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Next, youll need to actually connect the two devices using the red and white A/V cables that will come with the adapter. These are also known as RCA cables, and there will only be two of them because of the limitations of Bluetooth technology it will only carry two channels of sound. We have more details on what sound channels are and how to think about them if you need it, but the bottom line is this is a serious limitation.

However, the cables will be simple to install: match the red and white RCA cables up with the Bluetooth adapters red and white outlet ports, then plug the other end of the cables to your receivers red and white RCA input ports.

How To Add Bluetooth To An A/v Or Stereo Receiver

By: Author Jonah Matthes

If youre pursuing an entirely wireless home theater , youll probably consider adding Bluetooth to your receiver at some point. There are a lot of different Bluetooth receivers on the market. Not all of them are intended for home theater sound, so you need to know what you are looking for before you hit that order button.

To add Bluetooth to an A/V or Stereo Receiver, you can use a wireless Bluetooth adapter. These devices come in a range of prices based on the quality you need, and theyre simple to use.

Adding Bluetooth to your home theater system including your TV can allow you the ability to play DJ right from your phone. You can also play from a number of other devices including laptops and some smart home devices.

Stay Connected With The As

The AS-BT200 connects to a proprietary port on the back of compatible Pioneer receivers. Simply pair your A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled device with them and get ready to enjoy your music in a way you never could before Tired of being limited to headphones to listen to the music stored on your portable device? Now you can enjoy your music all your music – wirelessly from your iPhone, BlackBerry®., Android or other smartphone, as well as your PC, laptop or any other A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled sources directly from your new Pioneer receiver. The AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter is a simple solution for adding new and exciting portable audio to your home theater system..

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About Bluetooth Pairing And Connections

When using Bluetooth-audio devices, you’ll hear talk of “pairing” and “connecting.” Pairing is the initial configuration process that associates two devices so that they can communicate. Once you’ve paired the devices, they remain paired, even if you turn one of them off or if they’re out of range of each other. You should have to pair those devices only once.

Connecting refers to establishing an active wireless connection between two paired devices. When you turn one device off, or move one out of range of the other, the two disconnect in order to conserve energy and to free each other for connecting to other devices, but you can easily reconnect them when neededdisconnecting does not affect the pairing between two devices. However, unpairing two devices means they’ll no longer connect unless they go through the pairing process again.

Some receivers will automatically reconnect to a paired source when within range, while others require you to manually reconnect through your devices Bluetooth settingsthe exact behavior depends on how the manufacturer designed the receiver to function.

Shop For Bluetooth Audio Receivers Online

Harman Kardon BTA 10 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Home ...

Bluetooth audio receivers are tiny devices that help you connect wireless sources to your older home or car audio system. This ensures that you dont have to replace your old home audio system with a Bluetooth speaker just because you want to enjoy wireless streaming.

Bluetooth has made the lives of music lovers so much easier. In case you know someone who has a speaker with a wireless streaming option, then you can ask them how much easier it is for them to enjoy listening to their favourite music. They can stream their favourite tracks from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop, to their speaker.With the Bluetooth feature, you can control music playback so that you dont have to constantly go to the speaker each time you want to change the song.

So, if you want to comfortably enjoy listening to the latest pop music, jazz music, R& B, etc., then it’s time for you to invest in Bluetooth audio receivers. So, keep reading to know more about the different Bluetooth audio receivers that are available online.

1. Logitech Bluetooth Audio

2. TP-Link HA100

This Bluetooth audio receiver comes with NFC connectivity. It is compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP. It also offers a range of up to 20 metres within direct line of sight. It also offers a USB power option. You can connect the TP-Link HA100 up to 8 devices simultaneously.

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Performance And Feature Assessment:

As I mentioned before, there will be a number of features reputed brands will add just to make their product unique in a way. But doesnt mean you have to compromise the quality for it. First, make sure whether the product can fulfill your basic needs or not. If it does the job flawlessly, then consider some extra shiny features if you can spend some more bucks.

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Premium Pick

Next up, we have a Bluetooth receiver that is from a very recognizable company. Audioengine has been long known for making great high-quality equipment. The Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is no different. It looks very similar to their 24-bit D1 DAC and sounds exceptionally good.

