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Are you stressed out by finding the perfect zagg ipad pro 12 9 keyboard case? When considering the purchase of zagg ipad pro 12 9 keyboard case in general, have you ever felt uncertain about what model to select?

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If youre looking for information, there are many sources buying guides, product review websites, word-of-mouth recommendations, online forums, where users post their own experiences, and even YouTube channels. It is only through thorough research that we can find the very best products.

Do you agree? Doesnt that seem difficult sometimes? We have compiled a list of the top zagg ipad pro 12 9 keyboard case products on the market in order to ensure that you dont have to worry.

Our list was compiled based on what led us to do so? What made us create it?

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What To Look For In An Ipad Keyboard

When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone, he envisioned a radical device that had neither a keyboard nor a swipe zone for entering text via Graffiti-like gestures. Instead, the iPhone relied entirely on a touch screen for input, and a virtual on-screen keyboard when typing was needed. The iPad inherited that design philosophy, and it works well enough for limited amounts of text entry. But if you have enough typing to warrant getting a standalone keyboard, you need to make sure its one thats convenient and comfortable.

Start with size. Many iPad keyboards are well-short of a full-size desktop keyboard, which means the key spacing will be tighter. Can you type on it without introducing lots of typos? Also consider how itll pack for travel. Some fold up and can literally fit in a pocket others need to be slid into the same backpack or bag as the iPad itself. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits in with your lifestyle.

All iPad keyboards are Bluetooth devices, but some can pair with as many as three devices and you can fast-switch among them with just a key press. If the keyboard is somewhat universal or multi-platform able to work with your phone, tablet, and PC, that extra convenience might be important.

And dont forget about the battery. Standalone keyboards cant draw power from the iPad itself, so theyre going to rely on batteries either built-in rechargeable battery, or disposables that youll need to swap out occasionally.

No3 Logitech Smart Connect Keyboard

This best iPad Pro keyboard 2018 9.7 is quite famous in the market. It stands out for it can turn your iPad into a PC, which calls for no Bluetooth paring. You can easily set your iPad Pro 9.7 in typing place to realize the instant pairing with the keyboard. The viewing is also quite simple with the design of backlit, which can offer you convenience to work or correspond whenever or wherever you need.

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Best Ipad Keyboard Overall: Apple Magic Keyboard

Pros: Excellent typing experience, great touchpad, magnetic design is cool, easy to attach and detach iPad

Cons: Expensive

Theres little denying it if youre looking for the best iPad keyboard experience out there, the Apple Magic Keyboard is the product to beat. Its expensive, to be sure, but it offers an incredible typing experience that brings the iPad closer to a laptop than anything else. Note, the Magic Keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro and iPad Air not other iPad models.

Perhaps the best thing about this product is the fact that the keyboard feels so great to type on. Keys offer plenty of travel, and while a little cramped on the 11-inch model, spacing is fine. The touchpad feels equally as good in fact, it feels almost as good as on Apples laptops, which is a very high bar.

The floating design makes using the Magic Keyboard easier too. Because your iPad will attach to the keyboard magnetically, its easy to attach and detach from the keyboard. Thats not to mention the fact that the hinge on the back allows for an adjustable angle, which is very helpful for different situations.

The only downside? The Magic Keyboard is quite expensive. It starts at $299 for the 11-inch model, or $339 for the 12.9-inch model. Its available in black or white.

Should I Consider Buying A Bluetooth Keyboard Instead

Best keyboards for the 12.9

If your iPad is already safely inside a case, preferably one that doubles as a stand, you may not want to splash out for another case just to add a keyboard. The good news is you dont have to. The iPads Bluetooth connection will happily link up to any Apple wireless keyboard and the Apple Magic Trackpad too, or many other non-Apple keyboards and mice provided theyre running iPadOS 13.4 or later, giving you an alternative to one of the combined options.

We recommend the mechanical Keychron K3 Bluetooth keyboard above because its specifically made to work with iOS and MacOS software, ensuring you wont miss out on having the right keys or using all the keyboard shortcuts. Its also priced very competitively and is reasonably portable too.

Apples own Magic Keyboard costs $100 and contains a rechargeable battery, and has a full-size keyboard for a great typing experience instantly. While it doesnt have any provision to hold the iPad, and isnt especially portable, its still versatile as it can be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices too, whether thats a desktop setup or another tablet.

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Best Smart Keyboard For Ipad Pro 97 And Ipad Pro 129

iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 12.9 are both wonderful tablets. With the assistance of a best iPad Pro keyboard 2018, they can become near-laptop machines. If you are not clear of iPad Pro 9.7 keyboard options and Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro smart keyboard, this guidance will be perfect for you to get useful information and recommendations.

    Best Bluetooth Keyboard For Ipad Pro : Logitech K380

    Most keyboards on this list plug directly into the iPad itself, and essentially double as an iPad case. The Logitech K380, on the other hand, is a simple standalone keyboard that connects via Bluetooth.

