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What Are The 7 Best Portable Bluetooth Guitar Amps

TONOR Bluetooth Electric Guitar Headphone Amp Review

Our pick for the best portable Bluetooth guitar amp is the Yamaha THR30 II Wireless. It features superior quality and versatility for an amp this size and you can take it anywhere! We did a full review of its cousin the THR3II A, which is geared more towards electric-acoustic guitars.

The best for practicing is thePositive Grid Spark Combo Amp. Our most portable pick is the Vox Adio Air GT 50-watt Bluetooth Modeling Combo thanks to its small size.

All up, here are our candidates for the best portable Bluetooth guitar amps:

  • Yamaha THR30 II Wireless
  • Positive Grid Spark Combo Amp
  • Vox Adio Air GT 50-watt Bluetooth Modeling Combo
  • Boss Katana-Air 20/30-watt Wireless
    • 30-watt, 1-channel 2×3.5 portable guitar amplifier
    • 15 guitar tube amplifier emulation settings
    • 3 bass amplifier emulations, 3 mic models for your acoustic-electric, and flat modes for everything else
    • Yamahas Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology for realistic sound and feel
    • Runs on internal, rechargeable battery or AC power


    The Yamaha THR30 II Wireless guitar amp features solid construction, stylish design, and ultimate convenience with quality, all of this in a very compact form.

    Its enclosure is durable and features LEDs that glow in the dark and an aluminum handlebar for easy transportation. All the knobs feel sturdy and well built and are the right size even for an amp this small.

    Digitech Rp360xp Guitar Multi

    There are some people who prefer a different type of practice session. They, therefore, require a different type of sound management and turn to pedals like the DigiTech RP360XP Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal.

    This is designed principally for stage use. It incorporates an enormous amount of effects and gives you the opportunity to create just about anything you wish. If you are looking for a simple plugin and play practice solution, then its best to turn away now.

    Built for the road

    It is an effects pedal that has a tough build with its sturdy metal chassis and footswitches. It measures 13 by 15.18 by 2.63 inches and weighs 5 lbs, so this one wont be going in your pocket for convenience.

    Buried deep in its circuits are over 160 amp sounds and 28 cabinets along with 82 effects. It also has an expression pedal. There are also 60 drum patterns. You can, therefore, set up a complete practice partner using up to eight effects for each preset. There are 99 user presets and a further 99 factory installed options.

    Is there anything it hasnt got?

    Other features include a built-in tuner and an aux input for connecting up a device if you choose. There are plenty of other connection options one of which is a stereo inch headphone output.

    Do you need all this for a practice session?

    Our rating:

    • An expensive way of practicing for some.

    Best Guitar Headphone Amps Buyers Guide

    Practice time!

    Practicing at home with a decent amount of volume is hardly ever an easy thing to do. You want it to sound right but unless you live in the middle of nowhere then the volume has to be controlled. Therefore, having a small practice amp you can plug into is an advantage.

    And in our review, there have been some small ones.

    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run oh sorry someone already said that. But there are essentially two paths. You can choose the processor option. Plenty of power in your ear, dozens and dozens of sound options. But do you really need all that for practice? You may well do, of course.

    But for those that dont, there are some very simple to operate compact little options. They tend to be designed to spring nostalgia on you. No bad thing really. Sometimes it helps to remember where all this came from.

    All the sounds you need

    But even those gentle reminders of an illustrious past have some modern options to help you. They include effects and overdrive. And some are geared towards specific styles of music and genres.

    In such small little boxes, there are some little technological miracles. The processor route is more expensive by far than the nostalgic little box route but it depends on what you need. But with the little box, you cant really go wrong money-wise.

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    So What Are The Best Guitar Headphone Amps

    Practice is a serious business and so it should be. But its also fun. If you dont enjoy practice perhaps you dont like your instrument. We would, therefore, choose a guitar headphone amp that enhances the fun aspect. We need a few sounds on it, but we dont need 300 effects and all the paraphernalia that goes with that.

