Best Bluetooth Speakers That Connect To Each Other

How To Choose Accessories For Multi

How to connect two JBL bluetooth speakers

No matter which type of speaker you use, additional accessories can help you build the perfect multi-room audio experience.

Wired setups will require a host of audio cables. These can range from standard speaker cable and wire connectors. Its a good idea to measure the amount of wire you need beforehand so you get enough. A good tip is to follow the signal flow from the receiver. Then youll know exactly what accessories and adapters you need to send the signal to the speakers.

Smart speakers have a wide variety of accessories. Wall mounts can help mount a speaker to the wall or onto a wall outlet. This is a great way to hide or eliminate the need for a power cable. Protective sleeves come in a variety of designs and colours. This allows you to personalize and protect each speaker in the home.

If you have limited power sources, adding A/V surge protection can safely add additional outlets. This ensures you have outlets available for other devices as well. It can also provide additional flexibility in speaker placement.

What Should It Look Like

When someone hears music play, theyll look to see the source. So, you want it to be eye-catching as well as ear-pleasing, dont you? There are plenty of speakers which come in black, and thats fine, but consider a cool colour thats less techy and more fun, perhaps. Another advantage of bright colours is, if you want to grab it and go, its infinitely quicker to have something thats easy to see.

Best Premium Speaker: Bose Soundlink Revolve+

Bose has always focused on excellent sound quality in its speakers and headphones. Whether you listen to your music directly from your iPhone via AUX input or send audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, the sound quality of the SoundLink Revolve+ is impeccable. Its convenient carrying handle makes its nearly 2-pound weight a lot easier to manage. Plus, it’s built like a tank, so you don’t need to baby it when you’re carrying it around. To top it off, the Soundlink is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

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Best For Portable Outdoor Audio


  • Powerful, bass-forward, bright sound signature
  • Gets loud for its relatively compact size
  • Fully waterproof design
  • USB-A port for charging mobile devices




  • Multi-room audio with flexible stereo and surround configurations.
  • Powerful sound for its size.
  • Offers both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.
  • Supports AirPlay.
  • Sound can distort at top volumes.
  • No Bluetooth or wired audio connections.

Jbl Flip 5 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

9 Best Bluetooth Speakers That Pair With Each Other

In the Flip series, this is the fifth speaker. It has all of the desirable qualities. One of the nicest features is that it connects 100 JBL Flip 5 speakers, but it also offers a lot of other useful features. The pricing is also pretty cheap, especially considering what you receive for your money. Its IPX7 rating indicates it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes without sustaining any damage. Its still an excellent outdoor speaker, even though it hasnt been tested for dust and other solid particles. When compared to the previous JBL model, this one is more focused on sound quality. The mic is gone, and the speakers have grown in size. You can do a lot with the app, but there are no EQ settings and it doesnt function with a lot of older JBL models.

Important Requirements

  • Bass and timing are excellent.
  • Party enhance stereo pairing is a great acoustics function.


  • There is no aux input on the microphone.

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How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To A Single Audio Source

As weve discussed earlier, for the sake of backward compatibility, default Bluetooth connections will not allow a device to connect to two BT speakers simultaneously.

However, Bluetooth splitters allow us to pair multiple speakers to a single audio source effectively. Additionally, there are other technologies that build upon Bluetooth connectivity to allow for multiple simultaneous speaker connections.

The Best Compact Bluetooth Speaker: Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1

Why should you buy this? Youre an audio connoisseur that wants incredible sound from a small chassis.

Whos it for? Those that dont mind investing in premium audio, regardless of the real estate thats available.

Why we picked the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 :

Flagship sound can cost thousands of dollars and usually involves quite the medley of equipment to complete the connoisseurs listening experience. But if youre lacking the space to host a proper hi-fi system and still seek the best audio possible, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 should be at the top of your list.

Featuring a regal design with a durable shell, the water- and dust-proof Beosound A1 is IP67 rated, making it great for both indoor and outdoor settings. In terms of sound, youll be hard-pressed to find another portable speaker this size that provides the kind of elegant sound-staging that the Beosound A1 is capable of. A mesmerizing balance of highs, lows, and volume would lead one to believe this speaker is actually much bigger. Onboard Alexa controls are here as well, allowing you to tap into your favorite playlists and artists with voice commands or through the Alexa app. Plus, 18 hours of battery life will keep this bad boy going all day.

If you need as much volume as possible, youll want to look at one of the bigger speakers on our list. But if its space youre lacking and quality sound you desire, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 is our go-to.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers With Microphone In 2021

If you prefer using a speaker for listening to music, especially when you are outside your house, and you dont want to reach for your phone every time somebody calls you, our list of 12 best Bluetooth speakers with microphone in 2021 will come in handy.

In this article, we will try to introduce you to all the benefits of using Bluetooth speakers with microphone and indicate what you should pay attention to when buying these products. We must confess, the technology hasnt still been perfected and it still requires a lot of work because none of the presented speakers has a perfect microphone that gives the impression that youre talking on your phone. All of them make your voice sound a bit distant but the most important thing so far is that the voice stays clear and understandable no matter where you are.

