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Best Headphones For Drummers in 2021 [Top 5 Picks Reviewed]

Do noise-canceling headphones work for drums?

Yes, they do, although if you use active noise-canceling headphones and block out all the noise, how would you hear your drums?

What headphones would work best with an electric drum set?

Its better to go with the quality full range over the ear headphones here because you cant rely on the drums natural sound. All your audio comes from your monitors.

Where to plug in headphones in an electronic drum set?

Electronic drum sets come with a headphone jack either 1/4 or 3.5mm. You can use an adapter to connect if your headphone jack doesnt match the port.

What type of headphones is best for drumming?

When drumming you need your headphones to be tightly fitted, this makes on-ear and in-ear headphones the best options. Although some over-ear designs are also very firm.

How much should be the impedance of drumming headphones?

You should stick to low impedance headphones for drumming. I would suggest 100 ohms or less. This way, you can achieve high volume listening without a preamp.

Avantree Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones For Drummers

In general, buyers have a prejudice that headphones which cost more sound better and have great battery life. The Avantree model can easily break all such assumptions and is one of the best wireless headphones for drummers because it shines in every area. The product is exceptionally affordable but has superb build quality to impress even the most demanding audiophile.

If you play a lot of drums, you are obviously into music and would expect a balanced bass and treble, along with great mids. The Avantree wireless headphones tick all the right checkboxes with an impressive 40-hour battery life. It allows anyone to never think about plugging in to charge until it totally drains out and the headphones also support low latency technology. The AptX sound technology produces excellent crisp sound with no kind of latency between your device and the pair of cans.

It also uses soft durable ear pads that are very comfortable to wear and they are user replaceable so that you can purchase it with assured durability. The Avantree Bluetooth headphones come with a two-year warranty and with such components, you can further push it to multiple years of usage even with wear and tear caused by daily usage. The headphone comes with a 3.5 mm cable that you can connect to use in wired mode if required, and an additional hard carry case to use it on the go.

What makes the Avantree the best Bluetooth headphones?

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Best Headphones For Drummers : Sound Isolation For The Studio Rehearsal Room And Stage

9 great options, including the best headphones for electronic drums

Included in this guide:

Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2
IE400 Pro

Drummers need headphones. Whether its for playing along to a metronome or backing track in a live setting, recording with other band members, or practicing at home, a pair of the best headphones for drummers can make for a significantly better playing experience. Not to mention theyre a necessity if youre playing on an electronic drum set.

Moreover, playing the drums – whether electric or acoustic – can be incredibly loud, so taking care of your aural health is important. Having a pair of drummer-friendly headphones will allow you to direct and control which specific sonics you need, right to your ears. Some pairs will even help protect from harmful frequencies.

Not sure where to start? Hit the buying advice button above for more guidance, or keep scrolling for our top choices.

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What Kind Of In

There is a wide selection of in-ear monitors with everyone having different preferences. However, professionals generally use in-ear monitors that fit comfortably into your ears and block out a fair bit of sound. The blocked out sound will give you a clear sound coming through the in-ear monitors.

The top professionals will use custom-molded in-ears. These are a lot more comfortable, but also a lot more expensive than standard in-ear monitors.

Best Wireless Headphones For Drummers 2021

Best Wireless Headphones For Drummers 2018

Summary The drummers need to keep up with the beat of their band members. This is the reason why they need to have a good pair of headphones


The drummers need to keep up with the beat of their band members. This is the reason why they need to have a good pair of headphones so they can listen to the notes that are played by the other members of the band. The headphones should also have the ability to block external noise so they can concentrate on playing symphonically. Here is the list of best wireless headphones for drummers.

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Our View & Afterthought

When it comes to providing the best performance of your life, its essential for every drummer to invest in a high-quality headphone. This is because the drummer is constantly playing in a large crowd, recording in the studio, or practicing. Because he or she is exposed to a lot of sounds, it can be very detrimental to their ears. A lot of times, a low-quality headphone might not be enough to protect the drummers ear. This can lead to tinnitus, ear pain, and perforation. Another thing Is that it is imperative for the drummer to look for comfort in their headphones. Headphones with extremely small ear pads may not be able to encompass the whole ear to provide an adaptable fit and to thoroughly protect the ear. Uncomfortable headphones can be a headache and can cause rashes and irritation around the ears. Keep in mind that the foam and the pads do play a huge role in providing long-lasting comfort.

Best Headphones For Drummers In 2021

Headphones are one of the most important electronic gadgets that have found their application in many aspects of our daily activities. In 2020, Best headphones for drummers are of much importance as it allows a better experience.