    Therefore, we are going to choose the

    We dont need any more than that features wise. We choose this one over the Metal and the Heavy Rock versions. But only because we like the top boosted sound it tries to recreate.

    We also liked the

    for its retro vibe. But at the end of the day, the AC30 won the crown. Nothing says music quite like the AC30 to us, and here it is. And when its not in use, put it on the bookshelf so you can just look at it, isnt it wonderful!

    Happy amplification.

    Vox’s Amplug G2 Series Headphone Guitar Amplifiers

    NuX Mighty Plug Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth for Guitars! Yowcha!


    Provides the AC30 top boost sound.


    The authentic, crunchy blues tone of a cranked tweed amp.

    Classic Rock

    The ideal choice for fat, boutique inspired clean sounds.


    Searing, high gain lead tone thatâs perfect for solos.


    4.4 out of 5 stars3.0 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

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    Ability To Use The Amp As A Speaker

    A Bluetooth amplifiers greatest strength is giving you a way to play along with music from the same source you use to broadcast your own notes. You can sync any playlist you have on your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever, and jam along with it like youre there in the middle of your favorite album. And anyone whos been in a band knows how hard it can be to get everyone together for enough practices to get awesome with Bluetooth, you can have jam sessions on your individual schedules as much as you want.

    Plus, if youre a solo artist who needs backup every now and then, you can use a Bluetooth amp to broadcast that during the songs you need it and let it chill when you dont, and a group of any number of musicians can use it for interval music during breaks between sets. Although the speaker function doesnt directly translate to exactly what youll hear from a regular stereo, it cuts down on a lot of logistical issues found in traditional backing music methods.

    Vox Amplug 2 Classic Rock

    1 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x 3.5mm Headphone Output
    Power2 x AAA Batteries

    My Review: VOXs amPlug range includes many different models, each of which is targeted toward certain styles of guitar playing. When I compared the amPlug 2 Classic Rock to the aforementioned AC30 model, I found some key differences between the two. After a short time playing through this headphone amp, one of the things I noticed was the smoothness of the distortion is produced. Classic rock is a gain-heavy genre, but they still need to be dynamic range so that the guitar tone doesnt become overly compressed, and I found that this VOX amp found that balance perfectly.

    The foldaway jack plug was another feature I enjoyed because it prevents the connector from being broken when the device is being moved around or stored. The three staple effects that VOX includes on all of their headphone amplifiers reverb, delay, and chorus, are split into three subcategories, increasing the versatility of this compact device.

    Who is this best suited for: Id recommend the amPlug 2 Classic Rock to those who are looking for a solid, reliable guitar tone. Theres nothing too flashy about the sound this amp produces, but its ideal for powerful riffs, saturated solos, and smooth chord sequences.

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    Nux Mighty Lite Bt Mini Portable Modeling Guitar Amplifier With Bluetooth


    • Portable, Bluetooth Desktop Guitar Amplifier
    • Built-in Digital Reverb & Delay, 3 channels: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion
    • Runs with 9V power adapter, USB connection via power bank or 6 AA size batteries
    • 3 Watt Output Power, 9 Drum Patterns and a Metronome,Tap Tempo controls Delay speed and Drums

    Best Headphone Amps For Guitar: Guitar Worlds Choice

    LEKATO Guitar Headphone Amp with Bluetooth

    Fenders mighty Mustang Micro takes the top spot in this category, combining value for money, ease of use, and outstanding functionality. Whether you want to noodle at home or use it as a fully-fledged audio interface, it gives you a wide variety of amps and effects to suit any player or playing style.

    In second place we have the Vox amPlug 2 AC30 , a fantastic update to a mainstay of the headphone amp world. Delivering that classic Vox chime-like tone without the back-breaking weight, it even dirties up like the real thing as you dial up the gain for an all-around authentic tone.

