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Sennheiser Enterprise Solution Bluetooth Headset


The Sennheiser Presence-UC does a good job of eliminating background noise and focusing solely on your voice. Its a tiny headset that fits comfortably around one ear. The microphone slides out about a half-inch from the headset, which shortens the distance from the headset to your mouth and also powers up the device. Once on, the Enterprise Solution Presence Headset has dual-connectivity so you can seamlessly transition from different devices throughout your workday, and is optimized for speech clarity with three built-in microphones. Its got an own-voice detector that picks up when youre speaking and reduces background noise as much as possible so you come through clearly on calls, and its got Activeguard technology built in as well that protects and defends against acoustic shock that can be caused by sudden audio bursts.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 Uc

With market-leading sound quality owing to the state-of-the-art noise reduction technology in its four microphones, and a robust ergonomic design that combats the elements as well as it does discomfort, the Plantronics Voyager 5200 is the ideal headset solution for the ever-engaged executive. This device takes the concept of hands-free to the next level, with Smart Sensor technology that detects the Voyager 5200 being put on, and activates a voice control system that syncs with your interactive smartphone apps, such as Siri or Cortana. This enables you to answer or ignore calls by simply saying the appropriate command, as well as alter the volume and mute the microphone. And all this impressive functionality is packed into a headset that weighs just 20 grams. Throw a portable charging base into the equation and you´ve got one hell of a headset!

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Vont Bluetooth Headset With Microphone

  • COMPLETELY WIRELESS Pair your smartphone or laptop to this brilliant headset, and drive, work, eat tacos or do other important tasks with ease.
  • SUPERIOR NOISE CANCELLATION Kids, pets or that One Loud Guy At The Office.
  • LIGHTER THAN AN EGG At just 0.
  • PAIRS WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES Got a work phone and a personal one? Our headset pairs with two devices at once so you never miss a call.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY You can rest in knowing that this product is of utmost quality.

Avaya Compatible Plantronics Cs540 Voip Wireless Headset

21 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Phone Calls in 2021

Best Avaya Compatible Headset

  • Can be worn in multiple ways
  • Comes with an interface cable
  • Mic arm could have been longer

The Avaya Compatible Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset has been specifically designed to work with Avaya phones.

Firstly, the wireless headset comes with Avaya compatible ring alert interface cable. You just need to plug it in and start using the headphones. Super easy, isnt it?

Secondly, the unit is lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. You can either wear it in ear or over the head, depending on how you like your headset to sit on your ears.

To conclude, the Avaya Compatible Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset has good audio clarity even though the microphone arm is a wee bit short. Ensure you position it correctly near your lips so that customers can hear you with clarity. The overall audio quality is clear and the volume is loud enough for clear conversations.

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Best Premium Headset: Blueparrot M300

Some of you reading this list are likely budget-conscious and don’t want to throw too much money at your next Bluetooth headset. But if your budget is more flexible, the BlueParrot M300-XT is worth splurging for because of its excellent combination of features and performance.

While not the absolute smallest headset around, it is one of the slimmest and lightest, which is a huge benefit for folks who are always on the go. You also get to utilize the two built-in noise-canceling microphones that can block out up to 80% of background noise. To help keep phone calls clear at all times. It’s also nice that you can talk further away, as the M300-XT can stay connected up to 300 feet away, though real-world scenarios will probably only give you a fraction of that. With the free BlueParrot app, you can also customize some of these features.

You can also do it with relative freedom in varying conditions. The IP54 rating gives you a moderate level of protection from tougher situations, which is excellent because the headset supports muting and push-to-talk. Since you can connect to two devices simultaneously, you’re always in the loop with whoever needs to talk to you.

You can do all this for up to 14 hours per charge and up to 420 hours of standby time, so no need to be as anxious about whether you can make it through a full day at work wearing this thing.

Logitech H600 Wireless Headset

Best affordable VoIP headset

Price: $69.99

The Logitech H600 USB headset offers great value at a low cost. This headset option doesnt offer cell phone or desk phone compatibility because its wireless receiver needs to be plugged into a USB-A port. But it can still deliver strong audio quality up to 33 feet away from your PC or Mac.

This Logitech computer headset offers six hours of talk time, so you wont have to worry about it cutting off in the middle of an important VoIP phone call.

