Bayer Contour Next One Bluetooth Glucose Meter

About Contour Next One Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter Lancing Device And Lancets:


Simplify managing your diabetes with the Contour Next One. Within 5 seconds, this convenient tool provides information about your blood glucose range, helping you make better decisions about navigating your diabetes. The SmartLight feature makes interpreting glucose readings quicker and easier by using three colored lights: in target range, above range, and below range. Second-Chance sampling prompts the user to reapply blood if the first sample was insufficient, which helps avoid pricking your finger again and wasting test strips. For additional support of diabetes self-management, connect to the free Contour Diabetes app. Meter readings are synced automatically and stored in an electronic diary and the app helps identify trends in blood glucose results and sends notifications of potential causes. Easily share your blood sugar diary report with your healthcare provider via the app.

What Do The Colours On The Smartlight Mean

When youre using your Contour® Next One, the monitoring system will light up red, yellow, or green, so you can see where your results lie at a glance.

  • Green Your blood glucose is within the target range
  • Yellow Your blood glucose is above the target range
  • Red Your blood glucose is below the target range

Overview Contour Next Ez Meter

  • Beginner friendly. The Display is large and clear to read.
  • No setting up required, meter can be used straight away.
  • Strips have second chance sampling apply more blood to get accurate testing = wasting less strips.
  • The Contour Next is highly accurate according to multiple scientific studies .
  • The meter compensates for common interfering substances .
  • Tracks your values by making 7 days, 14 days and 30 days averages of the measurements.
  • Can store up to 480 test results.

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Differences And Similarities With Other Contour One Models

The Contour Next One meter is slimmer and more compact than other Contour One editions. Still, The Contour Next One is also integrated with the so-called second chance technology.

This technology makes it possible to try another reading with the same test strip in case the measurement failed. A little more blood can be added in a limited amount of time and a second reading appears. This is convenient and makes you waste less strips.

However a small downside is that turning Bluetooth off and on can result in confusion between the meter to synchronize with the app. But a solution to this is to keep Bluetooth on and to charge your phone a bit more then usual. However, this is a minor effort compared to the clear overview, averages and trends you can easily follow through the app.

Contour Next One Glucosemeter

Blood Glucose Monitor Bayer Contour Next One Bluetooth Meter

Koppel uw smartphone aan uw glucosemeter. Met de Contour Next One wordt uw glucosemeter smart. Met Second-Chance sampling voorkomt u verspilling van teststrips door beter inzicht in het bloedmonster. De glucosemeter geeft door middel van kleur aan of uw waarde binnen, boven of onder de doelwaarde zit. U meet met slechts 0,6µl bloed en krijgt binnen 5 seconden resultaat.

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Family Is At The Heart Of What We Do

Our story began in 2015, when our co-founder and CEO Bianca helped her mom care for her grandmother.

Bianca was shocked there was no What to Expect guide like there is for new parents, so she and her husband/co-founder Jonathan dedicated their lives to creating a solution for family caregivers just like you.

Where To Buy The Bayer Contour Next Ez

The full kit with contour next meter, lancet device, Bayer Contour Next test strips and storage pouch can be purchased on

We also did a review on the Keto Mojo, a combo glucose meter that also tests ketones in the blood. Check out our comparison review of the Keto Mojo compared to Precision Xtra.

We hope the Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter Review was useful to you.

If you need more information on home glucose blood measurement read our article: Blood Sugar Monitoring & Glucose Test Guide

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Bayer Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter Starter Pack

With the Contour Next One blood glucose meter you can rely on reliable and accurate measurement results, day in and day out. The result is already displayed within 5 seconds. You can easily connect this accurate meter to a smartphone app, which automatically synchronizes and stores blood glucose results throughout the day via Bluetooth technology. In this way you will quickly have insight into all your results and see how your diet and daily activities affect your blood glucose levels. The accompanying app will also continue to develop, allowing you to deal with your diabetes in an increasingly smarter way. In addition, the meter is easy to use. An advantage of this glucose meter is that it codes itself and gives a signal when insufficient blood has been added. This Contour Next One glucose meter comes in a handy pouch. This new meter is equipped with an extra large and clear screen. Pay attention! The blood sugar level is shown in mmol/L.

