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Available Bluetooth Helmet Options

Best ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets | 2021

Bluetooth capable helmets are available in two major options. One option involves buying a helmet that has the Bluetooth equipment already preinstalled while the other is to buy a uniquely designed Bluetooth device that can work and fit perfectly in any helmet. The later allows for flexibility since you will be able to comfortably change Bluetooth components to your own liking.

Generally, the Bluetooth component should be compatible with the latest technological derives which include: MP3 players, video game consoles, navigation systems , Smartphones and laptops. To use these devices with the chosen helmet, however, they must be within acceptable range.

Majority of helmet-compatible Bluetooth devices have a flexible boom microphone and can be fitted into either open face of flip up helmets. For full face helmets, there are a variety of microphones that work perfectly with them. As the Bluetooth devices have to be powered, most use durable, rechargeable lithium batteries. The durability of these batteries allows you to use the helmets for longer periods without the need to frequently recharge.

Size & Shape Of The Helmet

Each adventure and dual-sport helmet is available in multiple different shell sizes. You should carefully select your motorcycle helmet and make sure the size fits you properly. It is recommended that you try it on for at least 1 hour before you definitely decide to make the purchase. There are many different helmet shapes available on the market. Some of them look more like full-face helmets, while others are more similar to off-road helmets. But, every adventure helmet has a peak on top of the shell and a removable face shield in the eye port area.

Why Would You Need An Adventure Helmet

If you are not sure if you actually need an adventure helmet or not, then you have come to the right place!

There are many reasons to buy an adventure helmet instead of the regular full-face motorcycle helmet. Normal helmets are usually very heavy and dont offer enough airflow. When you are riding on an adventure bike, you will usually switch between many different kinds of terrains and weather conditions, therefore it is more practical to use a specialized helmet that can handle all of those conditions.

Full-face helmets dont have a peak-visor so there is not enough sun protection. The airflow provided by those helmets is insufficient as they are specifically designed for high-speed commuting. Adventure riding is rather slow-paced and sometimes can be even exhausting. You will sweat a lot and your head and neck can start to hurt, therefore you need a much better airflow and lower weight of the helmet. Thats why the adventure helmets were invented. They are much more comfortable to wear in those extreme conditions and they are much more suitable for an enduro motorcycle.

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Honorable Mention: Bell Mx

One helmet we’ve been excited about since it’s introduction at the AIM Expo last year, is the Bell MX-9. Another ADV helmet with big emphasis on street/off-road versatility . Bell has a ton of new options and designs for the helmet. At the time of publication, our Bell is being shipped to us now for a review, we’ll have a full report soon. Expected to weigh around three pounds, it’s one of the lightest and cheapest in the category.

Types Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Sedici Viaggio Parlare Matte Black Sena Bluetooth Dual Sport Helmet ...

Pre-Installed Bluetooth System

Some helmets come with Bluetooth and a communication system already installed in the helmet. Because you’re getting everything, expect the price to be higher. However, you don’t have to worry about installing anything. This makes them ready for use right out of the box. Most of the helmets in this category use high-quality materials and construction, making them a smart investment. The biggest advantage of these helmets is that the communication system, speakers, and microphone are hidden inside of the helmet, making for a clean design. Not having the unnecessary bulk on the side of your helmet is nice.

Helmet Capable Bluetooth System

These helmets come ready for a Bluetooth system to be installed in them. The process for installation can vary greatly. Some are essentially plug and play, while others require an extensive installation process. What’s nice about these helmets is that you get to choose the Bluetooth system you want in your helmet. You can also easily upgrade later on. You also have more options when it comes to choosing your favorite manufacturer with an outer shell design that appeals to you.

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Most Design Options: Torc T14b

  • Multiple size and color options

  • Noise-canceling mic

  • Visor construction not the best

The Torch T14B promises advanced protection, and it offers a lot of options. With sizes ranging from XS all the way to XXL, and a variety of colors to choose from, the T14B is one of our top picks because of its options and tech features.

