Best Small Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers To Buy In 2022

BEST SMALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER! Bose Soundlink Mini (Review)

Looking for a speaker you can take with you wherever you go? These are the models guaranteed to impress.

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eReader to take on your next beach trip

Whether youre after some relaxing background music as you hang out by the pool, or want some standout tunes to get everyone up and dancing at your next party, an outdoor speaker is a great investment.

From fully waterproof options that can withstand an accidental dip in the pool to portable options you can take on a picnic, weve rounded up a range of top Bluetooth speakers designed to suit your needs.


Weve based our top pick for each category based on our own personal knowledge of, and experience with, each product. Weve also taken into consideration real customer ratings.


Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, Myer, RRP $129

During her years working at a popular electronics store our Best Of technology writer, Lauren Chaplin, said there was one little Bluetooth speaker that seemed to sell more than any other UEs Wonderboom 2. With its fun array of colour options and surprisingly big sound, its little wonder the speaker would fly off the shelf come Christmas or summertime.

Sonos Roam, The Good Guys, RRP $299


Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

  • True 3D Theater Stereo SoundThe wireless Bluetooth speakers built-in 3W speaker system and 2 bass diaphragms, creating a truly unique and pure Monster sound experience.
  • Lightweight Comfortable and Wearable DesignThe Monster wearable speaker based on ergonomic design, once you put this band around your neck, youll hardly know youre wearing it, you never have to worry about slippage during your walks or workouts, providing a comfortable and secure fit for long periods of use or while relaxing.
  • Bluetooth 5.
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Long Battery LifeMonster wireless neckband speaker is sweat.
  • Hands Free CallingThis neckband speaker leaves your hands free and allows you to make calls that are crystal clear.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker Prices

For less than $20, you can get a waterproof and dustproof mini Bluetooth speaker with decent volume and a subwoofer. Some may have a built-in mic so you can take phone calls, too.The mid-range for mini Bluetooth speakers falls between $25 and $75. These speakers have some seriously long playtime, such as 24 hours, and a wider Bluetooth range of over 50 feet. Of course, some of these speakers are also waterproof, dustproof, and include a built-in microphone like models that cost less.

Between $75 and $125 are speakers with impressive sound and higher IP ratings. This is where youll start to see submersible models. Some of these speakers can also access a built-in assistant.

Mini speakers that cost over $125 have all the features, including voice activation and command capabilities. They dont always have the longest playback times, but many are waterproof and provide a full range of sound for the best clarity at high volumes.

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Bose Soundlink Flex Specs

Bose hasn’t released a new Bluetooth speaker in some time, and so the SoundLink Flex is a welcome, versatile option, with an outdoor-friendly build and impressive rumble for its portable size and $149 price. The Flex has a mono driver and its companion app doesn’t offer any EQ settings, but its speakerphone sounds clear, and in addition to being waterproof, it even floats. It doesn’t quite edge out our Editors’ Choice winner in this price range, the $179.95 JBL Charge 5, but for Bose fans, the Flex’s durability and audio performance wont disappoint.

How Much Should You Pay

LED Portable Mini Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Hands Free ...

Well, this depends on many factors. First, it depends on how much money do you have. If you are prepared to spend more than $150 on this kind of speaker, then you can stop reading this section. If you are trying to save some money and still get decent quality, lets discuss some prices. If you want a speaker made by some popular manufacturer like JBL, Bose, or Sony, then you will have to pay more than $50, and the price can go well over $100. Of course, there are even more expensive Bluetooth speakers, but our honest opinion is that paying more than $100 is simply too much. If you dont care about the brand, then you can buy good-quality speaker for $30-$40, and if you want one of those really small speakers, you can find some for $20 or less. As you can see, you dont have to splash some incredible amount of money on a mini Bluetooth speaker if you dont want to, and our list is great example of that.

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Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

If you want an ultra-compact waterproof Bluetooth speaker, then the best on the market at the moment is the Bose SoundLink Micro. I would say this is better sounding than the JBL Clip which is also an ultra-compact palm-sized speaker. Keep in mind these types of Bluetooth speakers are small and really only shine as personal speakers.

This is not the type of Bluetooth speaker you can put on during the BBQ and expect a decent level of background music. The built-in speakerphone performed better than expected to make this a really versatile little speaker. For under $100, the Bose SoundLink Micro is an excellent choice for those looking to take their music on the go.

If you like the JBL Charge 4 but perhaps want something slightly smaller, then the JBL Flip 5 is exactly what youre looking for. The Flip 5 is just a little more than half the size and weight of the Charge 4 but almost as powerful. The Flip 5 is IPX7 rated floats, just like the Charge 4.