    The Fender Mustang Micro has really set the bar for what guitar headphone amps can do. Featuring 12 amp models that go from pristine Fender clean to heavy metal high gain, it gives guitarists an astonishing array of usable tones for practice and recording.

    The effects are fantastic as well: youve got classic Fender spring reverb, spacious stereo delays, and the warm wash of Fenders own Vibratone. Some of these effects are combined to prevent them from sounding too dry, but all of them are usable in various scenarios.

    Four colored LEDs on the side of the unit let you know your amp, effect, EQ and effects setting, whilst the 4th LED titled ‘modify’ allows you to adjust effect parameters. This means you can set the amount of reverb youd like, or the time setting for your delay effects.

    Read our full Boss Waza-Air review

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    Lekato Guitar Headphone Amp

    1 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x 3.5mm Headphone Output
    PowerMicro USB chargeable

    My Review: When I first got my hands on Lekatos headphone amp, the interesting LED design caught my attention. The control panel of this device is littered with numbers and settings, which makes it seem a little complicated. Once I started using the amp, I realized that it wasnt as complex as Id expected. The standout quality of the Lekato Guitar Headphone Amp is its diverse, extensive range of presets. It includes overdrive, distortion, phaser, chorus, reverb, and delay effects, making it as detailed as a multi-effects pedal.

    Additionally, theres an onboard tuner which is a real game-changer. Headphone amplifiers are designed to be used anywhere, so having a tuner built in to the device is highly convenient especially if you dont have your tuner pedal to hand.

    Who is this best suited for: Guitarists who like to use many different effects and amplifier tones will love the comprehensive selection offered by this compact Lekato Guitar Headphone Amp. Its a little more complicated to use than most of its competitors, but that shouldnt deter you if youre experienced with amplifier controls and settings.

    Bottom Line: With a diverse range of amp models and onboard effects, this Lekato amplifier is one of the most detailed devices of its kind. It is charged using a micro USB cable and can be used for up to 5 hours on a single full charge.

    Long & Mcquade Performance Assurance

    Buying a new instrument is an exciting event and we want to ensure that every instrument we sell comes exactly how the manufacturer intended it to be. That is why Long & McQuade performs a quality control check for every stringed, brass, and woodwind instrument over $99 ordered online at

    Our team of experienced staff will unbox your instrument and perform a detailed inspection to ensure it leaves our warehouse looking and playing great with our QC card signed and dated for your peace of mind.

    We work hard to source the best instruments from around the world from the finest brands. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your new instrument purchase from day one onwards.

    Stringed Instrument Performance Assurance Checklist

    Unlike our free set-up, which is included within the first year of purchase, this process is done to have the instrument set to the factory specs rather than to each player’s feel or preferences.

    We look after the following:

    • Inspect finish and hardware.
    • Check electronics to make sure everything is in working order. Check batteries on active pickups.
    • Inspect strings.
    • Check truss rod. Adjust for bow and relief.
    • Tune instrument to manufacturers specified tuning.
    • Check/set action height.
    • Stretch strings and re-tune instrument and ensure machine heads are working well.
    • Check for fret buzz by playing every note.
    • Check/set intonation.

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    The 8 Best Guitar Amp Headphones : Practice In Peace

    ByAmit Sharmapublished 22 October 21

    From studio headphones to noise cancelling cans – and even headphones that ARE the amp – these are the best headphones for guitarists, from Boss, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and others

    Included in this guide:

    Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System
    HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones
    DT 770 PRO Studio Headphones
    VH-Q1 Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones
    MDR-ZX110AP Headphones

    Lets be serious for a minute theres nothing quite like plugging into your favorite guitar amp cranked to oblivion. Even the headphones in this guide will never change that fact, but a pair of the best headphones for guitar amps will enable you to practice at low-volume whilst retaining great tone. If you live in a smaller apartment, near sensitive neighbors or you live with family who dont love your constant shredding, donning a pair of cans means you can practice at any time you want. And thats no bad thing at all

    Then, of course, there are the more production-based advantages too headphones can provide the clarity to really hone in on those reverbs, delays and background noises without being colored by the tone of the room you’re playing in or the speakers connected to your amp.

