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Is A Bluetooth Helmet Worth It

Best Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet 2018 Under $200 – ILM Helmet

Are Bluetooth helmets worth it? Bluetooth helmets provide a wide variety of advantages to a motorcycle rider, such as hands-off communication with passengers or other riders, the ability to stream music, and the ability to navigate. Bluetooth helmets are not for every rider, but theyre a great asset to some.

Types Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Pre-Installed Bluetooth System

Some helmets come with Bluetooth and a communication system already installed in the helmet. Because you’re getting everything, expect the price to be higher. However, you don’t have to worry about installing anything. This makes them ready for use right out of the box. Most of the helmets in this category use high-quality materials and construction, making them a smart investment. The biggest advantage of these helmets is that the communication system, speakers, and microphone are hidden inside of the helmet, making for a clean design. Not having the unnecessary bulk on the side of your helmet is nice.

Helmet Capable Bluetooth System

These helmets come ready for a Bluetooth system to be installed in them. The process for installation can vary greatly. Some are essentially plug and play, while others require an extensive installation process. What’s nice about these helmets is that you get to choose the Bluetooth system you want in your helmet. You can also easily upgrade later on. You also have more options when it comes to choosing your favorite manufacturer with an outer shell design that appeals to you.

Interaction With Other Riders

This advantage suits well to those who travel in large packs. Are you planning a road trip with family or close acquaintances?

If yes is your answer, you may want to purchase a motorcycle helmet not only for yourself but for everyone else.

Remember when walkie-talkies were popular back in the early 2000s? Think of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmets as such.

How is this possible? A two-line communication design allows you to talk on your built-in microphone so that nearby riders will hear you clearly.

Do you know what that means? None of you wont need to pull out your phones if you need to coordinate with one another.

As far as range is concerned, that may vary among helmets. Some Bluetooth helmets are capable of long-distance conversations, while others are not.

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The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth Come With An Exceptional Warranty

There are many factors to consider when you’re selecting a product. The best modular motorcycle helmet with bluetooth comes with an unprecedented warranty, but getting the most out of your purchase doesn’t stop there.

Buying from reputable retailers and reading reviews can help ensure that you get what you pay for while understanding how warranties work can help if something goes wrong or becomes defective in some way after it’s purchased.

Make sure to buy quality items with good warranties so that they last – and don’t forget to read user reviews before making any purchases!

When you buy the best modular motorcycle helmet with bluetooth for under 500$, $200, $100, or $50, the contract is one of the most important factors to consider. It protects your investment and ensures that nothing happens with your purchase.

It will be fixed or replaced for free. A good warranty can also help keep prices low because manufacturers know they have more assurance from consumers when they offer a great warranty plan.

It is essential to understand the warranty that comes with a product before you buy it. Some contracts are better than others, and if you don’t know what you are buying, you may be paying for something that isn’t worth the price.

The best modular motorcycle helmet with bluetooth comes with an exceptional warranty because they want their customers to feel confident in their purchase.

Why Is Bluetooth Technology Fit For Motorcycle Helmets

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth in 2019 Reviews

Bluetooth technology facilitates clear communication, operates effectively, is safe , easy to use and consume less power. These features have seen it replace older forms of short range communication such as NFC .

For motorbike riders, having a Bluetooth helmet means that you are able to stay connected in a number of ways. Besides listening to your favorite MP3s or favorite radio station, you can easily make and pick calls or even conduct clear conversations with your travelling buddies using the two-way communication feature, as long as they are within the required range.

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Ilm 953 Bluetooth Helmet

The ILM 953 Pro is Amazons top selling bluetooth helmet. However, this might have to do more with its low cost than its quality. The ILM comes with decent bluetooth technology from FreedConn that supports 6-8 riders speaking simultaneously, but the unit can only pair with other FreedConn units. The lid is otherwise basic DOT certified, with a built in sunshade and coming in a few colorways. Reviewers note the helmet runs small, so go a size up.

The ILM 953 is a great choice if youre on a budget and want a simple way to communicate between a few riders or with your passenger.

Hjc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

You might notice we did not include any HJC bluetooth helmets in our reviews. Thats because HJC unfortunately does not sell any motorcycle helmets with a pre-integrated bluetooth system they simply sell helmets with recesses ready for custom-made systems.

This cannot compete with an integrated system on many of the important dimensions cost, looks, battery life and more. HJC does however build high quality, DOT certified helmets with lightweight shell for the high end of the market. We may decide to review a few of these bluetooth ready helmets in the future, but for now, they just dont fit the bill.

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Are Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmets Worth It

Bluetooth modular helmets are now in huge demand. This is because the Bluetooth features are very necessary for communication and listening.