It has noise canceling to help reduce wind noise while on a call, along with Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your smartphone. Speaking of Bluetooth, the Torc T14B helmet allows for intercom conversations up to 400 meters away and can deliver up to 24 hours of talk time on a single charge. It features dual speakers and can connect to your iPhone or Android smartphone for maps, to make calls, or to connect to your playlist.

And, in case you have both a GPS system and smartphone, you can pair the Bluetooth with both devices and quickly switch between them at will. You can easily answer calls, reject a call, override a call, or redial the last number you dialed.

The helmet is both ECE and DOT certified, and it has a fully adjustable flow-through ventilation system to keep you comfortable during long rides. Theres an aerodynamic spoiler built into the helmet so your head doesnt feel the wrath of all the wind.

Bluetooth Version: 3.0 | Size Options: XS-XXL | Battery Life: 24 hours talk time, 600 hours standby | Safety Standards: ECE, DOT

Hhh Dot Youth Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Best Cheapest Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Design And Construction

This helmet has durable construction with high-quality material. Also, the helmet will not break in an accident. This helmet weighs 3 pounds. And you will have the best protection with the HHH dot certified helmet.

Face Shield

This helmet has a visor of multi-colors. Also, this helmet gives an option to replace the visor shield. And this helmet has a durable visor shield that will not break easily.


The cushion padding of the helmet makes it comfortable for the rider. And the interior of the helmet is washable. Also, you can wash the lining easily by removing it. Plus, this helmet will not have a foul smell if you wash the interior after some time.

Helmet Noise

This helmet doesnt make noise because it is similar to a full-face helmet. But when you flip up the visor, the helmet noise might distract you.

HHH Youth Alternatives

All in all, this helmet has a visor of different colors that will protect you from sun rays. And you will get a bag with the helmet. It is the best motorcycle helmet for adventure touring.

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Gmax G2113046 Dual Sport Helmet Best For Glasses

Key Features

  • It comes with removable cheek pads because of which it doesnt get smelly
  • The aerodynamically developed visor allows the air to travel through effortlessly
  • It includes a dual-lens system that provides a transparent shield
  • It features a large eye-port that is large enough to accommodate the large riding glasses
Recommended ForMotorcycling

Well take a look at the GMAX GM-11S Dual Sport Helmet. This excellent helmet line is also an excellent option for bikers. It has a limited budget and is the best alternative on the marketplace at a reasonable price. This helmet has a large eye-port enough to accommodate the large riding glasses without trouble.

It comes with removable, cheek pads because of which it doesnt get smelly in hot weather, and it makes this GMAX helmet better than the ILM Full Face helmet.

It has a face shield for further protection. Because of its fantastic deism, you may decrease or conceal it by lifting it while wearing goggles. This model has been a challenging competitor for many in todays market so far.

Going on to the smallest dual sport helmet design, you get lovely functionality and a great appearance. There is a visor that has been aerodynamically developed. It allows the air to travel through effortlessly.


Things To Consider Before Choosing A Dual Sport Helmet With Bluetooth

Best ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets | 2020
  • Weight Of The Helmet

Heavier helmets can be more cumbersome to wear, especially for long periods of time. Make sure the helmet you choose is comfortable and fits well so you can wear it for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Type Of Bluetooth System That You Want

Some helmets come with built-in Bluetooth systems, while others allow you to install your own. If you choose a helmet with a built-in Bluetooth system, make sure that it is compatible with your phone and other devices.

  • The Price.

Dual sport helmets can be expensive, so you need to find one that fits your budget. The best dual sport helmet with Bluetooth is the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. So, take the time to shop around and find the perfect helmet for you.