As I just mentioned, this Bluetooth Receiver looks very similar to the popular D1 DAC. They have implemented a minimal aluminum design here, with a very small footprint. The Bluetooth antenna extends upward from the back. The back panel houses the outputs and connectivity.

It has an RCA stereo output, a 24-bit optical output, and a micro-USB port for power. Pairing this receiver with a phone is incredibly easy, and takes a matter of seconds. If your phone supports the aptX codec youll benefit from even better performance along with Bluetooth 5.0. Since it is so portable, it even comes with a carrying pouch.

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This receiver really does bring modern convenience to an older sound system. It performs exceptionally well, and it is a bit ridiculous just how near-perfect reproduction it has. It has a 100ft of extended Bluetooth range, and if you dont have routers in the way, it can form an even better connection. You also get Audioengines excellent customer service.

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Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter And Receiver

Best For Car Stereos

Mpow has been a well-known name in the Bluetooth audio space for a while now. As more smartphones keep on removing the headphone jack, using the aux cable in your car isnt exactly easy anymore. If you happen to have a car stereo system without Bluetooth, you absolutely need an adapter to play your favorite songs while on the go. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is the best option for that.

It is a bit pricey for such a small adapter, but considering the overall quality, its not a bad deal. It is quite compact, so you can plug it into your cars stereo system and forget about it. There is a prominent power button at the front and volume buttons at the side.

There is also a button at the top to switch between devices. It even has a microphone built-in to take calls, although the quality is pretty bad. It automatically reconnects to the last paired device, so you never have to mess around with it. The sound quality is acceptable for the size and its actually quite decent if you want to use the car stereo.

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The only downside is the price and battery life. Battery life is good enough with about 10 hours of use, but if you want to use it in the car, youll need a car charger with you. Youll need to frequently unplug it to charge otherwise. Still, it can be considered one of the best Bluetooth receivers for car use.

Our Pick: Startech Bt2a

How to Convert a home theater wireless by using bluetooth dongle

Our pick

*At the time of publishing, the price was $73.

The StarTech BT2A Bluetooth Audio Receiver is our top pick for most people thanks to its combination of good sound quality, range, usability, connectivity, and price. It comes from a reputable vendor, has a two-year warranty, and is reasonably priced.

The BT2A paired to new devices, and reconnected to old devices, reliably in our testing. It can remember eight paired devices if an additional device is paired, the oldest-paired device is bumped from the list. Additionally, it includes NFC circuitry for easy pairing with Android mobile phones and other compatible devices, although the normal pairing process is easy enough.

In terms of audio quality, the BT2A supports the aptX codec and features a high-quality DAC thats well-regarded in this price range. When used with my computer and iOS devices, the BT2A provided the best sound quality of the models we tested in this price range. Overall, it offered the best dynamic range, the best high-frequency and midrange detail, the best bass power and tightness, and the least high-frequency distortion. It noticeably bested the audio of the Grace Digital 3Play and Avantree Roxa, and far exceeded that of the Motorola Moto Stream.

Reception was about average for the home models I tested, but enough to cover most living areas well. Indoors, each covered my living room and most of an adjacent bedroom outdoors, unobstructed range was about 40 feet.

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How We Picked And Tested

The main appeal of a Bluetooth audio receiver is the convenience of playing audio through your existing speakers without having to plug in a cable. This means that pairing and connecting your devices to the receiver should be easy and reliableif connecting your phone to a receiver is too finicky, youll just reach for the simplicity and reliability of a cable. Also, the receivers range should be long enough to cover a typical living areawireless isnt particularly useful if you cant roam with your device.

Ideally, a Bluetooth receiver should sound as good as a direct, wired connectionif wireless audio sounds bad, youll likely put up with the inconvenience of a cable to get better audio. Whether a receiver comes close to this standard depends on the quality of the receivers built-in digital-to-analog converter and other audio circuitry, as well as how the audio is compressed for transmission: Bluetooth doesnt have enough bandwidth to transmit uncompressed CD-quality audio, so Bluetooth devices use one of several codecs to compress audio for transmission, and can vary the bit rate of the compression based on available wireless bandwidth. The receiver decodes the transmitted data for playback on your speakers.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter For Home Theatre

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About products and suppliers: offers 3131 bluetooth audio adapter for home theatre products. About 13% % of these are bluetooth car kit, 2%% are other audio &  video equipments, and 1%% are adapters &  connectors. A wide variety of bluetooth audio adapter for home theatre  options are available to you,  such as yes, no.There are 1532 bluetooth audio adapter for home theatre suppliers, mainly located in Asia. 
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Etekcity Unify Bluetooth Receiver

Budget Option

If you are on a budget and just need to get that old audio system to work with your phone, this is an excellent option. The Etekcity Unify Roverbeats is a simplistic Bluetooth receiver. Its not going to replace your high-end audio equipment, but for general purposes, its actually quite the bargain.