While operating a mobile phone is risky and troublesome during a ride, Bluetooth enables you to monitor calls with a single click, listen to GPS, and even music or radio.

The modular features are the upgraded version of normal helmets so that face-to-face communication becomes easier and simpler with the helmet on.

The best part is you get modular Bluetooth helmets at a very reasonable price. Paying for such upgraded features is totally worth it in my opinion as you also upgrade your riding experience.

Torc T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Blinc Bluetooth


Heavy-duty helmets are great for maximum protection, but they can be a real pain while going on long trips due to their limited airflow.

This is where you can turn to this one for maximum protection without it compromising your comfort. It is 20% smaller in size than regular heavy-duty helmets, which makes it a top favorite.

The helmet uses Bluetooth technology to receive and make calls, to listen to music or navigate using GPS directions. It has built-in speakers and applies noise reduction technology to give as much as a good hearing experience as possible at high speed. You wil find its talk time of 6 hours and a standby time of 11 hours quite impressive.

This product is very comfortable despite being very stable due to its various vents. The vents in the back, chin and top help to replace all warm air, making it less stuffy for you. Therefore, you will not have to sweat through long rides just for the sake of getting a bit of extra protection.

This device is not only comfortable to use but also equipped with things that make it better than a lot of others. The visor in this helmet is fog and scratch-resistant. Therefore it does not compromise your vision even while traveling through places with an adverse climate.

It also has a drop-down sun visor, so you do not have to face the prospect of the sun obstructing your vision.


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Buyers Guide: Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth And Gps

All of these smart motorcycle helmets are worth your attention. They all have built-in Bluetooth speakers of decent quality. Each helmet allows you to connect with other riders, stream audio from your mobile device, and follow GPS navigation prompts. The prices are similar as well.

But these helmets are not exactly the same. While most of them are modular, one is strictly a flip-up, and another is a full-face type. Designs differ, as well as the weight. Bluetooth range varies from 1000 to 3000 feet.

Now, lets see which are the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS in each category:

Best modular helmet: If youd like to buy a great modular helmet, we recommend the ILM 953-W-L. With built-in Bluetooth 3.0, this modular helmet has both flip-up and full-face modes. It is made of quality materials, has a good intercom range, and reasonably long battery life.

Best full-face helmet: If youre looking for a solid, full-face helmet, check out this FreedConn BM22. Robust yet lightweight, this full-face Bluetooth helmet has excellent range and battery life, full Bluetooth functionality, and superior ventilation.

Best flip-up helmet: In this case, we recommend the Martian HM-BH1. Even though this is actually a modular helmet, it works best in the flip-up mode.

Best lightweight helmet: If youd prefer a lighter helmet that wont be a burden to your shoulders, choose TORC T27. It has superior performance despite weighing only 1 pound!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Unbiased Reviews In 2022

Have you figured out where to find the Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth can be located? It would be fantastic to have you join us now. Unfortunately, many options are available in the marketplace, making it challenging to pick the best one.If you read this article, you’ll have the ability to pick the Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth more quickly. If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to locate precisely the information you’re seeking. We’ll make your shopping experience effortless!


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Origine O528b Pilota 3/4 Helmet With Blinc Bluetooth

Most importantly, the Origine O528B Pilota ¾ helmet comes with BLINC 3.0 Bluetooth. You can talk to other riders up to 100 feet away. You can also listen to music in stereo or stay connected to your phone for taking calls or listening to directions.

Of course, safety isnt as high with a 3/4 helmet. If youre concerned about safety on the highway, its always better to wear a full-face helmet. It does meet all safety standards, however, and will look just as good if youre riding a Ducati Monster as an Italian scooter.

The Origine Pilota is available in five different sizes and seven color combinations.

Purchase / $132

Things To Consider When Choose A Bluetooth Helmets

7 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2019

A wide range of bluetooth motorcycle helmets are available in the market. And when deciding between them, you have to determine exactly what you needs are.

Different bluetooth helmets have their stand-out features. Some are sturdy with high quality sound, others offer intercom facility over large distances, yet others come packed with an advanced bluetooth dial.

If you want to buy a bluetoothmotorcycle helmet to connect with other riders, you may want to choose a helmet that supports intercom over large distances.

If you want to buy a helmet to take calls on the go, choose one with great sound quality.

Similarly, if you want to use the helmet to listen to music while also ensuring head protection, go for one which offers MP3 syncing and has a solid construction.

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Klim Krios Sena 10u Stealth Helmet

Another innovative helmet certified by DOT, has a full face full carbon shell construction which makes it super resilient and lightweight while the inner lining made up of klimatek fibers is super soft, moisture absorbent, washable and anti-microbial in nature. The device has a durable transparent and anti-scratch shield.

