6.5 Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Most Versatile: Pyle Plmrkt36wt Bluetooth Marine Speakers

45 RTIC Bluetooth Cooler Radio 2 Polk Marine 6.5″ Speakers 300 Watt Marine Amp

Maximum sound output: 300 watts peak power

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AM/FM, auxiliary, USB, SD card

The Pros: High versatile receiver with high performance speakers

The Cons: Receiver is slightly larger to install

The Verdict? If you are looking for one of the most versatile Bluetooth marine speakers with a built-in receiver, the PLMRKT36WT comes highly recommended. It is compatible with wireless Bluetooth streaming, AM/FM stereo radio tuning and also features USB flash and SD memory card readers with auxiliary 3.5mm inputs this gives you a great variety of options to choose from and pair your audio device to this system. The stereo receiver that comes with the speakers has LCD display and button controls, together with present equalizer settings that allow you to adjust the sound performance according to your preferences. The speakers are 5.25 2-way cone speakers with marine grade waterproof construction and a 4-ohm impedance rating they perform reasonably well and provide a good amount of volume to cover engine background noise while driving in the boat. The speakers are relatively easy to install and it also comes with all the necessary power wiring to get the speakers setup. Overall, they are some of the most versatile Bluetooth marine speakers available with a Bluetooth receiver component and we highly recommend them.

Best Sound Quality: Pyle Plmrkt9 Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Maximum sound output: 240 watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth receiver, Auxiliary input

The Pros: Crisp stereo sound with plenty of volume

The Cons: No AM/FM tuning function

The Pyle PLMRKT9 are a set of Bluetooth marine speakers that deliver superb sound quality with 240 watts of maximum power. These speakers feature a marine-grade construction with an IPX5 waterproof rating for resistance against rain and splashes of water. It also comes with a receiver with built-in Bluetooth for hassle free wireless music streaming, and an auxiliary input connector jack to connect and stream audio from external music devices and mp3 players. The speakers provide smooth and consistent sound performance while installed in your boat. The receiver features simple digital touch controls with LED connection indicator lights you can also connect the marine speakers to your on-board stereo components for high quality sound and custom boat music applications. We also liked the fac that these speakers mount flush for simple installation and blend in nicely into your boat or yacht interior décor. The speakers come with a pair of 6.5 reinforced polypropylene cones with suspension cloth for durability. The entire package includes all the necessary installation cables and wires to help you get started to install the Pyle Bluetooth marine speakers and is simple to setup.

Pyle Bluetooth Marine Grade Speakers

Delivering a total of 240 Watts of peak power, these marine grade speakers from Pyle provide a full range stereo sound through a pair of 6.5 high quality reinforced polypropylene cones.

Being flush mounted means they can be installed into walls, ceilings or any other convenient surface, such as a bulkhead or radar arch.

The speakers IPX5 rating means they are protected against low pressure jets of water from any angle, so they should be fine for all but the wettest boats.

The speakers themselves are operated by way of a simple digital touch button controller which incorporates connection-confirming LED lights.

Price: £136.00

Buy it now at directnine.uk

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Boss Audio Systems Mckgb350b6 Receiver/speaker Package Bluetooth Mp3/usb/am/fm Marine Stereo Two 65 Inch Speakers Antenna

Item dimensions L x W x H8.9 x 8.9 x 7.6 centimeters
Item weight
  • Round Mgr350b Bluetooth-enabled 3-Inch -dia In-dash Marine-gauge Digital Media Am/fm Receiver
  • Pair Of Black Mr6b 6.5-Inch , 180w 2-way Marine Loudspeakers
  • Mrant10 Marine Dipole Antenna
  • This item: BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350B.6 Receiver/Speaker Package, Bluetooth, MP3/USB/AM/FM Marine Stereo, , Two 6.5 Inch Speakers, Antenna$272.82Ships from and sold by Golda’s Kitchen.FREE Shipping
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Best Dual Cone Marine Speaker

2 Hifonics TPS

Dual cone speakers are more affordable than coaxial which is why many people choose to install them. The speakers are often slightly more compact and weigh less than coaxial speakers. While the latter isnt a major factor, if you have limited space then this might be something to consider. The Sony XSMP1611 6.5-Inch Dual Cone Marine Speakers sound really good and come in at under $50 making them affordable too.

