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Your School’s Attitude Toward Printing

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Trivette said that some colleges are becoming more eco-friendly by offering students incentives to reduce their reliance on personal printers. For example, Reed College in Portland, Oregon, gives students a printing allotment at the beginning of each year, while Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, gives students a “print quota” at the beginning of each semester about 400 double-sided pages. Other colleges offer a set amount of printer credits per semester. For most students, a library printer will do just fine.

“Many colleges offer printers in various computer labs, libraries, residential halls and other locations throughout campus.” Michael J. Trivette, College Transitions

“It’s also important that students and families know that different institutions will have different policies as it relates to student printing,” Trivette said. “For example, the School of Digital Media at the Savannah College of Art and Design requires that students bring their own paper when they want to print from the school’s printers. This is due in large part to the demand for printing and the school’s efforts to combat excessive waste.”You should also think past that first year or two at college, as you move from a dorm room to off-campus housing. Depending on the location of your new digs, your access to campus printing services could change.

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Which Printers Have The Cheapest Ink

For all their advantages, inkjet printers can be woefully expensive to maintain because name-band replacement ink cartridges are priceythat is, unless you invest in an inkjet printer that uses ink tanks. If low-cost ink is your overriding concern, consider a monochrome laser printer. Laser toner is substantially less expensive than ink cartridges and the text within documents printed will be crisper.

Among inkjet printers, consider printer models in which each color is stored in its own cartridge or tank. Printers which use combo cartridges are usually a lot more expensive to operate. This is because when you run out of any one color you need, its necessary to discard the entire cartridge along with any of its remaining ink.

Again, the cheapest ink is found in printers that use refillable tanks, sometimes called supertanks. A typical ink tank will hold the same amount of ink as 20 or more individual ink cartridges. Not only will you need to refill the ink far less often, but youll wind up paying a lot less money over time for the ink you need. One perk is that most ink tank printers come with enough ink to last the average user between one and two years.

Brother Hll2390dw Best Laser Pick

If youre not a big fan of inkjet printers, you should definitely consider checking out the Brother HLL2390DW.

This is a monochrome laser printer, so it cant print in color. But for college use, it should be able to handle most of the tasks you throw at it.

The print quality is exceptional, thanks to the top-notch toner that comes with this printer. Moreover, the HLL2390DW supports auto-duplexing, so you can print on both sides of the paper and save on paper costs.

Moving on to the print speed, the HLL2390DW can print up to 32 documents in less than a minute, which is exceptionally fast compared to other printers!

The printer is also compatible with the Amazon Dash Replenishment service, so you never have to worry about running out of ink.

Another area where this printer shines is connectivity. Its compatible with USB, NFC, and Wi-Fi. You can also use cloud printing services like Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria. However, it lacks an ethernet port.

What We Like:

What We Dont Like:

  • Cant print in color
  • No ethernet port

Bottom Line

The Brother HLL2390DW is one of the best monochrome laser printers for college use, thanks to its fast print speed, top-notch print quality, and wide range of connectivity options.

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Whats The Difference Between A Laser Printer And Inkjet Printer

The quick answer is that a laser printer uses a laser and toner when printing, while an inkjet printer relies on using liquid inks that get sprayed onto paper in tiny droplets with extreme precision. Thus, the actual printing process the two types of printers use is totally different.

In general, a laser printer generates sharper text and graphics while typically offering a faster print speed. An inkjet printer is more versatile and can often be used to generate photo prints from digital images , as well as black and white or full-color documents.

Until recently, laser printers relied on toner cartridges, while inkjet printers relied on two or more ink cartridges to function. However, many printer manufacturers have turned away from cartridges. Instead, the latest printers now use easy-to-refill toner or ink tanks and require no individual cartridges. This makes the printers much less expensive to maintain. The ink capacity of an inkjet printers tank, for example, is typically equivalent to 20 to 30 individual ink cartridges.

How To Choose The Best Student Printer

Best Buy: HP AMP 100 Wireless Instant Ink Ready Printer with Bluetooth ...

When it comes to buying a printer for back to school season, there are a lot of things to consider. Whether you have a preteen student, or you’re In the classroom yourself, there are several things to consider when buying a new printer.

Price: The biggest factor for most back to school shoppers will be fitting it into the budget. Whether you’re a student buying a printer for yourself or a parent helping get your kid outfitted for the school year, you want something that performs, but won’t be too expensive.

The cheapest inkjet printers can come in at tantalizingly low prices â our best printer deals page includes several models for under $100 â but we’ve found the sweet spot for affordability to sit between $200 and $300. Anything less, and you risk getting shoddy print quality, or you’ll likely lose the savings through expensive ink refills the first time you have to buy cartridges. And laser printers tend to be more expensive to buy, starting at around $250 for the cheapest models.

