Best Budget Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Q: What Are The Best Cheap Headphones Under $50 In 2021

5 Best Budget Over-Ear Headphones You Can Buy | Bluetooth Headset

A: Since we all have different tastes, theres no definite answer to that question. However, we can give you a few suggestions. If you like bass-heavy sound, the Skullcandy Crusher line of headphones is an excellent choice. If you prefer a more balanced sound, try Edifier H840 or ATH-M20x. M20x is also great for studio monitoring. If you are looking for cheap Bluetooth headphones, Avantree, Mpow, TaoTronics, and Cowin are all highly praised brands. If you want something under $20, try Koss, Panasonic or Monoprice.

Best Workout Buds: Anker Soundcore Life P2

The Anker Soundcore Life P2 are all about ensuring you can stay active. You get an IPX7 rating for a decent level of durability, meaning you can work hard while working out, run in the rain, or even accidentally drop them in water. Anker considers them waterproof, but you should wipe them down after every activity to keep them dry after you’re done.

It helps that they’re comfortable and secure in your ears, too. Of course, every pair of ears is different, but Anker tried to stay as still as possible during intense activity. With Bluetooth 5.0 onboard, you can count on a stable connection to your phone, but as for fit during activity, Anker would’ve been better served to go with a design utilizing ear hooks rather than an AirPods clone.

They do sound good for what you’re paying, especially with an emphasis on bigger sound. There’s some thump and rumble here, with a balanced mid-range and uneven treble, but it’s highly dependent on the kind of seal you get when they’re in your ears. And you’ll have to rely on that because they’re not compatible with Anker’s solid Soundcore app, which would have offered an equalizer for a more personalized sound.

Best Cheap Headphones : Budget Wired And Bluetooth Headphones

You can spend hundreds even thousands on a new pair of headphones, and in some cases that’s entirely justifiable. But you can still get satisfyingly great results from budget headphones that don’t cost the earth. And sometimes, for quick commutes or even as an ever-reliable back-up option, such pairs are just the ticket.

From earbuds to on-ear and over-ear designs, wired to wireless models to even truly wireless AirPods alternatives, our pick of the best budget headphones below get our performance-per-pound alarms ringing.

They’re all What Hi-Fi? recommended products all tried and tested, all four- or five-star-rated, and some are even Award-winning that deliver superb sound for not a lot of money.

So without further ado, here is a selection of the best budget headphones that will do a fine job without breaking the bank…

A great pair of budget wired headphones, complete with remote and mic.

Reasons to avoid

Current What Hi-Fi? Award winners, the SoundMagic E11C headphones are the latest addition to a range that represents one of the more surprising success stories of recent years. The E10 set the marker for affordable excellence for a number of years, and following an E10C in-line mic and remote control upgrade, the E11C equivalent arrived back in 2018. Three years on, were happy to report that theyre still pretty magic exactly what the best budget headphones should be.

Read the full SoundMagic E11C review

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Q: Are Cheap Headphones Worth It

A: If your expectations are realistic, then yeah. You cant get a feature-rich product with an audiophile-grade performance for less than $50 or less than $30. Thats simply impossible. What you can get is a pretty good sounding pair of wired headphones. You can also find a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones, maybe even some headphones with aptX support and long battery life. Active noise canceling, smart features, app support, etc. are rarely found on cheap Bluetooth headphones.

Another thing to be aware of is that you cant find many reputable brands in this price range, especially if youre looking for wireless headphones. Sennheiser, Bose, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Audio-Technica, B& O, B& W and other Bluetooth headphones are probably out of your league if your budget limit is set at $50.

Best Budget: Cowin E7 Bluetooth Headphones

The best budget over ear headphones in UK 2021

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Type: Wireless

Amazon’s Choice

COWINE7 is the professional active noise canceling featured headphones which havedesigned with noise reduction feature. This amazing feature of these headphoneslets you use the headphones during work, travel and in busy traffic as well.These headphones have so clear sound quality that while listening to the music,you only have your focus on the music by canceling all the other unnecessarysounds. These headphones can be used in the wired as well as the wireless modeand the best thing about the headphones is that they have this noisecancellation feature in both the wired and wireless modes.

Also, these headphones have 40mm proprietary aperture drivers which have an accurate and deep level bass response. The headphones have an active noise cancellation feature which provides an amazing crisp to the users. Moreover, the headphones have a powerful and quiet sound quality which makes the music much better for you to listen to. These headphones are one of the best quality Bluetooth headphones which provide a constant pursuit of sound quality to the users.

