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Identos Tactivo Mini For Ios Review

Keyfob sized Scanfob® NFC Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Reader-Writer, iPad, Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch

With the ever-changing remote work environment and advances in CAC technology, its hard to keep up. However, one CAC card reader is attempting to change the way you view this struggle.

The Identos Tactivo Mini for iOS.

This CAC card reader is one of the most adaptable readers for Apple products youll find on the market today. Here at HomeCACUse, were primarily Mac and iOS users. And sometimes finding a good CAC reader for Mac or iOS can be difficult. But the Tactivo Mini really shines for us here.

Using a Lightning connector, your Tactivo Mini plugs directly into your iPhonebackwards compatible to iPhone 6iPad, or Mac. It also comes with a micro-USB connector so you can even hook it up to other tablets and Android phones. Plus, its pocket sized so you dont have to worry too much about lugging it around.

And you dont have to worry about compatibility either. Its designed to work for iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Youre pretty much covered all around.

The Tactivo Mini also has a very unique featurea fingerprint swipe sensor. This is great for compatible apps and adds that extra level of security. And unlike other fingerprint sensors weve tried in the past, this one actually works. Theres nothing worse than getting a unit with a fingerprint sensor thats effectively useless because it cant read your print.

Another thing to note is that the Identos Tactivo Mini is much more expensive than some of the other CAC readers weve reviewed.

Identos Tactivo Mini For Ios: Best Cac Reader For Ios

If youve owned an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, youll understand the slight frustration that comes with having different connection ports. With Apples Lightning connectors, you need to get special adapters to plug in almost every single external device. And while Apple userslike ourselveshave come to terms with it, we might not have to for much longer.

The Identos Tactivo Mini for iOS is specifically designed with iOS users in mind. It comes standard with a Lightning connectionsomething that is difficult to find when it comes to CAC readers.

Its not just a standard CAC reader either. The Tactivo Mini comes with a fingerprint sensor to add an extra level of security. And the best part about the sensor is that it actually works. Nothings more frustrating than a fingerprint sensor that doesnt work. The only real downside to this unit is that it doesnt come pre-installed with middleware. Youll have to go out and subscribe to one on your own. We recommend SubRosa Pro. Looking for a full review? Learn more about the Identos Tactivo Mini here!

Which Card Reader For Iphone/ipad Is Best For You

When considering the best credit card reader for iPhone users, our research into mobile credit card processing went way beyond just the card readers, as should yours. Your business size, preferences in aesthetics, and your current business model, along with your goals for growth, should be a part of your overall decision-making process.

Each iPhone credit card reader weve shared has its pros and cons, but theres likely one or two that hit your sweet spot in terms of pricing and features. You may also want to check out our post, 11 Credit Card Processors With The Lowest Fees & The Cheapest Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments. While there is no one-size-fits-all choice, we hope that these lists can help you get a picture of the strongest and most reputable options.

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Can You Take Credit Card Payments Without A Card Swiper

The short answer to this question is that you absolutely can take credit card payments without a mobile card reader. QR code payments payments in which the customer scans a funky square barcode with their iPhone or Android cameras and then completes the payment on their own device are becoming increasingly common during the COVID era.

Likewise, many processors now support payment links. With payment links, you directly invoice a customer by sending them a text or email with a URL or QR code that launches the transaction process. Its great for freelancers, professional service workers, and others who need an easy way to bill clients and can even be used by occasional in-person vendors.

However, for most businesses, these payment methods are best offered in conjunction with an actual physical credit card reader, not as a replacement for such readers.

Flexible Pkard Reader And Elegant Tactivo Bring Smart Card Authentication To Your Favorite Mobile Device

SoundLogic Bluetooth Leather Keyboard For iPad &  Portfolio ...


Thursby Software’s PKard Reader and Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo support the major standard smart card formats including the CAC used by the U.S. military and DOD . I tested the products by using an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2, both running iOS 6.1, to access a number of military and DOD websites that require CAC authentication.

