All In One Record Player With Bluetooth

What Is Included In Package

Victrola All-In-One Bluetooth Record Player Review (+ WHAT VINYL RECORDS I BOUGHT!)
  • Built-in Bluetooth Receiver for wireless bluetooth parning
  • Built-in 2 Stereo Speakers
  • 3-Speeds 3-Size Selectable Turntable Player
  • 1 x RCA output Cable included in package for connecting the turntable to your home stereo system and powered speakers for a personalized and customized listening experience
  • 1 x 3.5 mm Aux input Cable included in package for connecting CD player,Smartphone,Digital media player, or other audio sources
  • 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening
  • 1 x Power Supply cord included in package
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 45RPM adapter included

Bluetooth Function

Connects any devices equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology , Working as Speakers for Home Party, Picnic or Music Party, etc

Built-in stereo speaker

Built-in full rang stereo speaker√£stereo Headphone Jack and connect other amplifier, you can enjoy music in your way.

Suitcase Design

Vintage beautiful design with the easy carry handle, you can take your vinyl anywhere you want.Also, it can be closed and stores like a suitcase in a corner when not in use.

4.4 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

How Much Should You Spend On A Bluetooth Turntable

You really dont have to spend much to get your hands on a deck thats packing Bluetooth. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT is a fantastic budget turntable as it is, but the added Bluetooth functionality makes it an even better proposition. For that youll pay around $149/£179 Рaround the base level of what you should budget for a Bluetooth turntable. Up your budget and that additional cash will mostly bag you better components, like a quality tonearm and cartridge, a tasty phono preamp and, critically, better sound. As with most things turntable-related, when it comes to your budget, the sky really is the limit.

What Is The Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable

Well, its that time where I have to tell you which all in one stereo with a turntable is the best. Its a hard one to pin down as everyone is looking for slightly different functionality. But after thinking long and hard, the winner is the

With every connection port you could think of, great styling, top-notch sound, and an affordable price, its no wonder this is a true crowd-pleaser.

Until next time, happy listening.

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Choosing The Best Bluetooth Turntable For You

A lot of major audio brands have jumped aboard the Bluetooth turntable train, with slick spinners from Sony, Cambridge Audio and Pro-Ject available all coming in at various price points to suit most budgets and proving that its not just a passing fad. For us, one of the greatest things about Bluetooth decks is how simple they are to operate.

On one hand they have the potential to remove the need for trailing wires completely, while on the other, many of the best Bluetooth record players also come complete with built-in phono stage . That means theyre about as plug and play as you can get, if you choose to go old-school.

You will need powered, Bluetooth ready speakers and perhaps a pair of wireless headphones to make the most of the tech, but otherwise you should be up and running with the push of a couple of buttons.

Wrcibo Record Player With Built

Victrola All

The Wrcibo Record Player with built-in stereo speakers is a basic unit. It lacks some features that we have seen with the previous offerings.

But what it does, it does very well

This is a vinyl player through and through. Theres no CD or cassette slots available here. Although you can plug your smartphone in through the AUX port. But if you are buying this, then you are primarily going to be using it for records.

The RCA outputs allow you to rig this up to any Hi-Fi system. Although, this is not necessary as the built-in stereo speakers do a bang-up job. The three speed belt-driven motor allows for any sized record to be played, and the ceramic cartridge ensures this is a long-lasting unit.

If you are looking for a small, simple, elegant all-in-one turntable, then be sure to check out this one.

Our rating:

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Fuse Rec Vertical Vinyl Record Player


While most are looking to bring it back a notch in terms of aesthetics when it comes to buying a new record player, some may be looking for something wildly unique. If thats you, well, do we have something for you. The Fuse Vert vertical record player plays your records vertically instead of flat down. The design blends both a vintage exterior with a modern idea to play your records in a way you never thought possible. This will impress your friends and family not only with your music taste but also with how you play it.

Best Record Players With Speakers


    Want to enjoy vinyl wherever you go? A record player with speakers is an all-in-one solution to enjoy your favorite audio on the go. These suitcase turntables are designed with portability in mind. After all, you never know when youll find a yard sale record that you just have to demo. Whether you are appreciating, archiving, or looking for a popular gift, read on below to browse the best portable turntables for the job.

