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The Best Computer Speakers For 2021 | USB Input, Bluetooth, Subwoofer Out

Bluetooth speakers are becoming all but a staple in the home for so many applications, from kitchen listening to livening up the party. Bluetooth speaker deals are usually rather plentiful year round, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the time of writing. Perhaps due to shipping constraints, retailers and manufacturers are holding on to their deals until Black Friday and Cyber Monday season begin in earnest.

Best Travel Pick: Sony Xb13

If we could pick one piece of tech to bring with us on the road this summer, without question it would be the Sony XB13. This fist-size speaker punches far above its weight with rich and crisp sound in a package that wants to go with you.

The Sony XB13 is really compact at just over 4 inches tall and weighs in at half a pound, lighter than some phones. A cloth strap lets you attach the speaker to a backpack, tote bag or suitcase, and makes it easy to carry on its own all day, which we did repeatedly on train and car trips. A rubber grip on the bottom ensures the XB13 wont move or topple over with bass-heavy tracks, and its IPX7 rated, meaning it can survive for as long as 30 minutes in up to a meter of water.

The XB13 is a seriously long-lasting speaker, lasting a full 15 hours in our battery test. Thats just 30 minutes of Sonys promised 16 hours and means the XB13 is the longest-lasting speaker out of any of our top picks. That also doubles down on the fact that it is perfect for traveling.

For $59.99, the Sony XB13 is a great ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. It might not get as loud as our other picks, but it offers rich sound and extremely long battery life in a super-portable size.

How We Chose The Best Bluetooth Speakers

The XB40 is a little bigger than I thought itd be.

There are thousands and thousands of Bluetooth speakers in the world and itd be impossible for us to review them all, but that doesnt stop us from trying to get our grubby hands on all of them. If a speaker made it onto this list, then you can be sure we have firsthand experience with them and in many cases put them through our entire review process.

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Not only do we directly review and test as many audio products as we can, but we also take into account what others are saying about a given product. We want our readers to be happy with their purchases and that means we had to narrow down what it means to be the best Bluetooth speaker. In this case, we needed it to sound good, be relatively affordable, and durable. If a speakers intended use is for camping or hiking, we made sure that its received an official IP rating. Generally, if Bluetooth speakers perform well, theres no need to overspend for the sake of overspending.

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What Kind Of Speaker Do You Need

Besides the type of wireless connection, you need to think about what style of speaker you want. Smaller, battery-powered speakers are useful because you can take them anywhere, but they don’t get particularly loud. Larger speakers generally offer fuller sound and richer bass, but they can be more expensive and are often not portable.

Besides single speakers, you can also find stereo pairs designed for desktop computers and home theater speaker systems like soundbars, soundplates, and home-theaters-in-a-box. These speakers are obviously not portable at all, but if you want a centerpiece sound system for your living room or office they’re likely your best choice.

Wireless Speakers Ratings And Terminologies You Should Know Before Buying Any Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB33 EXTRA BASS Portable BLUETOOTH Speaker price in ...

In the wireless Bluetooth speaker world, ratings are usually used to describe a special feature associated with a particular Bluetooth speaker or to determine what kind of a speaker it is.

  • IPX4 means the speaker is splash proof.
  • IPX5 Also splash proof.
  • IP67 means the speaker is both dustproof and waterproof.
  • IPX7 speaker/ audio device is solid and completely waterproof.

Now you know, because over the cause of this wireless speakers review, you are going to come across them often.

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Which Bluetooth Speakers Should You Buy

Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker isnt just about the quality of the device its also about the technology its using to pair to your audio source. All versions of Bluetooth are not created equal, and when it comes to specs, there can often be information that, if overlooked, can come back to bite you on the butt.

But other factors are important, too. How durable is the speaker? What is the battery life? How much does it weigh? And, ultimately, how does it sound? When it comes to range, most of these speakers will reach around 30m, but will depend on other factors such as interference so consider how its going to be used.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen

Best Bluetooth speaker for design loving travellers

High-end Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen are known for shaping Bluetooth speakers that are as tastefully designed as they are powerful. The price tag is there for a season highest quality materials, beautifully calibrated sounds, and fascinating design concepts which have even been on display in some of the worlds most influential museums.

Some of the speakers are monolithic sculptural pieces, but others, like the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen, are perfectly content with a smaller footprint. The original A1 has been finessed even further with its attractively smooth disc shape with a pearl blasted aluminium body and waterproof leather cord.