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Keep Your Hands Free With A Comfortable Bluetooth Handset From Harvey Norman

Sometimes you just have to take an important call but dont have the time to sit idly by and chat the day away. Maybe youre walking around the house doing chores. Or perhaps youre in the car and dont want to break the law by operating your mobile device. Or maybe you just want to be able to walk around freely without having to cradle or hold your phone uncomfortably the whole time. Whatever the reason, Bluetooth headsets can make your communicating life more convenient and flexible. Harvey Norman is the place to turn for a range of Bluetooth phone headsets that can fit your professional and personal life wonderfully.

When trying to find the best Bluetooth headset, its all about personal preference. Some people are fond of setups that resemble classic ear buds. Others want the single-piece Bluetooth headsets that you stick in one of your ears. If you spend a lot of time in the car, perhaps the best route for you is picking up one of our high quality Bluetooth speakerphones. Cruise along in comfort confident in the fact you arent going to be missing any calls or breaking the rules of the road. Harvey Norman has a great selection from Jabra Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics Bluetooth headsets as well as Belkin which gives you a great spread from which to choose from.

Check For The Label Of A Trusted Brand When Buying The Best Bluetooth Phone Earpiece

TOP 6: BEST Bluetooth Headsets [2021] | For Hands-Free Conference Calls

The best way to find the best bluetooth phone earpiece is by checking for the label of a trusted brand. It will ensure that you are getting the most out of your money and not wasting it on something that doesn’t work or isn’t worth it.

Making a purchase decision can be tricky, especially when it comes to something as important as health and safety. With so many choices out there, how can you know if you’re buying the best bluetooth phone earpiece? There’s one way that’s always reliable: look for the label of a trusted brand!

It is because these brands have been around long enough to prove their quality and safety standards. You may not be able to find a better option than one from this list.

Product labels are designed to provide information about what materials were used in production, where they were made, what hazards might exist with use and more. These labels will also tell you about any certifications or qualifications that the company has met.

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Best Bluetooth Headset For Phone Calls: Plantronics Voyager 5200

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is a solid all-round headset, and one of the best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls, mostly thanks to its unique wind-cancelling technology.

Like our top pick above, the Voyager 5200 is an on-ear model with a fairly compact design. It has a useful range of close to a hundred feet, and easily connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone or computer. The useful companion app lets you check battery life, change the ringtone, and track down a misplaced headset.

The highlight of this device is its unique noise-cancelling technology, which helps reduce sound interference caused by wind in outgoing audio. While many Bluetooth headsets have some sort of noise-cancelling technology, the Voyagers is specifically meant to limit wind, traffic, and other background noise, making it a better bet for taking calls outside.

The downside of that fancy noise cancellation, though, is the effect it has on battery life: the runtime is only around half as long as the BlueParrot model above. At around seven hours of talk time, almost everyone will still get through a full workday while using it, but ultimately youll still have to charge it more often.

Given that, it may be worth grabbing a charging case, an inexpensive backup battery option that provides two extra full charges while doubling as a desktop docking station and a protective travel case.


What To Consider Before Buying A Bluetooth Headsets

  • Will you be at a desk all day? If so, you may want something that focuses on comfort, like an over-the-ear Bluetooth headset.
  • Is your environment typically noisy? If so, consider headsets with noise-canceling capabilities.
  • Do you often travel throughout the day while working? Headsets with extended battery life are best for those who are on the phone all day.
  • Are you often driving when using your headset? Quick access buttons or voice commands will be important to stay safe.

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Top Features To Look For In The Best Bluetooth Headsets For Agents

Its essential that contact center agents have a robust headset with strong connectivity. Old-fashioned, malfunctioning headsets wont cut it if you want agents to close more deals or handle your customers queries or problems effectively.

You don’t want your customers getting frustrated because they can’t hear your agents clearly or the call keeps breaking up.

Your phone system or contact center platform should have an option for troubleshooting or reporting bad quality so they can fix things quickly. Here’s an example of how that looks in Dialpad, a unified communications platform with a built-in phone system and video conferencing solution. This window automatically pops up if you rated a call quality poorly:

Background noise, low volume, crackling, and conversational time lags are all factors you want to avoid at all costs. The headset you choose could make or break the quality of service you provide .

Dialpad tip: If choppiness is an issue, try plugging your USB directly into your computer rather than into a docking station.

Now, let’s look at a few key features to look out for in a Bluetooth headset for work:

Aminy Ufo Bluetooth Headset

The 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2019


With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and almost 6,000 user reviews, the Aminy UFO Bluetooth headset is a fan favorite. You can squeeze in about eight hours of talk time before it needs a recharge and you likely wont mind wearing it for those eight hours with the comfortable ear-hook design. Theres no need to worry if you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm either, with the IPX6 waterproof rating. Its a sturdy, yet comfortable Bluetooth headset that frees you to take care of business wherever you choose.

