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Putting It All Together

2019 Bonelop Custom – Big Mouth Billy Bass Bluetooth Speaker!!!!

My goal is to have the extra pieces of electronics, the Arduino, audio circuit and audio amplifier, all sit inside the Billy Bass case so it looks like it did before I started hacking it. Although there is quite a bit of spare space inside the case the large sizes of the Arduino and the replacement loudspeaker mean this is not currently possible. On my to-do list I have a task to get an Arduino mini and a smaller, mylar speaker to make everything fit. For now Ive just added a couple of brackets to let the back panel stand-off from the front panel by an inch or so so at least the device looks right from the front.

The end result then is a Big Mouth Billy Bass that has two cables coming out of it: a USB cable which provides power for everything except the motors and takes motor movement commands over USB-serial, primarily for the head and tail movements and a 3.5mm audio cable that plugs into any reasonable headphone or line-out socket, which supplies the audio which is played from the fishs loudspeaker and which moves the mouth via the lip sync functionality.

The second part of this blog series will look at how I connected this to the Octoblu IoT automation platform and used a text-to-speech web service to make it an Internet-connected speech device. In the third part Ill show some examples of using Octoblu and the fish with other Internet-connected devices and services.

What Songs Did Billy Bass Sing

Big Mouth Billy Bass the Singing Sensation: The original singing fish released in 1998-1999 and popular in 2000. He sings Take Me to the River and Dont Worry Be Happy though earlier models only sing Take Me to the River. Big Mouth Billy Bass Sings For the Holidays: A Christmas-themed version of Billy Bass.

Big Mouth Billy Bass With Alexa: The Best Smart Home Gadget Of 2018

Yeah, we’re just calling it now

The bass is back. Thats right, the most popular gift of 1999, Big Mouth Billy Bass, has returned and this time its smarter with help from digital assistant.

Gemmy Industries the company you had no idea was behind the first Big Mouth Billy Bass, and which also makes those hideous blow-up Christmas lawn ornaments has made Bluetooth connectivity the hallmark feature of Billys triumphant return. With this, the talking bass placard can pair with an speaker for enhanced features.

How could you possibly improve the technological marvel that is Billy Bass, you ask? Well, now the thing can dance to the beat of Amazon Music played through an Echo speaker, for one.

Alexa pairing also allows the doodad to respond to Alexa voice commands, lip syncing the speakers responses and reacting to timers, notifications and alarms you’ve set through Alexa. Oh, and Billy sings his very own song titled Fishin Time whoever owns Dont Worry, Be Happy must have lawyered up.

Anyway, the new-and-improved Billy Bass was made possible using development suite for device makers, and costs for pre-order. An expensive gag gift, but a limitless one.

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Forget Skynet: Big Mouth Billy Bass With Alexa Is The Tech Hell We Deserve

Back in 2016, an absolute madman hacked a Big Mouth Billy Bass to speak using the Alexa API. It was weird. The soulless monsters at Gemmy Industries evidently took notice, though, and have engineered an official Alexa-powered singing fish to bring to market. What have we wrought?You can inflict the Speaking Sensation on a loved one or mortal enemy for $39.99 talk about a bargain. He connects to Echo devices over Bluetooth, and will dance to any music you put on. Billy can even mouth Alexa’s answers to your inquiries.Do we deserve better? I don’t know anymore.

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It’s not clear from the Amazon listing whether the fish’s connectivity can be used to perform similar acts of existential horror using your phone or a Bluetooth-enabled Google Assistant speaker it only mentions Alexa. Even if it can’t, Billy will still sing “Fishin’ Time” I don’t know what that is, and I’m not sure I want to when you press his button.

Pre-orders are open now, with general availability starting December 1.

God help us.

What Can Billy Do

Big Mouth Billy Bass 445076 with Alexa Toy for sale online ...

When you ask Alexa a question, Billy turns to you, and then lip-syncs Alexa’s answers. The actual audio comes out of your Echo speaker, and it’s in Alexa’s feminine voice rather than Billy’s growl. For third-party skills, Billy will lip-sync some, but not all, of the responses. Remember, Billy is not a speaker.

Billy’s actual voice is reserved for a few setup messages and “Fishin’ Time,” a bizarre honky-tonk song. Unlike older Billy Bass units, this model is not motion activated, and does not sing “I Will Survive,” “Take Me to the River,” or any song other than “Fishin’ Time.” Once again, and I can’t repeat this enough, Billy is not a speaker.

While Billy won’t sing, it’ll dance. Ask Alexa to play something on Amazon Music, and Billy will twitch and wiggle, enthusiastic but pretty far off the beat. The fish basically has two points of articulation, head and tail, with a very disturbing fold in the middle that essentially collapses if both the head and tail are working at the same time. Its fixed expression, with its staring eye, makes the dancing joyless. It quickly starts to feel like Billy is cursed to perform for your pleasure, and its tiny brain is too limited to understand why it’s stuck to this board, twitching to the beat of Billy Joel, Merle Haggard, or LCD Soundsystem.