Which Test Strips Can I Use With The Contour Next One

Bayer Contour NEXT blood glucose meter review

The Contour® Next One meter should only be used with Contour® Next test strips. These test strips use Sip-In® sampling which makes it simple to test the right amount of blood at the first try. This combined with the Second-Chance sampling feature means you have 60 seconds to apply more blood to the test if you dont get enough right away, making repeat finger pricking a thing of the past. Do not attempt to use any other test strips with this product, as it could make your results less accurate.

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Contour Next One Startpakket

  • Eenvoudige koppeling smartphone via Bluetooth® technologie met Contour Next One.
  • SmartLIGHT functie geeft middels kleur aan of waarde binnen, boven of onder doelwaarde zit
  • Second-Chance sampling: Vraagt u opnieuw bloed op de strip aan te brengen indien dit bij een eerste monster niet voldoende is. Dit voorkomt de frustratie van opnieuw prikken en het onnodig verspillen van teststrips.
  • Notities maken bij een testresultaat: Het vastleggen van voeding, activiteiten en medicatie en het toevoegen van fotos, notities of gesproken memos helpt u om uw resultaten in een context te kunnen plaatsen.
  • Ontvang smartALERTS: U ontvangt een melding wanneer u bloedglucosewaarde Kritiek Hoog of Kritiek Laag is.
  • Deel uw bloedglucosewaarden met uw behandelaar: Deel uw resultaten eenvoudig met uw behandelaar, voorafgaand aan of tijdens uw consult. In beide gevallen bent u beiden beter geïnformeerd en kunt zich volledig richten op het gesprek.
  • Steeds nieuwe functionaliteiten: Er zullen in de toekomst steeds nieuwe functionaliteiten toegevoegd worden aan de CONTOUR® DIABETES app zodat u nog slimmer en beter met uw diabetes om kunt gaan.


Our Verdict On The Bayer Contour Next Ez Meter

The Contour Next is easy to use, straightforward, quick and accurate. The features we find as advantages are its highly proven accuracy and its beginner friendliness. If you are looking for a complete package to start monitoring your blood glucose levels at home, the Contour Next Glucose Test Kit is a great choice.

There is little negative to say about this meter. But if you are into more modern tech options, an option might be the new Contour Next One meter. This meter works with Bluetooth and is a follow up on the Contour next USB meter. The Contour Next One meter can be connected to the Contour Diabetes app. Check out the Contour Next One meter here on Amazon.

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Contour Next One Registration How To Register Contour Next One Meter

To Register your Contour Next one you can simple go the Contour Next one Webpage. This page will lead to the sign up for registering your meter. You can become a ContourCare member at the website and receive personal offers.

It is also possible to download the Glucofacts software from the website after becoming a Contour care member. This is software you can install on your computer to track your measurements.

Bayer Contour Next Ez Meter Review: The Numbers

Bayer Contour Next One Bluetooth Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

Glucose values are considered very high above 250 mg/dL and very low under 70 mg/dL. Your personal glucose value goals should always be discussed with your doctor or medical professional.

Treat your glucose levels as is formulated in your treatment plan, recommended by your healthcare professional .

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Simplicity Helps Patients Test With Confidence

  • smartLIGHT target range indicator immediately identifies if blood glucose readings are above, below or within target range, giving patients instant feedback
  • Second-Chance® sampling allows your patients up to 60 seconds to reapply more blood which may help prevent wasted strips while still demonstrating a high degree of accuracy
  • Representative of the new age of smart diabetes management
  • Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth® technology

* The SMARTSON user test evaluation of the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter and the CONTOUR® DIABETES app, June 2017, Sweden.** ±8.4% applies to values 100mg/dL. An ad hoc analysis demonstrated 95% of results fell within ±8.4 mg/dL or ±8.4% of the laboratory reference values for glucose concentrations < 100 mg/dL or 100 mg/dL, respectively, when tested via subject-obtained capillary fingertip results .

