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Can You Connect To Two Bluetooth Speakers At Once

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones To Smartphone (Android or Apple iOS)

By: Author Jonah Matthes

Given the basic functionality of Bluetooth, it would seem that connecting to more than one speaker would be impossible. There are, however, a number of ways to connect to multiple speakers via Bluetooth.

Newer equipment comes with Bluetooth 5. Other solutions include apps like Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears. Samsung Galaxy phones S8 and later as well as iPhones running iOS 11.4 or later are capable of broadcasting to two speakers at once. JBLs Connect+ feature in their Bluetooth speakers also allows speakers to piggyback off of each other.

Figuring out which setup is right for you does not need to be complicated. All you need to do is inventory your equipment, and select the appropriate connection method based on the devices you have.

Take Use Of Samsungs Dual Audio Feature:

Take advantage of Samsungs Bluetooth Dual Audio, which works with most Bluetooth speakers and headphones and doesnt require Bluetooth 5 if you have a Galaxy S8, S+, or newer model.

To make this functionality available, follow these steps:

  • To turn on Bluetooth, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  • Tap Advanced in AndroidPie. Tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner to get earlier Android versions.
  • Toggle the Dual Audio switch on.
  • Pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each to use Dual Audio, and audio will be streamed to both.
  • The first paired device will be turned off if you add a third.
  • How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To An Iphone

    These instructions are based on the most recent iOS version. Before getting started, make sure your iPhone is up-to-date.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app and turn on Bluetooththe slider should be green. This makes the iPhone discoverable and allows compatible devices to pair with your iPhone. You can also enable Bluetooth by opening the Control Center and tapping the Bluetooth icon.
  • Power your Bluetooth speaker, and put it in pairing mode. If you arent sure how to use pairing mode, check the manufacturers instructions.
  • In the iPhones Bluetooth settings, the speaker will appear under My Devices. To connect, simply tap the speakers name in the list of devices, and wait for it to pair.
  • Occasionally, a passcode is required to enable pairing on the iPhone . It might take a while for the devices to pair successfully. Once paired, the iPhone will display that the speaker is connected in Bluetooth settings.

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    How Do I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

    To pair a smartphone, you must enable the Bluetooth setting on the Settings app. Then, you will need to pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers on it. Click on the Advanced Settings button once connected in order to tap the three dots to the right. If you have not yet enabled dual audio, click it. One device can be connected simultaneously to this app.

    Best Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

    How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One Device ...

    Although connecting several speakers improves music quality, the sound quality is totally dependent on the model of Bluetooth speaker you choose. If the speaker is of poor quality, you should expect poor sound quality as well.

    As a result, weve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021 that will provide you with the sound quality you seek. These are the speakers:

    • Bose Home Speaker 500 this smart speaker not only looks great, but it also sounds great. Its a bit costly.
    • The JBL Charge 4 is a portable speaker with a strong bass output and a long battery life. It also has incredible power bank capabilities.
    • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 this portable Bluetooth speaker has a well-balanced and detailed sound. It also has impressive battery life.
    • Anker Soundcore 2 this speaker is one of the best-selling portable speakers on the market, with excellent sound quality and long battery life. Its also quite long-lasting.
    • JBL Clip 3 Is one of the finest inexpensive Bluetooth speakers on the market, with a powerful sound. It comes with a carabiner clip that may be attached to a keychain or bag.

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    What Apps Support Multiple Bluetooth Devices

    These apps support multiple devices at once however, some apps here only support native Bluetooth speakers. That means that apps will only support Bluetooth speakers of the same brand or a few specific compatible speakers. In that case, you would have to purchase the compatible speakers if you would want to use those particular apps.


    AmpMe is an app that launched in 2015 and can be found on the google play store and Apples iPhone store. You can even download it for Windows computers and Macs. At its core, AmpMe is a music syncing app that boosts the volume of your music by syncing with other smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, desktops, laptops, and MACs.

    This app lets you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers, and the one thing to note that it will only work for streaming services like YouTube and then Spotify. If you plan to stream movies from Netflix, then you are out of luck.

    Ultimate Ears BLAST

    Ultimate Ears is a company that makes an app that lets you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one another. The only catch is you need to purchase and use only their range of BLAST or MEGABLAST speakers. You cannot use any Bluetooth speakers you like, which is a bit of a hindrance.

    BOSE connect

    The BOSE connect app is free and available for download on the Google Play store and then also on the Apple store. This is also another case where you can only use devices such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones made only by BOSE.

    Rave As App To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

    Rave is an app that lets you see who youre with without watching them so that you can go do something fun. That way, if you find a fun movie, concert, etc, you can invite everyone around and not feel guilty about it!

