Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Bluetooth Hearing Aid

3 Benefits of Using Bluetooth® Hearing Aids | Miracle-Ear

Bluetooth hearing aids come with advanced tech and streaming capabilities. But theyre usually pricier, making it essential to find the best fit so you dont have to buy a second pair after only a year or two. Heres what you need to consider when deciding between Bluetooth hearing aid brands and models.

S To Programming Process Of Your Hearing Aids

You need to follow the following steps :

  • Test what you can hear with your devices beforehand. Ask your audiologist to perform a controlled speech comprehension test. However, any test is limited and may not evaluate how well you can hear in noisy situations.
  • Connect the hardware interface with your computer containing the software. Also, attach your hardware interface with your hearing aids with cables. Be careful while connecting the cables with your hearing aid as they are quite small.
  • Programming your hearing aid with the software is a kind of gray practice. However, try not to mess up the whole setting. It may annoy your audiologist.
  • The software consists of all vital information about your hearing aid. You can see graphs and functions in the software. Make small changes and notice how your hearing aids are functioning.
  • Document each change you make. It helps you retrace your steps if needed. Start with small changes and give it plenty of time to set your hearing aids.
  • Once you are used to programming your hearing aids, you can make further changes to improve your hearing.
  • Adjust the gain according to your unique needs. Increasing all the frequencies at once might not be a good idea.
  • If you have a spare or old hearing aid, start with that one. If you need help, ask your audiologist.
  • Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Staying connected to loved ones is more important now more than ever. COVID-19 has caused people to work from home, lead to people not being able to see friends and family in-person. Technology is not just a convivence, but it is essential now. Amplifons hearing aids with Bluetooth are designed to ease virtual interactions by streaming sound straight from a technology source and into your ear to connect you to your world.

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    How Much Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost

    Bluetooth hearing aids cost around $1,000$7,500 per pair. Online brands that sell directly to you are typically on the lower end of this spectrum. In contrast, leading brands that are only available through third-party hearing professionals are usually on the pricier side.

    Generally, the least expensive models have fewer features than those that cost more. And the more severe your hearing loss, the more your hearing aids are likely to cost.

    Alternatives To Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Many hearing aids have telecoil technology, also known as a T-coil, a form of wireless technology thats been around for decades. With the T-coil, sound feeds directly to your hearing aids in public venues with a loop systemincluding many churches, movie theaters, and auditoriums. You can also use T-coil settings to hear more clearly on cellphone and landline phone calls and on your TV when using a transmitter and neck loop.

    Compared to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, those with T-coils are usually more affordable. Plus, T-coils are better suited for public venues than Bluetooth hearing aids. But Bluetooth technology makes listening to streaming audio from your smartphone or TV simple, and some companies are slowly moving away from T-coils and toward Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

    The good news? There are hearing aids equipped with both Bluetooth and T-coils. If youre not sure which you should choose , speak with a hearing professional. The right choice depends upon your level of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

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    Firstly What Is Bluetooth

    Well start by quickly explaining what Bluetooth is for those who arent fully aware. Its a communication technology that helps connect two or more devices within a short range. Using high-frequency radio waves, information is shared wirelessly, safely and securely. It has been used significantly for around twenty years and is prevalent today still the majority of devices you use possess.

    The Benefits Of Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    by Kimberley Orr | Nov 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

    Often called TV hearing aids because they allow you to stream sound directly from your television to your hearing aid, these amazing devices can do so much more. Theyre perfect for older people who have lost the ability to hear the higher frequencies that are needed to understand speech clearly.

    Heres a rundown of some of the benefits youll enjoy from this new technology.

    Bluetooth Technology

    Hearing aids with Bluetooth technology allow you to connect to your phone, television, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to stream the sound directly to your ears via the hearing aid.

    Depending on the type of hearing aid, youll need an iPhone 5 or later, and some can be used with Android smart phones. You can customise the sound to stream to one or both hearing aids as well as control the volume, and if youre listening to music, your hearing aids become a set of in-ear headphones. You can even stream phone calls into your hearing aids so you never miss any of the conversation.

    Better Sound Quality

    Bluetooth hearing aids have a more stable signal with less chance of dropping out and superior sound quality with no feedback or whistling. You can even extend your listening range with wireless microphones strategically placed up to 25 metres away.

    Multiple Devices

    Smart Phone Apps

    Feel More Connected and in Control

    Recent Post

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    Improve Your Quality Of Life With Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Bluetooth hearing aids wirelessly connect to your smartphone, TV, computer, and more allowing you to stream HD quality audio directly to your hearing aids. The future is finally hear!

