Beats By Dre Pill+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Build Quality And Waterproofing

Beats Pill , Portable Wireless Speaker

Any portable Bluetooth speaker worth its barbecue lighter fluid has to be able to be set on fire, and keep on playing. OK – maybe that’s a bit strong. It doesn’t need to survive immolation, necessarily. But the odd fall, or splash of water, shouldn’t phase it. In this regard, we’re happy to report that the Pill+ performed well. You’ll be absolutely stunned to hear that the company doesn’t give out the speaker’s IP rating, which lets you gauge how water- and dust-resistant it is, but it stood up to some splashes from watering a garden, and survived being dropped in the dirt a couple of times. If you’re looking for a speaker that is definitively waterproof or as near as makes no difference you might want to consider the JBL Flip 4. The sound quality isn’t quite as good, but it offers an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in three feet of water for 30 minutes.

In terms of build quality, the Pill+ definitely satisfies. The buttons are easy to find and press, and the speaker feels robust and solid. Despite being largely made of plastic, it doesn’t feel flimsy. And, in terms of value-for-money, it definitely satisfies on the build front. You also get a selection of colors to choose from: white, black, turf-green, asphalt-grey, and – we swear we aren’t making this up – PRODUCTred. Awful name – but the proceeds go towards fighting HIV-AIDs.Good job, Beats.

Beats By Dr Dre Launches New Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

+ App for Additional Features and Functionality

CULVER CITY, Calif.—-Beats by Dr. Dre today introduced the Beats Pill+ speaker, the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of exceptional wireless, Bluetooth products. The Beats Pill+ sets a new standard for quality and design within the burgeoning portable speaker market and reinforces the companys commitment to innovation and function, and most importantly, a premium sound experience for music fans. Beats is a leading audio brand co-founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and is part of Apple.

“When you obsess about sound the way that we do at Beats, portable Bluetooth speakers can be very tricky,” said Beats President Luke Wood. “We spent countless days, weeks, months testing for that perfect combination of form and function – small enough to travel but still big enough to feel the emotion of the music. Thats what you get with Pill+.

According to NPD, Beats is the current sales leader in the wireless category with its portfolio of Bluetooth headphones and speakers, said Ben Arnold, industry analyst from The NPD Group. “Bluetooth continues to be a primary driver of growth in the wireless audio market, as Bluetooth headphones and speakers have grown 57 percent year to date. The increase in sales indicates consumers value having a premium audio experience along with the convenience of wireless.”

Beats has shipped over a million Beats Pills worldwide since the product launched in 2012.

About Beats

Htc Sale And Beats Music

In July 2012, HTC sold back half of its stake in Beats for $150 million, remaining the largest shareholder with 25.1 percent. The sale was intended to provide “flexibility for global expansion while maintaining HTC’s major stake and commercial exclusivity in mobile”. In August 2013, reports surfaced that Beats’ founders planned to buy back HTC’s remaining minority stake in the company, and pursue a new, unspecified partner for a future investment.

On September 27, 2013, HTC confirmed that it would sell its remaining 24.84% stake in Beats back to the company for $265 million. Concurrently, Beats announced that the would make a $500 million minority investment in the company. The overall deal valued Beats Electronics at $1 billion and helped HTC turn a of $10.3 million for the fourth quarter of 2013, following HTC’s first quarterly loss in company history.

The appointment of a new , a role previously filled by Wood, was announced in early November 2013. Matthew Costello, formerly of and HTC, was formally appointed to the role in May 2014.

On January 21, 2014, the company launched Beats Music, a subscription-based online music streaming service. Prior to the launch of the service, Beats stated that it intends to provide a different type of streaming experience to what was available on the market at the time. Additionally, the service would only be available to consumers in the U.S. at inception. Chief executive of Beats at the time, Ian Rogers, said:

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Beats Pill+ Sound Quality

How good does the Beats Pill+ sound? For those familiar with the range, the best answer is: much better than its predecessors.

Where the Pill and Pill 2.0 use a whole array of tiny drivers, the Pill finally adds a pair of larger bass drivers in the middle to avoid it becoming the tinny mess the earlier Pills are. It works, for the most part. On first listen I simply assumed the speaker had a passive radiator, which is what 90% of speakers this size use to create bass despite their tiny stature.