    It connects your smartphone and other devices, so you can use your smartphone to play movies or music from a speaker, while your friend watches the same content on their own device.

    The ability to share files with people on Dropbox, Google Drive, and the like, has made it easier than ever to find and share any kind of information. In fact, its now easier than ever to share movies, documents, images, and other kinds of files as well.

    In Rave, you can even join a viewing that started a long time ago just log in to the app and join your friends company. You can also play music with Rave by using other apps and audio sources. This service only syncs your smartphones.

    You can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services popular for watching videos and listening to music. The only thing is that the one who manages such a viewing must subscribe to the service and have access to content.

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    Can You Connect Multiple Bluetooth Devices At Once See 7 Concurrently

    There are so many Bluetooth-enabled accessories that it can be confusing how the technology connects the devices. Often we want to use the peripherals simultaneously, which may or may not work, causing many users to wonder can Bluetooth connect to multiple devices at once?

    Bluetooth-equipped smartphones and laptops can connect to multiple devices at once. The latest Bluetooth 5 specification allows up to 7 device connections simultaneously to a primary device in active mode. Some Bluetooth accessories may use the same Bluetooth profile or functionality, which may conflict.

    Ive sifted through the 3256-page specification document, but really I just wanted to see how many connections I could make on my Android phone.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To One Iphone

    How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones To iPhone! (iOS 13)

    You can connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone using audio company apps like Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears application. Bose joins suitable for Bose speakers, and you can also use the Party feature to connect two headphones or speakers at once.

    • Open the iPhone/iPad
    • Turn on Both Speakers that you want to connect.
    • Connect the Speakers from Bluetooth settings.
    • Repeat the same steps for any additional speaker

    You can see the list of compatible devices on Google Play and the App Store of the application.

    Ultimate Ears also has two applications that you can use to connect to multiple devices. Boom and roll respond to compatible speakers. Such applications also come with features of PartyUp that help connect 50 boom or 2 MegaBoom speakers with your device.

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    How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To A Windows Pc

    These instructions are based on connecting Bluetooth speakers to Windows 10. If youre running a different version of Windows, please search for instructions specific to that operating system.

  • Assuming your Windows PC supports Bluetooth , click the Start icon at the bottom left of the screen. Click Settings and find the Devices menu. Open Bluetooth & Other Devices and turn on Bluetooth. You may also open the Action Center found in the taskbar, then select Bluetooth to turn it on.
  • Put the speaker in pairing mode to make it discoverable. Read the manufacturers instructions if needed.
  • To connect the speaker to your PC, select the device, follow any additional instructions, then select Done. As long as the speaker is powered on, it will automatically connect anytime its in range.
  • Use Audio Brand Apps To Connect Multiple Speakers

    Then there are the brand-specific apps you can use to connect multiple Bluetooth devices. Examples of these apps include Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears. You can pair your phone to more than one speaker for dual audio or choose Ultimate Ears to set up two speakers.

    Of course, Bose only works with Bose speakers and Bose headphones, and Ultimate Ears works with Boom and MegaBoom speakers.

    The problem our experts have with brand-specific devices is the compatibility element. You dont know if the applications will work with your headphones and phones, but the app store will have a list of compatible devices to save you the trouble.

    Samsung also has a dual audio feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 or later models. Its a form of Bluetooth connection that utilizes Samsungs Bluetooth Dual Audio, which will work with most market Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

    Its very easy to enable, and its directly accessible on your Samsung phones. Click into settings, then head over to connections then tap on Bluetooth to activate the feature. In Android Pie, the feature can be enabled by going into the advanced options.

    You can also opt for a Homepod to connect two speakers. Homepod Stereo Pair is Apples version of Samsungs Dual Audio. You can use the Home app to set up stereo options on your Apple products.

    Activate the Homepod pairing feature by going into your settings, then choosing create stereo pair and follow the instructions from there.

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    Using Share Audio Function

    The audio sharing feature, unlike Bluetooth, it will temporarily pair the compatible Bluetooth headphone or AirPods and forget them once it stops being in use.

    The steps to use audio sharing options include the following:

    • a)The headphones/earbuds need to be connected to your iPhone.
    • b)The other secondary AirPods need to be connected to the paired devices but they should remain inside their case.
    • c)Bring the AirPods closer to your iPhone, then put the headphones in your ear.
    • d)An audio sharing message will pop up, click on it then follow the given instructions on the screen. If this option fails, try to enable it manually.
    • e)From your control center, click the AirPlay icon.
    • f)Click on your AirPodâs name, then click âAudio Sharingâ.
    • g)Open the case of the other AirPods and bring them closer to your iPhone. Click âShare Audioâ.
    • h)Long-press the AirPodâs casing power button for a few seconds

    If by chance the other AirPods are being used out of their casing. Then follow the steps below.

