Best Cruiser Helmets With Bluetooth

What Is Bluetooth Technology

BEST Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth System!

Originally, Bluetooth technology was developed by telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994 to replace-wires or wireless communication protocol for short range devices that had low power consumption.

Though a relatively new technology, over the years, it eventually found its place in the motorcycle industry, where it is now widely used and appreciated. Since it relies on radio frequency, it achieves the best results when a clear line of sight is established.

Design attributes that affect Bluetooth technology include: power consumption, antenna design, distance and environmental factors.

Interaction With Other Riders

This advantage suits well to those who travel in large packs. Are you planning a road trip with family or close acquaintances?

If yes is your answer, you may want to purchase a motorcycle helmet not only for yourself but for everyone else.

Remember when walkie-talkies were popular back in the early 2000s? Think of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmets as such.

How is this possible? A two-line communication design allows you to talk on your built-in microphone so that nearby riders will hear you clearly.

Do you know what that means? None of you wont need to pull out your phones if you need to coordinate with one another.

As far as range is concerned, that may vary among helmets. Some Bluetooth helmets are capable of long-distance conversations, while others are not.

Other Noise Reducing Features

  • Helmets that have plenty of padding around the neck can offer some level of noise reduction. And, if the helmet you prefer does not have neck padding you can also purchase a thick and fitted neck roll or wedge to help reduce the amount of air that flows into the helmet. The better the lining and padding are fitted to your neck and head, the better the noise reduction.
  • A good quality full-face windshield can help significantly with noise control and reduction, too. The face shield should seal properly when closed and should be made of a material thats sufficiently thick and sturdy . Any air ducts or vents on the helmet should also close and seal properly as any opening or component of the helmet that doesnt close or fit well can cause additional noise.
  • You can also try to shift your riding position while on your motorcycle to see if youre able to reduce noise as some of the noise may be caused by vibrations running through you and through your helmet.

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Finding A Helmet That Fits Best Head / Helmet Shape & Size

The first step in finding a helmet that fits is to determine the general shape of your head. There are three primary head shape categories that peoples heads generally fall within.

These categories are Round Oval, Intermediate Oval, and Long Oval. Using a flexible measuring tape, you can take 2 measurements of your head to determine which of the three primary head/helmet shapes apply to you.

Measure your head from the center of your forehead to the center of the back of your head . Then, measure your head again from the center of one ear to the center of the other ear . Once you have these dimensions, use the following descriptions to determine which head/helmet shape applies:

  • Round Oval a head that is very round and has almost identical front to back and side to side measurements
  • Intermediate Oval a head that has a slightly longer front to back dimension than the side to side dimension. This is the most common category.
  • Long Oval a head that has a noticeably longer front to back dimension than its side to side dimension.

Once youve determined your head shape, the next step is to determine your helmet size.

Helmet sizes vary with manufacturers and helmet models so its important to determine the actual circumference of your head in order to find the correct helmet size. And, as some helmet sizes are presented using metric measurements in size charts you should the circumference dimension in both inches and centimeters.

Bell Qualifier Dlx Mips Full

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets In 2020

Another helmet that is worth bringing in cruising trips is the DLX MIPS by Bell Qualifier.

This one perfectly emulates the style and design of the Star series of the brand, which makes it a true head-turner.

The Qualifier is more than qualified to serve the needs of every rider out there. It has exceptional engineering that ensures durability and ruggedness.

When there are collisions, this gear can protect your head from fatal impacts. This is due to the presence of the MIPS energy management implemented on the helmet.

Just like the Simpson Ghost Bandit, the Bell Qualifier comes with integrated communication ports. However, there is a limit to the type of stereo speakers that can connect to it.

Specifically, it is only the Cardo or Sena devices. Ventilation is not a problem when it comes to helmet because of the proprietary Velocity Flow. The latter is a liner that allows proper airflow to come through. Its aerodynamic is pretty decent due to the removable padded wind collar.

Aside from these features, the face shield of this gear is far from the ordinary. The NutraFog II face shield has anti-fog and anti-scratch features. These are essential features so that the field of vision of riders are not compromised.

Whether it is sunny or raining, the face shield provides to be an optimal view to you. By the way, the cheek pads of the helmet are contoured. It ensures a superior fit and comfort.


  • Doesnt have a noise-reducing feature

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Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

Highly appreciable among motorcyclists, the Daytona half helmet may be the right pick for riders who enjoy slow city commuting, wind in their hair, or the ones who need a good helmet for the occasional second rider.

If you want to blend in, you will also prefer the soft-touch finish than the high gloss one, right? After all, riding in the rain would mess up the gloss either way.

