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The Atrium 6 has a power handling of 10W 100W. To get the most out of your Atrium 6 speakers, use an amplifier or receiver with 100W per channel at 8 ohms. We recommend the Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver, which delivers 100W per channel at 8 ohms if you need to purchase a receiver. A perfect match for the Polk Audio Atrium 6 outdoor speakers. These speakers will need an 18 or 16 gauge speaker cable, depending on the length of the run.

Cowin Swimmer Your Fun Companion For All Wet Occasions

COWIN Swimmer is an even more affordable Bluetooth wireless device. However, it doesnt have that many features as other Bluetooth pool speakers covered here. Despite that, it may still be your thing.

Another UFO-like model, the COWIN Swimmer speaker can not only swim but also shine and play music. It offers more-than-average IPX7 protection and uses top-quality rubber for exterior parts. As a result, it translates into a fully submersible, durable Bluetooth speaker for a swimming pool, bathtub, boat, and outdoor activities.

The sound is good, although you shouldnt expect this LED speaker to be very loud. Its 10W driver works flawlessly for its performance but probably wont be suitable for those who love cranking it up.

Want to keep your kids busy while youre counting clouds on a poolside chaise longue? This portable speaker is your solution. Its LEDs are a brilliant add-on that will entertain your little ones for hours on end. Multiple color combinations and five modes turn the waterproof speaker into a fascinating attention-grabber, helping parents relax a bit.

Jbl Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

The JBL Flip 5 is perfect for dorms and other small rooms where you might need some background music. The speaker is compact enough to throw in a backpack or even ladys handbag which is perfect for those on the go. There is also a hook with a supplied string so you can hang your Flip 5 from a backpack, bike, or a hook in the shower.

For its size, the JBL Flip 5 sounds awesome, a decent amount of bass and clarity, more than most competitors of a similar size. The Flip 5 retails for under $100 making it one of the most affordable premium Bluetooth speakers on the market.

They say dynamite comes in small packages which is especially true for the Oontz Angle 3. The Oontz Angle 3 is so small you can literally hold the speaker between two fingers. With a speaker this small you wouldnt expect the amount of power you actually get from the Oontz Angle 3. Its pretty crazy!

The Angle 3 carries an IPX5 waterproof rating which means it can handle sprays of water but cannot be submerged. So fine next to the pool but not in the pool.

The Angle 3 features a powerful 10W speaker driver with a bass radiator at the bottom. The radiator is pretty powerful and at high volumes will vibrate enough to move the Angle 3 around. So make sure you dont place this speaker too close to the end of a table because it will fall off. If you intend to play it loud, you will need to find something to keep the speaker in place so it doesnt move around too much.

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The 7 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy your favorite music outdoors without worrying that the elements will ruin the party.

  • BatteryUp to 30 hours
  • Summary List

    We all love our music, and there’s nothing better than taking your music with you on your bike, on a hike, to the pool, to the beacheven up a mountain!

    There’s a huge choice of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, many of which come equipped with the latest in waterproof technology to ensure the elements can’t put a dampener on your tunes.

    If you’re after a more weatherproof speaker but don’t want to compromise on sound quality, then we’ve got a selection here that you’ll want to read about right now!

    Here are the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers currently available.

    Bringing out the big guns with their SRS-XG500 X-Series portable Bluetooth party speaker, Sony has a premium product with incredible sound that you can pretty much take anywhere. This is a lightweight portable speaker that is both water-resistant and dust resistant.

    Its outer casing has a water-repellent mesh fabric that makes it easy to clean and keep dry. Perfect for anyone looking to take their music to the beach, as this bad boy will keep on playing even when exposed to water and sand. Being a Sony speaker, you can trust that the sound quality will be impeccable, and able to handle any amount of bass that you care to throw at it.

    Best Sound For The Size And Price

    Version Wireless Best Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Portable Outdoor ...


    • Powerful, bass-forward, bright sound signature
    • Gets loud for its relatively compact size
    • Fully waterproof design
    • USB-A port for charging mobile devices



    • Powerful audio performance with rich bass depth and clear highs
    • Fully waterproof and dust-tight design
    • Solid speakerphone clarity


    • Powerful audio with rich bass depth and bright highs
    • Portable, dust- and water-resistant build
    • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control



    • Powerful, bass-forward audio with four drivers and dual passive radiators
    • Outdoor-friendly waterproof build
    • Can be linked with multiple JBL speakers


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    How Many Watts Is Good For A Bluetooth Speaker

    Amplified power in a speaker is measured in watts. When listening to music from a portable Bluetooth speaker, any one that has a wattage between 20 and 50 should be more than adequate to fill an average size room with quality sound.

    More wattage, however, does not directly correlate with a speakers maximum volume. If you want to determine how much volume a speaker can generate when playing audio, this is measured in decibels .

    The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore, for example, utilizes two 30 watt class D amplifiers, which together can generate audio up to 59 dB. Meanwhile, the Hyperboom speaker puts out 100 dB sound using a 229 watt speaker.