    Understanding Bluetooth 5 And Previous Limitations

    How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Android App ...

    Until Bluetooth 5.0 was launched back in 2016, its functionality had lots of limitations. This is why Bluetooth compatibility has risen so much over the past few years.

    Bluetooth 4.2 was the previous version. It only worked by connecting one device to another at a range of 10 to 30 feet. And that wasnt a problem if you were connecting a speaker to a media player in the same room. But you would experience connectivity issues even by taking your speaker into the next room.

    Many ideas arose to circumnavigate those limited connection issues with Bluetooth 4.2. However, the latest and more modern devices support Bluetooth 5.0, so you shouldnt have too many problems connecting two or more speakers. So lets find out

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    Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers With Bose Connect Simple Sync

    You can use the app Bose Connect simple sync to connect two smart speakers to an Android Phone, this feature is available only with Bose hardware, and not all speakers.

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    So if you have two devices from this list, then you can download this app, to connect to the same phone and It works with all android devices.

    After downloading it, all you have to do is launch it and then perform a classic Bluetooth search, and thus connect the two speakers.

    If, however, neither of these two solutions is works for you, because you have no samsung phone, or because you dont have Bose speaker, below is an alternative solution that will allow you to stream the same music from different Bluetooth speakers.

    Samsung Dual Audio Feature

    In the Samsung Galaxy S8 and beyond models, Samsung also has a dual audio feature. It is a Bluetooth connection which uses Bluetooth Dual audio Feature from Samsung, which works in conjunction with most Bluetooth speakers and headphones on the market.

    It is straightforward to do, and can be accessed immediately on your Samsung phones. To activate the functionality, touch Bluetooth and then click on Settings. The feature can be activated in Android Pie through the advanced choices.

    To Enable This Feature:

  • Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  • Tap Advanced in Android Pie. Tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner of previous Android versions.
  • Toggle the Dual Audio switch on.
  • Pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each to use Dual Audio, and audio will be streamed to both.
  • The first paired device will be turned off if you add a third.
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    Bluetooth Hub Or Router

    What is a Bluetooth hub?

    A Bluetooth hub is a device that connects multiple Bluetooth devices. This dedicated or in-built component allows 2 or more peripherals, like headphones and speakers, to simultaneously play the same audio output. This fixes the problem of one-to-one sharing when audio streaming to several devices at once.

    This is similar to how we used to connect two wired headsets using a headphone splitter. Remember those days?

    Of course, this wireless technology connects more than a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth headset. You can connect multiple Bluetooth devices of varying types at once.

    This App Is Great But

    How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Android Device

    This app is so great!! It helps me and my friends make our music loud let just off of our iphones. One problem with this is that it really drains your battery. It also doesnt help that you cant use the app while having your phone turned off. Also- The app also needs better design and directions because its kind of difficult to use. Other then all of this I find it a HUUUUGE help! Thanks a lot!Thanks for the response. Whats difficult is that we cant use the app with our phones off. It also glitches sometimes. Like the music will stop and start a lot. Theres a lot of pop ups that are kinda annoying as well. Once you get used to the app it gets a little easier to use.

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    Use Samsung’s Dual Audio Feature

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, S+, or newer model, take advantage of the company’s Bluetooth Dual Audio, which works with most Bluetooth speakers and headphones Bluetooth 5 isn’t required.

    To enable this feature:

  • Go to Settings> Connections> Bluetooth.

    These steps apply to Samsung devices running Android 8 and higher. The settings options layout may look a little different depending on your version.

  • Tap Advanced.

    In earlier Android versions, tap the three dot menu in the upper-right corner.

  • Turn on the Dual Audio toggle switch.

  • To use Dual Audio, pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each, and audio will stream to both.

  • If you add a third, the first paired device will be booted off.

  • If you link your Samsung with two sets of headphones, only the first connected device can manage playback using on-headphone media controls. You may also encounter Bluetooth speakers that are out of sync, so this feature is best for speakers located in separate rooms.

    What Are The Options For Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To An Iphone

    If your phone does not support Bluetooth 5, there are still options for adding a second speaker. You may utilize the airplay-enabled speakers or the Homepod Stereo pair, or you can download applications and complete a few setup procedures. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that not all apps are made equal. As a result, the best option for you is typically determined by the model of iPhone you have.

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    How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To A Mac

    These instructions are based on the macOS Mojave but should be relevant to many of the more modern operating systems.

  • Power your Bluetooth speaker, and put it in pairing mode to make it discoverable. If you arent sure how to use pairing mode, check the manufacturers instructions.
  • Open the Apple Menu, select System Preferences and click Bluetooth.
  • Select the device in the list, then click Connect. Enter in the devices passcode if required.
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