Other Products We Considered

How to: Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers to 1 Phone — Tutorial

When trying to decide what we believe are the best Bluetooth speakers currently available, we spent hours testing and researching. We consider a number of factors when it comes to recommending speakers – and apply the same criteria when a new device is being considered for inclusion. It’s not all judged on our testing, either – we also try to factor in consumer reviews, brand quality and value.

In all of our roundups, there are also many products we test that don’t make the final cut. Since they may be the right fit for some people, however, we’ve listed them below.

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Also Great: Amazon Echo

If a Sonos system costs a little more than youre willing to spend, or if you value advanced voice-control functionality more than pitch-perfect sound fidelity, we also really like Amazons Echo ecosystem as an alternative. The Echo family isnt as diverse as Sonoss offerings, but it does include a couple of good-sounding speakers: the and the Echo Studio, both of which also support Bluetooth. Amazons multiroom music platform isnt as robust and intuitive as Sonoss, but it continues to improve, and you can use more precise, nuanced voice control.

At $100, the standard Echo is $80 less than Sonoss cheapest speaker , and although it doesnt sound as goodthe bass isnt as dynamic, high frequencies arent quite as sparkling and its upper bass/lower midrange is somewhat boomy and uneven by comparisonit still sounds quite good for the price. Its a noticeable improvement in the sound quality over the 3rd Gen unit.

The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Studio are compatible with the Echo Sub if you need more bass. But the subwoofers functionality is somewhat limited, and reviews have been mixed, so we cant really recommend it.

Alexa doesnt support nearly as many music services as Sonos . Whats more, creating groups of Echo speakers isnt quite as intuitive via the Alexa app as grouping is with Sonos. But its not too difficult.

How To Use Smart Speakers For Multi

The easiest way to create multi-room audio is with smart speakers. These speakers connect to your Wi-Fi network and the setup is done via an app. From there, they feature built-in mics that listen for wake words for voice commands. With just your voice, you can ask a smart speaker to play a certain song or podcast. This is a great way to listen to music while cooking or during a house party.

The most popular smart speaker brands are , , and Apple Home Pod. They each offer a variety of speakers in different sizes and price points.

To achieve multi-room audio, its important to get multiple speakers from the same brand. Inside an app, two or more smart speakers can be connected as a group. Users can also create multiple groups with different speakers.

For example, you could have a morning group consisting of smart speakers in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. As you get ready in the morning, you can listen to your favourite podcast as you shower, dress, and cook breakfast.

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Hold Up Somethings Missing:

This section is typically where we display a frequency response chart to show you exactly where the audio output shines and where its deficiencies lie. Were still ironing out our standardized speaker tests with the appropriate support equipment to update our testing and data collection. It will take a bit to get everything fleshed out, but we will update this review once were able with improved sound quality measurements and performance plots. These will be made obvious by an announcement explaining the change, and a new chart aesthetic.

Thank you for bearing with us, and we hope to see you again once weve sorted everything out.

Why Should You Buy A Bluetooth Speaker


There are many reasons as to why you would want to buy a Bluetooth speaker, but the biggest one is to get the audio from your phone or tablet to a speaker quickly and easily to enjoy the audio better and louder. Bluetooth speakers are normally small, very portable, and great for sharing your music at a picnic, in your bedroom, or elsewhere with the freedom to simply move somewhere else when the urge takes you.

Most, if not all, come with batteries, removing the need to plug in and be tethered to a specific location.

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Where Does Bluetooth Hearing Aid Tech Go From Here

Hearing aid tech is changing fast. With government legislation on the horizon, new tech-savvy players, and attention from Apple and Google, the industry is under tremendous pressure to innovate. And thats great news for hearing aid wearers! Some of the trends you can expect to see in the next several years.

Smaller devices

There is an apparent demand for smaller hearing aids that include Bluetooth capabilities. While only Phonak has brought a fully in-the-ear model to the market today, there is no doubt that more in the ear and invisible Bluetooth hearing aids are right around the corner.

Bluetooth LE Audio

Next year, the Bluetooth Special Interest group will release a major innovation called Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. Bluetooth LE will take much less power to stream music or sound from anywhere. The change could have significant impacts across consumer tech, but some of the expected outcomes for hearing aids are:

  • The ability to stream public announcements, theatre productions, church services etc. directly into your hearing aids.

  • Bluetooth streaming will become more common in devices other than android and iPhone

  • Bluetooth LE will allow for longer battery life and likely smaller devices

Lower Costs

More good news for hearing aid wearers. As more options come to the market, hearing aid prices are almost certainly going to drop. After decades of spending $5K-$8K for a good pair of hearing aids, this change cant come soon enough!

What Kind Of Speaker Do You Need

Besides the type of wireless connection, you need to think about what style of speaker you want. Smaller, battery-powered speakers are useful because you can take them anywhere, but they don’t get particularly loud. Larger speakers generally offer fuller sound and richer bass, but they can be more expensive and are often not portable.

