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Conferencing is an invaluable tool one that has demonstrated its ability to enhance communications in today’s global environment again and again. CenturyLink’s Audio Conferencing Services offers Agencies a complete array of versatile, proven conferencing solutions. Each is designed to enable your Agency to communicate more effectively with increased productivity and reduced travel costs, and to deliver more projects on time more often, regardless of where your Agency’s people are located. Our conferencing options include Audio Conferencing Service , ACS Reservation Service and ACS Attendant Assisted .

Geographic Availability

CenturyLink’s ACS is available both domestically and internationally with service levels equal to or greater than 99.5% availability.


CenturyLink’s ACS solutions provide a comprehensive listing of features, including, but not limited to, the following:



What Is The Best Fm Transmitter For A Car

Finalist, Best Achievement: Nulaxy Bluetooth Automatic FM Transmitter. With a sleek design that blends seamlessly into the background, the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter is a smart choice. Large menu buttons control the basic functions of the transmitter, with a total of seven buttons for channel selection, pause/play, shuffle music and call/receive.

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Video And Audio Quality

If youre making calls over the internet, you need a strong connection. Its not that voice calls put a huge strain on the networkthey dontits that any delay or lag in the connection is a big deal.

When youre downloading a file, a slight lag is no concern. But when youre trying to have a conversation, the loss of quality leads to miscommunications. Its frustrating trying to talk to a single person, and nearly impossible to hold a productive conference call.

You can test your connection right on Nextivas website, simulating up to 200 phones.

But even if the internet connection is solid, theres still potential issues with call quality that the best conference call services can help you address.

Some tools and features to keep an eye out for:

  • On-demand mute buttons for both the participant and the host. This gives everyone more control over their sound and can avoid any unwanted, distracting noise.
  • Voice cancellation. Some video conferencing services cut out certain voices if they overlap with one another while others allow you to hear everyone talking at once .
  • Echo prevention. The audio in a cavernous or empty room can be difficult to listen to. Some services are able to limit the amount of echo through their platforms.

The only way to really know how good the call quality will be is to test it out. Take advantage of any free trials offered by a provider and use it as much as possible to see if youre happy with the results.

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Overview Of The Best Conference Call Services

Conference call services allow internal and external team members/customers to meet virtually in real-time and face-to-face via audio and video calling.

The below table briefly outlines the best conference call services by providing information on pricing and plans, top features, and the types of users that would most benefit from each platform.

Bluetooth Fm Transmitter Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter Hands

The Best Bluetooth Car Adapter and Car Kits  Bass Head ...
  • Intelligent and fast charging: input 12-24 V Output 2 USB ports: smart 2.4 A charge port which can intelligently identify android or iPhone devices and QC3.0 fast charge port
  • Special design: large key for easy operation 1.7 Inch large LCD backlight display song name/ incoming phone number and shows your car’s battery level when car start Can rotate the LCD display screen in 270-degree gooseneck for optimal viewing comfort Turn off the FM transmitter: long pressing the next song key for 5 seconds, it will turn off the FM and functions keep charging function
  • Broad compatibility: this radio adapter works with compatible devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, smartphones, you can transfer music in those devices to car audio via 3.5 mm audio cable Support TF/ Micro SD card in FAT format up to 32G Support A2DP Support MP3/ WMA format Also support AUX output
  • High clear sound and call quality: adopted advanced interference and noise cancellation technology – CVC technology creates full duplex sound and suppresses noise and wind Built-in microphone feature supports hands-free talking reduce interference
  • Features v4.2 and EDR: compared to earlier or older versions likeV2.0, V 2.1, or V3.0, V4.2 consumes much less energy and lasts much longer EDR, which ensures a faster data transmission rate and much more stable connection between a device and the audio receiver

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Top 10 Best Wireless Carplay Adapter Usb Reviews Of 2021

The best CarPlay USB adapter is awesome add-ons to your cars information system or the news, access the elements of music, maps, allows to connect your smartphone to your car without the fuss of using cables. Additionally, theres a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, ensures a driver-friendly device usage by restricting the functions of your cars device. Your car sees this new external receiver as a CarPlay device and will connect to it wirelessly.

This Carplay device connects to your cars USB port. And then, the vehicle then registers connecting as a CarPlay device. Your phone will sees this new external receiver as a CarPlay device and connect to it wirelessly.

Nowadays, with the adapter installed available as soon as it boots up, your phone will automatically connect to your news, information, maps, messages, call phone or infotainment system on the car for a few minutes. This device is awesome add-ons to your cars.

