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Youtube Music And Itunes Match

The Best Sports Waterproof MP3 Player? – The New Sony Sports Walkman Review (NWZ-WS613)

If you’ve got a digital music collection that includes one-offs and live tracks that aren’t available on the mainstream services, you can upload them to online services, where they can live alongside subscription tracks and be shared among multiple devices .

YouTube Music, formerly known as Google Play Music, offers this service at no additional cost for up to 100,000 tracks.

Apple users can opt for iTunes Match, which lets you upload your own digital music to live in tandem with Apple Music tracks. It costs $24 a year, above and beyond the price of Apple Music.

If you opt for either of these options, make sure you keep a local backup of your files, just in case these services go away.

Syryn Waterproof Mp3 Player

Normally, the Syryn doesnt come with the fan favorite Swimbuds earbuds. However, you can get them at a bargain from deals on vendors such as Amazon. These earbuds are favored for their ease of use, the fact that they stay in the ears and that provide good quality sound underwater.

The Syryn made it to my list as its a small and simple piece of technology with lots of storage and useful features. Its covered in soft rubber with three control buttons across its body. The opposite side of its body has a clip which is used to stick it to the side of your goggles or other place. The buttons are easy to reach and use even mid-stroke as you swim.


  • Small and convenient size coupled with a sturdy construction.
  • The buttons on the side are easy to reach and can be used to play, pause, skip back and forth and even shuffle through a playlist.
  • Theres an option with 8GB of storage which allows you store at least 2,000 songs.
  • The IPX8 waterproof rating means you can use it anywhere in water without issues.
  • You can get free Swimbuds earbuds with some deals at no extra cost.
  • Battery lasts for about 10 hours which is enough for several swimming sessions.
  • Compatible with most audio formats such as WMA, WAV, AAC, MP3 and others.
  • Connects to both PCs and Macs making it quite convenient.


  • Some users complain of poor customer care service.

I love how this MP3 player feels in the hand and on the touch when underwater. You can flip through your playlist quite easily.

Pylehome Wired Waterproof Ear Headphones Ip7 Marine Grade Flexible And Comfortable Wearable Earphones For Sport Like Swimming Running Gym Workout W/ 3 Earbud Mp3 And Ipod Compatible Pwpe10w


  • SUPERB SOUND: Waterproof headphone designed for athletes in all sport and for use in water up to 10 feet deep. Also, wired quality audio headset for stereo sound and superb bass sound. Clear high and low volume.
  • WATERPROOF HEADPHONES: Its IP7 waterproof make it come true to enjoy music under the water. However, do not use it underwater at depths of 10 feet and below. Compatible with MP3 player and ipod.
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: The waterproof earbuds feature changeable earbud tips that provide customizable comfort. Easy clip-on design enables you to focus less on functionality and more on the task at hand. Includes 3 pairs of earbud for custom fit.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Waterproof and comfortable for hours on end. The secure, behind the ear design will never fall out even during the most vigorous physical activities. Perfect for your daily swim workout, running, walking and the likes.
  • Waterproof Construction
  • 4 Foot Cable Length
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

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Finis Duo Underwater Bone Conduction Mp3 Player Best Sound Quality

The FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction Mp3 Player is one of the integrated models of waterproof Mp3 players on the market and does not have separate earphones. This player has outstanding sound quality in all depths of water and was one of my favorite players to use.

The player has a sleek, two-piece design with Bone Conduction audio transmission, which provides crystal clear audio through your cheekbones to the inner ear, so you dont need earphones. The integrated clip design provides a secure fit on your goggle straps or swim cap.

Sound quality is excellent even in the deep water of up to 10 feet and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for seven hours, allowing for long swims without having to recharge. The four-buttons interface makes it very easy to use while swimming, and it has a memory that can store up to 2,000 files in Mp3 or WMA format. The device is compatible with iTunes and can play music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

The FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction Mp3 Player is recharged via a USB charging dock but it is not waterproof so make sure your Mp3 player is dry before recharging.


H2o Audio Waterproof Ipod Shuffle Case & Headphone Swim Solution

Best Waterproof Headphones &  MP3 Players for Swimming of 2021 (IPX ...

For those looking to use an iPod Shuffle that they already own, H2O Audio makes an outstanding waterproof case and matching waterproof headphones that encase what you already own. This is a great option if you dont want a separate device entirely just for swimming.

The provided headphones are sweatproof, waterproof, and noise cancelling with an IPX8 rating down to 12-ft. This means you can swim laps until youre exhausted without needing to be concerned about water damage. Equally, the ergonomic sheared shape of the headphones sits flush in the ear for both comfort and superior sound quality.

The more recent designs, yes. H2O Audio has engineered this case to fit the Shuffle 4-7, while also keeping weight and bulk to a minimum. The buttons align with the enclosed MP3, which means that you have full control of the volume and playback buttons. We think this is a brilliant design as it frees you to upgrade/replace the Shuffle without needing to worry about purchasing a whole new waterproof version.

