Best Cheap Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner

Actron Cp9690 Trilingual Diagnostic Scanner

Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanners 2021 (Buying Guide)

Actron are another reputable brand that develop a range of car error code readers and their new and improved CP9690 model is perfect for home mechanics. Unlike similar priced alternatives, the CP9690 is also compatible with OBD1 vehicles and includes all of the connectors and adapters you would possibly need. It also benefits from a large LCD screen for easy viewing of graphs and reports.

Other features of the Actron CP9690 Car Scanner include:

  • Powertrain and ABS coverage
  • Battery and oil light reset
  • ABS and airbag light reset
  • OBD1/CAN support
  • Live data streaming

The Actron car scanner is similar to the Innova 3160g and Autel MD808 in terms of the compact design. However, the capability to diagnose OBD1 cars makes it more appealing for owners of both classic and modern cars.

Xtool Ad10 Elm327 Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner

XTOOL has been in the vehicle accessories game for a while now, and their line of high-end on-board diagnostic scanners lends itself well to a variety of purposes. Whether youre a professional mechanic in need of reliable diagnostics, or a car enthusiast who wants to stay on top of his vehicle and everything that goes on inside and out of it, the XTOOL AD10 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner is a great choice.

One of the latest OBD2 Scanners to hit the market, the XTOOL AD10 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner is a premium vehicle accessory that operates wirelessly to diagnose and read vehicle information. It comes with a bunch of handy features like automatic vehicle identification , professional repair recommendations based on trouble codes, and comes with an intuitive and easy-to-read heads-up display for less distracted driving.

The XTOOL AD10 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner also offers a more modern OBD2 experience. It comes with its own free app that you can download directly to your smartphone. Plus, since its powered by Bluetooth 4.2, you can expect better connectivity and more reliable real-time updates. This OBD2 scanner also boasts less power consumption and a more diverse instrument displayed, all made possible thanks to the advanced processor that went into its design.

Get the XTOOL AD10 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner now on AliExpress.

Promoted Product: Obdeleven Obd2 Scanner

For Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda owners the best choice is for pros and beginners. Just plug the Bluetooth scanner into your cars diagnostic connector and fully access your car via a smartphone or tablet.

From turning check engine lights off to unlocking hidden features of your car Use ready-made coding applications to reset service and inspection lights, such as after an oil change or a brake service, adapt retrofitted equipment like LED license plate lights and washer fluid level sensors, adjust seat belt warnings, and more. Even unlock nifty visual tricks like a needle sweep on start-up. Its the simplest way to program your car without any additional knowledge.

Perform diagnostics Take care of your car by identifying any faults that occur, or perform an array of tests to determine the state of the vehicles components.

Get quick info access all the information from the cars control units And monitor a variety of parameters such as fluid temperatures, battery status, O2 sensors state, and engine RPM with virtual charts and gauges.

And if youre an expert code manually to turn on the extra-ordinary functions, but rest assured that theres a control unit backup feature that lets you restore all your code to a set point at any time. So, feel confident trying out any of the many new features. Rarely, if ever, has such vehicle-customizing power been packed into such a small, affordable, and user-friendly device as OBDeleven.

*This is a sponsored placement.

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Vgate Icar2 Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner

With Bluetooth support and a sleek, minimalist form-factor, the VGAT iCar2 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner is one of the most popular OBD2 scanners available on the market today. Instead of providing you with its own built-in digital display, this OBD2 scanner connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, laptop, or any Wi-Fi enabled device, allowing you to use any of your smart devices as a fully-functional diagnostic tool for your vehicle.

In terms of functions and features, the VGATE iCar2 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner comes with all of the features you would need from a full-fledged OBD2 device. The adapter is plugged in directly to the vehicles OBD connector slot, and lets you use your phone to do everything from reading, erasing, and displaying codes, measuring fuel usage, recording various vehicle status and parameters, and more. In real-time, the VGATE iCar2 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner keeps you informed about everything thats going on with your vehicle even as you drive. That includes momentum, temperature, oil pressure, speed, oxygen level, throttle position, and more.

Get the VGATE iCar2 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner now on AliExpress.

Autel Maxisys Ms906bt Bluetooth Full

Best Cheap OBD2 Scanners 2020 (Under $50 / $100 ...

The Autel Maxisys MS906BT supports long-distance work. Bluetooth transmission through the HDMI and USB ports of the MS906BT allow you to communicate with your car from anywhere in your garage. And the Exynos 5260 6-core processor inside the MS906BT ensures ultra-fast speed from any distance.

This automotive bidirectional scan tool also comes with an 8-megapixel camera for capturing pictures and video of your car.

Resets and professional diagnostics include oil reset, TPMS, EPB, actuation testing, SAS calibration, SRS, APB, and DPF. ECU coding is available, but only for Mercedes and BMW.

The Maxisys MS906BT works for over 80 car brands and manufacturers.

  • One of the more expensive models
  • ECU functions only work for a few brands
  • Initial battery may fail early on

Whos It For?

The Autel MaxisysMS906BT works well for both professional mechanics and DIYers. Many reviewscredit the MS906BT with really diversifying the work they could do in theirgarage.

