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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Brands

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth 2020

There are a few leading brands in the area of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that you can rely on to deliver high quality and user-friendly devices. Amongst these are the Bilt bluetooth helmet which offers aerodynamic and lightweight protection with integrated Sena DWO-5 Universal Bluetooth 3.0 communicator that is universal and will work across all brands.

Another notable brand is ILM which gives you eight hours of talk time and a full 110 hours of standby time and has an FM radio. Most riders will also be familiar with FreedConn and Torc which provide exceptional devices that are good value for money. All of these brands sell products that meet the ECE and DOT safety standards.

Cardo Packtalk Bold Headset

Cardos PackTalk Bold Headset is a special unit that also utilizes mesh technology for large groups of peopleup to 15 riders at a range of up to five miles.

The big news for the Cardo PackTalk Bold is that it has natural voice command, meaning you can do voice commands as you do with Siri on your iPhone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. You can even access voice commands through the system for your phone.

In addition to those innovative features, the Cardo headset is waterproof and dustproof, supports Bluetooth 4.1 connections with up to nine riders at a distance of one mile, and connects to your phone calls and other features.

The system also provides seamless transfer from intercom to phone calls, offers noise reduction technology, self-adjusting volume based on speed and noise levels, and offers a customizable hot-dial number.

Thokwok Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

With a long working range of 100m, this is a fine selection of Bluetooth intercom that you need to get. The device utilizes the latest Bluetooth system and with the quality CSR Bluetooth chip, it can connect at a high speed of 50 to 70mph. Other than this, it is a waterproof unit that you can use during all weather conditions. The intercom accommodates up to three riders, which makes it a pick that suits you efficiently. To add more, it also has a noise-canceling technology that brings about crystal clear communication when riding.

The device also supports hands-free communication so that you get to receive calls when riding. It is a versatile intercom that you can use with half-face and full-face helmets. More interestingly, it also allows you to listen to your favorite FM radio channels and playlist when riding. For easy wired connection, it has a 2.5mm audio socket for a seamless connection with most devices.

  • Easy hands-free communication

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Outdoor Tech Chips Truewireless Helmet Audio Speakers

Best True Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

  • Automatically turn off after some time

For those who dont like wires at all, weve got an impeccable true wireless option too. Yes, thats right. The Outdoor Tech Chips True Wireless Helmet Audio Speakers are the best and universal true audio solution for snow helmets and motorcycles were tried them with both types of helmets.

Just like the Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers, these true wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers deliver excellent sound performance, powerful bass, and clear mids and highs. Even their functionality is similar to their wired counterparts. However, their battery life is a little better than their wired variant.

What Type Of Intercom Do I Need

Best Bluetooth Motorcylce Half Helmet

Have a look at whats on offer, there is no right or wrong product except those that dont the features you want or have too many features to justify the price. Typically, the more features you want in a unit, the more expensive the unit will be, but it will also be more versatile to more uses.

Whichever motorcycle intercom you end up going for, make sure you get the basic necessities of the unit youre after. So if youre not planning on speaking to other people while you ride, you may want to consider whether having a microphone is worth the money.

All Bluetooth helmet intercoms will have the ability to connect to your phone/sat-nav or other Bluetooth devices for playing music, listing for directions, or simply taking a call without taking off your helmet. Building onto the basics, some units have a built-in FM radio so even if you cant reach your phone, you can still listen to Eagle radio without the hassle.

Oh and one more thing to note as well if you see the words Solo or Duo in the name of the product, this refers to the number of units inside the box . This is perfect if you want to go halves with a mate for an intercom or if you have a regular pillion rider.

If you want to have a look at whats available, you can get yourself some fantastic units for the price.

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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Of 2022

Best Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth: In-depth Reviews With Alternatives

Best Budget Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet
Best Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Sena SPH10H Half Bluetooth HelmetBest Half-Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet
Sena CAVALRY Half Bluetooth HelmetBest feature Bluetooth half motorcycle helmet
Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 HelmetBest 3/4 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet
Best selling Bluetooth modular motorcycle helmet
TORC T27 Full Face Bluetooth HelmetBest quality Bluetooth motorcycle helmet
Best integrated blinc Bluetooth helmet
HJC i90 Modular Bluetooth HelmetBest high-end Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Take And Make Calls Talk To Other Riders And Listen To Tunes

You can make and take calls, connect to up to 3 other headsets, listen to music from your phone or audio device or get turn-by-turn instructions from your Sat Nav. It has a lower operating time than most other headsets and a shorter range and lower quality audio but as a first step into the world of Bluetooth headsets its a great choice.

