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Kitsound Bluetooth Airline Headphones Adapter – Review & Tutorial

23 December 19

I bring my wireless headphones everywhere I go. Even when I’m not jamming to music, a Bluetooth connection is convenient for watching movies and TV shows from my laptop or phone without the hassle of a cord.

I was a late adopter of Bluetooth, because I stubbornly thought wireless audio could be nowhere near as good as my “Hi-Fi” earbuds. Then I purchased Sony’s excellent WH-1000XM2 wireless, noise-cancelling headphones after being swayed by glowing reviews, and I haven’t looked back since.

But when I stepped onto an airplane traveling from New York to Germany, I quickly realized that wireless headphones have a serious limitation. That seat-back infotainment system that keeps you from losing your mind during long-haul flights doesn’t support Bluetooth. So if your wireless headphones don’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, or your forgot to bring your cord, then you’re out of luck.

At least, you were until premium audio company RHA released its Wireless Flight Adapter, a pocket-sized gadget that adds Bluetooth to any in-flight infotainment system. The folks at RHA were kind enough to send me one of the devices to test out. After using it on one flight, I’ll never fly anywhere without it.

RHA sells the Wireless Flight Adapter for $50. That’s not cheap, but this really is the best type of gift: one the person didn’t think they needed but won’t be able to live without.

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Adrienne Maxwell, supervising editor of Wirecutters AV coverage, conducted the most recent round of testing in April 2021. Adrienne has worked as a writer and editor in the consumer electronics industry for over 20 years, and has reviewed numerous audio and video products during that time. She also reviews budget projectors, portable projectors, universal remote controls, and other AV accessories for Wirecutter.

Bolle& raven Wireless Bluetooth Adapter For Bose


If you dont feel like dropping $300 to upgrade your QuietComfort 25 headphones to Wireless QuietComfort 35, opt for the Bolle& Raven adapter instead. This slick adapter turns your perfectly fine QC 25s into wireless headphones for only $50. You can expect around eight hours of battery life and a full wallet from all that money you just saved.

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Travel With Bluetooth Earbuds And Headphones On Airplanes

Earphones and headsets alike have long been allowed on flights all over the world.

They have always had a hardwired connection, which you would plug into the armrest of the seat you were sitting in.

Then came the age of Bluetooth use and wireless headphones and headsets.

Next, was the convenience of Bluetooth earbuds that are even more compact and fit very easily into your carry-on luggage and even your pocket. Ever wondered, how that person next to you on that short haul or long haul flight is able to use their Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to watch in-flight entertainment? Look no further, the answer is right here.

We will tell you how you can be free of wires when you travel to the airport to travel on an airplane thanks to Bluetooth technology. Get rid of those wired earphones and replace them with wireless earphones or airplane earbuds.

Using Bluetooth earbuds and headphones on airplanes is made possible by using a simple little device called a Bluetooth Adapter. A Bluetooth Adapter allows your Bluetooth earbuds and headphones to connect directly to the airplane’s in-flight entertainment service making it possible to use your favorite earbuds or headphones while you travel.

Do Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Or Headphones Work On Planes

Airplane Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter for Headphones W/Portable ...

Why wouldnt they? They are perfectly fine while flying and where space can be an issue, not having wires getting in the way is just better in every way.

As long as you have your earbuds or headphones set up correctly, you have clear sound from your own listening equipment and no worries about them being cleaned as they are your own and you know where they have been.

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This 40 Headphones Accessory Is A Bonafide Long

    Its 4AM somewhere and youre dozing above the Atlantic. The cabin lights are dimmed, the credits to Darkest Hour are rolling and you swivel around to face the aisle only to be caught in the cable of your wireless headphones. Youre a prisoner, shackled to the screen in front of you, or worse, the arm rest. Your crime? Daring to revel in the nostalgia of watching a plane movie on a plane, and so were forced to dig out said cable so you could dutifully, begrudgingly plug in your Bluetooth cans.