To ensure a proper and snug fit, this helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap made of nylon. Have you ever rode your motorcycle and the chin strap was pulling your hair and pinching you hard due to strong wind? Not only this is uncomfortable, but also very distracting.

Daytona integrated this adjustable strap you can move back or forward to find the best position, prevent pinching bruises, or losing your hair or beard.

On the inside, there is a moisture-wicking liner that absorbs excessive sweat and keeps you dry under the shell.

With the overall weight of 2.4 pounds, the Daytona half helmet will fit comfortably on your head. The best of all? It doesnt make your head look like a mushroom! For real, the Daytona half helmet skull cap is the smallest low-profile helmet that got approved that it meets the highest safety standards.


  • Available in 3 different shell sizes,
  • DOT and FMVSS 218 approved,
  • It comes with a 90-day guarantee.


Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth And Gps In New Technology

March 19, 2021 by team deltaheatedvest

Riding a motorcycle safely comes first, so the helmet is essential safety gear. But the critical point is that you have to choose the right kind of protective gear when traveling on motorbikes. To enjoy your long ride on your motorcycle safely, you have to ensure that you wear a helmet through which you can communicate with your friends risk and be board-free. The best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS will give you comfort, safety, a full-filed view, talk time with your friends, and proper ventilation.

With the passage of time technologies have been revolutionized in every field of life, including motorcycle gear. So also makes your rides safer and more enjoyable because helmets for the new generation have to include integrated Bluetooth and GPS. This new technology keeps you in touch with other riders and even listens to music at high speed, connecting with your smartphone. Riding on your favourite road with your friends, with your motorcycle helmets come with Bluetooth and GPS.

Now day motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth mp3 player and GPS have made your riding more enjoyable and easy. And nowadays, its quite easy to find helmets with many built-in technologies such as an mp3 player, GPS, and walkie-talkie communication from your smartphone.

Inner MaterialEPS

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Be Headwear Bluetooth Headphones

Best Value Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

  • Great call clarity
  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Control buttons are placed very close to each other therefore, can be difficult to use with gloves on

If you are looking for affordable and simple Bluetooth helmet speakers, we recommend purchasing the BE Hardware Bluetooth Headphones. We bet you wont find a simpler option on the market. The one thing that drew us toward these headphones was not their price but their simplistic design. However, their price is also definitely an important factor we considered while tagging them as the best value Bluetooth helmet speakers.

These Bluetooth helmet speakers come with the BE-Link system, micro-USB cord, DCV helmet hooks, and loop mounts. All the components are durable and sturdy.

Even though the audio performance delivered by these Bluetooth helmet speakers is not as good as the audio performance delivered by other Bluetooth helmets on our list, it isnt bad either. These Bluetooth helmet speakers come with 30 mm speaker drivers. Therefore, their audio is a little less powerful than other Bluetooth speakers with 40 mm speaker drivers. The difference is very minor.

The BE Hardware Bluetooth Headphones are compatible with all BE Headwear Bluetooth beanies and all half-face and full-face helmets. You can use these Bluetooth headphones to make/receive calls, listen to music, instruct voice assistants, and do a lot more.

What To Look For In A Bluetooth Connected Helmet

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets For 2022 | Heads-Up Display!

When it comes to what to look for in a Bluetooth connected helmet, there are some obvious things to look out for. First, make sure the helmet has a quality Bluetooth communication unit. Some manufacturers just slap any old Bluetooth communicator on there and call it good. You want one of the best communication units out there, which will likely be made by one of the best brands, either Sena or Cardo.

Second, make sure the helmet is of high quality. Look over the specs and materials used. Read a review or two, and generally find out if the helmet is going to be comfortable and provide the right level of protection.

Third, Make sure the integrated Bluetooth headset is actually integrated into the helmet and not just put on haphazardly. If youre going to get a helmet with a Bluetooth headset sticking way off, then youre better getting something like the Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet and adding a Sena SLR comm system to it.

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Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth Gps Navigation Intercom

Even when enjoying a long ride on your cruiser motorcycle, you have to ensure that you wear a helmet all the time. The best cruiser helmet will not give you comfort, safety, maximum field view and proper ventilation. In such a fast-paced life, riders now want to stay connected to their smartphones.

A helmets Bluetooth connectivity or Bluetooth Communication System is one prominent feature of modular helmets. This blog has covered some of the best cruiser helmets with Bluetooth, Intercom, GPS navigation, noise cancellation, Phone call, Music, Radio based on user reviews.

Table Of Content:

How To Pick The Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

You have to opt for a motorcycle helmet because its the most vital piece of protective gear, far above biker jackets, gloves, and boots. Even if youre cruising at moderate speeds, you have to wear your headgear. You may get a permanent injury if there is a sudden change in the stability of your motorcycle.