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Best Marine Speakers For Bass & Parties

If youre looking to turn your vessel into a party boat, then you want some bass and volume. If youre looking for a marine speaker with a lot of bass then youll want to go for the Polk Audio DB691 6 x 9 3-Way Marine Speakers. Not only do the DB691 have a good bass response, but theyre pretty loud too.

Keep in mind, if youre serious about your parties, you might want to include a subwoofer to accentuate the low-end. While the DB691 delivers a decent amount of bass, this wont be big enough for larger boats. In this case, a subwoofer is required.

Best Wakeboard Speakers: Pyle Wakeboard Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Maximum sound output: 150 watts RMS

Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

The Pros: 2-Way full range speakers easily mountable with roll bar mounting clamps

The Cons: Bass response not as deep as expected at higher volumes

The Pyle Wakeboard Bluetooth marine speakers include a pair of wakeboard tower speakers that deliver superb sound quality and performance. These speakers feature waterproof marine grade rated construction and weather-resistant housing with a compact mountable design for you to easily install these on your boat. The speakers feature a 2-way full-range audio system with titanium dome tweeters and long excursion subwoofers with anti-corrosion UV resistant coating. It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth wireless music streaming receiver and works well with almost any Bluetooth compatible device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. The speakers have a combined power output of 300 watts max and have 4 subwoofers, 1 tweeters and an impedance of 4 ohms. It delivers a rather wide frequency range between 70 Hz to 20 kHz with a sensitivity of 90 dB. We also liked the fact that these speakers come with an integrated universal roll bar mounting clamp for easy installation. The speakers have an approximate size of 5.4 x 7.6 x 7. Overall, the Pyle Wakeboard speakers are some of the best Bluetooth marine speakers we have tested for aquatic sports and boat audio and we highly recommend them.

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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers For Boats: Reviews And Buying Guide For 2020

A day out on the water is usually made better with a playlist. Whether you listen to some soulful country or a mix of todays greatest hits, having just the right music is vital to a relaxing day floating about.

Modern technology allows for seamless integration of our music from the palm of our hand to the speakers, and theres no reason a bit of water should keep that from happening. So, weve compiled the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boats.

Tools Required For A Marine Speaker Install

RTIC Cooler Radio 2-150 Watt Waterproof 6.5″ Speakers 200 Watt Bluetooth Amp

Before you do anything, you must ensure you have the correct tools for the job. Here is a list of tools youll need. We have provided a link to where you can purchase these online should you be missing anything. You can order any missing tools at the same time you order your speakers so when you new marine speakers arrive youre ready to go.

  • Crimp-on female spade terminals
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Electricians snake
  • Spool of cord
  • Wire looms and zip ties
  • Heat gun with *** heat shrink

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Noam Nutv5 Marine Bluetooth Speakers Stereo System

Installing in seconds, the NOAM NUTV5 might be the best choice if you want superb sound without a hassle.

With a 3 passive radiator behind the speakers, everyone on the boat will get a fuller music experience. With the most recent Bluetooth 4.0 chip, connectivity is straightforward and reliable. Of course, this speaker set still has an inline AUX input for anyone to plug in.

This marine amplifier can max out at 150W but has CD-quality sound. For those whose eyesight may be waning, the large buttons on the controller are easy to use even when bouncing around on the water.


Velex Marine Audio System

Tipping the price scales at just below £150 is this marine audio stereo speaker package which comes complete with a Velex-branded MP3, DAB, FM/AM and USB player.

The Velexs four 40 Watt channels stream music into the systems two 6.5 inch marine grade two-way, dual-cone, full range speakers which are rated at 180 Watts per pair.

