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Transfer Files From Android To Pc By Sending Email

How To Use Android Device As Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (Free App)

Another method to transfer files from Android to PC wireless is through email. To do that, follow the steps.

  • Open your mail app of choice, Gmail for instance.
  • Compose a new email and enter your own email address in the To section.
  • Select to attach files with the email, then find and upload the stuff you want to transfer.

  • Tap the Send button and wait for the files to be uploaded and sent.
  • Open Gmail on your PCs browser, then select the mail you just received from yourself. Download the files attached to the email.

Just like the previous method, this one has a clear disadvantage.

  • You need to wait for the files to be uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to your PC.
  • The attachments size is limited.

Can Two Bluetooth Headphones Connect At The Same Time

Multiple Bluetooth headphones can be connected at the same time, but only one device can receive the audio output. Bluetooth hub is frequently required when sending music or other sounds to multiple headsets at the same time.

The basic criteria have been cleverly circumvented by several smartphone and headphone makers. The same is true when numerous Bluetooth speakers are utilized at the same time.

Although multiple Bluetooth speakers can be connected simultaneously, only one device can receive audio output. Some Bluetooth speaker manufacturers include the option to pair or chain multiple speakers together. Users can concurrently send music or other audio streams to all of the speakers.

There are more Bluetooth gadgets in homes than ever before. Thanks to the rise of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Use an app like AmpMe, BoseConnect, or a few from Ultimate Ears to transfer audio to multiple speakers. Bluetooth 5 also sends audio to two devices at once.

Top : App Sender Bluetooth

Similar as the other Bluetooth file transfer APKs, App Sender Bluetooth conveniently and simply, Cloud Storage is another sensible choice for you to transfer files without Bluetooth. Its function is just like its name, uploading the files to cloud storage and download in another device. The detail usage is almost equal to File Transfer.

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The Steps Of Paring And Connecting Android Device With Bluetooth

Following the steps of Apple, Microsoft, and Blackberry, Android comes into the Bluetooth Smart Ready community finally. Android devices such as smartphones and tablets are now officially become Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and will work well with any other Bluetooth supported devices like headphones and keyboards.

Step 1. Open the Settings of your phone, click Wireless & Networks, then open Bluetooth Settings.

Step 2. Turn the Bluetooth button on and ensure that your device can be seen by other devices.

Step 3. Start to find the device you want to pair with.

Step 4. Choose the device you want to connect with from the showing list and type in the password if necessary . Then hit Pair.

Step 5. The pairing process is done by showing in the list of paired devices.

Transfer Apps From Android To Android Via Bluetooth

How to Share Android Apps via Bluetooth Email Facebook or ...

Apps can also be transferred from one Android phone to the other by using APK files, over Bluetooth. APK stands for Application Package. This is characteristically a package file format that the Android operating system uses.

APK files help accomplish tasks such as installation and distribution of middleware and mobile apps. Let us take a look at the steps for transferring apps from one Android phone to another by using APK extractor:

Step 1: Download APK Extractor app

  • Over your sending Android phone, download and install the APK extractor app. This is available over the Google Playstore.
  • If the app is already present, make sure it is the latest version.
  • Step 2: Start to send apps via APK Extractor

  • Open the APK Extractor app over your phone.
  • In order to open the APK extractor app, figure out the APK extractor icon over the Apps menu. This opens up a list of all available apps.
  • Next to the app you would like to send, tap the burger menu. The options show up in a new pop-up window.
  • In order to enable access for the APK extractor app, tap on allow.
  • Select share in the pop-up menu. The sharing options will now open up over a new menu.
  • Next, you need to choose a sharing method. You can transfer the app using Bluetooth, use other apps such as WhatsApp or send it over e-mail.
  • Youâd come across your contact list. So make sure that an id present over your new Android phone is present over the contact list.
  • Tap this id over your Bluetooth list.
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    Top : Bluetooth Remote Pc

    Bluetooth Remote PC is like its name, it is another prevailing Bluetooth file transfer for its integration with various of devices, which fits desktop and individual applications including Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, VLC, media player classic, VLC Media Player Classic, Zune, XBMC, etc.

    Best 5 Bluetooth Manager Apps For Android To Optimize The Bluetooth Connection

    Score: 4/5Price: Free

    There are not enough Android Bluetooth managers in the market. However, Bluetooth Auto Connect is one of the few managers that work functionally. When the Bluetooth switch is turned on, or the screen of your Android device goes on, the app will connect to your device immediately. But you have to make the connection on your own for the first time, and the app will remember your device automatically later on. You are able to connect many Bluetooth devices for one time by prioritizing them. There are some unseen situations coming sometimes. The app may fail to recognize your Android device, or the Bluetooth doesnt work well on certain devices.

    Score: 4/5Price: Free

    This app can detect your Android device automatically and relate one Android device with one contacts so that you can have easy access to them.

    You are able to categorize the device list and share the photos and music you like with your contacts. But when your Android device runs on version4.1+, you may have some trouble paring with PIN-less devices.