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa 1

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Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish 2018 Fishin’ Time Amazon Echo Bluetooth

Seller: crux_lmb99.2%, Location:Mableton, Georgia, US, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:363470921318Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish 2018 Fishin’ Time Amazon Echo Bluetooth. Item:Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish 2018 Fishin’ Time Amazon Echo BluetoothCondition:New – Opened box to see contentsCondition:New other , Condition:open box to see contents – new, Brand:Big Mouth Billy Bass, UPC:0191245450764, Type:Toys See More

  • Popularity – 4 watching, 1 day on eBay. Very high amount watching. 1 sold, 0 available. More

Big Mouth Billy Bass Compatible With Alexa

BrandBig Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa
Item Weight
11 x 3 x 7 inches
Age Range96 months to 1200 months
Number of Batteries
  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass sings and dances to the original song âFishinâ Timeâ right out of the box.
  • Pair Big Mouth Billy Bass to a compatible Echo device to unlock additional features.
  • When connected with Alexa, Big Mouth Billy Bass dances along to music played through Amazon Music. He doesnât move his mouth to these songs because he is focused on swishing his tail!
  • Additionally, Big Mouth Billy Bass will perk up and raise his head when you say the word âAlexa.â
  • He will also move his mouth to lip-sync along with Alexa responses such as weather, random facts,NOTE: Billy Mouth Billy Bass does not lip-sync to Amazon Music while he is dancing
  • When connected with Alexa, all music and sound come from the paired Echo device and do not come from the speaker on Big Mouth Billy Bass.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass also wiggles around when an Alexa timer, alarm, reminder or notification event is triggered.
  • Pairs with Alexa via Bluetooth/Automatically updates with Alexa upgrades.
  • Includes power adapter/Battery compartment also available .

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Taylor Tabb Who Presumably Couldnt Handle Hearing Take Me To The River Anymore Decided To Hack A Billy Bass For His Own Purposes

Big Mouth Billy Bass is an animatronic prop that resembles a trophy fish mounted to a plaque. When a button on the plaque is pressed, the fish begins flopping around while singing songs like Bobby McFerrins Dont Worry, Be Happy and Al Greens Take Me to the River. Sales figures havent been published, but it is safe to say that millions of units were purchased by consumers, particularly in the early 2000s, as novelty gifts. Many people have converted Big Mouth Billy Bass units into custom speaking devices, but Taylor Tabb went all the way and used an Arduino to develop a platform that can be used to control the ridiculous animatronic fish.

When Joe Pelletttieri designed the original Big Mouth Billy Bass back in 1998, he knew it had to be affordable enough to be sold as a gag gift. Thats why the electronics inside of the fish are actually very simple. There are just three motors to make Billy flop around and open his mouth. A small speaker and amplifier, similar to what youd find in a musical gift card, are used to play the pre-recorded song. Instead of even bothering to reverse engineer the cheap control board, Tabb took the more practical route and replaced it altogether. He used an Arduino Mega board to control the animatronic motors through an Adafruit motor driver board. An analog pin on the Arduino is used to output audio through a regular 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

Students Learning Hardware Design In Islamabad Pakistan

New Big Mouth Billy Bass vs. DIY Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass

The students at LearnOBots took on a slew of great projects during World Create Day like a smart medicine dispenser, electronics that control mains appliances, parking sensors, and a waste bin that encourages you to feed it. The group did a wonderful job of showing off their event by publishing several updates with pictures, stories, and video presentations from all the students. Nice work!

Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass? Thats the singing fish with which you could torture family members by having it endlessly perform a rendition of either Take Me to the River or Dont Worry Be Happy.

Now , a teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design, has . Speak the wake word, Alexa, and the fishs head turns to face you. Then ask it any question youd normally ask Alexa and Alexas voice answers while the fish opens and closes its mouth in time to the words. Want to know the weather? Ask the fish, which you can see do in the video below.

hasnt given details on how hes done it but hes likely made use of the Alexa Skills Kit, an SDK from Amazon that lets you use the Alexa voice recognition and speech service with your own hardware , just as Amazon does with their home assistant, Echo .

But wait, whats an mbed? We didnt have a clue either!

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Audio Diagnostic Arduino Sketch

If you have followed the above steps correctly, there are two tests to confirm you are on the right track. You should make sure these two checks are working before proceeding to the next step!

1. When you play music from your Echo , you actually hear something.

If this is not working, check the power going into the amplifier is setup correctly, and check your wires from the 3.5mm audio are properly connected.

2. When you load this audio diagnostic sketch to your Arduino and open the Serial Monitor , you can see a log message indicating if music is playing or not. You can also watch the onboard LED for the Arduino which should be illuminated when music is playing, and off otherwise.

If step 2 isn’t working, try connecting your analog wire to the other terminal on the speaker ports coming from the amplifier. You may also need to adjust the “quietThreshold” value in the sketch to correctly calibrate for no sound playing, though in the next step we will average this value to make it more stable.