Order free samples online and subscribe now

Bayer Contour Next Test Strips

Only a small drop of blood is required on the test strips to ensure the accuracy of data. The use of the meter is straightforward and easy.

One thing we especially like is the ability to test another time by adding a bit more blood in case the measurement was not sufficient. This so-called second chance sampling makes you waste fewer test strips and save money.

Bayer Contour Next test strips are available here .

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Is My Phone Compatible With The Contour Diabetes App

The Contour® Diabetes App works with most recent smartphones. If youre using Apple devices, this app will work with any device that uses Apple iOS 8 and above. If youre an Android user, this app will work with any device that uses Android Lollipop 5.0 and above. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or the on your device. For a full list of compatible smartphones, please see the Contour website.

How To Order The Contour Next One

CONTOUR® NEXT ONE – Pairing The Meter

Ascencia offers a free Contour Next One device through its website. However, people are only eligible for this free device if they have private healthcare insurance.

Those who qualify will need to fill out and submit the online form and print out the coupon. Then, they can go to any pharmacy that stocks the device, where they will need to present a current prescription. After purchasing a pack of 50 Contour Next test strips, these individuals will receive a free Contour Next One device.

This offer is not available for people who are eligible for prescription reimbursements through:

  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • any other federal or state health programs

Ascencia does not allow people to purchase the Contour Next One on its website. However, the company provides a list of websites where a person can purchase the device online. These include:

  • : Here, the monitor has a list price of about $19.
  • CVS Pharmacy: This device costs $19.99.
  • Rite Aid: Rite Aid sells the monitor for $16.99.
  • Walmart: People can purchase the device for $19.97 from Walmart.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

Some stores may accept flexible spending account and health savings account cards.

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Beoordelingen Voor Contour Next One Startpakket

  • Waardering 4 uit 5

    Even wennen in vergelijking met mijn contour. Maar het werkt prima

  • Waardering 5 uit 5

    Kleine meter. Met app, wel zo makkelijk

  • Waardering 4 uit 5

    Hendrik Gankema 5 juli 2019

    Tot vandaag perfect gewerkt. Maar vandaag kreeg ik opeens de melding HI. Dan zit je boven de 33 mmol/L, onbegrijpelijk. Gelijk een nieuwe meting gedaan nu was mijn bloedsuiker waarde 6.2 mmol/L, binnen een minuut. Bug in het systeem? Nu klopt mijn statistiek niet meer, dat is erg vervelend. Of is is er een fout geslopen in de nieuwe update ?

  • De Contourdiabetes App: Aanpassen Van Doelwaarden

    Aanpassen van de doelwaarden in uw CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter** doet u via de CONTOUR®DIABETES app. Doe dit echter alleen in overleg met uw medisch zorgverlener. Metingen binnen, boven of onder uw doelwaarden worden op een duidelijke en begrijpelijke manier gepresenteerd en vormen een goede basis voor een volgende consultatie bij uw medisch zorgverlener.

    * Beoordeel uw bloedglucoseresultaat altijd in combinatie met het gekleurde licht voordat u enige aanpassing doet in uw therapie, dieet, of lichaamsbeweging

    ** Raadpleeg altijd uw medisch zorgverlener voordat u uw doelwaarden wijzigt. De CONTOUR®NEXT ONE bloedglucosemeter wordt geleverd met vooraf ingestelde doelwaarden individuele doelwaarden kunnen alleen worden gewijzigd via de CONTOUR®DIABETES app.

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    Meet The Contour Next One Meter

    Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in November 2016, the Contour Next ONE sports a sleek modern design with subtle differences from its predecessors, and is the first app-enabled meter Ascensia has offered in its Contour line. It uses the same Contour Next test strips as others in this product line.