However, those most headphones that perform excellently with your mobile may perform woefully for drumming. In a nutshell, not all headphones can be used for drumming. If you are a first-timer, you will definitely be faced with the problem of finding the best headphones for drummers.

I have done your assignment for you, surveyed the market and found the best headphones for drummers. If you are a veteran looking for an upgrade or replacement, you are at the right place. I collated 10 products and I have done a detailed review of each product below.

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Cowin E7 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones 2019 Edition

Cowin is a popular brand among people who love budget-friendly headphones and this one is the newest model in their popular series. The Cowin E7 Pro is purely made for professionals in terms of sound and build quality, yet they have made it vibrantly colorful. Most professional products tend to be low key and not use bright colors but this one is easily out of the box thinking.

The active noise cancellation technology is the standout feature in this product which will allow the drummer to focus on his beats and the music that is being played by other people in his band. If you are a drummer, you can instantly feel the difference when using these headphones during a session. They ensure the highest level of comfort and can be folded flat when you leave them to rest on your neck.

The Cowin E7 Pro is bundled with 3.5 mm cables that can be used to connect them to a phone if required. It also includes the micro USB cable for charging the battery so that you can use it wirelessly for long hours. The headphone comes with a hard carry case using which you can store safely and not worry about damaging the product when it is stored with other musical equipment.

What makes the E7 Pro the best?

  • Cowins pricing and build quality is great
  • The headphones are available in a range of colors including blue, red, black, white and pink

Recommended For

  • Professional drummers looking for the latest edition from Cowin brand or any kind of comfortable headphones with ANC

Headphones For Acoustic And Electric Drums

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones With Electronic Drums?

If you already set your mind on a single type of drums, you also need matching headphones. Truth to be told, the differences in performance of these products are subtle. You may go with KAT KTUI26for acoustic drumming since it prevents ear fatigue, and does a good job in dealing with ambient noise. As for electric drums, you are pretty much looking for the same features excellent sensitivity, comfort, and optimal noise reduction.

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Kat Percussion Ktui26 Ultra Isolation Headphones

If youre a drummer, bass player, or guitarist, it so essential to focus on the music and block ambient noises as much as possible. So, These KAT Percussion KTU I26 Isolation Headphones are the best headphones for you.

These headphones are light in weight and have durable material, which ensures the long life of headphones. The weight of this headphone is around 15 ounces.

The headband is adjustable, which means you can adjust the headband according to your head. Headband leather is very soft and comfortable. The cable is about 1.8 m long with a stereo jack and ΒΌ adapter.

These headphones have large ear cups that produce a reasonable amount of pressure on your ear. And it helps you to prevent external noises. These ear cups have soft rubber and not so tight that they hurt you.

And these headphones reduce external noises by 26 Gb, which means you only heard drums instead of unnecessary external voices or sounds, and your only focus is on your work.

Excellent sound, great balance with highs, midranges, and lows. The Voice of these headphones is so clear for drummers you will notice that using these headphones, you will listen to those voices you never hear in the same track or mixing.

You can use these headphones for private listening, drumming, and recordings. These headphones are an excellent choice for drummers at a reasonable price.

Professional drummers also recommend these headphones, and they got excellent reviews from professionals and non-professional users.

Alesis Drp100 Extreme Audio

This Headphones for Drummers is specially designed and voiced for electronic drum monitoring and its over ear design gives optimum sound isolation and comfort. Powerful 40mm full range drives give loud sound quality with well balanced bass and crisp mids. Its silicon headband gives perfect fit and stability for longer sessions. It allows you to enhance the sound by adjusting equalizer settings. It is compatible with all musical and digital devices. Wide range frequency response for detailed sound capturing.

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Factors To Consider While Looking For The Best Headphones For Drummers

  • Product Description

The buyer must not skip any detail in the product description. Every essential detail regarding the headphones is being explained, defining the headphones and their components, uses, functions, and external information.

  • Headband

The buyer must focus on the type of headband used in the over-head headphones. The most common headband of over-head headphones is the stainless steel slider with a soft-padded headband allowing as many as adjustments required for the perfect fit.

  • Comfort

The buyer must ensure that the headphones have foldable ear cups and comfortable earpads that can keep the user comfortable even during long hours of the headphones usage.

  • Connection

As headphones have several types of connectivity options, the buyer must ensure that they choose the comfortable style. There are wired, wireless, Bluetooth, and RF Technology types of headphones connections available on the market.

  • Sound Quality

Checking the bass levels and Hz is vital as sound quality can not be compromised.

  • Included components of the package

The buyer must ensure that the headphones include adaptors, batteries , a protective case, a portable bag for headphones, and extra earcups/earpads.