If the helmet fits you to a T, you protect your head if there is an accident. It can help save your life. Cruiser motorcycle helmet reviews point out that your head must be safe should you get into any mishaps.

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Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth

If you like the idea of a full-face motorcycle helmet, but you dont want the camera that was included with the first Sena helmet I showed, Id suggest the Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth Integrated Helmet. This helmet is essentially the same construction as the other Momentums from Sena. You get a fiberglass shell and all the other goodies in the Momentum package.

Where if differs from Senas other offerings is the Bluetooth communication unit. The Lite gets a 10S version of the headset integrated into the helmet. This isnt as powerful or as capable a Bluetooth unit, but it will still do the vast majority of tasks you wantstill a talk time of 27 hours and active noise canceling. It also makes the helmet more accessible in terms of price.

Voss 888cf Matte Carbon Dot Half Helmet

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth in 2019 Reviews

In a nutshell carbon fiberglass helmets offer the ultimate head protection. Wrapped up with carbon, the Voss 888CF makes a truly good choice for riders who expect nothing but uncompromised quality. Carbon is well-known for its shock-absorbing features and lightweight feel on the head.

Yet, the 888CF is as stylish as it is safe to wear. Coated in gloss, this helmet is impossible to overlook. This makes it easy to maintain. Just wipe off the dust and you are good to go.

This helmet comes with a drop-down sun lens that will make the road visible even when the sun is at its peak. Good visibility on the road is extremely important when it comes to safety.

To make the 888CF more comfortable, Voss integrated deep fitting and microfiber lining. Breathable materials prevent sweating or reduce it to a minimum. Even if you would borrow your helmet to someone, dont worry. The microbial lining is the least desirable place for germs.

The 888CF hits a whole lot of boxes when it comes to safety and comfort. If you are looking for a solid summer-helmet that boasts a smart design, dont forget about this one.


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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Pricing

Similar to regular helmet pricing, youll find Bluetooth helmets that range in price from about $150 to $800. If youre looking for the most affordable Bluetooth helmets, they are going to be half helmets with minimal features. You can expect to spend the typical midrange amount around $200-$300 for the majority of helmet offerings. They come in various types and have all of the features youd want in a helmet. Helmets in the top end of the pricing are from manufacturers known for producing high-end expensive helmets. They are typically lightweight and constructed from innovative materials. When it comes to Bluetooth technology, you can expect better quality from more expensive helmets. Youll see the difference in the connectivity, signal strength, features, and sound quality.

Sena Cavalry Lite Helmet

The Sena Cavalry Lite Helmet adds a Sena Bluetooth communicator to a half helmet design. The helmet itself is a super lightweight option. It has a fiberglass composite shell with an aerodynamic low profile visor, and multi-density EPS. Its as simple as a helmet can come in terms of design.

The Bluetooth headset used on the Cavalry Lite is the 10R. This isnt as advanced as the 20 series communicators in Senas other helmets, but like in the Momentum Lite, it still gets the job done. Youre looking at about 10 hours of talk time, a few hours to a full charge, and active noise canceling. Its a very good system.

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Take Calls And Listen To Music While You’re Holding The Throttle

  • University of Maryland
  • New York University
  • London Metropolitan University

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

For riders who want to listen to music or make phone calls while on the road, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can serve as a practical solution. These devices are essentially motorcycle helmets with a Bluetooth headset built in, and can offer a lot of utility. However, they serve a much more important function than other Bluetooth devices, as they must also protect your head while you ride. They need to be durable and meet safety standards. On top of that, the helmet should be comfortable, fit well, and have good audio quality for calls and music.

There arent as many Bluetooth helmets available as there are other audio products, but our experts took a hard look at what was out there to find the best options available. Read on to see our top picks.

  • Visor construction could be better

FreedConns Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet earns its place as the best overall Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet on the market with the combination of its design and technical abilities.

Bluetooth Version: 3.0 | Size Options: M, L, XL | Battery Life: Up to 9 hours intercom time, 12 hours phone time, 120 hours standby time | Safety Standards: DOT, BQB, CE

Why Is Bluetooth Technology Fit For Motorcycle Helmets

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets of the year

Bluetooth technology facilitates clear communication, operates effectively, is safe , easy to use and consume less power. These features have seen it replace older forms of short range communication such as NFC .

For motorbike riders, having a Bluetooth helmet means that you are able to stay connected in a number of ways. Besides listening to your favorite MP3s or favorite radio station, you can easily make and pick calls or even conduct clear conversations with your travelling buddies using the two-way communication feature, as long as they are within the required range.

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