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Mmg Dual Sport Helmet Best Affordable

Key Features

  • It features a multi-directional visor that can be locked in different ridges and allows you to hold in several different positions
  • Carbon fabric is used for the liner, which is placed atop the bright adaptive foam
  • It comes with a buckle mechanism to lock or unlock the quick-release shield and visor system
  • The forehead vent has good flow and can be closed when not in use
ATV, Adventure, UTV, Snowmobile, and Dirt Bike
Recommended ForCycling and Motorcycling

The MMG Dual Sport Helmet is the lightest dual sport helmet available on the market. Its 4.0-pound weight is accomplished by using a complete carbon fiber shell with a broad carbon weaving that has been manually placed to provide a flawlessly constant thickness and structural integrity.

It is always a significant problem to maintain the aerodynamics of visor-equipped headgear at high speeds. Using wide airflow vents and spoiler characteristics, MMG has created an aerodynamic visor that helps to balance the riders head while traveling at high speeds.

It features a multi-directional visor that can be locked in different ridges and allows you to be held in several positions, making it better than the GDM DK-650 reviewed above.

You may easily convert from street to off-road usage or between any of the four riding modes, all without the need for any equipment. To lock or unlock the quick-release shield and visor system, all that is required is a quarter turn at a 90-degree angle.


  • Chin Bar doesnt Close

Ls2 Helmets Pioneer V2 Helmet

The LS2 Pioneer is a feature-packed dual sport helmet suitable for newer riders at a budget-friendly price.

The shell is made from what LS2 calls a Kinetic Polymer Alloy which is a strong, light composite material and offers a small amount of flex to absorb the shock variations. It is manufactured in 3 shell sizes so that you can be sure of a personalized fit, and is the Long Oval head shape.

The interior padding is lined with a breathable hypoallergenic fabric that is removable and can be washed to keep your helmet smelling fresh.

The helmet is well ventilated with seven intake and five exhaust vents and does a good job allowing airflow, however, the top and rear vents dont close, so this is more of a warm-weather helmet. The chin vent allows a generous amount of airflow and is the only vent that can be closed.

The shield is scratch and UV resistant and optically correct, which means it does not distort the vision and has the fog-resistant FogFighter treatment to prevent the shield from fogging up in wet and hot conditions.

The helmet offers a twin shield system with an inner sunshade to protect your eyes from the sun. A sliding switch on the left side of the helmet operates it.

The helmet comes with a clear shield, but there are other shield color options available that can be purchased separately.

A large eye port means it will fit most major brands of goggles. Its not necessary to remove the visor to use a pair of goggles, simply flip the face shield up.

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What Is The Dual Sport Helmet With Bluetooth

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of dual sport helmet with bluetooth is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the dual sport helmet with bluetooth listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Other Desirable Features To Look For:

Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth Dual Sport Helmet
  • Padding on the inside of the chin guard
  • Cut-outs in the lining to accommodate a Bluetooth communication system
  • Vents that can be opened and closed
  • Large eye port for good off-road visibility and to fit goggles
  • Good sound insulation at highway speeds
  • Built-in tinted drop-down sun shield
  • Emergency Cheek Pad Release System

Here are what I consider the 6 Best Dual Sport Helmets, compiled from my experience of over 30 years of racing and riding dirt bikes of all types.

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The Klim Krios Pro Shoei Hornet X2 And Arai Xd

Lets just get these three out of the way first so we can check out a couple of new arrivals to this Premium Category.

These are the top three adventure helmets Ive worn to date. Just pick the one you fit the best and theres a 99% probability that youll be over-the-moon happy. Theyre expensive, beautiful to look at, well-built, and they just plain do the job of protecting your head while also keeping you comfortable to a greater degree than the less expensive helmets.

Of the three I prefer wearing the Arai because it fits me the best while flowing huge quantities of air inside. I will happily wear the other two as well, though its so, so, so, close.

Heres a link to the three helmet comparison articles I previously wrote to tell you everything youll ever need to know about them. Three Adventure Helmet Showdown.