  • Noise Cancellation

The headphones must include intense Noise Cancelling Technology as drummers require this for several purposes. Active Noise Cancellation can allow the drummers to do as they want to satisfy their needs.

  • Warranty policy

Final Thoughts On The Best Headphones For Drummers

Tiya Huawei 35mm Audio With Microphone White Earbud

Best Wireless Headphones For Drummers 2018

Huawei gives you a pair of very high-quality wireless drummers headphones that provide superior music quality. Get a stable connection with the advanced Bluetooth and NFC it offers.

Pairing through voice messages gives you ease of use. When you have a headset like this, you no longer have to worry about the battery sounding bad due to the noise caused by a distraction.

Play your instrument with passion and listen only to the pure sound as you do it. Huawei is penetrating the electronic equipment market like a hot bullet since last few years and we have seen some quality products coming out from their stable as well.


Best headphones for drumming available in various colors

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Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Beat Studio3 offers this pair of best isolation headphones for drumming with beautiful matte colors 6. The Pure Adaptive noise canceling headphones for drummers function blocks out all external noise.

The real-time audio calibration function offers emotion, clarity and reaches in the music you listen to through it. While blocking external sounds or noise, it also optimizes the sound quality.

It can be disconnected for 22 hours and up to 40 hours if Pure ANC. From playing songs to omitting them and from controlling the volume to pause the music, the control system is very simple.

Cheap and good headphones for drummers with a foldable design

Why Is It Worth Choosing The Earphones Lets Consider Their 3 Main Advantages

1. Compact size. This option is perfect if you are on the go, go for a walk, it is easy to carry the earphones with you, because they can easily fit in your pocket. It provides excellent portability and comfort.2. Great convenience. Earphones are very comfortable to wear. Usually, this accessory is small, and the ear tips are completely made of silicone, foam or rubber. This allows them to penetrate into the ear deeply and provide great comfort to users.3. Excellent sound insulation and good sound reproduction. Thanks to the deep immersion into the ear canal, the earphones are perfect at isolating from extraneous sounds. Thus the sound quality is increasing and the bass is quite rich. Such qualities are the best in ear monitors for drummers in particular. They put on headphones not to lose the beat, so they listen to the whole composition much better.

Of course, there is a disadvantage in using such devices too. It consists in the fact that these headphones are not recommended to use for several hours in a row. Because of the peculiarities of wearing, the user may have a headache or an earache. Besides, many doctors state that the earphones cause some pressure on ears. So, its highly recommended not to listen to music very loudly in the earphones since your ear will be getting worse.

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Proxelle Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone

This pair of Proxelle drummers headphones wireless headphones features a stainless steel slider on the headband to adjust it. The pads are soft and have a rotating effect.

It is also light so you do not feel pressure while wearing it for long hours. This is best headphones for drummers who look forward to on stage. Bluetooth V4.2 pairs the devices in an instant without any signal drop.

There is an ANC button that only needs to be clicked and all external noises decrease. The battery life of the headphones is commendable because you can enjoy its wireless function during the hours of 15 once it is fully charged.


  • Stable Bluetooth for faster pairing

Superior best drumming headphones noise canceling

Best Earbuds For Drummers In 2021

Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones in 2021 [Top 5 Picks Reviewed]

Earphones is a very useful and helpful device not only for ordinary people but also for professional musicians especially for drummers, singers, and guitarists. Buying them, always pay attention to their sound performance and noise isolation which have to be the best in ear monitors. Weve reviewed the top 8 ear monitors with the highest rating, all their pros, and cons. Perhaps, the budget in some ear monitors is really expensive but to our mind, their characteristics make them definitely worthy to buy for many customers.

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Full And Flat Frequency Response

You need to hear everything from a Bass drum up to a splash cymbal and everything in-between as accurately and clearly as possible. Professional headphones are different from consumer models because consumer models are only designed to appeal to consumers not be accurate. This fact is overlooked in some hi-fi journalists or amateur audiophile reviews of what are the best headphones for drummers.

Best Reasonably Priced Model For Ear Protection

If its gigging you are doing and you have a good on-stage monitoring setup via a mixing desk , these very reasonably priced Sennheiser closed-ear headphones are a great choice. Their good frequency response means you will get the full range of sounds from your kit. The frequency response is pretty flat too, which means you get to hear yourself and 32 dB noise attenuation means you dont get swamped with sounds you dont want to hear.

  • You wont hear the other band members
  • You might want to hear the other band members

VERDICT: In a nutshell, you hear yourself and other band members correctly. Which is what its all about. Plus they are comfortable to wear so the HD280s pretty much ticks all the boxes.

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