The IP67 rated, 360-degree Bluetooth speaker has been a mainstay in boutique designer hotels around the world. Though good looks are far from the only thing that impresses here despite its small profile the Beosound A1 2nd gen packs in 1 x 3.5-inch woofer, 1 x 3/5-inch tweeter, and 2 x 30W Class D amps for each. The results are a clear, natural sound thats just as perfect for music and podcasts as it is for crystal clear calls, helped by a triple microphone array. Support for the aptX Adaptive codec also means you could use your favourite streaming services with the speaker without running into any syncing issues.

Cons: No support for Google Assistant 18 hours of battery life is not as competitive as some other less expensive Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The five most important things to look for when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker are portability, durability, sound quality, battery life, and price. Websites usually list these factors prominently, making it easy to compare different models.

But what exactly do all these numbers mean? How much of a difference will I notice? How do I weigh these factors against each other? Here are the questions you need answers for!

The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker: Tribit Stormbox Micro

TOP 3: Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2021

Why should you buy this? You want a small speaker with a big sound at a low price.

Whos it for? Anyone looking for a portable and competent Bluetooth speaker without spending a lot of money.

Why we picked the Tribit Stormbox Micro:

Whether youre an avid mountain biker, rock climber, or an all-around nature-lover, the Tribit Stormbox is the perfect, compact Bluetooth speaker to take on your next wilderness outing. Rocking an IP67 rating, this tiny titan can stand up against full water submergence and is totally protected from dirt and debris of any kind. If youre planning on making a day out of your next outdoor adventure, the Stormbox will deliver up to eight hours of playtime on a single charge and features an LED battery indicator for letting you know just how much juice you have left.

Dont let the size fool you when it comes to sound, either. The Tritbit Stormbox Micros patented XBass tech provides a deep low-frequency underbelly, with plenty of shine in the midrange and treble layers, too. Sure, it may not get as loud or provide as much clarity as some of the other offerings on this list, but for the size, durability, and quick-access USB-C recharging, the Stormbox is a solid contender for those that dont want to break the bank on their next speaker purchase.

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Pyle Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers Best Durability

The best outdoor wireless Bluetooth speakers must be able to withstand anything the outside world throws at them. In other words, they must have through-the-roof durability. That is exactly what the Pyle B06XCQY3JZ Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers offer.

The Pyle Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is amazingly durable.

This speakers body is made completely from highly durable plastic, offering full protection for all the frail electric components inside. Thats not all, as it also possesses a full weather-proof coating, negating any damage from water or UV rays.

This perfect speaker has quite a high-frequency response, sometimes nearing the shrill point when the music gets high enough. Nevertheless, it never goes too high that you will feel discomfort when listening. The bass reflex also lets low frequencies out much faster.

However, we hope that the successor of this speaker can improve on the lack of dynamic sound. As things are, you will not feel the more acoustic music, as the bass will simply drown them out. This issue can easily be fixed by a small change in the built-in amplifier.

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A Note On Water Resistance

All the speakers on this list have been given an Ingress Protection rating, which is an indicator of how resistant the device is to water and debris.

IP ratings are typically written with the letters IP followed by two numbers. The first number indicates the debris protection level, and the second number indicates the water protection level. If the unit isnt rated for debris protection, it will be denoted with an X.

For example, a device with IP67 is protected at level 6 against debris and level 7 against water . A unit rated IPX4 is not rated against debris and has level 4 protection against water .

Now that we know the basics, lets get on with the list.

Verdict: Best For Home Workouts

The first best Bluetooth speaker under 200 bucks on our list, the SoundLink Color II by Bose is the perfect audio companion for your home workouts. If you like to listen to music while exercising or follow along to guided workouts, this is the perfect speaker for you.

This speaker delivers bold, clear audio quality wrapped up in a compact silicone package, so its easy to grip even if youre sweating. This way, you dont have to worry about dropping it if you suddenly need to grab it mid-workout.

The connection range on this device is about 30 feet, so its perfect for use indoors or while exercising out on your porch or patio. With 8 hours of battery life, youre sure to run out of energy before the speaker does.


Verdict:Best For Small Parties

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What You Should Know About The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Earphones arent the only dust and water-resistant audio products.

Ingress Protection ratings denote how dust- or water-resistant a given product is. Oftentimes, something will be rated IPX4or something of that natureand the X serves as a placeholder for the less commonly awarded dust-resistant rating.

Although were looking at speakers to reproduce your favorite songs, its important to remember that a $100 USD budget wont buy the best sound quality on the market. If you want something that sounds incredible, youll have to compromise on portability for a good pair of desktop speakers or a home theater soundbar setup.

Since these are Bluetooth picks, you should know that Bluetooth audio quality cant hold a candle to that of wired. This is less pertinent to waterproof speakers than it is to wireless headphones or true wireless earbuds, but its worth keeping an eye out for AAC codec support if youre using an iPhone or aptX for Android phones.