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    Teac Record Player Mc

    Another high-quality product from Teac, this all in one record player is designed with a unique sound system. This models audio player is compatible with playing a wide range of audio media that includes MP3 and WMA files. It also supports a 3 speed playback that can play all kinds of records from 33 1/3 to 78 RPM. Regardless of the records audio requirement, this model can handle it with ease. You can even connect it with the latest smartphones whenever you like via Bluetooth.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Compatible playing 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records with 2-way speakers
    • Bluetooth connection with any NFC compatible smartphone
    • Runs with a 10W + 10W power output
    • Remote control can set its timer function
    • CD player supports all MP3/WMA files including conventional audio CD
    • Can play up to 32 track program plays with repeat play and shuffle play options
    • USB port allows easy access to music from a computer or a USB flash drive
    • PLL synthesized AM/FM tuner with up to 20 preset stations


    Which Brands Make The Best Bluetooth Turntables

    Victrola All In One Bluetooth Record Player Unboxing and Set up

    As weve already mentioned, Bluetooth tech has been adopted by most of the major turntable manufacturers. Therefore, to find the best Bluetooth turntable for you, you simply need to look to the big guns in the traditional turntable world – were looking at you Sony, Audio Technica, Pro-Ject and Cambridge Audio and Lenco.

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    Sylvania Turntable Record Player

    • No tonearm lifter
    • No RCA outputs

    It is small, battery-powered, and surprisingly clear sounding, especially considering it is a budget model. It is hard to even call Sylvanias compact record player a turntable since it is so far removed from the tabletop form factor of a full-size turntable. Instead, this player comes in a super portable fold-out format reminiscent of the old-school Audio-Technica Sound Burger. Simply plug in four AA batteries and you can enjoy about a dozen hours of unplugged listening. Otherwise, you can power this record player via an onboard USB port.

    This USB port can also be used to convert records to digital formats like mp3. But chances are, you are more interested in its vinyl playback than its audio conversion capabilities. As far as playback goes, the Sylvania Portable performs decently. The turntables no-name needle offers clear playback without skipping. This player runs at 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, and it includes a 45 RPM adapter. This belt-driven table is fully manual. This means it really should have a tonearm lifter, yet it does not.

    Whether you plan to pull it out for special occasions or take it on every crate dig, the Sylvania Portable Record Player is about as good as you can expect out of a sub $50 player. Call it a pleasant surprise.

    Is Investing In A New Turntable Even Worth It

    These days, digitally streaming music is inescapable. You probably use the latest programs such as Spotify or Pandora, or maybe you prefer using YouTube.

    The odds are you use some form of digital streaming for your music needs. But if youre a true audiophile then you know that the best sound, the warmest sound, can only come from vinyl.

    Over the years, vinyl became almost nonexistent. Why would someone use a turntable if they could play a CD or stream whatever song they wanted with just a few clicks of a mouse?

    Vinyl came back to us in recent years because many of us music lovers realized that digital sound doesnt offer the same type of listening experience that vinyl can.

    Its missing that almost ritualistic experience you get from going through your vinyl collection and pulling out that rare record you remember took you several months to find.

    When you play it, it has that rich sound that brings out every instrument, the different tones in the singers voice, and its just an all-around different experience. Digital music can sound empty, almost too clean. It lacks the many elements that only vinyl can offer.

    If you agree with this, then its definitely worth it to get a new record player. Now that we know we want one, lets take a look at the basic components.

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    Are Record Players With Speakers Any Good

    While any longtime vinyl enthusiast will tell you that you have to drop hundreds of dollars on a top of the line hi-fi system to truly appreciate the vinyl format, but this audiophile gatekeeping is completely off-base.

    Sure, high-end record players are on their own level of quality, but vinyl records provide an intimate and tactile experience no matter how much money you spend on it.

    Vinyl records connect you to your favorite albums in a way that simply can’t be done with digital formats and that’s why they are still so popular today. After all, there is nothing like pulling out a fresh LP, finding the groove for your favorite track, and dropping the needle.

    To that point, most of the record players with speakers that you’ll find on this list are more of entry-level quality, since they are meant to be an introduction to the hobby.

    They do also have some other niche uses though, as some battery-powered portable record players are well-suited for crate-digging. Likewise, many of these new record players with speakers have a USB port for digitally ripping audio. So they also make for a decent archiving tool.

    Digitnow Bluetooth Record Player

    Victrola All

    The DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player is a great all in one stereo system if youre looking for portability and diverse audio capabilities.

    What we like: A compact unit with diverse playback options.

    What we dont like: Difficult to read controls.

    Standout Features

    • Detachable speakers
    • Vinyl to MP3 direct recording

    The DIGITNOW stereo system is your ideal choice if you enjoy music from a variety of media sources. It includes a Bluetooth receiver to easily pair with your device and supports playback from CDs, AUX, cassettes, and AM/FM radio.

    Of course, it also includes a 3 speed turntable that can play all the records from your collection, and the option to convert vinyl to MP3 directly from the USB/SD card ports on the unit. If youre looking to digitize your vinyl so that it lasts forever, regardless of the state of the record, then DIGITNOW has you covered.

    We also love how portable the DIGITNOW stereo system is. Its incredibly lightweight, at less than 8 pounds, making it easy to move around your room to find your optimal sound. It includes dual detachable speakers that are powerful and have balanced sound with minimal distortion. This allows you to set up your all in one stereo system with turntable exactly as you please, for the immersive audio experience that you need.