The Pill+ victory also disperses its sound quite widely. This is because it mounts its tweeter drivers on the further reaches of each side of the speakers front, at a slight angle according to Beatss diagrams. There no word of the clever psychoacoustic nonsense Bose uses to get the same effect in the SoundLink Mini II, but it works fairly well. The sound isnt too directional and can have a stab at filling smaller rooms.

Tone-wise, Beats seems to have aimed to make the Pill as loud and ferocious as possible. This isnt about bass: the Pill actually sounds less bassy than the SoundLink Mini. It is pretty loud, though, and has a much more aggressive mid-range that really spits vocals out at you more than any other speaker in this size class.

Beats Pill Plus Portable Wireless Speaker

Beats by Dre Beats Pill+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (White ...
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Beats Pill+ Vs Beats Pill 20

It’s always interesting when a company completely redesigns a speaker, and we were curious to see what the changes would be from the original Pill 2.0. It’s not just the driver changes we mentioned previously it’s a complete teardown. The Pill 2.0 looked terrible, with its visible drivers and glaring logo. It really does look like a pill the name may have been clever, but we couldn’t look at the speaker without feeling mildly queasy. That’s changed here and definitely for the better.

Gone is the strange strip of metal by vacating the two halves. The new Pill+ has a sleek black design, with minimalist controls arranged on a strip that goes all the way around the speaker. It both looks and feels great – although it is slightly heavier than the Pill 2.0, at just over a pound to the original’s 11.2oz. The design recalls the now defunct Pill XL model, which actually looked pretty good. Here’s hoping that the Pill+ doesn’t suffer the same issues that the XL did that speaker was recalled en masse after it was discovered that the battery could overheat and possibly set things on fire. We may not particularly like Beats by Dre products, but we do have sympathy for their marketing department sometimes.

Should I Buy The Beats Pill+

The Beats Pill is one of the loudest speakers of it size. If pure volume is the goal, go crazy. However, it doesnt sound anywhere near as good as the best in this field at the extreme ends of its volume scale. Its harsh and strained at top volume and lacks bass punch at low volumes, as it doesnt have a passive radiator. At mid-level volumes it sounds decent, but not jaw-dropping. Its smart splash-proof design is more impressive than the sound itself.

Sound quality is fine, but its far less well-controlled than the best at this size, and its omission of a passive radiator when it can solve so many small-speaker problems is baffling. How much harder its drivers have to work as a result means that the Pill is shown up pretty seriously by the £59 Jam Heavy Metal at high volumes. And thats embarrassing for a £150-plus speaker.

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Why Is Jbl Flip 5 Better Than Beats By Dre Pill

  • 198Hz lower low-frequency
  • Has a battery level indicator?
  • 8W more audio output power?1 x 20Wvs4 x 3W
  • 2.1 newer Bluetooth version
JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Wireless …JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with up to 12 Hours of Battery Life – Black





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4 x 3W

1 x 20W



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Beats By Dr Dre Pill 20 Portable Speaker

Beats by Dre Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review- Sync-UP.TV

Pairing is easy. Just tap your phone to your Beats Pill 2.0 and create an instant connection. Sync two Beats Pills by tapping them together to play the same song. You can also tap the Beats Pills together twice to stereo your music, making one Beats Pill the left output and the other the right. Defined, pure sound quality in a portable, compact design Pair and play with your Bluetooth® device 12-hour rechargeable battery Charge out to charge your phone and other devices Power adapter and lightning cable included

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Pair Beats Pill+ With An Android Device:

  • Make sure that your Beats Pill+ is charged and turned on.
  • The “b” button pulses to indicate that the Beats Pill+ is in discovery mode, ready to be paired. If it doesn’t pulse, hold down the “b” button for 3 seconds to enter discovery mode.
  • On your Android device, go to Bluetooth settings and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Select your Beats Pill+ from the list of Bluetooth devices. If you renamed your speaker using Beats Updater or the Beats Pill+ app, that name appears in the list.
  • What Is The Beats Pill+

    The Beats Pill+ is a small wireless speaker. However, its totally different to the Pill and Pill 2.0 that came before.

    Slightly larger and using bigger bass drivers, the Pill+ is the first small Beats speaker that really sounds bigger than it is. Its a very significant, long overdue upgrade.