    Score: 4/5Price: Free

    When you are making a call, this Bluetooth manager will connect to your device automatically. Once the call is over, the Bluetooth will be disconnected to save more power. The app is extremely useful when you are driving because you dont have to stop the car to get the calls. It can also lengthen the time of the battery.

    Score: 2.7/5Price: Paid

    Score: 4.2/5Price: Free

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    I’m Experiencing Audio Quality Issues While Making Calls

    There are a few things you can do to improve your audio connection while making calls:

    • If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse or accessory and experiencing poor quality during a call, try temporarily disconnecting it to see if your audio quality improves.

    • If you’re experiencing a bad echo, try using a wired headset to improve the experience.

    Coding And Hardware Considerations

    How to FIX Bluetooth on Android Phone that FAILS to Connect or Pair with Speakers

    This step will take the most time and effort. To streamline coding, youll need to settle a few things before you create a BLE app.

    . Your choice of hardware will guide some of the most critical aspects of BLE app development:

    • Will the BLE app support the iPhones proximity-sensing capabilities?
    • Will you be able to set up a long-range connection ?
    • Will you be able to send all required data given the hardwares throughput?

    These and many other features of your BLE mobile solution will depend exclusively on hardware.

    Choose applicable BLE libraries so you dont have to start from scratch. Some the popular libraries include:

    • react-native-ble-plx
    • react-native-ble-manager
    • RxBluetoothKit

    The choice will depend on the mobile OS for which you want to make a BLE app. And by the way, Eddystone is no longer relevant because Google is shutting down the project.

    Implement security BLE recommendations by the Bluetooth SIG. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group advises to follow these security best practices when you build an app with BLE support:

    • Use LE Security Mode 1 Level 4
    • Use private resolvable addresses to protect your users privacy
    • Protect data on a sensor with access, encryption, and authentication permissions

    You can glean more from their extensive guide on Bluetooth LE security.

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    The Bluetooth On Your Android Device Isnt Connecting

    You try to connect your Android phone to another Android device like the headset, or headphones, but it just wont link Its a common problem with most people using an Android device.

    It can also surface when you try to connect your Android phone to an in-car audios system. Maybe you turn off your Bluetooth technology on your Android phone and turn it on again, but its still not working.

    A Bluetooth breakdown is usually caused by a problem with the settings on your Android device. Sometimes, when the Bluetooth is turned on, it doesnt load or turns itself off. This one of the many reasons why your Android phone couldnt connect with another external device. But just because it cant connect now, doesnt mean it wont ever connect.

    Advantages Of Bluetooth Low Energy

    Why do businesses use BLE at all? Why not WiFi/4G/5G? Well, Bluetooth LE is better at close ranges because its often faster and cheaper than alternatives.

    When you need to exchange data with a nearby device, its faster to connect with it directly , as opposed to setting up other connections requiring a server and more expensive hardware. Thats especially true when youre controlling a Bluetooth Low Energy device and expect an immediate response.

    Other upsides of the BLE technology include:

    • automatic notifications when data on a BLE device changes
    • if theres no data to send, you dont need to send any data
    • easy pairing for end-users

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    How To Transfer Apps From Android To Android Via Nfc

    NFC is near field communication. One can transfer content amongst Android phones wirelessly by pushing them back to back, using Android Beam.

    Android beam comes by as the finest of alternatives for sharing apps amongst Android phones and tablets. They can alternately be used to share photos, videos, maps and webpages.

    However, one has to make sure that either of the phones has integrated NFC hardware and support Android Beam. A number of phones have an inbuilt NFC support. They include Amazon Firephone, Apple iPhone S, XR, XS and XS max, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3.

    Step 1: Check if two phones are NFC support

  • In order to check for NFC support, open the settings screen over your device. Under Wireless & Networks, tap More.
  • If NFC and Android Beam are present, they will show. If the features are disabled, enable them. Repeat the processes over either device to ensure that they both support NFC.
  • Step 2: Share an app from your older Android phone to the new on

  • Open App page over Google Play.
  • The next step is to beam the content. This is done by using Android Beam. Either of the Android devices must be powered on and unlocked in order to accomplish the same.
  • Press the devices back to back.
  • When the NFC connection is established, you will hear a sound.
  • A touch to beam appears over the screen, and so does an animated background.
  • When you touch an item over the screen, it appears over the other phoneâs screen.
  • Finding The Proper Solution

    Bluetooth/Android controlled robot car

    There are actually many things that can cause Bluetooth issues to occur on an Android smartphone and the fix that works for your phone is going to depend on what is actually causing your Bluetooth not to function properly.

    This guide will start with the basics and provide troubleshooting that can be done to resolve the most common Bluetooth issues and will progress to more in-depth troubleshooting. So lets start from the basics and go from there.