    Modern hearing aids improve your quality of life by delivering brilliant sound quality during conversations. Bluetooth hearing aids, on the other hand, do that and deliver incredible sound quality streamed wirelessly from your electronic devices. In the past, hearing aids had trouble picking up sound from phone receivers. These sounds were over amplified and not fine-tuned, causing hearing aids to whistle.

    From enhanced sound quality to greater freedom and flexibility, todays advanced hearing systems are supercomputers the size of a coffee bean. Bluetooth enabled hearings aids:

    • Enhance sound quality and reduce background noise
    • Offer greater control, freedom, and convenience
    • Allow you to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your hearing aids

    Cost Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Bluetooth Hearing aids | How Bluetooth Hearing aids work & BT Hearing aid advantages

    Bluetooth features in hearing aids are now commonplace and you dont have to pay more for them. Hearing Choices hearing aid prices are up to 40% cheaper than the large retail clinics. Prices for basic level hearing aids start from around $1,300, mid-level from $2,450 to $3,000 and advanced or premium level hearing aids from $3,000 to $4,000.

    If your hearing aid doesnt stream directly from your phone, you can still purchase a relatively inexpensive accessory to enable wireless streaming from all your favourite devices.

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    Buying In Person Vs Online

    Direct-to-consumer companies like Lively, Audicus, and MDHearingAid are typically more affordable than in-person brands like Oticon and Starkey. By cutting out third-party retailer costs, online brands can pass some of the savings onto customers.

    According to audiologist Brad Ingrao, an expert at, There are 17 million older adults in the U.S. with hearing loss, but not using hearing aids. The biggest reason: cost! By providing a high-end product at a fraction of the price, online companies allow more people to afford hearing aids who couldnt afford normally do so.

    Nonetheless, face-to-face evaluation with an audiologist improves the opportunity for the best hearing aid fit, as well as an accurate diagnosis, explains Jim Dan, MD, a geriatric clinical advisor and member of the Senior Helpers Board of Directors.

    For individuals with severe or profound hearing loss or those whose hearing loss may be due to an underlying medical condition, an in-person audiologist appointment is important for proper treatment and optimized hearing aids.

    What Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids And What Do They Do

    Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids facilitate wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-compatible devices, including your smartphone, music player, computer, and television. With Bluetooth, you can stream sound directly to your hearing aids.

    Here are a few of the things you can do with Bluetooth digital hearing aids that you cant with traditional hearing aids:

    • Hands-free calls You can take calls without lining up your phone with the hearing aid microphone.
    • Audio on the go You dont need to take out your hearing aids to put in headphones. Instead, stream audio directly to your hearing aids while walking or working out. Another perk? You can retain your ability to hear whats going on around you.
    • Control personal volume You can watch TV with your family or friends and adjust your sound without changing the volume for everyone.
    • Smartphone app control Pair your smartphone with your hearing aids for easy hearing aid control. You wont need to manipulate your hearing aids directly instead you use the app to adjust settings like volume and connectivity.

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    Youll Get A Fantastic Sound Quality

    In terms of other hearing aids, feedback and whistling noises have been talked about. This can obviously make life a little difficult for anyone occupying one. With a Bluetooth hearing aid, these noises are said to be diminished, and the overall quality is much improved.

    To answer the question of is it worth it? You need to think about your own situation and how possessing one of these would affect your life. If you feel as though this kind of device is imperative to your daily life, then it would absolutely be value for money. Perhaps you should consider against if you see it as a novelty that would eventually wear off after a few weeks. All in all, they are fantastic pieces of equipment, so whatever your choice, youll be receiving a quality product.

    If youve been looking for the right hearing aid or you feel as though your hearing needs to be looked at, then you could do a lot worse than getting in touch with Flynn Associates. Well evaluate your ears and hearing performance and recommend treatment accordingly. Our services include more than just evaluations, however. Well repair, maintain and evaluate hearing aids we dispense and fit. Well also help you with things like earwax removal if you feel as though that needs to be taken care of.

    Were just a phone call away and are more than happy to assist you during the hearing aid selection process. Call us today at Concord: 759-3540 and Wellesley: 943-5040.

    The Lively Bundle Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Lively offers a Food and Drug Administration -approved Bluetooth hearing aid bundle that includes programmed hearing aids and a charging case that holds three full charges. After a full charge, this hearing aid battery can reportedly last up to 30 hours.

    Individuals use a smartphone app to control the hearing aid settings, while the Bluetooth capabilities also allow them to listen to music and receive and make phone calls. Additionally, Lively states their audiologist can make remote adjustments should a person need assistance with their hearing aid settings.

    The bundle includes a 3-year manufacturer warranty, 3-year loss and damage protection, and 3 years worth of follow-up audiological care.