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Cardo Freecom 1 Plus Motorcycle 2

The Cardo Freecom 1 Plus is an inexpensive option for the single rider who simply wants to connect to GPS, make and receive phone calls, listen to music, or when combined with a second Freecom 1 Plus, communicate with a pillion passenger.

It doesnt have the range of Cardos higher-end models because it is designed for two people on one bike. It has a useful range up to about 10m.

The previous model Freecom 1 was music and phone only, the new Freecom 1 Plus now has the intercom capability for the pillion and is sold as a single or dual pack. Its slim aerodynamic design is only 16mm top to bottom.

Like the other Cardo Freecom and Packtalk series, it is fully waterproof to IP67, so you never have to worry about riding in wet weather. Most competing brands are only water-resistant.

The Freecom 1 Plus is the perfect solution for the rider who rides solo or with the occasional passenger but still wants to be connected to make and receive calls, use a GPS and enjoy music streamed from the phone or the built-in FM radio. It even comes pre-paired if purchased in the Dual Pack.

It shares most of the features of the higher-end models in the Freecom Plus lineup including immersive sound through thin 40mm speakers with an advanced processor, Audio Sharing, Automatic volume, and is totally waterproof.

Cardo offers a 2-year warranty on all of its communication sets.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmets Top Choices & Best Sellers

Boom! Audio SPH10 Bluetooth Half Helmet Headset | Harley-Davidson

The Comparison table Shows some of the best Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets you can get right now.


The Bilt techno is absolutely an amazing helmet a lot to offer at its affordable price of just above $150*.

The Bluetooth technology it offers is really impressive. The sound is crisp and clear when listening to a call or when playing music even at high speeds.

If youre a musician still mixing and mastering your tracks and you take a listen with this helmet you will feel ready to send your music to a and r.

While this helmet may not be the best helmet in terms of built quality still it has all the features that a $700* helmet may have.

The helmet has metallic paint with either double lacquer or a flat matte finish.

You can use to connect your phone with the helmet to play music, Use GPS, or call someone.

The Bluetooth feature can even be used to pair it with another Techno Helmet sweet.

The helmet provides top safety and is DOT approved.

Another great thing about this helmet is that the controls are simple to use and easy to reach even with the gloves on.

The Ventilation is great and you dont feel uncomfortable even when humidity and temperature are high.

Long Story Short: The helmet has a great many features comparable to an expensive helmet. It provides you safety and comfort at a reasonable price.

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What Is The Cost Of The Device

No doubt! The very first thing you must keep in your mind is the COST and just because a Bluetooth headset is expensive, it doesnt mean that it contains all the features you require. Or, in other words, go for the Bluetooth headset that has all the features that fit your needs. Whether it costs $50 or $500.

Keep in mind that the prices may differ a lot in the US, UK and EU. Thats because of the value added tax for electronic devices that some countries have to pay while others dont.

Can I Drink Water While Wearing My Motorcycle Helmet

The U.S. Department of Transportation says that the only beverages you can consume while riding a motorcycle are carbonated and non-carbonated, and any container with a limited or no-spill design. Even though you can drink from a bottle while wearing your helmet, some states still limit you to a single can of light beer, according to NHTSAs website.

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Buyers Guide For Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Of 2020

Now well discuss the essential features of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. After knowing about the crucial elements of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, you can make an accurate decision.


The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is worth buying because it will make your ride safer even when listening to calls. You can quickly attend to the voice calls with the touch one button only. Also, you will have an unsurpassed sound quality with Bluetooth speakers. On top of that, you will have a GPS connection with this Bluetooth device. And you dont need to hassle with the wires. Other than that, you dont need to take the phone out while riding. It will have a GPS feature to make the motorcycle ride pleasurable. Also, you will have a crisp, clear audio sound due to the noise-cancellation feature. You will not hear the background noise of traffic and listen to the calls conveniently.


Moreover, the helmets with Bluetooth technology and speakers on our list have excellent quality construction. And you can securely ride with this helmet as they are shock-absorbing. Plus, you will have durable lining and padding to secure the head in accidents. Besides that, the padding will secure the Bluetooth device in the crash as well. But if the Bluetooth kit breaks, you cannot fix it again. Also, the polycarbonate material of the helmet is soft yet durable. Generally, the outside content of the helmet is according to the price of the helmet.


Sena 10r Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena SPH

The most low-profile of any of the externally mounted Bluetooth headsets. This unit comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which is a significant move forward from the previous comparable Sena units. The 10R replaces the SMH10R, which had Bluetooth 3.0. This means the new 10R will have longer battery life and better connectivity.

The 10R can support up to 4 riders for intercom capabilities. Itll also connect to your phone for various functions and a new feature for this style unit is FM radio. It can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices, meaning you could connect it to your phone and a designated GPS unit if you wanted.