How To Choose The Best Rated Bluetooth Car Phone Adapter In 2021

Buying the Bluetooth Car Phone Adapter is not a big deal if you have good knowledge & experience about the essential features and specifications of the product. It needs a lot of time to research and also needs a sound knowledge about the working mechanism to find the top Bluetooth Car Phone Adapter that is compatible with your requirement.

To make your buying experience pleasant we have done your important job. And We also added some effective tips.

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Host Secure Conference Calls With Multiple Parties

CIA Omnigage enables customers to execute large conference calls and quarterly earnings release calls with professionalism and ease. Pre-conference consultation with a Meeting Manager and continuous, dedicated operator assistance is standard. For an extra layer of security and convenience of call entry, separate codes for chairpersons and participants are provided.

Backdoor lines enable CIA Omnigage and conference call chairs to communicate privately during a call, and chairpersons may opt to have their dedicated Meeting Manager send their call invitations and/or have participants pre-register online for a call. They may also choose to have their call in a listen-only mode or have one of our team members moderate a Q& A session on their behalf.


  • Detailed participation logs
  • Burstable capacity

After using another vendor for a decade or longer we became concerned with their lack of focus on our business and decided to make a change. CIA Omnigage is the vendor we choose for our quarterly earnings conference calls. From the reservation process to the call preparation, the live event and any follow-up, the CIA Omnigage team are professional and customer-centric. They are proactive in making sure that the entire process is smooth without any issues. We have been extremely pleased with them and look forward to continuing to host our quarterly earnings conference calls with the company. Their entire team is terrific.

Editor’s Pick: Taotronics Bluetooth Receiver/car Kit

Sony RM-X7BT Bluetooth Adapter – Add Bluetooth to Your Car!!!

Our top pick comes from TaoTronics we like its small dimensions and that its very easy to use it plugs directly into the AUX port on your vehicle, so it doesnt take up any space or use any cables. You will need a cable to charge it, but you wont do that too often, as the battery can last up to 10 hours on one charge.

It comes with a built-in microphone, which means that it can be used for making phone calls as well as listening to music wirelessly. However, the microphone is of a lower quality and picks up everything from the surroundings. The TaoTronics has built-in buttons for control of songs or your phone call and it can even activate Siri or Google Assistant with a touch of a button.

Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 built into this product, you can expect very good sound quality while listening to music. Despite that, it sometimes doesnt connect to your smartphone automatically youll need to do it from the settings on your phone. On the positive side, its one of the cheapest ways to add a Bluetooth functionality to your car and it has a lot of features.

  • Pros/Small and easy to use, no cables required, good battery life , low price, built-in buttons, good sound quality
  • Cons/Call quality is not the best, sometimes doesnt connect automatically to your Bluetooth device
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    How Does A Bluetooth Car Adapter Work

    How your wireless Bluetooth adapter works depends on the type of adapter you choose:

    • FM Transmitter uses radio FM frequencies
    • AUX-in plugs directly into your 3.5mm AUX input
    • Visor Type output through its own speakers

    Bluetooth adaptors are designed for hands-free calling. Some adapters only allow phone calls while others incorporate streaming music. Some are basic. Some have multi-function button pads. Some have LCD display screens with button pads. Many offer convenient voice-activated controls.

    The best Bluetooth car adapter kit for hands-free calling has a high-quality, noise-canceling mic that reduces background road noise. If your vehicle doesnt have AUX-in, an FM transmitter kit is necessary. However, if open FM frequencies are limited , there is little other option but to connect via an AUX input.

    Understanding Video Conferencing Price Tags

    As with all software services, pricing and packages are essential, and they do vary widely. The prices quoted in these reviews are typically for the vendor’s middle pricing tier, and those are usually charged on a per-user per-month basis. All but one video conferencing service tested offers free trials , and many don’t require a credit card. That means you don’t have to worry about being charged automatically when the trial ends.

    Most services offer free plans, primarily due to companies wanting to help consumers during the pandemic. However, once you move to a paid tier, you need to pay attention to pricing details. For example, many products tested charge differently for “hosts” and “users.” Digging through the fine print, you’ll find that hosts are users that can initiate meetings, which means not all companies need to make every user a host depending on how your organization handles collaboration. That can have a significant impact on your overall price, so be sure to nail down the details before buying.

    Many services are scalable depending on the number of hosts and attendees you need. That’s why we recommend not just trying the features of our top-rated video conferencing services but also using that trial time to experiment with how many users need to have meeting manager status. In other words, evaluate how video conferencing best fits into your organization’s culture and workflows.

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    Know We Have Your Back

    Enjoy best-in-class support from GlobalMeets award-winning event team. Available day and night, our event specialists are trained to maintain flawless calls from beginning to end

    Operator assisted conference calls are audio conferencing events monitored and managed by a live operator. Also known as attended audio conferencing, this conference call service provides better meeting management for large events with enhanced control and productivity.