    The imaginatively named RHA Wireless Flight Adapter, which lets you use wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment systems, wasnt released in time to be the hero of this story, but its a neat summer buy nonetheless. Its £40, plugs into single stereo or twin mono 3.5mm jacks and lasts for 16 hours on one charge. RHA promises “easy pairing” and says the Flight Adapter will remember up to eight devices. The range is listed as 10+ metres.

    RHA is far from the first company to think of this trick. You might remember the £50 AirFly adapter from TwelveSouth, which was aimed specifically at wearers of Apples AirPods, and the likes of the £17 Taotronics Transmitter are cheaper still. But British audio brand RHA has the audio credentials in its corner its TrueConnect in-ears are some of the finest-sounding wireless earbuds around.

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    Mee Audio Connect Air In

    • BLUETOOTH AUDIO TRANSMITTER FOR AIRPLANES: easily stream wireless audio from in-flight entertainment systems to your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.
    • WIRELESS AUDIO FOR DEVICES WITHOUT BLUETOOTH: works with in-flight entertainment systems and other audio devices with 3.
    • FOR AIRPODS AND OTHER BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES: connect up to two AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously.
    • LAG-FREE HIGH-FIDELITY AUDIO: aptX Low Latency technology delivers clear, distortion-free digital sound and ultra-low audio delay with aptX-enabled devices.
    • 15 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: compact and portable design features built-in rechargeable battery with up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge 1-year manufacturers warranty.

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    Long Range Usb Bluetooth 50 Adapter For Pc Usb Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Audio Dongle For Headphones Speakers

    • The Bluetooth dongle applies the latest Bluetooth 5.
    • Enhance anti-interference ability and stability, and reduce the transmission efficiency loss caused by the interference of the 2.
    • The PC Bluetooth adapter applies the Class 1 radio technology, the transmission distance can up to 100m in an open place.
    • USB Bluetooth adapter works with 32/64-bit Windows 10/8/7.
    • Turn your desktop into Bluetooth-enabled to connect with Bluetooth audio devices for wireless audio streaming.

    When Can’t I Use Portable Earbuds And Headphones On Airplanes

    1Mii B05 Airplane Bluetooth adapter REVIEW and Range Test

    Generally speaking, most airlines used to enforce the turning of all Bluetooth devices for landing and takeoff. In saying that, from our own personal experiences, it seems to vary between airlines.

    We find that when we fly, most times there are no restrictions on the use of Bluetooth earbuds from when you get on the plane until you arrive at the terminal again at your destination. Although, unless it has changed, there does appear to be legal regulations for takeoff and landing.

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    Are Bluetooth Earbuds Allowed By Airlines And What Are The Rules

    You are allowed to bring any of your devices like wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with you on a flight when you travel, whether they are hardwired or of the portable Bluetooth type. The only restrictions are that you wont be able to use Bluetooth devices, which is normally for takeoff and landing.

    Most airlines’ policy in this day and age is to allow you to use your Bluetooth devices, so you’ll be able to use wireless headphones for the rest of the flight in general.

    However, just make sure your phone stays in flight mode as per airline regulations.

    Isobel Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

    • Bluetooth Everywhere] The Bluetooth audio adapter transmit stereo audio wirelessly from your non-Bluetooth audio sources such as Gym/in-flight entertainment, TV, MP3, CD player, gaming devices, PC or eBook reader to your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speaker.
    • Transmitter Receiver 2 IN 1] iSbeller Bluetooth adapter combines transmitter and receiver in one with a 3.
    • Easy to Operate with Screen] There are multi-functional buttons and LED screen on the latest Bluetooth adapter, you can one-key switch TX/RX model, pause/play music, skip next/last track, increase/decrease volume just by operating the adapter, very convenient.
    • Always On/Long Battery Life] The Bluetooth transceiver continuously streams even while charging.
    • Provide 100% Satisfaction Service] If any products quality, we offer no-hassle refund/return/exchange service.