    The benefits to using a keyboard like this are substantial. For one, its much cheaper, at about 10% of the price of the Magic Keyboard above. Its also more versatile, as the K380 is compatible with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, including your computer, smartphone, Apple TV, etc.

    The K380 is an extremely popular Bluetooth keyboard , and for good reason. Compact and lightweight, it sports a battery life of up to two years, although this will obviously depend on how much you use it.

    Able to remember up to three Bluetooth device pairings at once, it can quickly switch between them at the push of a button. It also intelligently detects and adapts to the device its currently paired with, enabling OS-specific features to work surprisingly well whether youre connected to an Android smartphone, Windows laptop, or an iPad Pro.

    The downsides to this keyboard are twofold: for ultra-fast typers, some dropped keystrokes are possible, and since it doesnt physically connect to your iPad, youll also need an iPad stand or a case with a kickstand to prop the tablet up in a comfortable position. That also means that this setup only works on a desk or table: its not great for actual lap-top use.


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    Money To Quality Ratio:

    There’s no point in spending a great amount of money for the features which you might never need in your whole lifespan. But it is also true that just by saving some mere bucks you should not compromise with the core functionalities either So how can you decide which is the Best Bluetooth Keyboard For Ipad Pro to pick?

    There is no short answer. But you can shortlist the product according to your budget first. Then try to look for the product which offers the most basic features you require. Finally, if you want a bit more and are not hesitant to add some extra bucks for additional features, then just go for it.

    Best Lightweight: Apple Smart Keyboard Folio For Ipad Pro 129

    Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case for 12.9 iPad Pro? Inateck KB02010
    • No charging or pairing required

    • Uses Apple’s proprietary Smart Connector

    • Ultra-slim keyboard adds minimal bulk

    • No space for wrist rest

    • Lacks media or function keys

    • Design is a bit uninspired

    Apples Smart Connector has always been one of the most underused features of the iPad Proan intelligent docking connector originally found on the edge of the iPad to connect accessories such as keyboards and charging docks. Sadly, only two companiesApple and Logitechever actually did anything with the original Smart Connector, and then Apple made the rather inscrutable decision in 2018 to move it from the edge of the iPad Pro to the back.

    At that point, even Logitech threw up its arms in defeat and just switched to Bluetooth keyboards, but Apple kept at it, releasing a new Smart Keyboard Folio that provides a physical connection to the Smart Connector by also adding a flap that doubles as protection for the rear of the iPad.

    Although most iPad Bluetooth keyboards provide great battery life, theres still something to be said for a keyboard that doesnt need to be charged or paired with the iPadApples Smart Keyboard Folio is literally plug and play.

    Type: Membrane | Connectivity: Smart Connector | RGB: No | Tenkeys: No | Palm Rest: No | Media Controls: No

    • Versatile Apple Pencil storage options

    • Detachable keyboard

    • Flat hinge design

    Type: Membrane | Connectivity: Bluetooth | RGB: No | Tenkeys: No | Palm Rest: Yes | Media Controls: Yes

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    Logitech Focus Protective Case For Ipad Mini 4


    Logitech makes some of the best iPad keyboards, and that goes for the iPad Mini as well. Protect your Mini 4 and get a fully functional keyboard in one package with the Logitech Focus protective case. The keyboard boasts a miniature layout of a typical IOS keyboard command and option are in the same spot so your shortcuts will work just the same as a Macbook. The built-in stand props your Mini up and keeps it stable so you can work, watch or read content without hassle. And if youre a traveling working warrior, the keyboard-iPad combo is small enough to fit on those tiny airplane trays. Its a top-rated, lightweight and portable option for iPad Mini 4 users.

    Best Ipad And Ipad Air Keyboard: Apple Smart Keyboard

    Why you should buy this: Versatile and highly portable, the Apple Smart Keyboard doesnt add much bulk to your tablet and is reasonably priced considering the quality.

    Who its for: Owners of the iPad who want an Apple keyboard and case.

    Why we picked the Apple Smart Keyboard:

    The $150 Apple Smart Keyboard works with the 7th, 8th, and 9th gen iPad and the 3rd-generation iPad Air, along with the older 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and attaches to the tablet using magnets. When not in use, it covers the screen and provides a degree of protection, and unlike the Magic Keyboard, does not have to be removed when you want to use the tablet as a tablet.

    Its very well made, has a soft lining so it wont scratch the iPad when closed, and feels like it will last for many years. In fact, the one weve been using on an original iPad Pro still looks and operates like new, despite being five years old.

    How about the typing? The keyboard is full-size and each key has a springy, accurate movement. It does not feel like a laptop in the same way as the Magic Keyboard and does require a little getting used to, but once youve adjusted its easy to type quickly. However, there isnt a backlight, and the keys are quite noisy.