The integrated 4.0 Bluetooth system allows communication with four riders at a time in a radius of 1 mile. It provides a talk time of 10 hours with astonishing voice quality. FM radio, GPS control, voice interactions are some of the other important features.

Lm Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip Up Full Face Dual Visor Mp3 Intercom Fm Radio Dot Approved Model

  • Meet or exceed DOT safety standards.
  • Bluetooth 3.
  • Featured with intercom system, the motorcycle helmets support 3 riders pairing, 2 riders intercom communication at the same time with maximum distance up to 500 Meters .
  • ILM bluetooth helmet with battery fully charged serves 12 hours phone talk time, 8 hours intercom talk time and 110 hours of standby.
  • Rider-to-rider intercom communication is available between ILM 953 Bluetooth helmet and ILM 902 Bluetooth helmet.

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Take Calls And Listen To Music While You’re Holding The Throttle

  • University of Maryland
  • New York University
  • London Metropolitan University

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

For riders who want to listen to music or make phone calls while on the road, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can serve as a practical solution. These devices are essentially motorcycle helmets with a Bluetooth headset built in, and can offer a lot of utility. However, they serve a much more important function than other Bluetooth devices, as they must also protect your head while you ride. They need to be durable and meet safety standards. On top of that, the helmet should be comfortable, fit well, and have good audio quality for calls and music.

There arent as many Bluetooth helmets available as there are other audio products, but our experts took a hard look at what was out there to find the best options available. Read on to see our top picks.

  • Visor construction could be better

FreedConns Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet earns its place as the best overall Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet on the market with the combination of its design and technical abilities.

Bluetooth Version: 3.0 | Size Options: M, L, XL | Battery Life: Up to 9 hours intercom time, 12 hours phone time, 120 hours standby time | Safety Standards: DOT, BQB, CE

About Our Modular Helmet Recommendations

Best Bluetooth Helmets 2020

Founded in 2000, our team at wBW has collectively tested more than 2,500 helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, accessories, and more. We do not fluff reviews. A riders safety is heavily dictated by how they ride and what they wear while doing so. Our goal is to help riders make informed decisions about the gear they invest in to protect themselves.

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Torc T15b Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Featuring a beginner-friendly design, you should really consider buying TORC T15B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. Like other best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, this helmet features a built-in Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also talk to another rider via an intercom system. Plus, it has 20 hours of talk time and a total of 600 hours of standby time.

For the designs, we have to say that itâs super slick, complete with a race-inspired flair and a high-gloss finish. With your comfort in mind, this helmet features an anti-fog and anti-scratch visor, which is replaceable if you want to upgrade it. The last thing you have to worry about when buying this helmet is the protection it provides. Itâs DOT and ECE 22.05 certified, which will give any potential buyer peace of mind knowing that their helmet has been safety tested.

Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset And Intercom With Built

The Sena Bluetooth stereo headset is a favorite among riders who use half helmets. Complete with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, this headset makes receiving and making calls or communicating with other passengers or bikers near you a very smooth process.

Even when it is very noisy or windy outside, or the speed is breakneck, this headset has got your back.

One of the things that make this headset a fan favorite is how it can be installed easily. It can be fitted easily into most half helmets, so you do not have to waste your valuable time looking for what kind of helmet you would need to use this. It can also be very easily paired up with any devices, without any hassle.

This device uses a voice activation feature so that you can keep your hands where you need them while riding your bike, which is not on the phone.

Because of this, this is a very safe helmet to use. It also uses a unique technology to block noise, so that you can get the most out of your hearing experience even in adverse situations.

Another good thing about this helmet is that it comes with a lot of small side equipment such as speaker and velcro pads, microphone caps, mic sponges, USB power and data cable, etc.

The headset is also water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about it getting affected in the rain. Also, the long-range is a big plus point.


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What To Look For In A Modular Helmet

Like all helmets, modular helmets come with a list of items to pay particular attention to. More complex than every other type of helmet, knowing what to look for can be the difference between an awesome experience and a terrible one.

Look For:

  • DOT/ECE certificationsMany inexpensive modular helmets showing up on Amazon and eBay are not DOT or ECE certified. This certification may save your life. Dont cheap outremember, youre preparing for the slide, not the ride.

  • Comfort Most of the helmets featured on this page use lightweight materials to minimize neck strainuseful, especially on long rides.

  • Head shapeWhile most people are an intermediate oval, not all are. Make sure you get a helmet designed for your head shape.

  • Shell materialPolycarbonate is okay, but youd be better served with carbon fiber or fiberglass. All the helmets called out here are fiberglass.

  • Interior linerAll the helmets featured here offer removable liners that are anti-moisture and anti-bacterial. Avoid non-removable liners itll be a stink factory before you know it.

Read the complete motorcycle helmet buyer’s guide for more information.

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