Best Affordable Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Best Value: Anker Soundcore Life P3

Best Affordable Wireless Earbuds // Boltune BT-BH021 Bluetooth 5 1

There’s no doubt that the Creative Outlier Air are some of the very best true wireless earbuds you can buy. Still, if you’re looking for something different, Anker’s Soundcore Life P3 stand out as effective alternatives. They have ANC and a comfortable design that should work for most ears. The IPX5 rating doesn’t make them all that rugged, so you will have to be careful, but there’s a lot to like about how these earbuds perform.

They have larger drivers that kick out really good audio quality with deep bass and lively highs that are an impressive package at this price. Creative holds an edge in overall sound quality, but these are more than capable of serenading your ears and are better at nullifying background sounds. Unlike Creative’s pair, these have ANC, and it’s surprisingly good for budget buds.

It’s also nice to have the Soundcore app to alter the sound through the equalizer or make other adjustments. A sturdy Bluetooth connection and effective mics also keep phone calls going when you need them to.

Rounding out the experience is decent battery life at up to six hours of playback with ANC on and another 28 hours in the case, keeping the audio going for a reasonable amount of time. Those numbers are also relative to volume levels, so keep pumping it up and you’re not going to crack those higher battery numbers.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Big battery, expansive sound, stays putnear perfect

  • Expansive sound
  • Ear hooks ensure secure fit

The Powerbeats Pro is the complete package: both well-rounded as wireless sport headphones and literally a large box that contains the earbuds and an additional 15 hours of juice. Not that youre likely to need it the buds last for nine hours on a single charge. The sound you get from the Powerbeats Pro is really expansive, said Dengate in his full review. Every song sounds like youre listening in a larger room, with speakers positioned away from you. Ambient noise starts out minimal but increases as sweat causes the earbuds to lose some of their seal. The music gets a little hollower, but the awareness means youll pick up loud environmental noises like sirens and horns. Bluetooth pairing is immediate with an iPhone, and a five-minute quick charge delivers 90 minutes of playback. The Powerbeats are rated IPX4 so theyll withstand a rainstorm , and despite their large size, the buds keep a low enough profile to be comfortable with a hat and sunglasses.

The Jbl Tune 125tws Occasionally Drops Below $50

Since the JBL Tune 125TWS is a few years old, and JBL churns out true wireless earbuds regularly, you can find this headset for less than $50 USD, originally $99 USD. The earbuds have an 8-hour standalone battery life with another 24 hours from the USB-C case. You can use either earbud in mono mode, which is great for exercising outside or if you have a hearing impairment.

JBL teamed up with Google on this one so you get Google Fast Pair, making it a cinch to set the earbuds up with your Android phone. You only get SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec support, but this is typical of JBL earbuds.

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Apple Airpods W/ Wired Charging Case

Considering that the Apple Airpods are largely responsible for kicking off the now-booming TWS earbud market, the model is well worth a look when shopping in the space, especially now that the original Airpods MSRP has come down to as low as $130. Whats more, these Airpods still boast the mighty H1 chip, compatibility with Siri and voice commands, and seamless and effortless pairing to the rest of your Apple devices. Theres also a massive array of accessories made specifically for the Apple Airpods.

Total Battery Life: 24 HoursIP Rating: IPX4

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air : The Best For Most

Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds 2021

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 are the best budget true wireless earbuds for most people, particularly for anyone who fields a lot of hands-free calls. The microphone quality is good for the price and rivals that found in the much more expensive . The speakers voice clearly transmitted while background noise is rejected.

Durability is also important, and these earbuds were awarded with an IPX5 rating. In other words, they can endure any workout you throw at them so long as they arent submerged. Other great features include wireless charging while Anker Soundcore doesnt include a Qi wireless charger, the USB-C case is Qi-compatible. Plus, quick charging is super efficient: just 10 minutes in the case yields two hours of playtime. Standalone battery life is quite good, too you may enjoy just over seven hours of listening on a single charge.

Sound quality isnt very accurate, but it is still good. Bass frequencies are emphasized, which creates a more engaging sound and aligns with what most of us are accustomed to from general consumer audio products. Of course, if you dont fancy yourself a basshead, you can always equalize the sound in the free app, or choose from any number of the companys presets.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2.

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Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds 2022

We rank the best cheap wireless earbuds, based on budget and style.

Hunting down the best cheap wireless earbuds is like finding a needle in a haystack. Youll search through hundreds of low-priced selections until stumbling upon that one inexpensive gem that pairs perfectly with your devices.

Were seeing models from popular brands like Anker, JBL, House of Marley, and Samsung that have received significant price drops over the past few months. In addition, there is an influx of new brands like JLab, OnePlus, and Nothing releasing super-affordable buds that are undercutting some of the markets best wireless earbuds. You hear that, Apple? The competition is catching up.

