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Thokwok Helmet Headset Best Bluetooth Headset :

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet speakers for music|Features & DIY Installation #bluetoothhelmet

Up next on our list is a headset package from THOKWOK that has everything that youd need to utilize during a long motorcycle ride. That said, the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset comes with a compact and portable design.

The speakers, on the other hand, could easily be attached to the inside of the helmet to get a 360° surrounding audio quality. Thats something very rare for a gadget that has literally everything available to be used by the rider.

Some of the most important features offered by THOKWOK Bluetooth headset are as follows:

Key Features You Should Know:

Quickly Connecting Bluetooth Chip:

The Bluetooth chip being installed in this headset is capable of pairing up even if you are driving at around 80km/hr. Adding to that, it ensures a perfect intercommunication system along with immersive audio.

Noise Cancellation:

On the other hand, the best motorcycle helmet headset comes with DSP noise canceling technology. It can sufficiently reduce the impact of wind noise to ensure perfect audio quality for wholesome music experience.


In the end, you can utilize this device even if its raining cats and dogs. That said, the gadget is completely resistant to water so you can use it in harsh weather conditions without any worries.


  • Headphones arent loud enough.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Rated at no more than 50 bucks, THOKWOK Bluetooth headset could prove to be your best investment especially if you are low on budget.

Differences Between The Major Types Of The Product

There are a plethora of options available to buyers. Sometimes your decision will be based primarily on budget. There are plenty of basic options out there that offer safety can also provide you with the ability to enjoy music or communication, but the old adage is true: you get what you pay for. More expensive helmets tend to be higher quality and will offer features like Bluetooth, stereo, noise cancelation, and a microphone.

The most expensive helmets available come stacked in a bundle of amazing features. They provide a strong Bluetooth connection that one can use to connect it with other devices, a stereo system to listen to music as loud as possible, and a noise cancelation technology to keep the journey noise-free. But the more you want the more youll pay.

Heneng Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

This brand makes use of a Bluetooth two-way intercom. This feature allows you to easily be connected to your riding friend when in a conversation. Another feature of this product is the noise reduction technology that provides the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound.

Hence, you can use this for both listening to music and taking calls while on the ride. A remarkable feature also of this is that it is capable of supporting up to 6 rides 1 host and 5 auxiliaries.

After pairing, the host can select any 1 of the 5 to helpers to communicate with. Moreover, it allows only 2 riders intercom at the same time. This headset has a 500-meter operating range, enabling you to intercom with friends for a reasonable distance. There is no need to worry about compatibility because the Heneng can connect to any mobile phone that is Bluetooth enabled.

On a single charge, the Heneng can be used for up to 8 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time. The full cost takes around two and a half hours.

The Heneng weighs around 435g. The package includes two Bluetooth receivers, two stereo earphone with Mic, two USB Cables, two helmet clips, four screw, two screwdrivers, and a user manual. This has a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Easy to use .


  • At higher speeds, the sound may get distorted

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Why Should You Buy Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

As compared to only speakers, the perfect motorcycle helmet speakers having Bluetooth capability are something more. They are the top hands-free communication system they are essential to riding enjoyment and safety. We are well aware that everyone takes care to prepare the bike with excellent mechanical features for power and safety, and they focus on the comfort considerations that permit them to take road trips.

Similarly, start searching and finding the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom system for hearing, enjoyment, and for talking about crucial information.

Invest in helmet speakers that offer comfort, sufficient volume, and perfect audio quality inside the helmet. Get the advantages of not only hearing to favorite music but also getting relevant directional data from a GOS and talking with the fellow rider or passenger. Thus, the best set of speakers leads to enjoyment as well as the safety of the ride.

Range Of Intercom Systems

Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers In 2019 ...

If youre buying an inter-speaker intercom so you can communicate with other riders, range is going to be an important factor. A red light can scatter your group, and you could end up far away from your buddies when riding. To get the band back together, youll need some range to communicate.

Cheaper models might have a maximum range thats as short as a few hundred meters, which is probably fine for normal roads, but less useful on freeways or other high-speed roadways. More expensive speakers can have a range measured in miles, which is significantly more useful.

Our top picks all have effective ranges in excess of 1000 meters, meaning youre far less likely to lose contact in the middle of a ride.

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Sena Smh10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

Sena, a famous motorcycle audio brand has introduced an all-round speaker system which is quite helpful especially for riders who travel in groups. Starting with the overall design, the shape is quite simple yet unique at the same time. Not only that, but the speaker system comes with Intercom option that helps you to remain connected to your crew especially when you are traveling to an unknown destination.

All these options and features in a mere price tag of few hundred bucks is quite intriguing. To simply put, this intercom speaker system should be a priority for you especially if you want to get in touch with each of your crewmates while riding the motorcycle.