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Sennheiser Hd 350bt Bluetooth 50 Wireless Headphones


Listening to your go-to albums for hours on repeat wont be a problem for these high-quality Sennheisers. They can run through all the hits for 30 hours when you power them up after a full charge. With their Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, youll never have trouble pairing them to your gadgets, whether youre connecting them to your Bluetooth turntable or a gaming system, and their foldable construction means theyre ideal for flying and commutes. You can also tweak and personalize their sound in the Sennheiser Sound Control app from your phone.

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Best Budget Wireless Headphones: Product Guide

Reasons to avoid

Making quite a noise for themselves in the budget wireless headphone area, Soundcore offers active noise cancelling at a seriously low price that few audio brands can match. Impressively, its flagship Anker Soundcore Life Q20 cans are high-res audio enabled too. That’s unreal considering how cheap these wireless headphones are.

40mm drivers boast an extended frequency response, and theres proprietary BassUp technology for extra slam. They don’t skimp on battery life either. In fact, it rivals the best at 30 hours with Active Noise Cancellation engaged. Switch noise cancelling off and the Life Q20 jumps to 60 hours of listening time per charge. Even better, theres a quick charge mode when you need to juice up and dash.

From a style perspective theyre clearly aiming to woo fans of the Sony WH-1000XM3, and at a quarter of the price the spec sure looks tempting too. Tribute band or the real deal? You decide, but these are the best budget wireless headphones you’ll find right now.

Reasons to avoid

These cut-price Sennheiser over-ear headphones arent just big on value, theyre feature rich too. The Bluetooth implementation is leading edge, at 5.0 with support for AAC, AptX and AptX low latency codecs , and theres a dedicated Voice Assistant button for use with Siri or Google.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Budget Headphones on Amazon (Bluetooth) – UNDER $65

If you have been following any of our headphone reviews you will be accustomed to seeing the E7 model from COWIN, it has been a best-seller for months and whilst it doesn’t represent the best of the best it is popular for providing significant decibel reduction in a durable convenient package for far less cash.

The on-board active noise reduction technology relies on an advanced chip and works well to dampen the environmental noise and is capable of functioning in both wired and wireless modes which is a welcomed bonus.

They feature large-aperture drivers which have an accurate response and impressive bass handling. The built-in microphone is good quality and the Bluetooth provides a stable connection and is quick to pair.

They have an impressive 600mAh battery that capably lasts for up to 30 hours between charges which again is impressive.

The overall build quality is a lot better than competitive sets, the headband is reinforced and the cups are swivel mounted with 90 degrees of freedom. They are comfortably cushioned with memory protein leather.

Pros: + Good ANC capabilities. + 30-hour battery life.

Why We Liked It -It is an cheap bluetooth headphone set which has been recently upgraded to provide better durability than many similar models on the market offer.

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What To Look For In Cheap Headphones

In order to create this guide, weve tested, listened to and compared lots of cheap headphones in every category, shape and size. When we found a great pair, we then put it against the rest back-to-back-to-back to make sure they still really deserved the title of best cheap headphones.

You might be wondering what we were looking for through all this expansive testing? Sound fidelity was clearly the most essential detail but we also made sure to consider comfort, design and other features also.

Like most people, we prefer our music detail-rich and well-balanced. We can live with our music sounding a bit warm with an emphasis on the mids and highs, but we still like to be able to feel the bass. Also, its important to look for headphones with reasonable battery life if theyre wireless, a robust, durable build that will stand up to the trials of everyday commute and comfortable padding to help make longer listening sittings nice and comfortable.

Keep in mind though, that testing headphones will be, at least on some level, subjective, and our taste in tonal balance might not match yours . Still, weve done our best to take subjectivity out of the equation and can present, through our expertise, the best cheap headphones that wont hurt your wallet.

With this guide, we went through a process exhaustively testing a huge amount of cheap headphones from all over the internet in every style under the sun. In-ear, over-ear, wireless everything you can think of.

Why You Should Trust Soundguys

We test every product that comes our way in the studio and beyond it.

We take integrity seriously at SoundGuys. Although this website operates on affiliate links, none of our writers benefit from awarding one product over another. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase and to avoid buyers remorse. If youre so inclined, we implore you to brush up on our ethics policy.

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Q: What Are The Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Headphones In 2021

A: Therere numerous generic brands that you can choose from but they are not all equally good. Some brands like Avantree, Mpow, TaoTronics, and Cowin have already earned some serious reputation for making great audio equipment that doesnt cost much. We dont have only one answer but you can choose any of those brands and you wont regret.

How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Headphones For You

Best Cheap Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds, In

There are a lot of different things to consider when buying a pair of Bluetooth headphones. To help you decided which pair are right for you, we’ve put together a handy video guide arming you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase. If you’d rather read rather than watch, the written guide below covers all the information included in the video.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth headphones?