    In this guide were looking at the best guitar amp headphones, and how each pair is suited to different needs. Weve included some useful buying advice too. Just click the button above to head straight there, or keep scrolling to read our product round-up.

    Vox Ap2cr Amplug 2 Classic Rock Guitar/bass Headphone Amplifier Best Guitar Headphone Amp For Classic Rock

    NuX Mighty Plug Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth for Guitars! Yowcha!

    Continuing the iconic Vox theme, let us fill the gap. Weve had the traditional British AC30 sound with its boosted top end. Weve had the grind of a metal practice amp from the US. Just one thing left to go in terms of defined sounds. The classic crunch of a 100-watt amp top made in the UK.

    Vox might have been the masters of the AC30 and associated sounds. But it was Marshall, HiWatt, and Orange that blew the worlds socks off. And in some cases still do.

    Learn from the masters

    With this sound, the analog circuit used is crucial. You cant even get near the sound if that isnt right, as most manufacturers have found. Vox has had a close look at that before producing this.

    This little headphone practice amp has all the basic attributes of its cousins. The automatic power-off facility to save the battery and the 180-degree foldable jack plug for easy storage. There is the quarter-inch socket for headphones and the 3.5mm aux-in for linking up a device to play along with a playlist.

    Effects and mid-boost

    Included are three different types of chorus, reverb, and delay that allows you to create exactly the sound you want. They have also included a mid-boost that can be used when you choose.

    It runs on two AAA batteries and you should get 15-17 hours of battery life. This little amp will suit the guitar and bass, although there is a special Bass version with lower frequencies if you prefer.

    A Marshall stack in your pocket

    Our rating:

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    Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp

    The Blackstar Fly series of amplifiers is already an incredibly popular line of guitar amps, so it made sense that theyd bring out one of the best Bluetooth guitar amps available today. The Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp takes all the portability of the Fly series and includes Bluetooth functionality so you can stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device/PC/laptop.

    As a Bluetooth speaker for guitar, its got an incredible range of tone considering its small size. The 2-channel design features a combi input that can accept an XLR or line-level instrument as well as a guitar input that is switchable between acoustic and electric. The latter channel also features an overdrive function so you can really dig in when youre jamming. Both channels feature independent EQ and reverb controls so you can sculpt your tone. Perfect for buskers and those who need something for jamming on. Also available in Silver HERE.

    What To Look For In A Pair Of Guitar Amp Headphones

    Were here to help you choose a pair of headphones that wont make your carefully crafted guitar tone sound like an enraged wasp trapped inside an empty beer can. So, before parting with your hard-earned cash, consider why you want a pair of phones, where youre going to use them and how youre going to use them.

    If youre going to wear them while touring or travelling, we suggest you look at lightweight in-ear models aka earphones or earbuds. These can be stored, together with a micro-amp, inside your guitar case ready to be pulled out at a moments notice for an impromptu practice session.

    Whats more, some can double-up as in-ear monitors for stage use, too. Just bear in mind that everyone has different-shaped ears, and some people struggle to get them to fit snugly enough to stay in place, making them less likely to seal against ambient noise. So, make sure they come with plenty of different-sized ear tips or sleeves. One-size-fits-all may work for baseball caps, but its meaningless here.

    Similarly, we recommend over-ear cups rather than on-ear cups because theyre much better at blocking out ambient noise. Over-ear cups completely cover and cosset the ear in sound-absorbing material, a feature that manufacturers call passive noise isolation or passive noise cancellation. The thicker and/or better quality the material, the more proficient the sound isolation.

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