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    How Do You Pair A Bluetooth Turntable With Headphones Or A Speaker

    As mentioned above, in order for your Bluetooth deck to work, you will need powered Bluetooth ready speakers or a pair of wireless headphones.

    The first step is to get your Bluetooth turntable and speaker or headphones to talk to each other. To do this you need to put both into pairing mode. On your Bluetooth record player this is usually accessed by long-pressing the Bluetooth button, with a different coloured light engaging to indicate youre in pairing mode.

    With both your deck and device in pairing mode, position them close together, and they should connect. A short sound or change of light colour will indicate a successful connection. Youre now ready to beam your wonderful vinyl sounds to your chosen Bluetooth device. Whats more, the next time you switch your Bluetooth record player on, it should automatically connect to your paired device.

    The process of pairing can differ slightly from device to device, so check manufacturer instructions for the full picture.

    Best Quality System: 1 By One Bluetooth Turntable Hifi System

    • Bluetooth connectivity

    Why you should buy it?

    If youre more serious about vinyl and want one of the highest quality all-on-one stereo systems out there, this is the choice for you.

    Why you should avoid it?

    There are better options of high-quality turntables out there. If youre looking to put together a quality sound system, check out our best turntables under $500 buying guide.


    The 1 BY ONE stereo system is the top-tier option for high sound quality while still being ready to play a vinyl record right out of the box. First off, this is a turntable, not a record player . That means the 1 BY ONE turntable system could be a stepping stone where you upgrade your speakers down the road.

    The turntable itself is impressive. An adjustable counterweight, solid iron platter, proper MM phono cartridge, dust cover, and a phono preamp all come included. In addition, two 36-watt 2-way stereo speakers are also packaged into this all-in-one turntable system.

    The turntable itself has built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as a USB port for digitizing your vinyl record collection a huge feature that many other devices on this list dont have.

    While the price is higher than the other options on this list, if youre looking for a system with great sound and modern technology this is one of the best all-in-one stereo systems out there.

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    House Of Marley Stir It Up Bluetooth Turntable

    Great option for the style-conscious vinyl lover

    Reasons to avoid

    As much as vinyl is revered for its unique tonal character, you shouldnt overlook how the record player itself will fit into your setup. While it shouldnt matter if the sound is good, record players are not tiny devices and, as such, you should give consideration to how itll look perched on your shelf or sideboard. The House of Marley Stir it Up is, like other products from the brand, designed with a sweet sustainable bamboo finish which gives it a great contemporary look.

    Sound quality is about on par with what wed expect in this price range, however there are reports that the Stir it Up does take a bit of tweaking to find the sweet spot. This is, by all accounts, a simple fix however and shouldnt put you off what is a very attractive deck indeed.

    Reasons to avoid

    For anyone just getting into vinyl, suitcase style portable record players offer a great way to get started. The Victrola VSC 580BT is a cost-effective, nicely designed option which will have you playing your music in no time.

    The Bluetooth functionality here is worth highlighting, however, as its something of a one-way street. You can, for example, stream music from your phone or tablet and play it through the built-in speakers but you cant, on the other hand, stream your vinyl to a set of external Bluetooth speakers.

    Is The Sound Quality Worse Through Bluetooth Speakers

    Crosley Ridgemont All-in-one Record Player with Bluetooth Receiver

    Lets not beat around the bush if you are playing your turntable through Bluetooth speakers, the sound is likely to be worse than if youre playing through a cabled set up.

    The process of turning an analog signal to a digital signal, then back to an analog signal when it reaches the speakers compresses the audio which can create a loss of detail. This can lead to a lower quality sound and, potentially, more distortion.

    If you have a high-end system or just want the best sound your system can offer, setting up your record player for wireless play is probably not for you.

    On the other hand, if you have a lower-end system and dont mind a potential drop in quality to have the ability to go wireless, then give it a try. There wont be much of a noticeable difference for more budget record player setups and you have more freedom to put speakers anywhere around your house.

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    How To Play A Record

    Playing a record is pretty straightforward. You start by putting the record on the turntable whether on the A side or the B side. Some record players come in a vertical design, so ensure that the record does not fall.

    After placing the record on the platter, raise the cue lever to raise the arm. Move the arm to the outer boundary of the record.

    Next, switch on the record player, and ensure that it is at the correct speed.

    When all these are set, lower the arm by lowering the cue lever. As the needle contacts the record, you should start hearing your music playing.

    In summary, follow these steps:

  • Pick the record by the edges to eliminate any grease or dirt on the surface
  • Gently place the record on the platter
  • Choose the right speed
  • Gently lift the tonearm and place it on the outer edge of the record
  • When you are done playing, gently lift the needle off the record.
  • Return the record back to the sleeve
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