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The Best Bluetooth Headsets For 2022

If you’re on the phone all day, a Bluetooth headset will give you clear audio without weighing you down. Here are our top-rated models in a wide range of prices and designs.


  • Powerful bass depth and clear treble for music
  • Comfortable design
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams app, with dedicated onboard controls


  • Can be annoying to properly dock headset for charging
  • Audio playback between simultaneously paired computers and phones can get complicated


  • Excellent audio performance with deep bass and crisp highs.
  • Strong mic clarity, with HD Voice mode for enhanced intelligibility.
  • Comfortable fit.


  • Excellent mic clarity with solid intelligibility even in loud situations.
  • Comfortable.
  • Can be controlled by voice using app.



  • Won’t fall off your ear.
  • Long range.
  • Ear hook takes some finesse to fit perfectly over glasses.
  • Not quite as comfortable as previous Voyagers.

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headset For You

What style of Bluetooth headset should I buy?

The majority of cheaper mono Bluetooth headsets designed for use with mobile phones are of the in-ear variety. That may be offputting for those that dont like things poking in their ears, but most models are small and light and come with a variety of different-sized eartips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Its also common to find mono Bluetooth headsets that feature a loop that hooks over the back of your ear for additional stability.

If youre looking for a Bluetooth headset for working from home or catching up with your family over Zoom, youll probably want to consider an on-ear headset. Theyre more comfortable to wear for long periods than mono, in-ear headsets and the stereo audio experience is vastly superior. Such headsets are generally more expensive than their mono counterparts, but the extra outlay is worthwhile if you can afford it.

Do Bluetooth headsets offer decent audio quality?

For dependable audio quality, look for HD Voice support. This industry standard, also known as wideband audio, delivers a wider frequency range than your standard landline, so if your phone supports it, it should guarantee good, clear sound. A decent digital signal processor can help too, using electronic processing to clean up and enhance the incoming voice signal so it sounds like youre face-to-face.

How good is microphone quality on Bluetooth headsets?

What other extra features should I look out for?

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Clear Calls From Anywhere

The M300-XT employs two MEMS microphones and background noise redction to deliver audio emphasizing your voice. This style of microphone isn’t necessarily focused on the same type of clarity that a broadcast or recording studio microphone is afterinstead it zeroes in on the human voice and rejects frequency ranges that interfere with intelligibility. Thus, when theres no noise to contend with, you dont necessarily get what amounts to a pristine signal it can sound a little bit like a walkie-talkie signal, but with much better intelligibility. When you finish speaking, and in between words, the signal often sounds like it drops out completely, even when theres no background noise to contend with. This can be disconcerting at first, but its unlikely you’ll ever misunderstand a word spoken through this mic.

In a more typical scenario, with the volume lower, your speaking voice comes through far more clearly. When your voice switches from calm, measured tones to nearly yelling, the mic doesnt seem to change in terms of intelligibilitythe background audio is still squashed, and your voice is still transmitted with the same clarity. Switching from music to a TV commercial in the background with lots of voiceover speaking to contend with, the mic still did an excellent job of picking up my voice and separating it from the other voice in the background.

Sennheiser Mb Pro 1 Bluetooth Plus

Best Bluetooth Headset? – Gaoye T9 Review – Best Headset For Calls – Techmas Day 7

Our runner-up is the wonderfully practical MB Pro 1 from Sennheiser. This one-ear device is the ideal hands-free solution for the busy professional gearing up for a full day of phone calls, with up to 15 hours´ talk time and an over-the-head design so ergonomic, you´ll forget you´re even wearing the thing. This effect is boosted further by the device´s room experience technology and noise dependent volume control – features which automatically adjust the direction and volume of the sound to tailor it to your environment, though any background noise is already reduced courtesy of the MB Pro 1´s single channel noise reduction system. On top of its exceptional comfort and sound, the headset also allows for the simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices. Try this one on for size!

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Analysis Of 87 Reviews For Aresun Bluetooth Headset For Cell Phones And Zoom

BestViewsReviews analyzed 141189 reviews for 131 products in the Single Ear Bluetooth Headsets

We analyzed a total of 87 reviews for this product out of which, 11 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

The analysis indicates that around 73% reviews were positive while around 9% of reviews had negative sentiment.

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