There are a couple of practical benefits to removing the wired connection from headphones. You’ll never have to untangle a knotted cable, which can be a real nuisance, and there’s nothing to catch or snag on your clothes while you’re enjoying your audio.

It also means you don’t have to be in the same room as your output device – as long as you’re within Bluetooth range you’ll be able to continue listening at your leisure. These factors make for a far more user-friendly experience, particularly if you’re using your Bluetooth headphones while out and about or exercising.

Because wireless headphones can typically be paired with more than one device, they enable you to quickly switch between outputs. It’s not a huge time saver, but not having to unplug your headphones from one device and into another makes your life that little bit easier.

Are there any disadvantages to Bluetooth headphones?

What type of Bluetooth headphones should I buy?

How much should I spend on Bluetooth headphones?

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How To Choose Headphones

With so many types of headphones, how do you know which pair is right for you? On the Consumer 101 TV show, Consumer Reports expert Elias Arias explains everything you need to know.

Thomas Germain

I want to live in a world where consumers take advantage of technology, not the other way around. Access to reliable information is the way to make that happen, and that’s why I spend my time chasing it down. When I’m off the clock, you can find me working my way through an ever-growing list of podcasts. Got a tip? Drop me an email or follow me on Twitter for my contact info on Signal.

How We Test The Best Wireless Cheap Headphones

Toms Guide tests all headphones on the following criteria: design, comfort, features, performance, and value. Our staff employs a rigorous review process that compares products with similar fit, features, and price to determine the best option for you.

Every pair of cheap wireless headphones we test is worn over the course of a week for 2 hours at a time. Comfort, ease of use, and sound quality are three main categories we assess. In terms of audio performance, we test each model across a number of genres, including hip-hop, rock, jazz, classical and R& B, while also evaluating volume, clarity, and fullness.

When it comes to features, we test the effectiveness of active noise cancelling, Bluetooth range and battery life. For sports headphones, we put them through intense workouts to determine how securely they fit during exercises and how well they handle ambient noise. We test every feature for app-enabled headphones too.

Once testing is completed, Toms Guide rates headphones on a five-star system . If a product is truly exemplary, it is awarded an Editors’ Choice.

Now that streaming music services are offering hi-res resolution audio, we advise reading our audio codec FAQ for everything you need to know about FLAC files, MP3s and all other major coding formats.

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The Best Wireless Headphones For 2022

Tired of tangled cords? Cut yourself some slack and switch to Bluetooth headphones. Whether you’re looking for earbuds, on-ears, or to go completely wire-free, start with the best wireless headphones we’ve tested.


  • Sculpted audio with rich bass and crisp highs
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • ANC cant be adjusted
  • No EQ


  • Useful app with adjustable EQ
  • Comfortable on-ear fit
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Strong mic clarity

Luxurious Headphones For Apple Lovers

$60 BEST BUDGET WIRELESS HEADPHONES?! | SuperEQ S1 Over Ear Wireless Headset Review [2021]


  • Excellent audio performance with rich lows and crisp, detailed highs
  • High-quality active noise cancellation, especially for low-frequency rumble
  • Stunning, unique design
  • Adaptive EQ and Spatial audio
  • Hands-free Siri access
  • Sound signature and Adaptive EQ/spatial audio aren’t for purists
  • No user-adjustable EQ
  • Button placement makes it easy to misfire when adjusting fit
  • Smart Case does little to protect the headphones

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Best Cheap Bluetooth Headphones For Workouts Mpow 059

Mpow 059 are one of Amazons best sellers and they arent in that category for no reason. As many other Mpow products, they deserved it because of their great quality and very affordable price.

Whats in the box?

The headphones come in a very simple cardboard box with 4ft audio cable that ends with gold-plated 3.5 mm connector, one relatively short USB charging cable and one soft carrying bag.

Things we like:

Mpow 059 have quite simple but appealing and modern design. They are available in many colors , which should cover most of customer needs and preferences.

All the controls are highly accessible and they are placed on the right earbud. On the front side of the cup, you will see a set of buttons used to control the volume and skip tracks. The button in the center of the small circle is used to play/pause music and answer/end calls. When you press the button, the ring around it turns blue. If you press it again, the ring will start changing colors from blue to red and it means that the headphones are in pairing mode. On the same earbud, there is also micro USB port and on the left earbud you will find 3.5 mm audio cable port.

Things we dont like:

One of the things that we didnt like about Mpow 059 is their glossy finish that leaves all the fingerprints visible and the fact that the headphones can look a bit bulky on users head.

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