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The design is nothing much to write home about, but it does happen to be super compact. It just so happens to be one of the smallest Bluetooth receivers out there. This could be a major plus if you are short on space. The build quality is mostly glossy plastic, but you wouldnt expect much at this price.

It is also very lightweight, weighing about 28g. You could carry this around with you if you wanted to use it in a car. It is fairly simple to get it up and running. A seamless connection once entered in pairing mode keeps things nice and simple. It uses Bluetooth 4.0, so you get about 33ft of range.

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There is only one 3.5mm output, while a micro-USB port is used for charging. The battery holds up for about 10 hours. Sound quality gets the job done if you just want to do casual listening. It depends on how good your speakers are, but there is a considerable amount of lossy compression. However, its perfect for the car or if you want to bring back those old speakers to life. All in all, one of the best budget Bluetooth receiver.

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What Kinds Of Stereos Do Bluetooth Adapters Work On

Any stereo with either an analog audio out ordigital audio out can use a Bluetooth adapter to play music from your smart device. Most Bluetooth audio receivers offer both of these ports to be compatible with most stereo systems.

Analog deviceswork by transmitting information through electricity. While digital audio transmits information through binary codes. Most audiophiles prefer analog because of the purity of the sound. Digital formats are most accessible but arent as natural sounding.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Our biggest complaint about the StarTech BT2A is that it doesnt support multiple active connections: If youre listening to music from your phone and want to switch to playing music from your tablet, you have to break the active Bluetooth connection with the phone , and then connect the tablet. Three models we testedthe Grace Digital 3Play, Motorola Moto Stream, and Avantree Roxasupport multiple active connections:2 In the above scenario, your tablet would already be connected, so when you begin playback on the tablet, the receiver would automatically switch to playing the tablets audio. If you have multiple streaming source devices and frequently switch between them, this is a very convenient feature, and one we wish the BT2A offered. However, the three models that include it all have big drawbacks in other areas, and the feature itself often didnt work as expected.

The range of our top pick isnt outstanding, but its comparable to that of most Bluetooth devices: 30 to 40 feet unobstructed or 20 to 30 feet through walls and other obstructions. To get significantly better range without making compromises in other areas, you need to opt for something more expensive, such as our upgrade pick. Similarly, like all but one of the devices we tested, the BT2A occasionally skipped for no apparent reason, despite being near the transmitting device with a clear line of sight. Our upgrade pick was the only device that never had this issue in our testing.

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What Is A Bluetooth Adapter

There are two main types of Bluetooth adapters used to connect devices that arent usually compatible with Bluetooth. The first one is a transmitter. This device enables TVs and home theater systems to stream high-definition sound to speakers and headphones. They transmit signals for you to be able to control from a compatible device.

The other device is a Bluetooth receiver. This device takes in a Bluetooth signal to stream audio from an existing non-Bluetooth device. This can attach to your digital or analog system and send songs from your phone to your speaker.

Both of these devicesserve different purposes. One isnt necessarily better than the other, it just depends on what you want to use it for. They will both be beneficial to your daily life in various ways. Old stereo systems can use Bluetooth receivers to play music from Apple Music or Spotify. This way you arent limited to only playing music you own on records or tapes.

Connect A Device To The Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth Audio Receiver to retro fit your old school Home Theater System

With your equipment connected, youre ready to make the wireless connection. Power on the Bluetooth adapter and connect it to your audio source via Bluetooth, using the pairing method specified by the adapters manufacturer.

It should be as simple as turning the unit on and finding it in your phone or computers Bluetooth pairing menu, but be sure to check the manual if you dont immediately see it as an option.

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