    Its nice not to have to tell people to run for the hills as soon as they see a Pill+. But the Beats Pill+ isnt quite as good as the best at this size in several areas. And thats an issue when, at $229 in the US, its one of the most expensive choices in its class.

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    Compare To Similar Products

    Good sound quality, waterproof, long battery lifeGreat audio quality, wireless charging, compact size, integrates with Sonos home systemsSuper-portable, waterproof, great battery lifePortable, great battery life, inexpensive
    ConsNot the strongest sounding bassPoor battery lifeSound quality diminishes significantly at higher volumesSub-par sound quality
    Bottom LineA good choice for audiophiles, but not quite as good as our Editors’ Choice winnerAn affordable balance for those that want good sound quality and portability but don’t want to pay a premium price for the absolute bestThis speaker delivers lush sounds in a compact size, is exceptionally portable, charges on a wireless pad, and integrates with other Sonos speakers seamlesslyThis mega-portable, waterproof, and durable speaker is perfectly at home on hikes, bike rides, out on the lake, or in the showerA much less expensive, but still enjoyable, portable speaker option for those sticking to a tight budget
    Rating Categories
    Dimensions2.5″ x 8.3″ x 2.7″3.64″ x 3.6″ x 8.5″6.61″ x 2.44″ x 2.36″1.8″ x 3.4″ x 5.3″6.9″ x 2.4″ x 2.2″
    Inputs and Charging Ports3.5 mm auxiliary input, USB, 1.5m Lightning inputMicro USB portUSB-C port, wireless Qi chargingUSB-C port

    Pair Beats Pill+ With An Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch Or Apple Watch:

    Beats by Dre Beats Pill+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (White ...
  • Make sure that your Beats Pill+ is charged and turned on.
  • The “b” button pulses to indicate that the Beats Pill+ is in discovery mode, ready to be paired. If it doesn’t pulse, hold down the “b” button for 3 seconds to enter discovery mode.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Select your Beats Pill+ from the list of Bluetooth devices. If you renamed your speaker using Beats Updater or the Beats Pill+ app, that name appears in the list.
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    Bluetooth And Battery Life

    When you’re out and about, battery life is as important as volume. We got around 11 hours out of the Pill+, playing at moderate levels. That’s actually quite reasonable, compared to other portable speakers available right now. The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ only manages a little more than that, and it retails for over double the price, at $299. In other words, the Pill+ is unlikely to leave you short-changed, as long as you keep an eye on it. It charges quickly, too – after a couple of hours, we were good to go.

    The Bluetooth signal was good, too, with a range of about 30 feet before experiencing a drop in signal. You’re certainly not going to get aptX Bluetooth here here’s an explanation of what that means but it connected without any trouble, and we didn’t feel the sound quality suffered because of the Bluetooth.

    Beats Pill+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Getting Started

    Use Lightning cable to charge


    Press power button, b button will light up


    Select BeatsPill+ in Bluetooth® settings


    Select and play audio

    Bluetooth® and the Bluetooth® logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Lightning is a mark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. *3.5mm Aux cable not included. Beats Pill+ and the b logo are trademarks of Beats Electronics, LLC.

    Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker User Manual Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

    Related Manuals / Resources

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    Mids Highs And Soundstage

    The good news is that the overall sound of the Pill+ is much better than we would have expected. This is largely due to its soundstage, or its ability to make the music appear wider. The drivers have been completely redesigned, with the tweeters repositioned around two large bass drivers. This means it does a much better job at allowing you to pick out individual instruments, and their position in the song. Admittedly, this is probably something you won’t appreciate at a backyard barbecue, but it’s still a good thing. And if you have more than one speaker, you can actually create multiple pairs using the Beats Pill+ app . We didn’t get to test this particular aspect of the speaker we only had one to play with – but we did manage to find reports of this feature, and the consensus was that it worked well. We can also report that the app is decent enough, albeit a little simple, and we can imagine the feature working well.

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    How Do You Buy The 10 Best Beats By Dre Pill Wireless Speaker In 2021 Recommended

    Do you get stressed out thinking about shopping for a great beats by dre pill wireless speaker? Do doubts keep creeping into your mind? We understand, because weve already gone through the whole process of researching beats by dre pill wireless speaker, which is why we have assembled a comprehensive list of the greatest beats by dre pill wireless speaker available in the current market. Weve also come up with a list of questions that you probably have yourself.

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