    Q: How To Pair And Connect Speakers With A Bluetooth Device

    A: Technically, youll be pairing the speaker with your device. First things first you have to make it discoverable. Next, you have to go into your devices Bluetooth settings. Unless youre in a densely populated apartment building, you should have no problem locating the speakers name. Just to be safe, look at the paper insert that comes with your new speaker, and find the unique identifier number to pinpoint where your speaker is in the dropdown list of options when you flick Bluetooth on.

    Instructions may appear on-screen, depending on which brand you go with. Some of them may opt for you to register the product now. Youll now match your Bluetooth device to the speaker . Youll get a visual and/or audible notification, stating that youve successfully paired your devices.

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    Best Customizable Sound: Marshall Stanmore Ii Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    The Marshall Stanmore II has vintage looks that I love, making it look like an old tube guitar amp. While it still is small enough to be portable, it isn’t particularly rugged and has no water resistance. So, if you are going to travel with it, do so carefully.

    Where the Marshall Stanmore II really shines is in customizability. The knobs on the top of the speaker allow you to adjust the bass and treble to your liking, and the fantastic companion app you can get for your phone has a 5-band equalizer. This allows the Marshall Stanmore II to be used for a wide variety of music and makes it great for people who like their sound a particular way.

    Anker Soundcore Boost Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

    JBL BoomBox | Detailed Review | Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers | Waterproof

    If youre after a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with premium features but at an affordable price, then the Anker Soundcore Boost is just what youre after. The Anker range is extremely popular with thousands of good reviews. You do need to accept the fact that this is a budget speaker and wont have the same audio quality as premium models. Having said that, youll only really notice the difference if you perform a comparison test.

    The Soundcore Boost is ultra-lightweight and compact, small enough for a backpack, laptop bag, or even handbag making it the perfect travel companion. For under $60, the Anker Soundcore Boost delivers excellent value at an affordable price.

    If youre after something trendy, then anything from Ultimate Ears is going to be a good option. The UE Wonderboom 2 resembles something like a tubby soda can with woven rubberized exterior over the speakers and silicon rubber on the top and bottom. Even the buttons and logo on the UE Wonderboom 2 add both style and function to this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

    Although small, the Wonderboom 2 is surprisingly loud and powerful enough to easily fill a small to a medium-sized room. Whats great about the Wonderboom 2 is that the drivers are located on opposite sides giving you 360° sound. Great if you want to place the speaker in the center of the room so everyone can enjoy the music.

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    Editors Pick For Best Bluetooth Portable Speaker: Veho

    The TFG editor swears by Veho and rates this brand the best portable mini Bluetooth speakers for their power and usability. Not only is it Bluetooth capable, but it also has a built-in MP3 player that can house a selection of songs that you simply plug in with an SD card.

    This travel speaker is packable, less than three inches and has a rechargeable battery , with six hours playtime before needing to charge it again,

    TFG editor-in-chief Alex has been traveling with this speaker for over four years and loves its compact size and sound quality. Its simply perfect to cart along anywhere!

    Find some more great travel gadgets for your next trip!

    Jbl Charge 3 The Bass That Keeps Flowing In The Water

    There are very few brands like JBL in terms of audio. Its made a name for itself as one of the trailblazers bringing sound quality to the next level, even if its in the water.

    Take the JBL Charge 3 floating speaker. It features two external bass radiators on each end for a powerful boost. Because water can absorb some loudness, you do want to have amplifiers for lows. Thanks to them, the waterproof wireless speaker is a brilliant option for the bass, which sounds much better than highs.

    With JBL Charge 3, you can jump and swim, knowing your waterproof speaker will withstand it. Instead of a hodge-podge of materials, it uses tried-and-tested rubber and mesh. This outdoor design accounts for its IPX7 rating.

    The add-ons are fabulous. The Charge 3s 6000-mAh battery is a nice thing to have as it allows for charging your smartphone or tablet, besides playing music for up to 20 hours. By the way, you can also use this Bluetooth swimming pool speaker for calls.

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    Features To Look For In Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    Audio Quality – This is measured in a signal to noise ratio, on a scale of one to one-hundred, measured in decibels. This is the more simplistic way to display the audio quality to consumers, because they actually measure it in sound control tests of wattage output, an SPL level, and capture the quality a meter away. Basically, a 90-100 decibel radio is ultra high quality.

    USB Charging – Most of these devices are going to outlast the battery on your smartphone or tablet. Having a USB plug-in option to piggyback off of the main power supply, in order to keep your device running and the music flowing, is basically a necessity.

    Volume Capability – Better volume doesnt always mean better sound its all about the audio quality corresponding to the volume level in a proper way. If you have a high audio quality, youll be able to boost the volume and still enjoy crisp, clear quality sound. If youre going to host the party, a higher volume limit is definitely in order.