The Flip 5 features a single 20W driver. As with the Charge 4, the speakers are only located on one side which means you dont get 360° sound as you do on some competitor models. There are two bass radiators located at either end of the Flip 5 to compliment the low-end frequency response.

Thumping Bass Balanced Sound Sony Srs Xb12

Sony has created a niche for itself with a range of Bluetooth speakers that have the deepest bass in the market. With the SRS-XB12, Sony has managed to get a balanced sound output while maintaining the deep bass levels of its predecessor.

Sony SRS-XB12 boasts an impressive 16 hours battery life, IP67 water and dust resistance, and a classic design thats ideal for any occasion. Put it in a decent sized room indoors and itll surprise you with the audio quality, especially at higher volume levels. The speaker is priced at $40, it is one of the best sellers, and you know why.

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Comparison Chart For Top 10 Best Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Our team scanned 67099 reviews before putting any suggestions for the Wearable Bluetooth Speaker in this article.

ANCwear Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini Speaker with Enhanced Bass9.8
2Upgraded Wearable Waterproof Wireless Wrist Portable Sports Bluetooth Speaker Watch with Multi Function MP3 Player & FM Radio & Selfie & Ultra Long Standby Time for Running9.6
Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker9.6
5Frewico X10 Waterproof Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker with TWS+Voice Control+LED Flashing Light+MP3 Music Player+Mic+SD Card Slot9.2
Zulu Audio Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers for Running9
Oraolo M110 Neckband Bluetooth Speakers9
Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker – Rechargeable8.8
Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker8.8
10SoundBot SB210 HD Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Cable Knit Beanie Headset Loud Musical Headphone Speaker Hat Speakerphone Cap 5Hr Music Streaming 7Hr Hand-Free Talking Built-in Mic8.6

A Powerful Portable Speaker For $40

5 BEST Budget Bluetooth Speakers 2020 (Under $100) | mrkwd tech

For $40, you can’t expect audio fireworks, but the JBL Go 3 certainly gets the job done, with clean, relatively loud mono audio from its compact frame. It’s a reliable option for outdoor use considering it’s waterproof and safe from dust, so it can be rinsed off if you drop it in the dirt. Limited controls and the lack of a speakerphone are slightly annoying, but for this price, we cant complain much. If you’re looking for more power, youll need to spend more money and get a larger speakerwere fans of the $130 JBL Charge 4 and the $80 Sony SRS-XB23. We’re also slightly partial to the aforementioned Sony SRS-XB12 in this price range, but the Go 3 delivers solid audio from a tough frame for $10 less, making both worth your consideration.

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What Makes A Great Speaker

Do you know the difference between good speakers and excellent speakers? On the Consumer 101 TV show, Consumer Reports expert Elias Arias explains to host Jack Rico the art of identifying high-quality devices.

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Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers : Big On Sound Kind On Your Wallet

Best budget Bluetooth speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up of the best budget wireless speakers you can buy in 2021.

Bluetooth speakers have always been a great addition to any music lover’s kit bag and a budget option is a must for lazy days at the beach . These days, it’s surprising what even a small outlay can buy you too.

Perhaps dropping a significant sum on something with multi-room capabilities, Roon-ready smarts or a plethora of inbuilt streaming platforms simply isn’t justifiable right now. Some of these solutions will set you back as little as £20-£30 ideal if you just want something cheap and cheerful but don’t want to scrimp on sound quality. Maybe the children could use something durable to listen to while doing homework, or maybe you just want to chuck a podcast on in the kitchen when you’re cooking.

So, aside from something that sounds good for the money, what should you look for when shopping for a budget Bluetooth speaker?

Models here at the more affordable end of the market tend to be rugged and super portable, so look out for a durable design and waterproofing IPX7 and IP67 are good numbers to look out for.

Budget Bluetooth speakers can be small enough to fit in a coat pocket, cheekily designed to fit in your bike’s water cage or big enough to fill a room with serious sound, so it’s imperative that you also check the dimensions before clicking “buy” .

Reasons to avoid

Read the full review: JBL Charge 5

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Best Small Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

Huge, oversized speakers arent for everyone, and we know that some of you prefer compact units that you can take on the go and get the party started anywhere.

The ultimate small Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, easy to slip into a backpack, and designed with superior audio technology that makes sure your music sounds great.

However, we know how many speakers there are on the market, so weve made the job a whole lot easier for you.

Whatever your specific needs, weve got you covered with this collection of the best small Bluetooth speakers.