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Bafx Products Bluetooth Cheap Obd2 Scanner For Android Devices

Rating: 4.5/5

BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic scanner comes well packed with a detailed user guide, the adapter and a compact disc. Additionally, it is, well, backed by a two-year warranty.

It works with OBD2 software ilke TOAD.

The user manual details the simple and straightforward way of setting up and using this wireless scanner. Also, in case you would like to use it with a PC, the user manual consists of the links to demo programmes available for PCs.

You need a third party diagnostic app on your phone or tablet for getting the vehicle information.

Talking about BAFX, some of the great features encompassed by this OBD scan device is its ability to clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes displays in addition to its function of diagnosing them.

Basically, you will be able to get into some of the performance parameters and also will be able to check monitors with this scanner it diagnoses PIDs from various sensors.

The scanner is pretty great with its advanced functions.

To some extent, this feature makes it a near-professional tool, despite of being an affordable OBD2 code reader.

Given how much its functionality meets the requirements of an average DIY enthusiast or a car owner, think of it as a steal at this price!

Best Obd2 Scanner For The Money

This bright red model Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner has a large color TFT display. An important advantage is the absence of necessity of synchronization with a computer or tablet. All information will be displayed here. It displays basic metrics, clears codes and resets monitors besides errors after changing the airbag, srs, electronic parking brake. There is also the possibility to receive software updates. The cord is long enough. The dimensions of the device are 6.3 x 17.7 x 9.2 inches. You can sit at the wheel and keep it in your hand.

Autel: Check the current price

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Q: What Kind Of Problems Can An Obd2 Scanner Diagnose

The OBD2 scanner can report on thousands of different codes that diagnose a variety of issues tied into the cars computer system. If it has a sensor on it, it can probably be diagnosed with a scan tool. Modern OBD2 scanners also have several other features like real-time data, live charts, and various types of functionality for safety and new technological systems.

Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Best Obd2 Scanner

Review: ELM 327 Cheap Bluetooth OBD2 Engine Light SmartPhone Scan Tool

For professional mechanics and technicians who deal with different car makes and models, the Launch X431 diagnostic scanner can be a wonderful tool for them. The Launch X431 OBDII scan tool may be costly but it is worth every penny. This is because it is versatile and accurate. You may buy lower-end scanner like Launch CRP123, and Launch CRP129 but X431 performs a wide range of functions and it is fast and accurate. The X431 V+ automotive scan tool is compatible with more than 68 car brands and is the best obd2 scanner for heavy-duty trucks and cars.

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Unlike most OBD II devices, you can utilize this diagnostics scanner even without updating it. But if you want to update it, you can do so automatically. And if youre not an English speaking country, there is nothing to worry about as it is multilingual. You can switch the menu to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, or polish. The unique feature of this device is that it comes with two heavy-duty truck standard protocols, which are J1708 and J1939. It can do key programs too. So, if you are looking for the best Car Key Programmer, then buy this.

Technical Features of the Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic OBD2 scanner tool:



  • Updating the device is expensive after one-year
  • High initial price

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Best Obd2 Scan Tools Under $100

1. FIXD Sensor Professional Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

FIXD was developed by 3 Georgia Tech engineering students who were sick of seeing people get ripped off at the repair shop. On a mission to help drivers better understand and better care for their cars, they designed FIXDs state-of-the-art software in the U.S.

The easy-to-use app is versatile enough for both beginners and avid DIYers. It is compatible with any vehicle that has an OBD2 port and connects wirelessly with Bluetooth to both iPhone and Android.

I love that the app not only gives simplified code descriptions in plain English, but it also guides drivers to other resources, including YouTube videos, blog articles, and more. Its also the only OBD2 scan tool Ive found that alerts you when its time for your cars next routine maintenance service. Very handy for a busy mom like me.

If you dont have a check engine light, theres a diagnostic flowchart to help you diagnose your problem based on the symptoms. The optional FIXD Premium upgrade gives you access to even more features, including the FIXD Mechanic Hotline, emissions readiness testing, and confirmed cost estimates for your specific repairs.

Who Its Best For: Everyone from the mom in the school pick-up line to experienced DIYers to owners of fleet vehicles can all benefit from this multi-functional OBD scan tool with a long list of helpful features and small, easy-to-use design. Priced at just $59.99, its also a great value for budget-conscious drivers.

Best Obd2 Bluetooth Scanners / Adapters Review 2021

Are looking for the best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner? If so, then you are on the right page!

A trip to a mechanic can cost about $100 on an average. Your car makes an odd beep, and you quickly rush to a mechanic because you do not have the skills to inspect the car on your own.

Sometimes the problem is minor, and you only end up regretting why you lack the knowledge. But what if we tell you that it is possible to save money and reduce trips to the mechanic without having to learn about cars?

Just pick the best one and put all your worries to rest.

Lets see Why it is Recommended!