Lets have a look at some of the most important features offered by Sena Intercom speaker system:

Key Features You Must Know:

Long-Sharing Distance:

First things first, the presence of an intercom makes it easier for this speaker system to remain connected to other systems from as far as 900 meters. Hence, youd remain in touch with your crew no matter to which area you are traveling.

Bluetooth Technology:

Special Bluetooth 3.0 interface ensures flawless wireless connectivity. That said, you have to pair it up with your smartphone only once. Right after that, you can enjoy your favorite music tracks without any hassle or frustration.

Improved Battery life and Standby Time:


  • Integrated mic is not too durable.
  • The mic can get loose over time.

Final Views:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Rated For 2021

So, whats the basic difference between driving a car and a motorcycle? Nothing except the comfort to listen to music or attend calls, etc. Hold up! Its now possible to enjoy music or to communicate with your loved ones even if you are riding a motorcycle. How? You might ask. The best motorcycle helmet speakers are our answer.

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These days, the market of motorcycle speakers is filled with different types, i.e. wired, wireless, or headsets, etc. So, choosing the best pick would be rather difficult especially if you are new to the helmet speakers.

Thats why we are here to help you out. With hours and hours of research, personal experiments, and what the customers say, weve picked the cream in form of the 10 top-rated motorcycle helmet speakers for you.


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Ecoxgear Ecopucks Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio Pads

A set of EcoPucks might be the set of audio pads you are looking for. 15 hours of playtime from just one charge is more than enough for a day skiing. Built to last by ECOXGEAR and backed up by a 3-year warranty.

The features here in a set of EcoPucks for the price make it a very competitive product and one worth checking out.

They even work as a walkie-talkie when connected through the Zello App. Perfect addition for helmets that you already use.

Other EcoPucks Features:

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers: Top

Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Review

Helmet Hawk is supported by readers. Should you buy through links on our website, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

Motorcycle helmet speakers can add a great deal of utility to a good piece of headgear, including in-helmet calling and communications, GPS navigations, in-ride music, and more.

The following is a list of some of the better products we have come across.

If youre in a hurry, we found the Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Headset to provide the best all round value for what they are offering.

Best Audio Products for HelmetsPrice Range
$156.384.5/5 rubber chickens

Helmet speakers are easy to install, not in least because most helmets are now designed with pockets ready for their inclusion. You should also be aware that not all speaker sets will give you the same range of benefits.

Some come without microphones, so you wont be able to use them for helmet-on calling. Others wont have integrated volume control. Still, others will have limited wireless ranges.

Getting the right ones is a matter of identifying your own needs and matching the available products to meet those requirements.

Please read our reviews, and make up your own mind.


Thin-profiled and big on bass, the Tork X-Pro speakers also come with integrated volume control and are equipped with hook and loop fasteners. They can connect to most digital radios and music players and is priced under the hundred mark.



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Helmet And Speaker Size

The first thing to consider before ordering your helmet speakers is obviously the helmet that you are going to wear. Its size and design will have a huge impact on what speakers will fit into it. Moreover, helmets arrive in several size variants and you must get head speakers that fit your current helmet.

Similarly, you should make sure that the helmets have a thickness and diameter that fits into your ear and helmet.

Packaging Is The Reason That Gets People To Buy The Best Helmet Speakers For Music

2.1. A good package design should be able to sell the product without words

An attractive package design is usually essential when the customers can’t read what your product is. A good package design should be able to sell the best helmet speakers for music without words. An attractive package design under $100 will attract buyers, but it will need word-of-mouth to succeed in the end.

Modern sports enthusiasts deserve to have maximum grip and flexibility in a rigorously designed shoe. Recreational Shoes solves this problem with its unique combination of high-quality material and a comfortable midsole. buy now

2.2. The packaging of a product may contribute to its desirability and, in some cases, even cause the consumer to select one brand over another

In 2022, the packaging of the best helmet speakers for music may contribute to its desirability and, in some cases, even cause the consumer to select one brand over another. Every single detail counts and will influence whether or not your item sells.

It doesn’t matter if your product is fantastic it’s all about how manufacturers market it. The exterior of an object always influences which products get more attention than others, even if that difference is just a few centimeters on a shelf, out of sight from the average customer.

One of the essential things in a kitchen is a good faucet. It’s critical for sinks because they need to be easy to use and have an elegant design that fits any decor. Buy now

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Can Motorcycle Speakers Shut Down On Their Own

Most motorcycle speakers will not shut down on their own, and they may drain your battery if not careful. However, you will still find some top quality models that shut down on their own.

Technology is continually changing, and therefore nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to the functionality of various devices such as speakers.