Cost per page: The cost of a printer starts with the initial purchase price, but it doesn’t end there. Using a printer entails buying paper, ink or toner, and refilling both as you go. As a result, some printers will cost more to print a single page than others. Generally speaking, laser printers offer the cheapest cost per page , but newer tank-based inkjet printers frequently drop printing costs down to a fraction of a cent.

Check out the rest of our printer coverage:

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Hp Deskjet 1115 Best Printer For College Students Its Cheap Printer

Hp Deskjet 1115 a very cheap budget Printer ideal for college students

If you are on a serious budget and you are a person who prints not more than 1000 copies a month, this is for you. Considering the price at which it is offered, its features are beyond the worth. It is super compact and sits on every desk comfortably and believe me it can be carried without any hassle. If you are staying in a hostel or away from home, this would be the right pick.


It incorporates built-in wireless printing from mobile devices and remote desktops with a data card attached. It comes with Wi-Fi direct technology meaning you dont technically need a Wi-Fi network for printing remotely. It casts its Wi-Fi signal to which your devices get connected for remote printing.

And the coolest among its features is that one can mount an SD card in the dedicated slot provided on the printer to print the documents without the need for a phone or a computer.

Epson Expression ET- 2650 EcoTank Features

  • Cartridge-free printing comes equipped with ink equivalent to 20 cartridges.
  • The max print resolution is 5760 X 1440 optimized dpi
  • Hi-speed 2.0, wireless capability
  • Has a 1.44-inch display for easier interaction
  • Comes with a dedicated SD card slot for printing documents right from the printer
  • Comes with a photocopier that can also be used as a scanner

Tech Specs

The 8 Best Printers For College Students

  • Final Thoughts
  • Have you ever wondered how you can make turning in assignments faster and easier, thus less stressful? A simple solution for college students is to purchase your own printer to avoid wasting precious time going to the library or internet cafés to print the materials you need. If you have no idea what to look for in your first printer and want to get a good deal, keep reading to find out the best printers for college students.

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    How We Selected These Printers

    We researched printer reviews from nine expert sources, such as Tech Radar, PC Mag, and Wirecutter, to select these top models. We also considered consumer reviews written by people whove bought and used these printers on retail sites like . In addition to their connectivity options, we evaluated these printers based on their print speed, paper capacity, size, the cost and ease of ink cartridge replacement, and whether they can also copy and scan.

    Paper capacity: 60 pages

    Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 5 in.

    HPs DeskJet is an excellent, compact option thatll keep you in budget at under $100. It prints in color, copies, and scans and can connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a USB port. Despite not having an auto feeder or two-sided printing, the 60-sheet input and 25-page output should work for most home printing needs. Like with other HP printers, you can print easily from the HP smart app and subscribe to Instant Ink for a low-cost monthly fee to ensure you never run out of ink.

    What Is The Best Printer For A College Student

    âBest Printer For College Student In 2022-Top 5 Printer Reviews

    The best printer for college students has easy wireless connectivity options and a number of convenient features it packs into a compact design with a small footprint. Since a students usage can vary when it comes to printing, its best to find a versatile printer that is equipped to handle different kinds of jobs.

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    Best Student Printers 202: Print Coursework With Ease

    These are the best printers for students going to college or university

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    As T3 notes in its best printers buying guide, a printer today is more than ever a very worthwhile investment. With more people than ever before undertaking work from home on many days of the week, having the ability to print off your own documents with ease is super useful.

    And this is especially true for students going back to school, college or university. Having a printer in the dorm room or your student accommodation means that coursework can be printed out whenever you want and, when it comes round to color printing, often cheaper than if you were to get it done in town. Just finished an all-nighter and need to print off your work to submit to the professor first thing? With your own printer you’re covered.

    Even if your educational establishment does have printers on site, they’re almost certainly not accessible 24/7 and, in most cases, will still cost money, too. As such, if you’re a student on a course where you’re going to need to print of plenty of coursework or essays, or scan in texts books, then a printer of your own is a smart investment.

    Faqsfrequently Asked Questions & Answers

    1. Can I print photos with this printer?

    Yes, you can. A printer for college students can print documents and photos.

    2. Is the price affordable?

    Yes. The prince is affordable as those printers are mainly designed for the students. So the price has been lower so that anyone can afford it.

    3. Are those printers Duplex?

    Not all printers are duplex printers. But if you want a duplex printer you can get one in the market.

    4. Can I print directly from the cloud?

    This depends on the features of the printer. Not all printers allow cloud printing. The products that we have suggested are suitable for cloud printing.

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    Cheap Printers For College

    Theres a lot going on in college: you have class schedules to remember, assignments to work on and some socializing to fit in here and there. The last thing you need during hectic college life is to be running around looking for a printer to use at the last minute.

    For students who need a cheap reliable printer of their own, the good news is there are a wide range of choices on the market.

