your smart TV doesnt come with Bluetooth enabled out-of-the-box?

    How Much Do Oled Tvs Cost

    This varies hugely depending on what technologies are thrown in with an OLED panel, such as the resolution, processor, build quality, built-in speakers, and more. But suffice to say that entry-level models sit around the $1,000 / £1,000 / AU$1,500 mark.

    More mid-tier OLEDs at larger sizes can double that figure, or even triple it while experimental ‘rollable OLED” screens can go for six-figure sums. 48-inch OLED sizes tend to offer only a small discount, if any, though we could see the long-teased 42-inch OLEDs drop launch prices further, if they ever materialise.

    Sales periods like Prime Day or Black Friday can help with this, though the most savings tend to come on models that are a year or two old. It’s worth paying attention to these discounted screens, though, as they’ll often carry better processing than newly-launched models at the same price.

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    The Top Five Best Energy Efficient Tvs

    If youre looking for an energy-efficient TV without compromising on quality, and dont want to trawl through a million unhelpful reviews, then we have great news!

    Weve gone ahead and done the legwork for you, tracking down two excellent all-rounder options and a few more specific models that are a great green solution to common problems.

    Samsung Qn: The Best Neo Qled Tv Weve Tested

    Nokia TV 55 (2021)ð¥ | 60W JBL Speakers ð | 2 Way Bluetooth | Android 11â¡ï¸? – Unboxing & Review

    Price: From £1,099 | Buy now from Samsung

    Part of Samsungs Neo QLED range, the Samsung QN90 is an attractive TV that delivers excellent picture quality, decent audio and a smart platform featuring just about every streaming service under the sun.

    Its use of Mini LED technology allows significantly more dimming zones to be incorporated in the panel than Samsungs standard QLED sets, resulting in deeper colours, wider viewing angles and more precise local dimming. HDR picture quality is top-notch, with brightness peaking at 750cd/m² in Dynamic mode and colour accuracy while presenting SDR and HDR content proving perfectly respectable.

    All of those qualities make the QN90 an appealing choice for general viewing but its also a television well-equipped for next-gen gaming. The HDMI 2.1 port means you can enjoy 4K at 120Hz along with Variable Refresh Rate, support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Auto Low Latency Mode. Additionally, Samsungs new Game Bar can be used to display all relevant gaming-related information in one handy location.

    It’s worth pointing out that we reviewed the 50in model and that larger screen sizes come with a different stand and upgraded sound system in the form of Object Tracking Sound+.

    Display type: VA-type LCD LEDHDR formats: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+
    Screen sizes: 50in , 55in, 65in, 75inHDMI inputs: 3 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1
    Resolution: UHD

    Price: £1,799 | Buy now from Currys

    Price: £2,199 |

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    How To Buy The Best Tv For You

    What TV resolution do I need?

    High-definition TVs currently fall into three categories: Full HD/FHD, otherwise known as 1080p, which has 1,920 x 1,080 pixels on the screen Ultra HD/UHD, more commonly referred to as 4K and the highest of them all, 8K . These days, only the cheapest TVs utilise an FHD/1080p resolution. 4K is now the de facto standard for any self-respecting TV, offering four times the resolution of 1080p. Although 8K is gaining traction in the consumer market, its really not necessary to buy a TV with an 8K resolution just yet. Theyre expensive for one, and theres also barely any native 8K content out there. By and large, youll only be watching upscaled 4K content if you have an 8K TV in your living room.

    What size TV should I buy?

    The size of the TV you buy should be dictated not only by the size of your room but also by how far away you intend to sit from it. To get the full benefit from a 4K HDR set, you need to sit close enough for your eyes to appreciate the increased picture clarity that 4K brings over FHD. Buying a 4K TV thats too small for your room may mean that it wont look much better than a much cheaper 1080p TV.

    If you want to find the perfect size of TV for your room, head on over to our detailed TV sizing guide.

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    How can I watch 4K content?

    Are some TVs better for gaming?

    Features: Mini Led And Multi

    • Processing engine: Neo Quantum 4K Processor with AI
    • 100% of DCI-P3 colour, 2000nits of peak brightness
    • Anti-reflection screen and Ultra Viewing Angle
    • HDR Support: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ Adaptive

    The Samsung QN95A’s main selling point is its use of a Mini LED backlight, made possible by a newly-designed micro layer that contains LEDs significantly smaller than previous generations. This is possible due to the elimination of the protective packaging and lens around the diode, allowing for thinner panels, more LEDs, and an increased number of dimmable zones.

    There are 792 zones in the QN95A – a big increase on the 480 zones used previously – but upping the number of zones also requires more processing power, so a new local dimming algorithm redirects power from darker areas to improve efficiency and peak brightness. All while the Quantum Matrix system coordinates all the zones, and the Black Detail Boost feature increases shadow detail.

    The new Neo Quantum Processor increases the processing power by employing multi-intelligence deep learning. Instead of a single neural network, this processor combines up 16 to create a neural analyser specialised for upscaling and processing video. All this added power is designed to deliver the best possible experience, regardless of what you’re watching.

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    Best Overall Tcl 55 Class 5

    The first of our energy-efficient all-rounders is the TCL Class 5-Series, and its a great choice if youre into greener streaming and gaming.