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Best Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner In 2022

Its no secret that, in the car repair business, the best Bluetooth ODB2 app is costly. They can very quickly get expensive when you start purchasing professional equipment that can go through every area of your cars computer system. For most people, that price range isnt achievable, even for businesses. That said, technology has advanced where you can use your smartphone or tablet, paired with an OBD2 Bluetooth receiver, to start reading trouble codes within a vehicle. Just download the OBD2 Bluetooth receivers corresponding diagnostic app, connect the two, and you can diagnose a vehicle from a phone or tablet. You can say goodbye to those expensive scanners, as these receivers will do all the work for you.

Obd2 Scanner Buying Guide Checklist

The Best OBD2 Scanners of 2021

We have reached the end of this OBD2 scanner buying guide. Lets now have a look at what to consider when buying an OBD scanner.


Pick a scanner that is compatible with your vehicle .

Most scanners support cars but some may support light and heavy-duty trucks as well.

Also, check for protocols. Most OBD2 scanners cover five OBD2 protocols but some may have support for additional protocols as well.

Also, remember that OBD2 scanners only work with 1996 and beyond models. You will need an OBD1 scanner for older cars.


Pick a scanner keeping your car and requirements in mind. If you are a DIYer and only want to save a little bit of money, you should go for a scanner that offers basic features.

Conversely, if you a machinist or a professional, you should opt for a scanner with advanced features. This will help you save more money and give your vehicle a boost.


Corded scanners have their benefits but Bluetooth scanners are preferred by more people these days.

Bluetooth adapters work better with Android devices and WiFi adapters work better with iOS devices. However, some can support both devices.

Moreover, many adapters also support Windows devices and Bluetooth-enabled laptops.

Price Range

WiFi adapters are typically more expensive than Bluetooth adapters, but the price usually depends on factors such as warranty, features, etc.

Note: Buying apps can add to the cost to try to get one that comes with a free app.




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Veepeak Obdcheck Ble Bluetooth 40 Best Budget Obd2 Scanner For Ios & Android

Rating: 4.2/5

The next cheap and best OBD2 scanner making it to our list of top economic OBD2 scan tools and code-readers is from Veepeak.

Like BAFX, the Veepeak OBD-Check BLE Bluetooth 4.0 too comes with the ability to not only read or diagnose the trouble codes, but also to clear them.

In other words, with Veepeak OBD 2 scan tool, thus reset the check engine light. The scanner goes along with all the 5 OBD2 protocols: J1850 VPW, CAN, ISO9141-2, KWP2000 and J1850 PWM

Veepeak is, however, a step ahead in a dimension or two lets take a closer look at VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth 4.0 OBD code reader.

What Type Of Obd

The next step is to consider different types. They are explained below with the help of comparison charts.

There are three kinds of OBD2 scanner tools:

Type 1: Basic Car Code Readers

An automobile code reader is a handheld device that tells you why your check light is on. Thus, some people may name it as a check engine light reader or OBD2 reader. This type of car problem scanner helps you to troubleshoot the entire vehicle status.

These are the cheapest OBD2 scanners and offer mostly basic functions such as checking engine light codes, reading and clearing DTCs, etc.

These devices are quite handy because the check engine light only tells you that something is wrong with the car. It doesnt tell you what the problem is. You wont find any advanced features on them.

Connect an auto code reader to the OBD2 connector and it will read the code for you. You can search for the code or ask a professional to help you understand it. Heres what a vehicle code reader can do:

  • Read trouble codes
  • View some basic PIDs
  • Check and reset readiness monitors, etc.

However, what a vehicle code reader can do changes from model to model. This is why you should get your hands on the suitable one so that you can enjoy as many functionalities as possible.

Typed 2: DIY OBD2 Scanners

These scanners mostly come with dedicated mobile apps to connect wirelessly. Most DIY scanners can make a connection with a smartphone.

Type 3: Professional Diagnostic Tools

Which should I pick?

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Obd2 Bluetooth Adapter Buying Guide

There are many things that you need to consider before you can make the pick youll be completely satisfied with. There are many different models out there, and we want to help you make an informed choice. Thats why we will go through some of the most important factors and additional features to consider.

Why Should Get An Obd2 Bluetooth Scanner

Best Bluetooth OBD 2 Scanner | OBDII Scan Tool 2018 ArtiBox

Before moving ahead, lets understand what OBD2 adapters really are. OBD stands for onboard diagnostics. The term refers to a vehicles ability to self-diagnose and report.

An OBD system gives repair technicians and/or vehicle owners access to the vehicles subsystems and helps solve problems. They are quite effective and hence are being used everywhere.

If we compare conventional scanners with ODB2 Bluetooth adapters, theres a vast difference.

They can read several thousands of codes and provide tips on how to solve problems. They can also be updated with new firmware, which allows them to handle even more problems.

Lastly, they are portable and do not occupy much space in your car.

You can fit them inside the glovebox and theyll continue to provide you with car diagnostics and help in keeping it in good shape.

While the benefits of OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are clear, getting one can be a bit difficult mainly due to so many choices. Not all adapters are created equal, which is why you need to be careful when picking one.

To help you in this regard, we did a test drive and tried a variety of OBD2 Bluetooth scanners. We also compared their features, durability, compatibility, and usability to make a list of some of the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapters on the market.

Finally, we zeroed in on seven adapters that truly pack a punch.

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