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    Benefits Of Investing In Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Bluetooth is todays cutting edge technology not only for hearing aids, but for modern-day devices like smartphones, smartwatches, televisions, audio players, and even Bluetooth medical alert devices, you name it! Bluetooth has elevated the hearing aid industry by providing a more seamless and convenient user experience. Stay connected with your friends and family, while enjoying music or your favorite TV shows without the need to ever remove your hearing aids.

    Streaming via Bluetooth has many perks. Here are just a few:

    Pros & Cons Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    The pros of Bluetooth hearing aids abound. With Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can do useful things like:

    • Take calls directly with your hearing aids.
    • Hear your grandsons voice in crystal clarity when you video chat on your desktop computer.
    • Connect your hearing aids to the TV while watching with family. Adjust the hearing aid volume to a comfortable level while the rest of the family watches at a volume comfortable to them.
    • Watch your favorite show on a video streaming service on your tablet while waiting in the doctors office.
    • Connect to multiple devices at once so you can switch between listening to the TV and taking a call with little effort.

    There are some cons to consider when determining whether Bluetooth hearing aids are right for you.

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    Discover The Ease Of Bluetooth

    If you are ready for an upgrade in your hearing aids, contact us today to find out all about what Bluetooth can do for you! Chances are, once you get used to all the amazing benefits of Bluetooth you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Get ready to connect with your technology and your loved ones in a whole new way.

    Things You Need To Know Before Programming Your Hearing Aid

    ET Clips The benefits and limits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Every hearing aid is different, and every persons needs are unique. Functions and classifications of hearing aids vary a lot.

    Recent digital hearing aids host several features to help the user listen better. So, for meeting individual needs, hearing aids need to be programmed correctly. For better hearing aid performance, audiologists or hearing aid experts adjust the devices.

    With proper programming, hearing aids can help people with hearing loss hear better and reduce background noise.

    However, you may not always have time to visit your audiologist within a short time. Also, you may not have a backup hearing aid device. In such cases, self-programming can come in handy for you.

    Many experts and audiologists advise against this practice. However, simply experimenting with hearing aid software will help you learn more about your hearing aid and what you can do to hear better.

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    How Does It Work

    Working across high frequency channels Bluetooth enabled devices send radio waves to connect with each other. You can have up to 8 devices connected at once, with each pair of devices using one of the 79 channels. Dont worry about connecting to something you didnt ask for! One Bluetooth device needs to be paired with another device to enable them to talk to each other or transmit data. One of Bluetooths best features is that has a low power consumption, but it does have a large drain on battery-operated devices . However Bluetooth technology, like everything else, is constantly improving and battery drain will hopefully be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. Bluetooth is also a fairly secure method of transmission. This is because paired devices constantly shift the frequency they are using not just once or twice, but thousands of time a second amazing!

    How Does This Work

    Its very easy to connect your TV streamer to your computer.

    As I show in the video, youll first need to purchase an adapter from our office, which will let you plug the accessorys TV cables into your computers headphone jack.

    Then, once everything is linked up, simply connect your hearing aids to your TV streamer, as you would normally, and the audio output should be sent straight to them.

    If you dont already have a TV streamer, its not a problem! Almost every hearing aid manufacturer offers their own, which will work with your current device.

    These include ReSound, Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Widex, and others. So if youre looking to improve your experience, my team can help you to source the right product!

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    Are There Any Downsides

    Not everyone chooses to have Bluetooth hearing aids. Some people may prefer a less technological option, or something thats easier on the wallet, and thats fine by us. You have to be comfortable and confident using your hearing aids, or youre less likely to use them when needed.

    Battery power may drain slightly faster when Bluetooth is enabled, although you can easily recharge them using our recharging cases and will also benefit from the increased capability of these aids.

    Our products range from a basic digital aid to the most sophisticated currently available and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. Well talk you through the different shapes of hearing aids, what type of batteries they use and how the hearing aid will suit your lifestyle and hearing needs. We will always recommend the best option for you.

    You can view our full range of hearing aids, including Bluetooth models, here.

    What Are Universal Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Universal Bluetooth hearing aids are devices that offer Bluetooth compatibility with any enabled electronic device. These hearing aids connect effortlessly to both Android and IOS devices across various platforms.

    However, most Bluetooth hearing aids are either made-for-iPhone or built to work with Android electronics specifically.

    To bypass these restrictions, you must use a streamer.

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    What Is A Bluetooth Hearing Aid Streamer

    A Bluetooth streamer is a small device that turns your hearing aid into a wireless headset. Most hearing aids need a streamer to enable communication and connectivity between them and the target device.

    A streamer may also contain a microphone or audio receiver, enabling you to make hands-free phone calls, while a TV streamer is connected directly to your TV and transmits audio straight to your hearing aids .

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