    The Class 5 comes in four sizes 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch, so theres bound to be a size to fit your living space. The built-in Roku TV gives you access to around 500,000 movies and TV episodes across thousands of streaming channels.

    The inbuilt voice controls work with either the Roku app and popular personal assistants, like Alexa and Google Home, or voice-enabled remotes.

    The Class 5 uses a proprietary iPQ Engine paired with excellent 4K UHD picture quality and Dolby Vision HDR for some really crisp colors and deep blacks. Despite the superb picture quality, the Class 5 expends the same watts per inch of screen size as most standard HD TV and far fewer than most 4K models.

    For the carbon-footprint conscious gamer, the Class 5 is an excellent choice because of its auto game mode. The TV automatically detects that youre using a games console and engages game mode, selecting the most effective picture settings.

    It also comes with a headphone jack, which many modern TVs dont, for those late-night gaming sessions.

    What we like:

    What we dont like:

    • The outer bezel is quite chunky.

    The TCL Class 5-Series delivers 4K picture quality without the associated energy costs. The built-in ROKU means you dont need another device to stream and the automatic gaming mode is great for carbon-conscious gamers.

    About Our Trusted Experts

    55A7100F Hisense 55 Inch 4K UHD Frameless Smart LED TV ...

    Katie Dundas is a freelance writer and journalist who has been writing about smart and home technology for several years. She is a fan of Sony products and has a Sony Bravia KDL 50W800C television at home.

    Zach Sweat is an experienced editor, writer, and photographer. He tested the Sony X900F 49-inch TV on our list and discovered its particular benefits for gaming.

    Lifewire / Zach Sweat

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    A6g Series Key Features

    The A6G delivers more than four times the resolution of a regular 1080p HD screen. With Android TV, you can discover 700,000+ movies and shows in one place. Ask Google to control your TV with your voice. And cast your photos, videos, and music from devices to your TV easily with Chromecast built-in. Add to that Dolby Vision HDR and Auto Low Latency Game Mode. Or as we call it, a great looking TV.

    4K UHD Resolution

    1080ps bigger, better looking brother. It has four times the resolution of Full HD, along with 8.3 million pixels and a full array LED backlight creating a sharper, more colorful picture.

    Innovation Runs Deep

    Cinema technology for your home. Were talking more detail in the shadows, visibly clearer highlights and dramatically more vibrant colors.

    Bring Entertainment to Life

    This scalable and versatile advanced post processing package creates immersive audio by virtualizing height content over traditional stereos.

    Auto Low Latency Game Mode

    Auto Low Latency Mode adjusts your TV settings for gaming all for you. So you automatically get smooth, uninterrupted play. No lag with no effort.

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Wirelessly connect a compatible soundbar, headphones or stereo components to your TV. Then turn it up. Sounds like your favorite playlists sound better.

    Samsung 50 Class Qled Q60t Series 4k Uhd Dual Led Quantum Hdr Smart Tv

    If youre not really interested in gaming but still want a sharp picture with excellent color contrast and deep blacks, then Samsungs QLED technology is a great choice.

    Quantum dot light-emitting diode, or QLED, is Samsungs answer to getting the best out of their less expensive screens by using something other than the standard white LEDs with color filters over the pixels.

    QLED technology allows LED TVs to provide the richness of color associated with far more power-hungry plasma screens.

    In addition to great screen resolution, the Q60T Series also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Assistant, and Alexa functionality. There are also three HDMI ports and two USBs to connect the rest of your home entertainment system to.

    What we like:

    • The use of QLED tech to get better picture quality without the energy demands of plasma.
    • The Google Assistant and Alexa enabled voice commands.

    What we dont like:

    • The plastic feet feel a little cheap and unstable.

    If you want excellent picture quality but arent interested in a power hungry plasma screen, then Samsungs QLED technology is a great choice. The Q60T Series provides rich colours and deep blacks using only energy-efficient LEDs.

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    About The Samsung Q60a Qled Tv Series

    The Samsung Q60A QLED TV series is available in a whopping 8 screen sizes. We tested a 55-inch model.

    Samsungs Q60A TV series is available in a full range of sizes, a whopping eight in all:

    • 43-inch , MSRP $599.99
    • 50-inch , MSRP $699.99
    • 55-inch , MSRP $849.99
    • 60-inch , MSRP $999.99
    • 65-inch , MSRP $1,099.99
    • 70-inch , MSRP $1,349.99
    • 75-inch , MSRP $1,499.99
    • 85-inch , MSRP $2,799.99

    Despite the huge range of sizes , youre getting the same basic hardware and software experience across the whole TV series. Here are the key specs at a glance:

    • Resolution: 4K
    • Display type: QLED
    • Dimming technology: Supreme UHD Dimming
    • HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
    • eARC support: Yes
    • Smart platform: Tizen Smart TV
    • Color: DCI-P3 color space/10-bit chroma resolution
    • Processor: Quantum Processor 4K Lite
    • HDMI 2.1-compatible: No
    • Other features: AirSlim design, Q-Symphony, Bluetooth audio, Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Ambient Mode, Accessibility Features

    Some things to note about the Q60A TVs is that youre losing a few high-end performance features off of the flagship Q90A series. Youre not getting 120Hz refresh rates with the Q60A series , nor are you getting Samsungs new mini-LED backlight. However, youre still getting 4K resolution, quantum dot color, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

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