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    How To Fix The Bluetooth On Your Android

    Having trouble establishing a Bluetooth connection on your Android cell phone? Was the Bluetooth on your phone working fine and now it wont even show an available connection? Is your Bluetooth having pairing issues? Will your Bluetooth not even switch on? Here are some suggestions and tricks that you can use to get your Bluetooth back up and running properly again.

    Bluetooth Auto Connect Free

    Does All the Hard Work

    This is the app you need if you connect your phone to a dock either in your car or your bedroom. The app automatically connects the Bluetooth to selected devices without you having to worry about anything.

    The app is clean and simple which does the job quite well. However I noticed an extra 10% battery drain overnight. This is probably because I didnt specify the automatic turn off time in the settings. However I suggest you only turn the app on when you need to connect.


    • Turn Bluetooth off after a period of inactivity.

    Notable Feature:

    The app integrates well with Tasker, an app that we highly recommended in our 10 best battery saver apps for Android list.

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    Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery

    Bluetooth AudioWidget Free is a smartphone-controlled application for any headphones that work via Bluetooth. If you have wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth, then Bluetooth AudioWidget Free can help you use them as conveniently as possible.

    With this application, you can control the volume of the headphones as well as the range of the Bluetooth connection. To do this, just turn on the device, click on the device search button, Bluetooth should be turned on, and connect your smartphone with headphones. After that, you can control the volume of your headphones on your smartphone.

    If you need an application that allows you to adjust the volume and range of your wireless Bluetooth headphones, then Bluetooth AudioWidget Free is perfect for you.

    Restarting Your Android Phone

    How to Transfer Apps Between Android Device over Bluetooth | Guiding Tech
    • Take your Android and press down the power button, holding it to turn off.
    • In the same way, press the power button to turn it on again to play out any problems with the Bluetooth technology.
    • After turning on your Android device, wait for several minutes before going to the Bluetooth menu.
    • Disable and enable the Bluetooth setting.
    • Then try connecting your Android device or phone again to the other device you tried pairing before.

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    Clear Bluetooth Cache Android

    Some Android users have reportedly fixed their Bluetooth issues by simply clearing the Bluetooth Cache on their phone.

    Here are the steps to clear your Bluetooth cache:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps”
  • Display system apps
  • Select Bluetooth from the now larger list of Applications
  • Select Storage
  • Go back
  • Finally restart the phone
  • Best Android Bluetooth File Transfer Apps You Should Know

    With the advantages of modern technology, the Bluetooth technology has set an impact on our society. To a large extent, Bluetooth technology not only enhances the quality of life by linking between mobile phone to headphones, laptops and keyboards, but also applies to file transferring to improve the work efficiency as file transferring acted more and more frequently in everyday life. Though there may be the information security risk, the advantages of Bluetooth file transfer for Android worth your trust. Wireless technology enables you to operate the files among devices and manage the local system, and it makes it simple to transfer files among multiple Android Bluetooth enabled devices. The article mainly recommends 10 practical Bluetooth file transfer Applications for Android device with the detail usage.

    When you need to transfer files between Android devices, you need to know the Bluetooth file transfer. The solution is able to transfer files wirelessly. The part just lists the top 10 Bluetooth file transfer App you should take into consideration.

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    Best Bluetooth File Transfer

    It is another android Bluetooth file transfer app that is also available for free on the Google Play store. This app is simple to use and provides an attractive user interface.

    It is compatible with all Android devices. With the help of this App, you can send multiple files to the selected users and also create a backup of the installed app to send it to other users or install it later to escape from re-download it.

    Approximately 10 thousand people have installed this App.

    Use Bluetooth To Transfer Files From Android To Pc


    You can also use Bluetooth to transfer pictures from Android to PC. To do that, follow the steps.

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your PC by searching for it in the Windows search bar.
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android using the toggle in the notification panel. Then find the your computer and on it to pair. You also need to click Pair or Connect on your computer. You might need to enter the code to pair.

    • Then in your computers Bluetooth settings, click Send or receive files and then click receive files.

    • On your Android phone, choose the file that you need to transfer and tap on Share button. Select Bluetooth. Choose your Windows PCs name from the list of available devices.
    • Wait for the transfer to complete.

    This method has a clear disadvantage.

    • Transferring files through Bluetooth could be very slow. Depending on the size and number of photos youre sending, you might have to wait for hours.

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    Top : Bluetooth File Transfer

    Bluetooth File Transfer is able to transfer files by Bluetooth among different Android phones. However, the Bluetooth File Transfer App for Android is particularly available to transfer files between Android tablet and a Bluetooth-enabled computer. Turn on the “Bluetooth” and sign in the account to get connected. Have chosen the destination and files, click the “Browse” icon button. “Accept” and get the files.

    Connect With Bose Connect:

    You can connect two Bluetooth speakers to Android phone using the software Bose Connect simple sync however, this capability is only available with Bose hardware, not all speakers.

    So, if you have two of these devices, you can use this app to link them to the same phone. It works on all Android devices. After youve downloaded it, all you have to do is open it and perform a standard Bluetooth search to pair the two speakers.

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