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    Logitech Slim Folio Pro Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Ipad Pro 129

    • LAPTOP-LIKE TYPING Turn your iPad Pro 12.
    • BACKLIT KEYS Type away, day or night.
    • FRONT AND BACK PROTECTION Light and durable case with secure magnetic latch keeps iPad Pro closed and safe from bumps, scratches and spills.
    • CHARGE AND STOW APPLE PENCIL Charge Apple Pencil with the case on.
    • 3 MONTH BATTERY AND RELIABLE BLUETOOTH Take keyboard anywhere without worrying about short battery life.

    Best Standalone Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard 2

    iPad Pro 12.9 Keyboard Case Snugg8482
    • Really good pitch and key travel

    • Special function keys work with iPad features

    • No palm rest

    If having a great keyboard for your iPad is more important to you than portability, Apples Magic Keyboard 2 is just as powerful for iPad users as it is for Mac users. After all, even though keyboards designed for the iPad have gotten pretty good, most of them still make compromises that keep them a notch below standalone keyboards. Since the iPad supports any Bluetooth keyboard, however, this means you dont have to limit yourself to those specifically made for the iPad.

    In theory this means you can use any Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad Pro, but Apples Magic Keyboard has the advantage of mapping all the special function keys directly to iPad features like brightness, media playback, and volume control.

    Its also worth adding that a real keyboard gives you an ESC keysomething that’s useful in many iOS apps but is omitted from many iPad keyboards due to the need to fit more specialized function keys into a smaller space.

    Type: Membrane | Connectivity: Bluetooth | RGB: No | Tenkeys: No | Palm Rest: No | Media Controls: Yes

    • Short battery life

    There’s more to this keyboard than just cool lighting, however, as it also packs in a trackpad for iPadOS mouse input, and even a spot to store your Apple Pencil that keeps it aligned with the magnetic charging dock so it will always be juiced up and ready to go.

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    The Best Ipad Keyboards In 2021

    Want the best iPad case you can get? Then look no further than Logitechs Combo Touch. This two-in-one case has a clever detachable keyboard, which offers great flexibility. the keyboard’s great and works with Apples Smart Connector for super-fast connectivity. The trackpad is also fantastic. It lets you tap anywhere, so theres no dead zone at the top.

    Better still, Logitech does versions of the Combo Touch for the iPad Pro , the iPad Air, the entry-level iPad, and older versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. That makes this the best iPad keyboard case for pretty much every iPad.

    Brydges 12.9 MAX+ has one BIG selling point, and that’s its really massive trackpad. Its far larger than the trackpad on Apples own Magic Keyboard, or on any other iPad keyboard we’ve seen for that matter. This lets you take full advantage of iPadOSs gesture controls without ever bumping up against the keys.

    Speaking of the keys, these are comfy, springy, and they’re backlit. You get a full row of media keys to help with video playback and brightness adjustments. This iPad Pro keyboard case’s aluminium body and magnetic connection complete the premium, high-grade feel perfect for the Pro.

    Theres also a version of this keyboard case for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that starts at an eye-watering $349. Its expensive, for sure, but you get a great product for your money.

    Best Ipad Pro Keyboard Case With Trackpad : Logitech Combo Touch

    The Logitech Combo Touch is a good option for those looking for a case-style keyboard, and who still want trackpad functionality. Its available in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch models .

    The Combo Touch is essentially Logitechs answer to the high-end Apple Magic Keyboard mentioned above. It also has an excellent trackpad that supports multi-finger gestures and has click-anywhere tech. Similarly, its also priced towards the higher end, although is usually still cheaper than the Apple version.

    One factor that sets this model apart, albeit not necessarily in a good way, is its kickstand design. The iPad attaches securely to the case, and is propped up with a manual kickstand. This provides excellent stability on hard surfaces, but also means that the Combo Touch isnt great for laptop-style use.

    On the positive side, the Combo Touch has an excellent keyboard with backlit keys and a laptop-like feel. The case itself is also reasonably protective, with good front, back, and corner support. Finally, the Combo Touch also has a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys along the top row, providing quick access to frequently-used features and settings.


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    Best Trackpad Alternative: Brydge Pro+ Wireless Keyboard W/trackpad For Ipad Pro

    If you want that trackpad for cursor and multi-touch control, but you don’t want to pay Apple’s prices, check out the Brydge Pro+. The sturdy design certainly resembles a laptop. You can adjust your viewing angle from zero to 180 degrees. The keys are backlit, and you can adjust the brightness to three different levels. The keyboard has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and you can get up to three months of battery life on a single charge. Note that your iPad isn’t in a case here. The keyboard has brackets that hold your iPad Pro in place. When you’re not using the iPad, you’ll get front protection from the keyboard but no back protection.

    The trackpad is what really sets this keyboard apart from the other third-party keyboards. With a trackpad, you can use the iPad Pro and iPad OS to full advantage. You can easily switch between apps, access the app switcher, and activate the Dock, Control Center, and apps in Slide Over.

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