It also has features youd expect in a Sena unit, including advanced noise control, wind noise reduction, and wide volume control. Youre looking at up to 10 hours of talk time, and a 3 hour charge time.

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What To Look For In A Bluetooth Connected Helmet

When it comes to what to look for in a Bluetooth connected helmet, there are some obvious things to look out for. First, make sure the helmet has a quality Bluetooth communication unit. Some manufacturers just slap any old Bluetooth communicator on there and call it good. You want one of the best communication units out there, which will likely be made by one of the best brands, either Sena or Cardo.

Second, make sure the helmet is of high quality. Look over the specs and materials used. Read a review or two, and generally find out if the helmet is going to be comfortable and provide the right level of protection.

Third, Make sure the integrated Bluetooth headset is actually integrated into the helmet and not just put on haphazardly. If youre going to get a helmet with a Bluetooth headset sticking way off, then youre better getting something like the Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet and adding a Sena SLR comm system to it.

What Helmets Do I Need To Wear On A Motorcycle

The basic rule of thumb is always to wear your helmet in the same way you would in a car or SUV. This means buckling it up and securing the visor. And always take your helmet off in the same way you would when you get out of the car.

A general rule of thumb is to wear the helmet the same way you would while riding in a car, but never assume that everyone knows what to do. Riding a motorcycle is a sport, not a method of transportation. When youre on the road, you should always be focused on your surroundings.

Put on your full-face helmet when your head and neck are under a significant amount of impact from a crash. Wear it in any and all types of weather. Wear it in places where youd be exposed to open flames, heat, and/or sharp objects. Wear it at night when visibility is limited.

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Integrated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Sena Outrush Modular Smart HelmetImage links to

A final option, one that is the newest to the market, would be to go for an integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, where the entire Bluetooth system is integrated into the build of the helmet.

So speakers, mic, control unit, battery are all built into the helmet with no external module at all.

There are two ways to go about getting yourself a motorcycle helmet communication system, either by using your existing helmet or opting to buy a new one.

Lexin 2pcs B4fm Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth 2021

Communication while using these helmet headphones is easy and will even support hands-free communication that makes it easy for you to answer your calls while you are ridding. They support voice commands such as S Voice and Siri commands.

These helmet headphones support noise cancellation and have a long battery life of up to 15 hours. They are waterproof and will handle all the weather conditions. You will even listen to FM radio, GPS guidance, and many more features.

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Top 10 Best Half Helmet Bluetooth Headset In 2022

Sena CAVALRY-CL-MB-XL Matt Black X-Large Bluetooth9.6
2Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom Motorcycle Helmet interphone BT-S2 1000m Walkie-Talkie Headphone Waterproof Wireless Communication System Up to 3 Riders9.4
Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset TCOM VB Helmet Communication Systems 2Riders Snowmobile Helmet Bluetooth Intercom9.4
Sena SPH10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom9
EJEAS V4 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset9
Sena SPH10H-FM-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets8.6
7Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports M1S Pro 2000m 8 Riders Group Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal Wireless Interphone8.6
Sena SPH10HD-FM-01 Half-face Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner8.6
Cardo PTB00001-PACKTALK Bold Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset-Black8.6
10Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Yaconob BT-S3 1000m Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Radio Intercom Wireless Interphone to 2-3 Riders (Waterproof/Handsfree/Stereo Music/FM Radio/GPS/MP3 2 Pack8.2
  • Aerodynamic, low profile removable visor
  • Nylon strap D-ring retention system
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Hands-Free Profile . Refer to the PDF attached below in Product guides and documents for manual

Fodsports Fx8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Cancels out most of the outside noise.

Many motorcyclists are well aware of Fodsports as they manufacture quality headsets that are easy to adjust and use.

Despite being powered by 120km/hr, Fodsports FX8 includes noise reduction functions to protect you from outside noise.

An excellent and crisp voice quality is achieved with the high fidelity and high impedance speaker, which is the evidence of a good quality intercom.

A Bluetooth intercom with the Fx8 model has two mic options that can be used for either open-faced helmets or half helmets. A boom microphone is provided so that the half helmet will be fully protected. A soft wired mic is used for regular full-face helmets.

This intercom has the capability to communicate with up to eight riders at the same time. This can greatly enhance the riding experience.

The unique antenna design enables continuous intercom communication through an enhanced communication signal.

The hands-free feature can sometimes be used to interact with your phone. Fx8 allows you to connect with a music player and GPS through the built-in smart chip.

In addition, Fx8 is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth headsets, including FX6, M1s, Fx4 Pro, etc.

Another great part of FX8 is that it is made of waterproof material which ensures that this device can be used in extreme weather conditions. The wired cable connection enables listening to music and conversing with others at the same time.

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