    This includes printers that incorporate a scanner and photocopier functionality and print either double or single-sided. Some cheap reliable printers even work with and are compact enough so that they won’t take up too much room in your home office or in your dorm room.

    The Best Wireless Printers Of 2021

    Best Buy: HP AMP 100 Wireless Instant Ink Ready Printer with Bluetooth ...
    Reasons to avoid

    The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e looks slick with its blue detailing and small enough to sit on a desk in a home office. It is also has excellent wireless connectivity with self-healing Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth all built in. This makes it particularly easy to connect a mobile device for cloud printing using AirPrint, or Google Cloud Print. You can even yell at your printer to make it work thanks to its compatibility with Alexa voice commands. With a fairly fast print speed, a large paper tray and user-friendly touchscreen controls, theres a lot to like about this competent all-in-one.

    Reasons to avoid

    With all the functionality a small business could need, this feature-packed inkjet can do anything from sending a fax, to saving a scan to the cloud. Most surprisingly, given its A4-size footprint, is its ability to print on A3 paper. Wi-Fi is built in and Brothers companion iOS/Android app makes wireless printing a breeze. It prints clearly in monochrome, while colour photos look quite vibrant on photo paper. The touchscreen is rather small and its not as fast as a laser printer, but it strikes a good balance between performance and features.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

    Read the full review:HP Envy Pro 6420

    Reasons to avoid

    Read the full review:Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW

    Reasons to avoid

    Read the full review:HP LaserJet Pro M15w

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    Epson Workforce Pro Wf

    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner With Wi-Fi Direct, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

    The Epson WorkForce Pro is usable for those who want more than just college document printing. It is a suitable high-end printer for college teachers too. This compact and powerful inkjet printer will provide you with photoshop quality prints in no time. Not only print, but you can scan, copy and fax also.

    Key Features

    • Print media: plain paper, envelopes

    Highlighted Features

    Convenience: If you can invest in such a good printer for college students, then you will stay tension-free for years. You can print, scan, copy and fax at your convenience with the colored touchscreen. Also, the 500 sheets tray capacity prevents frequent refilling and saves your time.

    Output: This tiny printer provides photo-shop quality print, both monochrome and colored. It prints 20 ppm, both colored and monochrome. Plus, it is dual-sided, for which your long-term paper cost is saved.

    Connectivity: The printer allows wireless mobile, tablet, and PC print, scan, and fax. You require to connect it with the wi-fi or blue-tooth of your home and work directly from your device. You can also connect the printer with Alexa to command it to print, make a schedule, coloring ages and crosswords.


    • Powerful printer with high efficiency
    • Print comes out photoshop quality
    • Works wireless too
    • Easy to use with colorful touchscreen


    Best Printers In 2022

    Having one of the best printers in your home office is downright essential, but there are more options than ever in this rapidly evolving market of mobile tech. Plus, like the rest of the peripherals we’ve been testing of late, the darn things keep getting smarter. From function-forward touchscreen displays to extremely travel-friendly form factors, finding the right printer is, by no means, a one-size-fits-all process.

    Whether youâre most concerned about print quality, printing speeds, or plain olâ portability, weâve got your tech covered. Read on for our top picks for the best printers.

    Looking to deck out your ultimate home office with even more mobile tech? The best printers go side-by-side with the best photo editing laptops, and there’s plenty of room for both machines atop any of the best standing desks on our shortlist.

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    Should You Buy A Refurbished Printer

    Printing technology doesnât update often, so buying a printer thatâs a few years old isnât going to mean sacrificing any groundbreaking technology. If you do buy a refurbished or used printer, get it from a trustworthy source, make sure it has been recertified by the manufacturer, and look for a reasonable warranty and return period. Here’s what to know before buying refurbished electronics.

    How Much Does A Printer Cost

    What Mobile Bluetooth Printer Is Best For Your DSD Software? | LaceUp DSD Software

    The cost of a printer will largely depend on its value. Printer values differ. So there are a number of things that may influence the value and cost of a printer and its really very important you keep these things in mind.

    Below are some of the things that may influence the cost of a printer:

    • Cost of the cartridges/refills
    • Cost of printer maintenance

    These are what will determine the quality, value, and ultimately the cost of your printer.

    The number of pages a printer can print per minute determines the cost of the printer. Also, volume, ink or toner-based, connectivity, and color or black & white are some of the many considerations that affect a printers price.

    The cost of refilling ink cartridges can also affect the cost of a printer. The cost of maintenance is another factor that influences the cost of a printer.

    Furthermore, name brands can also affect the cost of a printer. Brands that are well trusted will likely raise their price above ones that are not very popular. This is because their brand has built trust with its customer base.

    But generally, printers are sold from $12 $200. This depends on the aforementioned factors-features and capabilities.

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