What Is The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $20 for 2021

The No.1 pick for best Bluetooth speaker is the UE Megaboom 3. This portable and rugged sound blaster delivers big bass and full vocals, and pairs with older Megaboom and Boom models for loud stereo sound. You also get 20 hours of playback on a full charge, which is more than sufficient for outdoor gatherings or road trips. And whats not to love about the waterproof design?

Our favorite budget option is the Anker Soundcore 2. For less than $50, this model delivers loud sound in a durable, compact body. It might seem too small for any backyard party, but its a great travel companion that can be tossed into any laptop or gym bag. A 24-hour battery means you can play it all day long, too.

If the budget allows, then consider dropping $399 on the Sonos Move, the brands first portable speaker with both WiFi and Bluetooth, and lots of features to boot. However, were even bigger fans of the newer and smaller Sonos Roam, which offers much of the same functionality for a lower MSRP.

If youre looking for something specific or just want to know the best Bluetooth speaker based on performance and price, check out our full list of picks below.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been reviewing audio gear professionally since 1990, having worked as an editor or writer for SoundStage, Sound & Vision, Home Theater Review, Home Theater Magazine, and numerous other publications. In that time, Ive conducted and published more blind tests of audio products than any other journalist in the world. Ive tested somewhere around 400 wireless speakers. Im also an active musician, playing double bass with several jazz groups in the Los Angeles area, so I have a pretty good idea of what musical instruments are supposed to sound like.

Three additional listeners helped me with this guide. One was Lauren Dragan, Wirecutter senior staff writer and headphones editor, who has served as a panelist on most of the wireless-speaker tests weve done. The others were LeRena Major, a saxophonist whos held several jobs in the music industry and is a voting member of the Recording Academy , and Dan Gonda, who plays saxophone, clarinet, and flute in my group Tonic Trio and many other Los Angelesbased jazz and R& B ensembles.

Best Speaker That Doesn’t Look Like One


  • Powerful audio performance with rich bass depth and bright highs
  • Works with other Sonos speakers and AirPlay2
  • Can be combined with another Symfonisk speaker as a stereo pair
  • Stylish, mountable design
  • Not actually a picture frame
  • Mono audio only


  • Powerful audio performance for the size
  • Cool, compact design

Wireless speakers are everywhere these days. Big, small, portable, expensive, cheap, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi…the sheer amount of choice can seem overwhelming. But our top picks are sure to have at least one speaker that’s right for you. Before anything else, though, you need to decide how you want to go wireless.

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Pyle 65 Bluetooth Indoor/outdoor Speaker System Conclusion

If youre looking for a pair of cheap outdoor Bluetooth speakers for your patio or outdoor entertainment area, then the PDWR62BT is a great option. Having a built-in amplifier means you dont need an external receiver or amplifier to drive these speakers. Keep in mind the PDWR62BT is not a very loud outdoor speaker system, so if you need something with some power, consider one of the passive outdoor speaker options in this article. At under $130 for two speakers with cables, brackets, and a built-in amplifier, the PDWR62BT is our cheapest non-portable outdoor speaker option.

If youre looking for an ultra-compact cheap pair of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, then the Dual Electronics LU43P Indoor/Outdoor Speakers are just what youre after. At under $40 for a pair, there isnt much competition for the LU43P. These are simply the best outdoor speakers youll find for under $50.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2021


The very best Bluetooth speakers of today offer top-shelf sound quality, impressive battery life, and peace-of-mind portability, among other awesome features. If youre thinking of buying one for yourself or as a gift, theres plenty to think about when selecting that next great wireless-audio investment. Should you buy a speaker based on sound quality alone? What about durability? And what about inputs?

As experts in all things audio, weve spent plenty of time with the greatest wireless sound solutions, and our choice of the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy right now still goes to the Marshall Emberton. Its powerful, stylish, and still well-priced. But of course, there are tons more out there to suit every need. So to help make your next shopping venture an easier one, weve assembled this roundup of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now.

If youre looking for a sale, weve also found some of the best Bluetooth speaker deals available now.

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How Much Does A Bluetooth Speaker Cost

The average price for a small bluetooth speaker starts from around $20, although youll need to pay at least $40 for a good quality speaker such as the Anker Soundcore or JBL Clip. While the bigger speakers will cost you from around $80 to $150 depending on the brand and features, audiophiles seeking top notch sound quality should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for the premium and feature-rich models.

Now that you have seen the comparison and detailed review of each wireless speakers available, before you go all excited about having a new portable bluetooth speaker, it is crucial to know some necessary factors that should be put into consideration before you decide to buy any wireless bluetooth speaker.

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