    Battery Life – Nobodys ever heard of a good party only lasting for two hours. Your battery life matters immensely, but if you forget to charge the battery, having the ability to play while charging is an added benefit.

    Waterproofing – The best things in life are waterproofed. You can use these in the bathroom while youre bathing, or have it by the pool without worrying about splashes . There are different IPX ratings on waterproofing, which well discuss further into the guide.

    The Best Waterproof Speakers Right Now

    RAVI Wireless Best Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Portable Outdoor Mini ...
    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to avoid

    The UE Megaboom 3 is, at its core, simply an excellent Bluetooth speaker. Its cylindrical design allows for high-quality sound to pump out in all directions, and with a healthy rated battery life of 20 hours it can keep going all day. In fact, according to our own testing, it can go even longer than that between charges.

    What takes the Megaboom 3 to the top of our best waterproof speakers list is a substantial assortment of bonus features, including the ability to pair with another Megaboom 3 for stereo sound, and its enviable IP67 waterproofing. Thats enough to let the speaker get utterly soaked and still keep playing without issue, something we confirmed by dunking it in a sink to no ill effect. You wont find a better combination of portability, practicality and sound quality.

    Reasons to avoid

    The Sonos Roam takes the concept of the preceding Sonos Move a battery-powered smart speaker with water resistance and makes it tougher, more portable and even more affordable. At less than half the price of the Move, its a great choice if you want to stay within the Sonos ecosystem of interconnected speakers.

    Read our full Sonos Roam review.

    Reasons to avoid

    You won’t find a waterproof speaker that gives you better protection for less cash. The JBL Go 3 can be submerged, blasted with a showerhead or rolled around in wet sand and it will still keep on playing it hold an IP67 rating, and held up to those standards in our own testing.

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    Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $: Jbl

    If you want something thats easy to cart around with you, the JBL Clip 3 has a built-in carabiner clip and good sound quality for such a tiny thing.

    Its Bluetooth capable, splash-proof , and even allows you to take calls. With the ability to play audio for up to 10 hours on the rechargeable battery, this portable and packable speaker packs a punch.

    These are the best mini Bluetooth speakers for being out and about and enjoying a park or streaming Netflix in your accommodation. One reader shares, I really like our JBL Clip. Weve had it for three years and it still works great!

    Use this electronic trip checklist to plan your vacation properly!

    What Is The Best

    Of course, the answer to this can relate to size and price, but there are some really good-sounding cheap speakers if you look hard enough and do the research. In my opinion, the Minirigs 3.0 is by far the best-sounding speaker for its size. Its unparalleled in its balance of the above factors and is my personal favorite Bluetooth speaker.

    For home use, we recommend the iLoud speaker by IK Multimedia. We found that while it might not be the best-looking speaker, it performed better in our tests than many big name brands like Bose and Creative.

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    How To Choose The Best Waterproof Speaker For You

    You should consider the degree of waterproofing youll think youll need, which means understanding IP ratings. As youll have seen these are given in the IPXX format, where the first number represents protection against solids and the second against liquids. Higher numbers mean better protection, so an IPX7 device can survive full submersion in up to 1 meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, whereas IPX6 can endure strong water jets but not full submersion.

    Anything above IPX4 will be at least splash-proof, so thats fine if you just want peace of mind that unexpected rain wont ruin your speaker. For a bathroom or pool party speaker, wed suggest at least IPX6 and ideally IPX7 protection.

    Think also about how portable you want your speaker to be. Smaller, lighter speakers are easier to carry out to the park but might not deliver the space-filling volume output of bigger, heavier models.

    All of the speakers in this list can connect via Bluetooth but some support Wi-Fi as well. This opens up a lot of new opportunities for smart assistants and streaming services, which you may find useful. Just remember that youll need to stay within range of a Wi-Fi signal to get the benefit, might might not always be feasible outdoors.

    The Factors To You Need To Consider

    THE BEST Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker Waterproof MUSGO ( EPISODE 3461 ) Amazon Unboxing

    The Speaker Brand: Youve probably heard of all the speaker manufacturers on this list, which is a good thing. You want to trust that the speaker is not only going to sound good but also last. Many portable speakers on this list work with other like-branded speakers for instance, you can pair two Bose Soundlink speakers together or two of Kickers Bullfrog speakers together for more of a party setup. So there is an advantage to sticking to one flavor if you have that use-case in mind.

    Size and Shape: Generally, the bigger the speaker, the louder and better it is going to sound. You also want to consider the shape and design of the speaker. The two most popular shapes these days are 360-degree or mono-directional speakers. The 360-degree speakers are generally better when placed in the middle of a room while mono-directional speakers are better for stereo audio.

    Ruggedness: All rugged speakers arent the same. And in order to know how water-resistant or drop-proof a speaker is, you really need to understand IP ratings. The easy way to explain it is that the higher the IP rating of the speaker, the more water-resistant it is an IP7-rated speaker is more durable than an IP4-rated speaker. You can check out how the IP ratings are explained, here.

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