    Here are some of the main features:

    Slim design: While the form factor is mostly unchanged, its a bit thinner and sleeker in design than earlier generation models from then-Bayer that had three buttons on the meter face. Now, the Contour Next ONE has scaled down to a single round circle OK button with up and down arrows for scrolling through commands.

    Easy-to-read display: This meter has a basic black and white LED display with icons to indicate your glucose log or settings. The display does not have a built-in backlight, though you really dont need it since the screen does light up enough to use efficiently even in the dark.

    Second-chance sampling: This is a small matter, but you have 60 seconds to apply a second drop of blood to the same strip, in case the first attempt wasnt large enough. Handy for those of us who sometimes struggle to get bleeders after a finger poke, and need to take extra time to redo the sample. This can also be very helpful for those trying to conserve test strips and not waste any due to insufficient blood droplets.

    Contour Next One Where To Buy

    Bayer CONTOUR NEXT ONE Bluetooth Glucose Meter [1 pack]

    The Contour Next One can me purchased through . The full kit includes the meter, lancet pen, strips and storage pouch. You can stock up on test strip here on amazon.

    As we mentioned before, the second chance technology can help you save money on strips as it allows you to use a strip another time if a reading failed.

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    Op Dit Moment Werken Wij Aan Het Bestelformulier Voor Deze Website U Kan Uw Oude Meter Omruilen Door Telefonisch Contact Op Te Nemen Met Onze Klantendienst Op Het Gratis Nummer 0800 97 212 Of 800 27 254 Wij Helpen U Graag Verder

    Ascensia, CONTOUR, Second-Chance zijn handelsmerken van Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG.

    Apple en het Apple-logo zijn in de Verenigde Staten en andere landen gedeponeerde handelsmerken van Apple Inc. App Store is een service van Apple Inc. Het Bluetooth-woordmerk en de Bluetooth-logo’s zijn handelsmerken van Bluetooth SIG, Inc. en elk gebruik van betrokken merk hierin onder licentie. Google Play is een handelsmerk van Google Inc

    Contour Next Glucose Meter: How To Use

    The use of the Contour Next EZ is pretty similar to that of other glucose meters. The steps are the following:

    • Prick your finger with the lancet device to create a small drop of blood.
    • Absorb the blood with a glucose test strip.
    • Place the test strip in the glucose meter and wait a few seconds.
    • Read the glucose values on the display of the contour meter.

    Read our Blood Sugar Monitoring & Glucose test Guide to learn everything you need to know about at home blood glucose testing.

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    Contour Next One Glucosemeter Startpakket

    Met de Contour Next One bloedglucosemeter kun je, dag in dag uit, vertrouwen op betrouwbare en nauwkeurige meetresultaten. Binnen 5 seconden wordt het resultaat al getoond. Deze nauwkeurige meter koppelt u namelijk gemakkelijk aan een app voor de smartphone, die gedurende de dag de bloedglucoseresultaten automatisch synchroniseert en opslaat via Bluetooth-technologie. Op deze manier heeft u al snel inzicht in al uw resultaten en ziet u hoe uw voeding en dagelijkse activiteiten invloed hebben op uw bloedglucosewaarden.

    De bijbehorende app zal zich ook telkens verder ontwikkelen, waardoor u steeds slimmer om kunt gaan met uw diabetes. Bovendien is de meter eenvoudig in het gebruik. Een voordeel van deze glucosemeter is dat hij zichzelf codeert en een seintje geeft wanneer er onvoldoende bloed is toegevoegd.

    Dit Contour Next One glucosemeter wordt geleverd in een handig etui. Deze nieuwe meter is voorzien van een extra groot en duidelijk scherm.Het bloedsuikergehalte wordt weergegeven in mmol/L.

    Wat zit er in het pakket:

    • Contour Next One bloedglucosemeter inclusief batterij
    • Microlet Next prikapparaat
    • opbergtasje

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    CONTOUR® NEXT ONE – Pairing The Meter

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