Oneal Sierra 2 Adventure Helmet Review

Another great bang for the buck on our list of the best adventure helmets is the ONeal Sierra 2. After the huge success of the first Sierra helmet, ONeal introduced the second edition. It comes with all the necessary features that you expect from a proper adventure helmet. The price of this lid is around $150 and you will be pleasantly surprised how many different features you will get from such an affordable helmet.

Shell Design & Protection

The ONeal Sierra 2 adventure helmet features an aggressive design with lots of cutouts and ventilation channels, which we usually only see on true off-road helmets. It has a removable peak visor that is secured with a couple of high-quality screws.

The outer shell is made out of a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS and the helmet is available in two different shell sizes. The weight of the helmet is around 3.5 lbs . It is still relatively light, but definitely not the lightest adventure helmet out there. Thanks to its DOT and ECE certification, the ONeal Sierra 2 offers enough protection for both street use and off-road riding.

Ventilation & Airflow

The ventilation system of the ONeal Sierra 2 adventure helmet consists of three intake vents in the front, and two exhaust vents in the back. The frontal chin vent is designed to push fresh air into the facial area of the riders head, while the top vents will allow high amounts of cool air into the channeling of the internal EPS liner.

Interior & Comfort Level

ONeal Sierra 2 Helmet

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Auboa Dual Sport Helmet Best For Atv

Key Features

  • Style and aerodynamics come together in this ABS-shelled ATV helmet for maximum protection.
  • Adjusting the sun visor allows you to transform this helmet from a dirt bike helmet to a full-face helmet.
  • The transparent visor on the exterior and the tinted visor on the interior are detachable on the ATV helmet.
  • There is a removable and washable top liner and ear cushions.
Recommended ForCycling, Motorcycling

When it comes to the production and design of motorcycle helmets and accessories, Auboa places the highest priority on safety. All helmets are subjected to random testing at the production facility before undergoing safety testing.

Auboa is dedicated to producing safe, inexpensive, and high-quality helmets. By changing the sun visor, you may transform this helmet into a dirt bike helmet or a full-face helmet at your leisure.

Remove the screws that hold the sun visor in place, then attach the three black clips that come with the helmet to the screws that hold the sun visor in place, and youll have a full-face helmet. To convert this into a dirt bike helmet, unscrew the screw on the helmet, remove the clear visor, then replace the screws and sun visor to the helmet.

You will then have a dirt bike helmet on your hands. This is an excellent adult helmet for motorbikes, motocross, dirt bike, mountain bike, dual sports, and other outdoor riding activities. It is available in many colors and fits most people.


  • Durable for Long Term Use
  • Excellent Ventilation

Best For Comfort: Torc T15b

Best ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets | 2022
  • Average anti-noise feature

While a technologically advanced product is important, comfort is equally important, and the TORC T15B Bluetooth integrated helmet offers the best of both worlds. This helmet provides comfort on both the inside and the outside.

On the outside, a built-in spoiler helps eliminate wind buffeting, providing extra stability while the advanced thermo polymer alloy shell offers air ventilation. The suede padding helps to keep you cooler on hot days, while the drop-down sun visor quickly and easily snaps into place. Its user-replaceable, scratch-resistant, and fog-free.

Built-in Blinc Bluetooth technology works like any other Bluetooth device and connects in seconds. With average use, you should only have to recharge the device about once a week. Beyond battery life, the T15B adds one-touch call answer/reject as well as disconnecting.

Dual-stereo speakers are clear and crisp, making every voice perfectly legible even at high speeds. Phones arent the only devices compatible with the helmet, either. MP3 player control is available as well as dedicated GPS units for directions.

Bluetooth Version: 3.0 | Size Options: XS-XXL | Battery Life: 24 hours talk time, 600 hours standby | Safety Standards: DOT, ECE

We also like the Torc T14B . It allows for intercom conversations up to 400 meters away, works with both Android and iPhones, and can easily switch between devices.

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