In assembling a list of the best cheap wireless earbuds, lots of testing was performed and numerous variables were taken into account, including design, battery life, sound, and special features. Most importantly, we capped this list at $100, which we feel is a reasonable and attainable price point for many consumers.

What are the best cheap wireless earbuds to pair with your smartphone, tablet or laptop? Keep reading to find out.

Battery Performance And Charging Methods

Battery life in true wireless earbuds has improved a great deal over the years, which means even a budget-friendly pair will keep you entertained for at least 6 hours in between charges. When it comes to charging, a USB-C connector is now the standard for all buds out there, regardless of their price point. On the other hand, when shopping for high-end products, you can also expect a case that’s compatible with wireless charging.

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Best Affordable Bluetooth Earbuds On Amazon

Best affordable Bluetooth earbuds. The finest affordable wireless earbuds on the market right now.

JLab JBuds Air True Wireless Signature Bluetooth Earbuds + Charging Case
About this Item

Best Affordable Bluetooth Earbuds. JLab JBuds Air, is among some of the best affordable wireless earbuds on the market today. Auto on and connect function: When the JBuds Air is removed from their charging case, they immediately turn on and connect, allowing you to continue working without interruption. A Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 connection keeps you running for 6+ hours in each earphone plus 18 further hours of charge in the case, for a total of around 24 hours of music or podcast listening.

The JBuds Air has Bluetooth 5. Please note, because the package wasnt changed in time before the launch, your box might still say Bluetooth 4.2 instead.

With a push or two on the outside of the earbud, you can control everything/Custom EQ3 Sound. With a push or two on the outside of the earbud, you can control all of your music and volume. Activate Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants with the built-in microphone, or take phone calls while on the go. You have complete control over the sound. With JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes, you can customize the sound of the JBuds Air without using an app.

JLab Two-Year Warranty, JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds, Charging Case, 3 Sets Gel Tips, 1 Set Cush Fins

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones
About this Item

Tozo T6 True Wireless Earbuds

We Tried 50 Cheap Wireless Earbuds & Picked our FAVORITES!

If youre looking for a carry case that also charges your earbuds in the budget price bracket, then the Tozo T6 wireless earbuds may just be the pair of headphones for you. Yes, of course, there will be some negatives in a set this cheap, but overall there are just too many pros that we could not ignore this set.

Well, pretty much everything. Lets go down our list of criteria and find out just why we put these at the top of our list!

Starting with comfort, we have three different varieties of gel-flexible silicone ear caps included that ensure your in-ear comfort at all times. They create a nice seal, and we did not experience any sound leakage.

Advertised as having a six hour playback time and in testing, we found that to be basically true, with 5.5 hours playback and 22 hours charge stored.

Utilizing Bluetooth 5.0, they surprised us by having no trouble staying connected all the way to 30 feet, exactly as Tozo promised.

And in terms of sound quality, the Tozo T6 has a clean and balanced soundscape, making them a pleasure to use, although the bass was sometimes slightly lacking. And dont even get us started on the price, as we are bound to ramble on about just how cheap they are!

Unfortunately, unlike many of their competitors, these headphones dont have a dedicated companion app, so you cant EQ their sound or alter their control scheme, but that was the only glaring omission we could find here.

Our rating:

  • No companion app.

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Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones W04 Pro

Another earbuds from Baseus on our list is the Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones W04 Pro. This earbud is actually an older generation compared to W05 but its price and performance kept it ranking well on AliExpress.

The Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones W04 Pro features a similar design seen on AirPods. Under the hood, it features Bluetooth 5.0, IP54 ingress protection, dual capacitive touch panel, high fidelity composite membrane driver, LED indicators, USB Type-C port, and a chrome plated plastic hinge.

You can grab the Bases W04 Pro for just under US$30 on AliExpress.

Best For Tight Budgets: Back Bay Audio Tempo 30

Back Bay Audio hails from Boston, and its main claim to fame is offering more for a lot less. The Tempo 30 are ready to play, focusing mainly on two key areas to stand out. First is the audio quality, which prioritizes bass hardly a surprise for a pair of inexpensive buds yet offers other ways to listen, too. Bass Mode is, as it implies, pushing the lows to rumble more for a deeper sound profile. There’s also a Game Mode that reduces lag to make audio and video sync up better when playing games or watching shows and movies.

Getting the right sound is easier when you have no less than six different ear tips to choose from, and their smaller size should fit most ears relatively easily. Despite the audio focus, there are no extras, like ANC or ambient sound, so you won’t have any way to block outside noise. With a tight seal, though, you do get pretty good passive noise isolation.

Touch controls aren’t bad, all things considered, and you will have to learn how to consistently switch between modes, but otherwise, these earbuds are pretty straightforward. The second thing that makes them stand out is the IPX7 water resistance. So if you want cheaper buds to work out or run in, these may be right up your alley. Just don’t go swimming with them.