Until the PKard Reader and Tactivo devices arrived for the iPhone and iPad, military and DOD personnel had to use either a PC or Mac to remotely access CAC-secured sites, even for Webmail, travel, and unclassified administrative tasks. As prices fall, these workers will be sorely tempted to buy one of these readers — and so will many iPhone and iPad users in private sector companies that require smart card authentication.

Common capabilities and limitationsThursby’s PKard Reader and Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo worked as advertised, allowing me to successfully check email on both the Navy Marine Corps Email and the Army Email AKO sites.

Note, however, that the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad does not support smart card authentication. In order to facilitate browsing of websites that authenticate using smart cards or CACs, Thursby’s PKard Reader and Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo both include Thursby’s free PKard Reader app.

InfoWorld Scorecard

How To Find The Best Ipad Or Iphone Credit Card Reader

Are you looking for the best credit card readers for your iPhone or iPad? Youre in the right place. With businesses having to adjust to new social distancing measures, you may now have to offer curbside pickup or delivery options when that wasnt part of your original plan. That means mobile payment apps are becoming crucial to adapt and succeed in many industries.

The best mobile POS providers offer iPhone and iPad credit card readers that accept chip, contactless, and sometimes even old-fashioned magstripe payments. When building our list of the best iPhone credit card apps and processing options, we took into consideration several other factors, including:

  • Compatibility of the credit card reader with the iPhone
  • Initial and recurring costs
  • Your sales volume
  • The credit card processors reputation

Lets dig into each of our top picks and show you what iPhone or iPad credit card processing platform is best for your small business. Bear in mind that the processing rate given for each vendor is for swiped/dipped/tapped transactions keyed-in transactions will always cost more.

Hardware Software And Support

All of our bundles include the market-leading, U.S.-engineered Sub Rosa secure browser, supporting signing, encrypting, and decrypting email with Microsoft Outlook Web Access . The browser also coordinates reader and card access to a secure ecosystem of optional Thursby by Identiv, third-party, and organization-specific apps, including document signing, editing, sharing, VPN, MAM, MDM, and more. U.S. phone and email technical support is included.

Air Id 2 Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader: Overall Best Cac Reader For Mobile

If youre truly looking for the best mobile CAC reader, turn to the AIR ID 2. Honestly, this is one of the best mobile CAC readers weve ever had our hands on. Its also probably the best CAC reader weve ever handled period.

The AIR ID 2 is a revolutionary piece of tech for managing smart card accounts. Its a Bluetooth powered reader that can connect your card to almost any prepared workstation 100% wire-free. No more long cords, sloppy workstations, or inconvenient dongles. And since its the size of a standard card carrier, you can literally wear it around your neck on a lanyard and still connect.

You may be wondering about the security of such a wireless device. Well, its just as secure as any other device if not more so. Its equipped with AES 256 encryption to ensure your information maintains its privacy. Also, its got a nifty auto log-off feature if you stray too far from your workstation. So for instance, lets say youre connected to your workstation and run off to catch a quick coffee break. But youve forgotten to log out of your secured account. The AIR ID 2 will automatically log you out after crossing a certain distance to further protect you and your information.

Avidcard Cac Usb Smart Card Reader : Best Cac Reader For Android

Keyfob sized Scanfob® GEN2 Bluetooth Smart (BLE) UHF Reader-Writer, iPad, Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch

We really like the AvidCard CAC reader. It comes in two different varieties as well: the standard USB and the Type-C USB connectorwith our favorite being the Type C.

Everything nowadays is starting to swap over to the USB Type-C and it wont be long until modern tech has fully phased out the older style connector. So its just best to upgrade as you go along. And chances are that if your mobile device can support a CAC reader, its probably a Type-C connector anyway.

This CAC reader doesnt have all sorts of bells and whistles. And at first glance, it looks clean and minimalistwhich is part of its appeal for us. It does what its supposed to when its supposed to.

The biggest issue with this reader is that it doesnt support iOSwhich really isnt a problem if youre going to be using this for Android. If you need something for iOS, go with either the Identos or the AIR ID 2. For a full review on the AvidCard CAC reader , CLICK HERE.

Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

The baiMobile® 3000MP Bluetooth Smart Card reader is designed to support most mobile and desktop platforms including Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry® OS 7, BlackBerry® 10, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10. ThebaiMobile® 3000MP Bluetooth Smart Card reader supports standard ISO 7816 smart cards such as the Common Access Card issued by the US Department of Defense and the Personal Identity Verification issued by other agencies of the US Government.

Support for other smart card types is provided by the baiMobile Middleware This wireless solution permits network or client applications residing on the device to access the credentials stored on the smart card to perform functions such as digitally signing and decrypting emails, and authenticating to secure web sites and network servers. The reader also functions as a badge holder with the printed identification features of the card exposed for visual inspection as seen below.

baiMobile Bluetooth Adapter

The US Department of Defense has determined that the iPhones native Bluetooth radio does not meet DISA security requirements . The baiMobile® Bluetooth Adapter has been approved by DISA for use with the baiMobile 3000MP reader. The adapter attaches to the 30-pin or Lightning connector at the bottom of the iPhone or iPad and establishes a secure communications link with the reader. The Bluetooth adapter is not required for Android, Blackberry or Windows devices.

Best Mobile Cac Readers For Each Operating System

Do you ever find yourself working on the go? Or needing to access CAC required information from your mobile device?

If not yet, theres a good chance youll need to in the future. With many jobs and processes undergoing the shift to a more mobile and agile environment, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut if you dont have the right CAC reader. And finding the best answer for your needs can be challenging.

But theres no need to worry because HomeCACUse has done the legwork for you. Weve gone through and tested many different solutions available and have found the best mobile CAC readers for each operating system.

Biometric Associates Baimobile 3000mp Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

Buying for the Government?We are a GSA contractor under FSS Schedule 70.For GSA ordering assistance, call 1-877-356-9966.
· We ship to all Canadian provinces.·Contact us if you have any questions.
International Orders Welcome!· We ship to customers around the world every day.· Many payment options available.·Contact us if you have any questions.

The Biometric Associates baiMobile 3000MP Bluetooth is also known as theBiometric Associates baiMobile 3000MP Bluetooth

Apple And Android Mobile Cac And Piv Readers

Bluetooth smart card reader and writer iTec

Tired of carrying two phones or a bulky laptop? Thursby provides mobile CAC, PIV, and PIV-I readers for use with Sub Rosa on iOS and Android. Thursbys Sub Rosa suite of products provides you with the ability to access two-factor websites, sign, encrypt, and decrypt emails, view, edit, and create calendar events, and edit and sign PDF documents from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. Watch to learn more.

Usb Smart Card / Cac Reader

Select one of the options at checkout for faster delivery

Etimated Delivery Date

The Belkin smart card reader is designed for today’s government user. The reader supports smart cards meeting ISO7816 standards, which include CAC and PIV. The reader is designed with high-quality materials to meet the most demanding requirements for government data security use and includes a variety of features that make the reader the most efficient to use in its class. The reader also offers the broadest smart card compatibility, including Class A, B, C , which makes it ideal to meet legacy, current, or future security needs. FIPS 201 compliant. TAA compliant.

In Summary: The Best Credit Card Readers For Iphone & Ipad

  • Readers go for $0-$25 for Merchant Maverick readers
  • Chip, contactless, & magstripe payments supported
  • 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction for Merchant Maverick readers
  • Chip, contactless, & magstripe payments supported
  • 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction
  • Chip, contactless & magstripe payments supported
  • 2.7% per transaction
  • The cost of the Clover Go reader isn’t disclosed
  • Chip, contactless & magstripe payments supported
  • Interchange + 0.18% + $0.10 per transaction
  • The reader costs $29 for the first device, $79 for all subsequent devices
  • Chip, contactless, and PIN payments supported
  • 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction
  • Smart Card Reader Capd For Ipad Ipad Mini