  • Momoho BTS0011 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Smallest Speakers
  • The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    Best Small Bluetooth Speakers 2020

    Give your outdoor experiences a musical soundtrack through powerful, compact speakers

    K-pop at the park, the beat of drums in the desert, or tropical tunes as you lounge by the pool. Whether youre at a picnic or out camping, outdoor experiences become a whole lot more memorable when they are set to the soundtrack of your favourite melodies. Here is our curated list of the best Bluetooth speakers on Amazon that are portable, compact and bang out a solid beat at a volume you wont need to lean over to hear. Become an member and get them delivered to you by tomorrow, with free one-day delivery.

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    Jbl Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

    The JBL Flip 5 is perfect for dorms and other small rooms where you might need some background music. The speaker is compact enough to throw in a backpack or even ladys handbag which is perfect for those on the go. There is also a hook with a supplied string so you can hang your Flip 5 from a backpack, bike, or a hook in the shower.

    For its size, the JBL Flip 5 sounds awesome, a decent amount of bass and clarity, more than most competitors of a similar size. The Flip 5 retails for under $100 making it one of the most affordable premium Bluetooth speakers on the market.

    They say dynamite comes in small packages which is especially true for the Oontz Angle 3. The Oontz Angle 3 is so small you can literally hold the speaker between two fingers. With a speaker this small you wouldnt expect the amount of power you actually get from the Oontz Angle 3. Its pretty crazy!

    The Angle 3 carries an IPX5 waterproof rating which means it can handle sprays of water but cannot be submerged. So fine next to the pool but not in the pool.

    The Angle 3 features a powerful 10W speaker driver with a bass radiator at the bottom. The radiator is pretty powerful and at high volumes will vibrate enough to move the Angle 3 around. So make sure you dont place this speaker too close to the end of a table because it will fall off. If you intend to play it loud, you will need to find something to keep the speaker in place so it doesnt move around too much.

    Avwoo Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speakers With Enhanced Bass:

    • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
    • Product Dimensions: 2 x 2.3 x 2 inches

    When deciding to purchase, one of the Key Features to consider mini bluetooth speaker is playtime. Plus, this AVWOO wireless speaker unit comes with up to 8 hours of playtime and can play 200 songs continuously. Then, its compact size packs in the superior 3D stereo sound as well as 5W strong driver. As a result, you will get crystal-clear sound at the output. However, the output is perceived as powerful and loud enough.

    You will be benefitted from a well-balanced listening experience that enchants your mood. Whether you go out for a picnic, camping, and pool parties, this Bluetooth speaker with mic is a decent choice.

    The built-in battery comes with a capacity of up to 4000 mAh. And, the wide compatibility is one of the plus points of using this portable speaker. Now you can enjoy music listening experience in a hands-free manner. However, there are no hassles related to long cables.

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    What You Should Know About The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

    Earphones arent the only dust and water-resistant audio products.

    Ingress Protection ratings denote how dust- or water-resistant a given product is. Oftentimes, something will be rated IPX4or something of that natureand the X serves as a placeholder for the less commonly awarded dust-resistant rating.

    Although were looking at speakers to reproduce your favorite songs, its important to remember that a $100 USD budget wont buy the best sound quality on the market. If you want something that sounds incredible, youll have to compromise on portability for a good pair of desktop speakers or a home theater soundbar setup.

    Since these are Bluetooth picks, you should know that Bluetooth audio quality cant hold a candle to that of wired. This is less pertinent to waterproof speakers than it is to wireless headphones or true wireless earbuds, but its worth keeping an eye out for AAC codec support if youre using an iPhone or aptX for Android phones.

    Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

    The Best 3 Small Bluetooth Speakers in 2021!

    Attention outdoor party lovers: the SoundLink Micro by Bose is calling your name! Will you answer?

    What we like: A durable, premium speaker thats perfectly suited to outdoor use.

    What we dont like: Low battery life.

    Standout Features

    The SoundLink Micro is perfectly suited for outdoor parties, featuring a durable design that is resistant to weather and damage. Its constructed with IPX7 waterproof and sand proof materials, making it perfect for beach parties, camping trips, or even raves in the forest. A tear-resistant strap makes it perfect to fix to your wrist and party, without stressing about losing the speaker.

    Sound quality is also excellent in this premium Bluetooth speaker, including a custom-mounted transducer and passive radiators that combine to reproduce crisp, balanced sound.

    You can easily make hands free phone calls from the SoundLink Micro, with a built-in microphone and seamless Bluetooth wireless connectivity including voice prompts. Even though you might be far from civilization, theres no reason why you cant stay connected.

    Our main criticism with the SoundLink Micro is the limited battery life. It can handle only 6 hours of continuous playback, which isnt going to cut it for a long party or extended camping trip. However, for shorter events, or if you have a power bank handy, the speaker is up to the task.

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