Not only that, but there are five sets of high-quality earplugs included, so no matter who you are, there should be a comfortable option for your ears. Plus, the short headphone wires keep things tangle free and ideal for moving around in the water.

Our rating:

  • Be sure to check the seal before diving in, leaks are rare but known to occur.

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Which Ip Rating Is Best

Obviously, the higher the rating, the better your device will be protected. In our testing we didnt include anything with a rating lower than IPX7. Thats because with this grade a device can withstand being submerged in water up to 1m deep for 30 minutes. Something that is manageable for your standard lane swimming session.

However, the best devices in our round-up and in general, will have a rating of IPX8. This usually means your device can withstand being submerged for one hour, and while the depth is generally accepted as being 2m, it varies between devices.

How To Pick The Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

IPX67 vs. IPX8 Waterproofing

The IP waterproof system is a rating scale that helps you determine the water resistance rating of your devices. For Bluetooth headphones for swimming, you dont even want to entertain anything that is rated below IPX67 or IPX7 your headphones will get ruined. An IPX7 rating means your headphones, or any device with that rating, can handle being submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, which makes an IPX7-rated device suitable for activities in and around the pool.

Youd think that IPX8 would be a step up from IPX7, and in some regards it is, but not quite how you might think. IPX8 ratings are determined by the manufacturer. Devices that are IPX8 essentially go through the same testing protocols as IPX7 devices, but manufacturers can bump it up to an IPX8 rating if, lets say, a device handles submersion for longer than 30 minutes. Either way, if you plan on doing anything in the pool, you should only be considering headphones specifically rated for submersion underwater.

Ear-hooks vs Earbuds

Alternatively, the best waterproof headphones with ear-hooks stay securely on your head even during flips and turns, so you wont have to worry about wearing a swimming cap. As long as the ear-hooks are on firmly, and the plastic ear tips have a good seal, you should be good even when you are swimming laps.

3.5mm Connector vs. Integrated MP3 Player

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Sewobye Waterproof Mp3 Player For Swimming

This is one the top rated waterproof mp3 player for the lap or marathon swimmer. Small and elegantly designed with a clip-on attachment feature that works on goggle or swimsuit straps.

The control buttons have been designed with raised ridges that are perfect for wet finger-tips. No rough edges and very smooth to touch. More other features include

  • HIFI lossless sound quality for remarkable audios under/out water
  • Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE
  • Rechargeable Battery, Up to 16 hours of playback with 1.5 hours of full charge
  • 8GB Memory capacity of over 2,000 songs
  • This device allows you to shuffle through all your music in the memory
  • 100% Waterproof with gold plated stereo jack to prevent corrosion.
  • IPX 8: withstands submersion to 3 meters .
  • Short cord swimming headphones are perfect for swimmers for swimming in music, no more wrapping long lengths of cord around goggle straps
  • This swimming waterproof mp3 player has versatility beyond swimming and can be used with activities in which you might get wet. Running, surfing, Skiing or kayaking comes to mind.

How Water Damages Electronics

10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players 2018

Most modern products are built in a away that discourages taking them apart.

It has become common knowledge that water and electronics do not mix. Yet this is not exactly true. When many electronic devices are being created, water is often a large part of their production. For instance, when printed circuit boards are created, they are often rinsed in water multiple times to remove any contaminants or leftover soldering.

Water itself is less of risk factor than normally understood for electronics. In actuality, it is the particles in water which cause problems with electronics. Corrosive particles, especially salts and minerals found in saltwater and tap water, can quickly corrode electronic devices that are powered on and energized. The particles in water can help quickly spread the power from the battery to unintended components of the electronic device.

This is often components like capacitors and transistors which can be overloaded or corroded by too much energy. LCD screens of many electronic devices are prone to irreparable damage when coming into contact with water. This is because water often gets trapped between the digitize and glass. Most rechargeable batteries also use alkali elements, which are highly reactive with water. Contact with water in even minute amounts can destroy batteries.

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Mighty Vibe Waterproof Audio Spotify Player

  • Best no-frills Spotify Waterproof Music Player

If you want to take your Spotify and Amazon Music to the pool, and dont need a touch screen or the corresponding price tag, the Mighty Vibe Waterproof Audio Spotify Player is a budget-friendly way to take your streaming music to the swimming pool.

The device holds up to around five hours of playlists and podcasts, which you download at home or on the way to the pool via Bluetooth, which means you can leave your smartphone in your locker and focus on crushing the laps.

The player itself is very small, extremely light at under one ounce, clips easily to your swimming goggles, and the slightly raised playback buttons are intuitive and easy to get a handle on. The device updates wirelessly to your smartphone, which means that it stays current on your hottest new playlists.

Available in three different colors, waterproofed to IP68, the Mighty Vibe Waterproof Audio Spotify Player is a small device that packs big sound in the water.

The Best Waterproof Speakers Right Now

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

The UE Megaboom 3 is, at its core, simply an excellent Bluetooth speaker. Its cylindrical design allows for high-quality sound to pump out in all directions, and with a healthy rated battery life of 20 hours it can keep going all day. In fact, according to our own testing, it can go even longer than that between charges.