Besides single speakers, you can also find stereo pairs designed for desktop computers and home theater speaker systems like soundbars, soundplates, and home-theaters-in-a-box. These speakers are obviously not portable at all, but if you want a centerpiece sound system for your living room or office they’re likely your best choice.

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Understanding Bluetooth 5 And Previous Limitations

Until Bluetooth 5.0 was launched back in 2016, its functionality had lots of limitations. This is why Bluetooth compatibility has risen so much over the past few years.

Bluetooth 4.2 was the previous version. It only worked by connecting one device to another at a range of 10 to 30 feet. And that wasnt a problem if you were connecting a speaker to a media player in the same room. But you would experience connectivity issues even by taking your speaker into the next room.

Many ideas arose to circumnavigate those limited connection issues with Bluetooth 4.2. However, the latest and more modern devices support Bluetooth 5.0, so you shouldnt have too many problems connecting two or more speakers. So lets find out

Kit Sound Diggit Outdoor Speaker

TOP 3: Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2021

The Kitsound Diggit is a low-cost Bluetooth speaker with decent bass. It has a slim, light design as well as good sound. Its lightweight, waterproof, and dustproof, and it comes with a stake that can be used to put it in the ground. The Diggits appearance is unimportant nonetheless, it produces a crisp, balanced sound and can be stereo paired in a flash.

When the volume is turned up, the pitch rises, but this does not make for an unpleasant listening experience, especially when the music is largely for ambient purposes. Aside from that, the bits are crisp and the vocals are absolutely clear. The Diggit is a wonderful choice if you want to hold a party outside. Indoor gatherings, such as in a bedroom or living room, are also possible. This makes it an especially attractive choice for students on a tight budget.

Important Requirements

  • There are no drawbacks to mention.

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Do You Need A Smart Speaker

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant let you simply tell your speaker what to play instead of looking through your smartphone. These voice assistants are useful for more than just playing music. You can ask them for weather forecasts, sports scores, unit conversions, and even language translation. They also generally support third-party skills that let you do anything from order pizza to play trivia games. If you have other smart home devices, you might even be able to integrate them as well, letting you control the lights and thermostat with your voice.

Amazon Echo

Voice assistant speakers have one universal requirement: Wi-Fi. They need an internet connection, and without one voice recognition and all of the processing needed to find your music, answer your questions, and control your smart home devices simply won’t work. These speakers can still be portable, and even offer Bluetooth connectivity when you’re away from your network, but those features aren’t certain. The most prominent first-party voice assistant speakers like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home don’t have batteries.

For more, see our picks for the best smart speakers.

Wireless And Bluetooth Speaker Placement And Signal Strength

Before you choose a speaker, think a little about where youre going to be using it.

If youll be using your speaker outdoors, consider a portable Bluetooth model that can sit near your grill while you flip burgers, then follow you around the yard if you want to listen to a podcast. Pick a compact model and youll conserve space on the patio or picnic table, or just choose a speaker that comes in a fun color that matches your tablecloth. And if youre listening by a pool, at the beach, or anywhere that a speaker could be exposed to a rain shower, choosing a model thats water-resistant can reduce your worries about accidental damage.

If youre going to use your speaker mostly indoors, think about the location of your electrical outlets and the strength of your WiFi networks signal before deciding on an AC-powered WiFi model.

Placement can also affect a speakers performance. You typically want the music source, such as your smartphone, to stay within 33 feet of a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth models also work best with a clear line of sight to the source. Walls, large objects, and even people between your speaker and the music source can cause those annoying sonic dropouts.

WiFi models are better at handling greater distances and physical obstructions between the router, music source, and speakers. Under ideal conditions, you might be able to maintain a connection with a speaker thats more than 200 feet from the router, but 100 to 150 feet is a more typical range.

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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work

Bluetooth speakers work just like typical wired speakers, except for the way in which they receive audio signals.

Wired passive speakers receive their speaker level audio signals via hardwired speaker cables. Wired active speakers may receive speaker level signals through speaker cable or line, mic and instrument level signals through thinner audio cable.

Bluetooth speakers, as their name suggests, receive their audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Actually, to be more precise, the built-in power amplifier of the Bluetooth speaker will receive the audio signal wirelessly via Bluetooth.

As it is, Bluetooth protocols will carry typical line level signals with ease. Like in wired setups, this signal level requires amplification from a power amp before it can properly drive the driver of a loudspeaker.

To function properly with an audio device, a Bluetooth speaker must be paired to the Bluetooth audio device. Well discuss how to pair Bluetooth speakers to various devices in the section titled How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Bluetooth Audio Devices.

Once paired, the speakers and digital audio device form a Piconet in which the audio device may effectively send its audio signal to the speaker via Bluetooth.

Note that smart speakers with voice assistant technology and pause/play controls will also send information back to the audio device via the Piconet.

If youve skipped over or need to re-read this articles primer on how speakers work, .

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