How Do I Add An Alexa Subwoofer

How to pair the Echo Sub to an Echo speaker Open the Alexa App on your phone. Tap the menu button on the upper left corner of your screen. Tap Add Device. Tap the Amazon Echo icon. Tap Echo Sub. On the Select your Amazon Echo screen, select your Echo Sub. Tap the Wi-Fi network your other Echo devices are connected to.

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Big Mouth Billy Bass Back On The Market Can Now Connect To Alexa

Big Mouth Billy Bass is back just in time for Christmas this year with a new twist he can now connect to Alexa.

The animatronic singing fish first became a craze in the late 90s and early 2000s. With just the press of a button, the mounted fish would start signing and wiggling along to songs like Take Me to the River and Dont Worry, Be Happy.

While the new version still has the red start button, it will also respond to Alexa voice commands.

The product description on Amazon says it lip syncs Alexas spoken responses to inquiries about the weather, news and random facts. It also reacts to timers, notifications and alarms, and will dance along to the beat of music.

All you have to do is pair Billy Bass to your device via Bluetooth and let the fun begin, according to the online description.

The new Billy Bass is . It costs $39.99 and will officially be released on Dec. 1.

Can I Connect Jbl To Alexa

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa: the best smart home ...

The Amazon Echo Input device brings Alexa commands to your JBL, Bose, Sonos speakers and more. Use Amazon Echo Input to turn any speaker into an Alexa device. The Echo Input lets you make any Alexa command that you can with an Echo speaker, like checking the weather, setting timers and playing music.

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Hacking Big Mouth Billy Bass Part 1/3

A couple of weeks ago there was a lot of interest on social media in a video showing a Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic novelty device seemingly take on the role of Amazon Echo, including animating its mouth and body in sync with the speech. With my recent exploits in connecting strange crap to Octoblu I decided to have a go at automating and Internet-connecting Billy Bass.

In this three-part blog series Ill cover:

  • reverse-engineering Billy Bass and automating its movements based on audio input
  • How Do I Run Alexa On Raspberry Pi

    How to Add Alexa to a Raspberry Pi: Connect an audio device: a microphone and speakers to your device. Install the PulseAudio snap: Install the Alexa snap from the store: Fill in the device credentials that were created during step 1, click log in. Fill in your Amazon credentials. Now you can speak with Alexa.

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    Animate A Billy Bass Mouth With Any Audio Source

    Update 12/18: Because the world is weird, Amazon now actually sells an Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass. The bad news is that it’s very limited and the reviews are terrible. The good news is that it’s one of the most hackable versions of the fish yet with lots of swappable JST connections inside and optimized for 5v USB power. You can see my teardown of this new fish, if you’re curious. The bottom line is that the following guide should still work for this new breed if you want to get it working with any audio source.

    Update 06/19: By popular demand, I’ve written a follow-up guide to this one that addresses many of the shortcoming of this tutorial . That bad news is, the guide is on another site. Here’s the video for it, though, to give you a sense of what’s involved.

    This project started when artist named Brian Kane published a viral video showing a Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty singing fish, seemingly voiced by Amazons Alexa virtual assistant. The internet went nuts for it, and so did I — but mostly I just wanted to know how it worked so that I could make my own.

    After seeing a number of Raspberry Pi projects that made use of Alexa, I initially assumed that Brian had created an Alexa-powered Pi project that doubled as a means to animate the existing Billy Bass hardware — and that may be the case. I even posed this idea on my weekly YouTube show, Maker Update.

    I already had an Arduino and a motor shield handy .

    Materials Needed

    Echo Dot Teardown And Audio Detection

    Big Mouth Billy Bass, Play ‘Digger Digger’

    1. Peel the rubber off the bottom of your Echo Dot , which will reveal a clear adhesive layer which you can also peel off. This will reveal four torx screws. Unscrew and remove these four screws, and your dot should come apart into multiple pieces.

    We are interested in the two circuit boards. Be careful with the ribbon cable connecting the two PCBs. This came unplugged for me about 20 times, so you may want to attach this to the fish case immediately .

    2. Cut your 3.5mm audio cable very close to the jack. Peel away the rubber to reveal the contacts at the base of jack. This will contain a left, right, and ground cable . Solder a length of wire to both L and R , and twist the loose wires together to form a ground wire. For more info on the audio jack, checkout this very helpful post. At this stage you can test that the audio output still works using a portable speaker.

    3. Connect the signal wire to the IN pin on the LM386 amplifier board, and connect the ground pin to the audio signal ground. Run wires from the Arduino 5V output / GND to the amplifier’s VCC and 2nd GND pin . Now attach the wires from Billy Bass’ speaker to the amplifier.

    At this point you should be able to plug the 3.5mm audio jack into the Echo Dot, and hear Alexa through the speaker. If you can not hear music, try turning the small screw on the amplifier to increase the gain. This will introduce noise however, so try to keep the gain as low as possible.

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