The whole system is IPX6 rated and marketed specifically as marine environment friendly. The Velex control unit has been designed to fit into a standard gauge tachograph aperture and should you wish for even more volume, an RCA output on the back of the unit can be connected to an external amplifier.

Price: £146.00

Didnt find what youre looking for? Head to for more marine products.

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Pyle Dual 65 Waterproof

These speakers pair a deep sound with decent waterproofing to bring the basics of a Bluetooth speaker to your boat. With two 6.5 coaxial speakers, users have the ability to play their music on their phone, tablet, or laptop throughout the boat, or they can choose to make these speakers passive and daisy chain the music through other speakers.

With easy to use speaker installation templates and a maximum power output of 600 Watts, the Pyle Dual Speakers are excellent if you need a simple and straightforward speaker to add to your boat.

These speakers are rated to be IPX-4 Marine Grade, allowing them to withstand rain and light splashes from waves. Engineered with Polypropylene cones and a cloth surround, they are held together well with a molded ABS machine basket and grill to keep them running even in bumpy conditions.


  • No additional head unit/receiver needed
  • Low-profile design
  • No display screen for music navigation

Brands Related To This Category On Amazon

Marine Speaker And Amp Combo Of 2x Rockford Fosgate RM0652 6.5"  Marine ...
  • Active Speaker Weight: 1.56 lbs.
  • Passive Speaker Weight: 1.34 lbs.

The Pyle Dual 6.5ââ Waterproof-Rated Bluetooth Marine Speakers, 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Amplified Speaker System – Includes 6.5” Coaxial Speakers – Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming Ability – Marine Grade Waterproof-Rated Construction – Water-Resistant & Weatherproof Design – Amplified Master Speaker with Built-in 2-Ch. Digital Amplifier – 2-Way Active Powered Speaker System – Impressive Wide-Bass Response – Full Range Stereo Sound Reproduction – Universal Standard OEM Replacement Size – Ability to Connect External Devices – RCA Audio Aux Connectors – Hassle-Free Easy Access Speaker Terminals – Daisy-Chain Ability as Stereo System – Reinforced Surround with Dense Speaker Cone – Rugged Machined Basket & Grill with UV Resistant Housing.

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Types Of Marine Speakers

Weve reviewed two different types of marine speakers which lend themselves to different installations.

Recessed speakers are meant to be installed on your dashboard or in a panel, wall or ceiling on your boat. They require a cut-out that fits the size of the speaker.

Tower speakers are usually a little more powerful and are attached to your boats wake tower. Conical speakers usually face aft so you can blast music in the direction of someone skiing or boarding behind the boat.

There are also box-shaped tower speakers which can be angled in different directions, depending on where you want to listen to music.

Boss Audio Systems Marine Gauge Receiver And Speaker Package

This speaker and receiver combo gives users more freedom when using this system. The receiver allows you to rotate through sources, tune the radio, switch the song, and change the volume without having to pull out your device.

With subwoofer outputs, you can easily add depth to these speakers if you like to feel your music, not just hear it. If you expect to have a bit more water in the boat than your average boater, the IPX-6 rating will keep the speakers safe.

The USB and aux inputs give variety to who can play music if someone doesnt have a Bluetooth compatible device but still wants their music heard. If your phone battery tends to die on long days outside, the USB 1A charger will allow your device to stay charged all day long.


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Inch Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Dual 6.5ââ Waterproof Bluetooth Marine Speakers, 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Amplified Speaker System

  • 4.2 BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Built with a 4.2 Bluetooth wireless streaming receiver for a simple and hassle-free connection.Works with smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. This 2-way speaker has a wireless range of +30ft
  • 600 WATTS POWER: The audio speakers have a full range stereo sound reproduction for a complete speaker system. The power output is 300 Watt RMS upto 600 Watt peak. It has a frequency response of 85Hz-20kHz and a magnet structure of 20 oz
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: These are a set of weather resistant speaker made of rugged and durable materials. Has an engineered ABS housing construction, dual Polypropylene cone, cloth surround, Molded ABS Machined basket and grill to combat sun damage
  • 6.5â STANDARD SIZE: The low profile design in white makes them easy to install with 6.5 inch standard size. It has a universal standard OEM replacement size with a mounting depth of 3.1â’ and cut-out size of 6.75â

Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Ratings

Part 2 – ATV fiberglass speaker box – Boss marine radio and 6.5 inch speakers

The ratings of waterproof speakers are measured on a scale from IPX-0 to IPX-8. IPX-0 gives no protection from water, while IPX-8 materials are protected against continuous submersion. Obviously, a boats audio system will not need the highest rating.

Instead, look for speakers with a rating of IPX-4 or higher. This is rated to protect against water splashes from any angle. Bumping up to IPX-5 will protect the speaker from streams of water at any angle, but most users will not need this.

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Noam Nutv4 Marine Bluetooth Speakers & Audio System

For those wanting a studio sound while out on the water, these speakers might be right for you. NOAM users their understanding of sound and durable construction to supply this easy to install audio system.

The two speakers mount onto a roll bar, meaning you do not have to cut a hole in your boat. With the included Bluetooth controller and amplifier, users who like control of their music anywhere may enjoy this product.

This entire system has been tested to an IPX-6 grade, meaning it can have strong jets of water hitting it without doing damage. NOAM has assured all the connections are waterproof, giving users peace of mind in the long haul of ownership.

Lastly, the speakers have a 4 Poly Injection cone, paired with a 1 PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeter giving a solid Butyl Rubber Surround Sound feeling. For those particular about what their music sounds like, this might be the choice for you.


Best Overall: Boss Audio Mr6w Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Maximum sound output: 180 watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary, AM/FM Radio

The Pros: Very versatile and nice sounding speaker

The Cons: Lacking somewhat in bass response

The BOSS Audio MR6Ws are high performance Bluetooth marine speakers that come together with a Bluetooth receiver to deliver crisp audio performance. They are weatherproof speakers designed to be installed in your boat and come with an installation kit which includes the receiver, one pair of MR6W 6.5 speakers and an MRANT 10 Marine Dipole Antenna for radio. These speakers supports wireless Bluetooth audio streaming from apps such as Spotify or Pandora, and can also support USB, mp3, WMA, AM/FM radio with auxiliary inputs from mp3 players. The pair of speakers are IPX6 weatherproof with UV coating which protect the speakers against rain and splashes of water. The MR6Ws are 6.5 2-way full-range speakers with dual cones can deliver up to 180 watts of pure sound per pair . They are also relatively easy to install and mounts in a 3 hole in your boat with front and rear outputs. If you are looking for a set of Bluetooth marine speakers that can deliver solid sound performance in your boat with AM/FM radio tuning, the BOSS Audio MR6Ws come highly recommended.

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Installation Of Marine Speakers

For recessed marine speakers, there is no standard size, yet 6.5 is a very common diameter.

If youre upgrading your audio system or intend to make use of existing cut-outs, pay close attention to the dimensions so you can use the same mounting locations without alterations.

Yet keep in mind that on any speaker set of the same diameter, the grille or height of the speaker can be constructed differently. If the installation recess is very shallow, youll need a low speaker height.

Think about where youll run the wires if your boat doesnt yet have speaker wiring. Especially for tower speakers, its best to thread them inside and not leave them exposed to the elements.

Check where there are grounding plates on your boat so you can properly ground electrical equipment. Each audio installation on a boat will pose a unique set of challenges.

Polk Audio Db521 525 Marine Speakers Conclusion

6.5 Inch Bluetooth Marine Speakers

Although smaller than most of the speakers in this article, the Polk Audio DB521 certainly packs a punch. Maybe not as bass-heavy as the 6 or 6½ marine speakers but the DB521 sound just as good and are surprisingly loud too. You can pick the DB521 for a little over $60 on Amazon which at first I thought was a little expensive for Polk Audio but they are certainly worth the money for the sound and build quality.

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