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Should I Buy Wireless Headphones Or Earbuds

When making this decision, its important to think about where and how youll be using your gear. You have three factors to consider: sound, battery life, and fit. Generally, headphones sound more spacious than earbuds. This is because high-quality small drivers cost more to make, so to achieve the same caliber of audio as you get with headphones, companies frequently charge more for earbuds. The larger size of headphones also means designers are able to fit bigger batteries in them, which results in a longer listening time per charge compared with that of diminutive earbuds. But headphones are bulkier to carry, can be unwieldy during workouts, and dont feel as comfortable to wear for folks with glasses or puffier hairstylesor people who are sensitive to the feeling of a headband on their skull. So depending on which of these factors is the most important to you, one or the other might prove a better choice.

What You Dont Get

What Are the Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100 in 2020?

Value pricing comes with some trade-offs. Heres what you shouldnt expect on your cheap earbuds.

High-End Sound Quality

Our experience with cheap wireless earbuds has revealed that they dont sound as good as top-end models from Jabra, Apple, Bose, Sennheiser, Jaybird, and others. Sound quality is subjective enough as to be impossible to evaluate from user reviews, so were not going to get into much detail. Just know that youre probably not getting hi-fi audio from a $40 set of earbuds.

Noise-Canceling and Ambient Sound Modes

These two features are standard for pricier wireless earbuds, and some on this list do include noise canceling. But theyre less common at lower price points. And as a runner, youll likely want to have better hearing of your surroundings anyway.

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The Best Budget Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Today

The Nokia BH-205 Lite Earbuds might be basic, but they manage to deliver on whats actually important about any pair of headphones: sound quality. You wont get flawless audio, but unfortunately you cant expect that, even from the best budget wireless earbuds. Considering how low the price is, these sound pretty balanced across all genres. Theyre also very comfortable and will stay put even when youre running.

Whats really impressive is that these have an IPX7 rating which means they are completely waterproof, they’re the only ones on this list that will be able to survive being dropped in a big puddle. They also have fantastic battery life, with 36 hours provided by the case youll rarely have to charge them.

Granted, there arent any shiny extra features like noise cancellation or equaliser settings but all in all these budget wireless earbuds are very well-rounded. Read more about them in the Nokia BH-205 Lite Earbuds review.

If youre on a very, very tight budget then the Skullcandy Dime buds will be your best bet. They are super affordable and would make a great gift. Because of that, you cant expect knock-out performance and they have an equally cheap build but what you do get is a comfy pair of buds that come in a few different colours.

It’s fantastic to see a pair of true wireless buds that offer something for eco-conscious music lovers on a budget.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The best wireless earbuds overall

Reasons to avoid

The markets best wireless earbuds just got better, thanks to a free over-the-air ANC update that adds active noise cancellation into the mix. Dont think that youre going to get Bose-caliber results, or anything close to what the more premium Elite 85t delivers, but Jabra did do an impressive job tweaking its algorithm to block out a good amount of external sounds.

Even before the inclusion of ANC, the Elite Active 75t proved itself as the model to beat, offering better battery life, durability, sound, and special features than its biggest threat: the AirPods Pro. The design remains sleek, though it is sturdier this time around, with IP57 certification granting waterproof protection and dust and sweat resistance. Sound is lively and can be customized through the Jabra Sound+ app, which is loaded with presets and other cool features that enhance both sound and call quality.

Reasons to avoid

The great news is that even without the latest iOS updates, the AirPods Pro still operate at a top-tier level, thanks to improved sound, strong ANC, a more ergonomic design for better comfort and fit, and all of the perks that come with the H1 chip. If there is any complaint to be made, its the same one every Apple fan has voiced since the first-gen AirPods hit the market, that being the subpar battery life.

Reasons to avoid

Read our full Sony WF-1000XM4 review.

Reasons to avoid

Read our full OnePlus Buds Pro review.

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Jlab Go Air Pop Review: Audio Quality

  • Mostly good for the price, with custom profiles
  • Noise isolation could be better

The Go Air Pop is scarce on features, but at least it offers some audio personalization through EQ settings that dont require a companion app to enable. You can do this manually on either bud via triple-tap gesture. The three EQs on here are JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost, and each one has been vastly improved from when the company first introduced them on their earlier creations.

JLab Signature is considered the flagship between the three and suits most music genres. I immediately noticed the amplification in vocals and bass when switching to it, which complemented the energetic resonance on Mary J Bliges Family Affair. The infectious snares knocked hard, and the queens silky singing shined over the funky production. I was satisfied with the frequency response as well.

Switching to Balance provided neutral sound, resulting in an equal mix of lows, mids, and highs. JLab suggests using this preset for audiobooks, podcasts, and classical music, and I completely agree. The instrumental separation and reproduction on Ahmad Jamals The Awakening were stellar and had me feeling like I was sitting front row at a live performance at the Blue Note. Pop records also performed well, as exhibited on the Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way, where the vocals were articulated and crisp.

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