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    Fiio Ubtr Bluetooth Wireless Receiver


    This Bluetooth headphone adapter can clip onto your shirt or the waistband of your pants for convenience, especially if you are working out, or on the go. This adapter supports both aptX for better audio quality and NFC for quick device pairing. And the lengthy nine-hour battery life can get you through a whole day at work without a recharge. For under $20, its a great deal on a solid adapter.

    Comparison Chart Of Top 10 Bluetooth Adapter For Airplane

    RHA Wireless Flight Adapter lets you use your Bluetooth ...
    Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver, Aisidra V5.0 Bluetooth Adapter for Audio9.2
    Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver for Music Streaming with Bluetooth 5.09.2
    MEE audio Connect Air in-Flight Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Adapter for AirPods and Other Headphones9
    COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car9
    RHA Wireless Flight Adapter: Bluetooth 5 Audio Transmitter8.4
    1Mii Miilink Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV to Wireless Headphones8.4
    8Twelve South AirFly Pro – Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on Airplanes8.2
    Bionik BT Audio Sync Wireless Bluetooth Adapter: Compatible with Nintendo Switch8.2
    10Sony WHCH710N Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Over-The-Ear Headphones with Knox Gear Protective Headphone Case and USB Bluetooth Adapter Bundle8.2

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    How To Use Your Own Headphones For In

    Youre all packed and ready to go for your holiday. You love the in-flight movies, but you hate using headphones that arent your own beloved pair. You board the flight, go to plug in your headphones, and disaster strikes: its a two-pin socket!

    No matter what you do, you cant use your own headphones to properly listen to the in-flight entertainment. This is very frustrating, and raises two very valid questions: why is this happening, and what can you do to fix it?

    Option : Dont Even Try

    Many airlines have Wi-Fi systems that provide entire entertainment libraries locally for streaming to your personal phone, tablet, or laptop. You can log on and watch movies without having to pay for the rest of the internet and without having to carry around a second dongle.

    It could be a good option, especially if youre not worried about the battery life on your device and / or the space on your tray table.

    Another good option: just carry around a relatively inexpensive pair of wired earbuds for the plane ride. You may lose whatever noise cancellation youd have on your wireless headphones, but its much simpler. Some airlines give away for nearly disposable earbuds. They do not sound great, but then again, youre watching an Airplane Movie on an Airplane Screen, so how precious are you really going to be about the sound quality of your headphones?

    Last but not least: spend the money for a good pair of over-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. We like the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones right now. Theyre lighter and more comfortable for long-term wear than the Sony 1000x M3 headphones. They all have 3.5mm headphone jacks and come with a cable that can plug into the headrest. Just dont forget to bring that cable along with you.

    Maybe someday, every airplane seat will have its own Bluetooth pairing option. Given the quality of software on those things, though, that sounds like an entirely different kind of nightmare.

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    Rha Wireless Flight Adapterfull Review

    Wireless headphones are officially a thing . That is, everywhere except on planes. And, thanks to the wisdom of Nintendo, on the Switch. Enter RHAs Wireless Flight Adapter.

    This dinky little dongle plugs into the headphone port on your Switch, plane seat – or any other wired-only device of your choice – and will let you pair with Bluetooth headphones .

    Heres how it works, and whether it lives up to that promise.

    Landing At The Conclusion

    AIRMOD Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose QC15 Headphone

    Now that you have an understanding of how to use Bluetooth earbuds and headphones on airplanes, you will be able to travel with your favorite Bluetooth headphones and earbuds on your next flight.

    With one of those new smart little Bluetooth adapters, you will have quality clear sound with you on the plane, just like when you do whatever else you do with your wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

    If you are also looking to purchase some new good quality headphones with the longest possible battery life, here are some quality options below.

    Lastly, if you would like to know more about wireless Bluetooth earbuds with long battery life, we have even more of them set out in another article Earbuds with the Longest Battery Life.

    These would be perfect wireless Bluetooth earbuds for taking on a plane and have a long battery life which makes them fantastic wireless earbuds to travel with when flying to your next destination.