    CAPD Reader iR301U-C is specially engineered to accommodate a range of smart card applications. Developers use it as a platform to generate and deploy related products and services. Moreover, The CAPD Reader iR301U-C is a terminal unit which is seamlessly integrated to all major systems of operation. For quantity orders, upon request

    CAPD Reader iR301U-C is specially engineered to accommodate a range of smart card applications. Developers use it as a platform to generate and deploy related products and services. Moreover, The CAPD Reader iR301U-C is a terminal unit which is seamlessly integrated to all major systems of operation. Additional features such as the built-in inclusive support for different smart card interfaces has facilitated the wide scale and cross industry adoption of Reader 301. Reader 301 suits customers where security concerns are the most salient and satisfies the demand for a flexible solution for ID authentication, e-commerce, e-payment, information security and access control.

    Features :

    USB 2.0 Full Speed Device, Compliant with PC/SC, CCID Standards, Support ISO-7816-1/2/3 T=0 and T=1 Protocol, Support ISO-7816 Class A,B and C Cards, Provide secondary development library, Support auto-PPS, Support firmware upgrade through Micro USB, Provide 255bytes data space, Support DUKPT encrypt, Supports Windows 2000+/Linux/Mac OS X/iOS/Android, MFI certified, CE/FCC/RoHS certified.

    Baimobile Smart Card Middleware

    Use PIV/CAC card with Built-in Safari on iPad/iPhone

    The baiMobile® Smart Card Framework enables client and network applications to retrieve public certificates and perform PKI private key cryptographic operations on the smart card. The Framework supports PKCS#11 API and PC/SC APIs and includes other higher level APIs such as Java CSP . The baiMobile® solution also includes security and device driver files. TheFramework cannot be installed separately on iOS or Android devices rather, it must be integrated with within an application. TheFramework can also be embedded into the Android OS by the handset manufacturer.

    Final Thoughts On The Identos Tactivo Mini For Ios

    Honestly, we like this little unit. Its probably one of the most convenient CAC readers available today. You can plug into just about any device, and thats something that is super important to us. Also, the Tactivo Mini supports just about every smart card available including National ID credentials.

    We just wish it would come with middleware. If it did, we wouldnt be so uptight about the price being high.

    But all-in-all, two thumbs up for this CAC reader. But if youd like to explore the competition a bit moreespecially those for Mac and iOScheck out our best CAC Readers for Mac review.

    Elegant & Discrete Cased Iphone & Ipad Readers

    • $149.99 – iPhone 7/8/SE iPhone 7 / 8 / SE with lightning connector
    • $149.99 – iPhone 6/6S iPhone 6 / 6S with lightning connector
    • $149.99 – iPad mini only compatible with iPad mini with Retina display and iPad mini 3
    • Discrete – the card slides completely into the back of the case
    • Simple – the one-piece design is easy to put-on and take-off
    • Easy to charge – via the built-in micro USB port

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    TheMicrosoft Surface Windows Prooriginally went on sale on 9 February 2013. This version has the ability to install and use regular Windows programs.

    The Microsoft Surface Windows RT went on sale 26 October 2012 and has an ARM processor andIS NOT able to install and use regular Windows programs. You can check your Enterprise Email with aCAC reader after you install theDoD Certificates.

    Microsoft no longer sells the Windows RT version of the Surface

    The Microsoft Surface Windows RT will allow you to access sites like OWA . All other CAC types are incompatible.

    PKard Reader includesSub Rosa for iOS app from Thursby for $139.99

    You will have to remove your phone’s case to be able to plug in the reader. Apple does not make a short extension, and one’s I’ve tried do not work. Thursby shows some on their site. So, if you don’t use a case, it will work great. If you have a case, you will need to add the time of removing your case to use it to the time it takes to use your reader on your iPhone or iPad.

    iPhone cases are $149.99 and are available for 6, 6S, 7, & 8

    NOTE: If youJail Break your iPhone, the Sub Rosa app will not work as it was designed.

    Bundling clarification – “comparing apples to apples”With Thursby PKard Reader secure browser licenses continue to be bundled at no additional cost with readers. There are no annual maintenance fees.

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