Yovda Bluetooth 50 Best Motorcycle Helmet Earphones:

5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Speakers For Music In ...

YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 are indeed the cheapest motorcycle helmet earphones available in the market and on our list too. The earphones offer a wireless connectivity interface which is quite impressive.

Not only that, but the audio quality is also well up to the mark. In comparison with all other speaker systems we mentioned up till now, I found YOVDA Bluetooth to be superior over all of them in terms of distortion-free audio quality.

Thats that. In my suggestion, you should be capitalizing on the opportunity to purchase these cheap earphones before its too late.

Important Features You Need to Know:

Long Standby Time:

The most important feature that you need to know about YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 is that they offer a long standby time. For instance, on one full charge, youd be getting at least 160 hours of standby time which is quite awesome.

Impressive Sound Quality:

The inclusion of upgraded audio drivers, on the other hand, ensures an impressive and crystal clear sound quality for you to enjoy your favorite songs without any hassle.

For Attending or Rejecting Calls:

In the end, you can also utilize these wireless earphones to attend, to listen, or to reject upcoming calls without any hassle.


  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Well, YOVDA motorcycle helmet earphones should be a priority for you in case you want to enjoy a soothing and a full-bass music experience without spending a lot of money.

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Wireless Helmet Speakers/bluetooth Speakers

Wired speakers can also get tiresome with extra-long cables. When buying helmet speakers, its always a good idea to invest in long-term durability. Youll get much better Bluetooth connectivity with wireless helmet speakers and this can work much better in the long run with the best sound quality.

Of course, Bluetooth speakers are considerably more expensive than wired alternatives. Bluetooth intercom also seems to work better than wired ones, making it much easier to talk to your fellow riders. Most intercom systems have a maximum of 8 speakers. The best part about Bluetooth helmet speakers is being able to connect to multiple devices and using voice commands instead of manually operating a jog dial. This category of helmet speakers is our personal favorite.

There Are Many Different Types Of Packaging That Are Used For The Best Affordable Products

Since 2019, there have been many different types of packaging that are used for products. The type you choose depends on the product itself, price point, target audience, etc. Other companies have different strategies when deciding what kind of package to use.

To save money, one company may choose to go for a minimalistic approach by simply printing the logo and general information on the brown paper bag. Another might go with a branded box or tube to aim at an upscale market.

Microphones and headphones are becoming expensive, and as the prices keep going up, everyone is forced to make do with whatever they can find. Unfortunately, many musicians miss out on creating high-quality music. learn more

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution though there is typically some assessment before selecting your branding approach – whether it be via expensive branding studies conducted by professionals or taking cues from competitors within your industry who you believe share similar target demographics. Thus, you can determine what kind of packaging the majority of your consumer base is opting for and mimic that format.

Do you want to know more?

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Tork Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

Specifications:Manufacturer/Brand: Tork, Model: X-Pro, Product Weight: 3.2 ounces, Item Measurements: 0.8 x 8.x 5 inches, Power Source: Comes with a jack

The Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers provide you with Amazing Sound Quality even when you turn the volume to the maximum. It is also a model that gives out Super Audio Boost to let you enjoy your adventure more.

These speakers for a motorcycle helmet also provide Great Noise Cancelling to ensure that you experience the clarity you deserve. And you can easily connect to your External Source of jams, such as iPhone, Mp3 Players, and Samsung.

The other notable feature is the Thin Body that makes sure the system uses less space when installing in your helmet. You get to Feel Comfortable when wearing this headset and your helmet and still enjoy the lightweight ride.

Another thing that you can find in the package is the Volume Control that makes it easy to reduce or add the volume. That comes in handy to ensure that you experience Great Bass when traveling at high speed.

Its Dual Speakers ensure that you get a Stereo Play Sound that provides you with a great experience when riding your motorcycle. You also get a 12-month warranty that covers any defect that might occur within a year.

Its Wires are Padded to prevent them from getting damaged when you are riding on a sunny day. You should also note that the system comes with an amp that works quite effectively to let you listen to High-Quality Music.



The Best And Most Affordable Motorcycle Helmet Speakers That You Can Buy Today

Best Motorcycle Earbuds, Headphones and Speakers of 2017

Gone are the days of the old AM/FM and CB radios. In todays age of tablets, smartphones, GPS, and other wireless devices we are more connected than ever. You can now buy a motorcycle helmet speaker to not only listen to music but also make wireless calls, make phone calls and carry on a friendly conversation with other riders via intercom.

We tested a bunch of the best motorcycle helmet speakers and intercoms and settled on the ones in this post as our favorites. Our criteria was focused around the ones with the best sound quality, the most features for the price and the best battery life.

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