    For more details on what an operator assisted call is, contact our event specialist. Were here to help.

    Large conference calls or high-profile events can be complicated. Schedule operator assisted services to make your events easier. You need an operator assisted call if you:

    • Require professional care for your audio conference calls with capacity for up to 10,000 lines
    • Want to provide your participants with a broadcast audio option, which allows them to listen to the web conference over the internet
    • Need personalized operator services for a more polished experience, including operator-facilitated Q& A or additional in-event support

    Booking an Operator Assisted event is easy. Contact an Event Specialist today and well walk you through everything you need to know.

    Need additional help? Visit our Support Site and learn how to book a conference, send invitations and update your reservations.

    Who This Is For

    Bluetooth Transmitter FM Radio Adapter for Car, 18W/5V 3 ...

    If youre driving an older car without built-in Bluetooth and you want to be able to jam out to your tunes and make calls over your cars speakers without having to install a new car stereo, you have a few options. The three most common ways to accomplish this are with a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into a cars auxiliary-audio port with an FM transmitter that takes your phones Bluetooth-audio output and broadcasts it over FM radio waves that your car stereo can pick up or with a dedicated Bluetooth speakerphone. The first two options let you listen to music or phone calls over your cars speakers the third option, a Bluetooth speakerphone, has its own built-in speakers and is designed with better call quality in mind.

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    Free Conference Calling Service

    Getting a free conference service is as simple as going online and registering for an account with one of the free service providers. Once you set up and sign-in on your account, you receive a dial-in number and access pin that participants across the globe can use for international dial-in.

    Companies like FreeConferenceCalling offer immediate access when signing up and allow up to 1000 participants for up to six hours per conference call. There is no call reservation required and calls can be made from a landline, or mobile device via their app. Set up international conference calls using a US toll number . Any participant able to access international calling to the US can use the service.

    But, its not completely free! While the call conferencing service is free, all participants pay per minute call rates and those rates are higher for international calls. For micro or small businesses or for those with limited conference call needs, a free service offers a simple cost-effective option.

    Webex: Best For Remote Workforce

    Today, more than ever, businesses are prioritizing collaboration. To facilitate that, many organizations are turning to video conferencing to foster teamwork among their employees. This is where Webex by Cisco excels. Its features include messaging options, file sharing and the ability to start video calls in the middle of an online chat. It’s for these reasons and many more that Webex is our choice as the best video and calling conference service for collaboration and for remote teams.

    With Webex, you get two services in one: Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. Webex Meetings is a full-service video conferencing solution that can host meetings with up to 200 participants at a time. What’s nice is that everyone in the meeting can be on camera at the same time. Additionally, Webex Meetings offers all the essential video conference features, including screen sharing and meeting recording.

    The second service, Webex Teams, is a separate platform that all Webex Meetings users can access. Using the Teams app, employees can work together in one digital location. Staff can message one another, make video calls, host group video meetings, share files and bounce ideas off each other via the app’s whiteboard tools.

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    Aston Soundtek A1+ Bluetooth Handsfree

    A noteworthy honorable mention is the Aston SoundTek A1+ Bluetooth handsfree, a 3.5mm AUX and Bluetooth receiver for your vehicles. Its engineered with AAC decoder music streaming and features hands free support for controls and calls.

    Among its features are a built-in noise isolator that gets rid of any buzz, static, noise, and distortion, so you can focus on enjoying high-quality and crystal clear sounds. It even comes with noise-canceling microphones to let you take calls without a hassle.

    This is a great option for you if youre looking for a multifunctional device that lets you play music, answer calls, use your GPS, enable voice navigation, and more. It even powers on and links up automatically as you start your car.


    • Qualcomm high performance chipset
    • Pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices
    • Supports AAC SBC audio decoder
    • Designed with backlight buttons

    Best For Cheap Video Meetings

    Best Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for your Car? // Tunai Firefly Install (BMW)


    • Up to 40 simultaneous video feeds
    • Good webinar features
    • Not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Lacks true integration with Microsoft Outlook
    • Webinars in separate product

    Maybe you’re looking to avoid travel while the latest version of COVID is still making its rounds. Or perhaps you’re trying to transition employees back to the office, but many want to make working from home a permanent condition. And let’s face it, that can have a lot of benefits. But one thing either scenario requires is a world-class video conferencing system.

    That’s because these services have evolved into the beating heart of both online collaboration and personal interactions via the web, at least until the heebie-jeebies around travel finally fade. To help you choose the best service, we’ve tested 12 video conferencing systems, though only the eight top contenders made the list in this roundup.

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