What takes the Megaboom 3 to the top of our best waterproof speakers list is a substantial assortment of bonus features, including the ability to pair with another Megaboom 3 for stereo sound, and its enviable IP67 waterproofing. Thats enough to let the speaker get utterly soaked and still keep playing without issue, something we confirmed by dunking it in a sink to no ill effect. You wont find a better combination of portability, practicality and sound quality.

Reasons to avoid

The Sonos Roam takes the concept of the preceding Sonos Move a battery-powered smart speaker with water resistance and makes it tougher, more portable and even more affordable. At less than half the price of the Move, its a great choice if you want to stay within the Sonos ecosystem of interconnected speakers.

Read our full Sonos Roam review.

Reasons to avoid

You won’t find a waterproof speaker that gives you better protection for less cash. The JBL Go 3 can be submerged, blasted with a showerhead or rolled around in wet sand and it will still keep on playing it hold an IP67 rating, and held up to those standards in our own testing.

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Bengjie Portable Music Player With Headphones

This Bluetooth mp3 player allows you to enjoy wireless music without any delay. This unit is also distinctive for its 1.5-inch highly sensitive LCD hyperbolic mirror touch screen and comfortable grip. Moreover, the scratch-resistant and durable screen of this player allows you to enjoy music during rigorous sports activities. This unit comes along with a smart digital noise reduction chip to restore the original sound without noise.

This portable mp3 player also supports FM radio, picture browsing, video play, file browsing, and voice recording. Furthermore, this device allows you to read E-books and apart from that this unit offers A-B repeat functions. You can enjoy the 35-hours of long-playing time.

Reasons To Buy

With the help of 4.2 Bluetooth technology, this mp3 player supports faster and stable transmission to deliver wireless music playing. This unit also allows to stream favorite music through Bluetooth speakers and earphones. Moreover, the device allows background music playback, and you can easily utilize the fast forward and backward functions. This unit comes along with a voice-activated recording.

This player also comes with a large 2.4-inch HD screen to deliver crystal-clear HD image. Furthermore, this unit comes along with high-sensitivity seven touch buttons. The scratch-proof shell provides a soothing hand-feel. This unit also supports most of the common audio file formats.

Reasons To Buy

  • Stores up to 5000 songs.

Pyle Pshwpmp3 High Speed Usb/mp3 And Wma Player With Waterproof Headphones

Top 10 Best Swimming Earphones Bluetooth in 2020


  • 4GB Compatible With MP3 & WMA Music Formats Goggle clip holder
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Connection Cable for Music Transfer and Charging Dimensions: 2.5 x 1W x 0.5
  • Ergonomic Soft Silicon Material Waterproof Headphones For All Sizes And Users
  • Rechargeable Battery Provides Up To 7 Hours Play Time
  • Ear-hanger Type Headphone for Professional Use

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Sony Waterproof Walkman Mp3 Player


This Sony Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player is made for extremes. Whether youre swimming across a lake or hiking the highest peaks, this water- and dust-proof device is capable of coming with you. The tough and durable design is ideal for sporting activities and also includes 4GB of built-in memory for storing your music. The intelligent device also lets you answer calls and delivers up to 12 hours of playback from a full charge. In addition, the player is capable of dealing with saltwater and extreme temperatures. These headphones are designed to be submerged , but they have a lower waterproof rating than the other options on this list.

Why We Like It: Sonys famous audio quality

Waterproof Rating: IP67/68

Underwater Audio Hydroactive Waterproof Headphones


If you want a more fitted wired option, the HydroActive earbuds are a performance-focused model thats also made by Underwater Audio and features a wrap-around design that is guaranteed to keep your buds in place as you let those butterfly strokes fly. However, these still feature a 3.5mm jack and not an integrated MP3 player. And for some, this is a good thing: You can use these with any MP3 player you like for years to come without having to worry about compatibility with file formats or computers, or whether the battery will go kaput.

Why We Like It: Secure wrap-around design, unique design acts as earplugs

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

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Bluetooth Active Sports Waterproof Headphones Marine Water Resistant Headset Wireless Headphones Earbuds W/ Microphone Handsfree Call Rechargeable Battery Ear


  • BLUETOOTH ENABLED DEVICE: The Pyle Active Sport Running Headphones feature a built-in bluetooth that lets you stream music instantly from all of your devices. Compatible w/ iPhone, Android, smartphones, MP3 player & other bluetooth-enabled devices
  • HANDS-FREE CALL: The running earbuds allow you to multitask seamlessly while you exercise. The headset lets switch easily from listening to music to answering phone calls. Features high-fidelity stereo sound reproduction w/ impressive bass response
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The wireless sport headphones are designed for vigorous activity and w/ the sporty people in mind. Up to 7 hours of battery life & easy to push-button controls let you focus on more important matters, like beating your best time
  • PERFECT FOR SPORT USE: The cordless headphones are perfect for all year round outdoor exercise. Features universal ear-hook-wrap form-fitting design which allows for lightweight, portable & comfortable all-day wearing. Includes additional earbuds

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