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    Idars Airplane Wireless Bluetooth Audio Headphone Transmitter Adapter

    • Bluetooth transmitter, wireless audio adapter compatible with Bose, Beats, AirPods, Jaybird, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, Plantronics and many other bluetooth headphones
    • Premium CSR8670 IC chip
    • Can be either DUAL or Single 3.5mm headphone slot
    • Can be either DUAL or Single 3.5mm headphone slot

    Low Latency

    • Premium CSR8670 IC chip allows fast installment, auto reconnection, and minimal lag. Latency free audio streaming with guaranteed heat protection, electricity overflow prevention, and stable connection.
    • Travel ReadPatented foldable design allows adaptations to varying audio inputs on planes. The individually foldable pins allows easy connections on flights and swift pairing with devices.

    Easy Pairing

    • Simplistic button design with easy functions and accessibility that helps you pair devices on the go.

    Wide Compatibility

    • CSR8670 IC chip allows universal connection with a wide variety of products, including Apple AirPods, Bose QuietComfort QC35, QuietComfort QC35 II, SoundSport, SoundSport pulse, QuietControl 30, Bose SoundLink, Beats Solo Wireless, Studio Wireless, PowerBeats, BeatsX, Marshall, Jaybird, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, Plantronics, and most other wireless headphones.

    Long Battery life

    • Re-engineered battery for long battery life up to 8 hours of constant streaming while maintaining a light weight for the device.

    Pairing Steps:

  • Go into pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphone. The method of Bluetooth pairing varies among different Bluetooth devices.
  • Successfully Paired:

    Option : Use A Bluetooth Adapter

    Ive tried three different Bluetooth adapters in an attempt to get audio from the seatback to my AirPods Pro: the original AirFly , the AirFly Pro, and a cheap and seemingly sketchy thing I found on Amazon from a company I have never heard of . All three, to my surprise, work equally well assuming your flight isnt too long, at least.

    The basic setup is the same for all of them:

  • Charge the adapter
  • With the adapter off, long-press the main button to put it into pairing mode
  • Hold your headphones right next to the adapter, and put them into pairing mode
  • Stare intently at the vaguely blinking lights on both devices until one or both them changes their color, blink speed, or both
  • Plug in the adapter, and put your headphones in to see if it worked
  • If not, turn off the adapter by long-pressing, and return to step 2
  • This all sounds awful. In practice, I was pleasantly surprised in each case when I was successfully able to pair my AirPods Pro right away even midflight when there were dozens of other Bluetooth radios around, potentially screwing up the pairing process. It helps if you turn off your Bluetooth on your phone or nearby computer. That way, the headphones are less likely to just glom on to that connection instead of pairing to the new dongle.

    The AirFly Pro has an integrated 3.5mm cable, a switch for receiving and transmitting audio, and it charges over USB-C.The AirFly Classic is clumsier to use than the Pro, but it costs less.

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    Using Bluetooth Earbuds And Devices In Aircraft

    If you are lucky that the airline you are traveling with allows the use of Bluetooth devices such as wireless earbuds, dont forget the fact that the use of cellular data is prohibited.Any device you are going to connect your wireless Bluetooth headphone to must be on airplane mode. However, in a situation where the type of device you are using does not allow you to connect your wireless earbuds through Bluetooth after switching the flight mode on, you can turn off the cellular service manually.

    Also, if the airplane you are traveling in has an entertainment system, you will not be able to connect to it using your Bluetooth earbuds. If you are traveling with most of the airlines that gives passengers the chance to use wireless Bluetooth earbuds, have you considered the battery life of the headphone? Can it last through the hours of your travel and keep you entertained? Battery life shorter than three hours of use can be an issue if you are going on a long journey. That is why I will recommend Xfyro earbuds one of the best waterproof wireless earbuds on the market. It comes with 30hours of battery life with a charging case that can keep your company throughout your trip.

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