Bluetooth Headphones For Pc And Phone

Why Two Headphones Arent The Norm For Pc Or Mac

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

Most computers have only one mini-stereo output, or an audio jack.

Some desktop computers may have two or more jacks. Thats because they typically have more powerful sound cards than the ones in laptops.

But, in general, most PCs and Macs only have one headphone jack. And as laptops get thinner and lighter, theyre bound to keep the single-jack configuration.

This is no problem for normal, everyday use because most people dont need more than one headphone jack for their computer. And since we like to carry them around with us for work and travel, most people prefer to keep it that way.

Its also easier to have just one jack because you dont have to change the default audio settings on your computer.

This is because computers can automatically recognize the device plugged in and assign the necessary equalizer settings for the best sound quality.

If the computer senses an impedance of 4 to 16 ohms, it knows its probably powering a speaker. And, if it detects 16 to 100 ohms, it knows its connected to headphones.

Most PCs and Macs werent designed to be used with two headphones because thats not what most people normally do.

If you want to use two headphones on your computer, youll have to tinker with the settings to get what you want.

This usually involves:

  • Connecting two Bluetooth headphones to one computer
  • Assigning each headphone to different audio ports
  • Using a splitter to split the audio connection between two headphones

Bluetooth Headphones Connected But Have No Sound: Pc And Mobile Fixes

Solve the annoying problem of getting no sound out of your Bluetooth headphones even when its connected

It probably happened to you at one point.

You wear your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones, toggle the Bluetooth setting to ON, launch Spotify or YouTube, then press play.

A few seconds later, you realize theres no sound coming out of your headphones.

What gives?

In this article, well take a look at the different reasons why youre not getting any sound out of your Bluetooth headphones.

More importantly, well share with you a couple of tips and tricks to get it working again, whether youre using your mobile phone or PC.

Enable Bluetooth Support Service

The Bluetooth Support Service is what allows Windows to discover and pair with Bluetooth devices. Disabling it could cause Bluetooth headphones to stop working properly or not get detected during the pairing process.

Here are the steps for activating Bluetooth Support Service:

  • On the keyboard, press Windows Key+R to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type services.msc then hit Enter.
  • From the list, look for Bluetooth Support Service. Double-click on it. Going to Bluetooth Support Service settings
  • On the drop-down list, select Automatic. Set Startup Type to Automatic
  • Click Start under Service Status. Then, hit Apply and OK once done. Windows Services Panel and Bluetooth Support Service Properties Window
  • Restart your PC. Once it boots up, try pairing your Bluetooth headphones. Play some music to check if the issue is fixed.
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    How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Any Device


  • How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phone
  • Bluetooth headphones dont have any wires to connect to your devices. So, its understandable if youre having trouble connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your computer or smartphone. However, its easy to get your headphones to connect to any device. Heres how to connect your Bluetooth Headphone to your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, or Android phone.

    Before You Start:

    • Make sure that the audio level of your computer is good. If the audio is too low or is set on mute, it may be confusing if you dont hear any sound through your headphones even after they have been successfully connected.
    • Make sure your device and your headphones are three feet from each other at most. The closer they are, the stronger the Bluetooth connection is, and the easier it is for you to pair them.
    • Make sure both devices are charged. It is not required that these devices are totally charged, just make sure they have enough battery left that neither one will suddenly shut down when pairing.

    Bluetooth Is Always A Few Years Away From Working Well

    Peroptimist Bluetooth Headphones, Foldable Wireless ...

    So, in summary: the headsets connection is unreliable, its impossible to tell if its using the highest quality audio with my PC, and it cant function as a normal pair of stereo headphones while using the integrated microphone. And, if I connect it to my iPhone, I wont get the highest quality audio.

    Im returning the headset to Amazon. Ill stick to a wired headset with traditional analog audio cables on my computer, thanks. Ill take another look in a few years when Bluetooth 5.0 headsets are out.

    Image Credit: Anna-Marie/, Hadrian/

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    The Best Bluetooth Headsets For 2022

    If you’re on the phone all day, a Bluetooth headset will give you clear audio without weighing you down. Here are our top-rated models in a wide range of prices and designs.


    • Powerful bass depth and clear treble for music
    • Comfortable design
    • Compatible with Microsoft Teams app, with dedicated onboard controls


    • Can be annoying to properly dock headset for charging
    • Audio playback between simultaneously paired computers and phones can get complicated


    • Excellent audio performance with deep bass and crisp highs.
    • Strong mic clarity, with HD Voice mode for enhanced intelligibility.
    • Comfortable fit.


    • Excellent mic clarity with solid intelligibility even in loud situations.
    • Comfortable.
    • Can be controlled by voice using app.



    • Won’t fall off your ear.
    • Long range.
    • Ear hook takes some finesse to fit perfectly over glasses.
    • Not quite as comfortable as previous Voyagers.

    Run Your Troubleshooting Tool

    Windows has a built-in troubleshooting tool for fixing all sorts of issues. You can use it to check if there are problems with your Bluetooth headphones. Heres how you can use it to check if your Bluetooth headphones are in tip-top shape.

  • On the Windows Search Box, type Audio. Finding the audio troubleshooting tool
  • Click Find and Fix Problems with Playing Sound Launching Windows Audio Troubleshooter
  • On the dialog box that will appear, click Next. Audio Troubleshooter window
  • The dialog box will show you a list of all audio devices that you use with your computer. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the list then click Next. Your list of audio devices
  • The troubleshooter will run a couple of tests and display all results on the next page.
  • A recommended action will display if it does find an error with your Bluetooth headphones and youll be given the option to apply the fix or skip this step.
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    Put The Device You Want To Connect To Your Computerinto Pairing Mode

    By entering pairing mode,you make the device you want to connect to your laptop or desktop computer discoverable.

    The steps to enter pairing mode may vary depending on the device you want to connect .

    • Example: The WH-1000XM4 wireless Bluetooth headset immediately goes into pairing mode when used for the first time.
    • However, the second time you pair it, you will have to press and hold the pairing mode button for 7 seconds.
    • Bluetooth speakers and headphones have a pairing button. To activate pairing mode, press and hold the pairing button for several seconds
    • If you are using your Bluetooth speakers or headphones for the first time, they will most likely go into pairing mode automatically when you turn them on.
    • The pairing procedure might be different for a device which has just been unboxed and a device which has already been paired before.
    • E.g. The WH-1000XM4 wireless Bluetooth headset immediately goes into pairing mode when used for the first time.
    • However, the second time you pair it, you will have to press and hold the pairing mode button for 7 seconds.
  • Ensure your device is not already connected to its last-connected Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices can automatically connect with previously paired devices if Bluetooth is enabled and both devices are placed near each other.
  • Visit your products manual for everything you need to know about pairing mode. Go to Sony’s support website and search for your model name in the search box.

  • Select .
  • Under , click .
  • How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Mac Computer

    How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Smartphone and PC or Tablet at the Same Time!
  • Open the Apple Menu. The Apple menu is the Apple-shaped icon in the top-left corner of your screen. Once you click it, a drop-down menu will open.
  • Then click System Preferences.
  • Next, click Bluetooth.
  • Make sure Bluetooth on Mac is on. On the Bluetooth page, it should say Bluetooth: On under the icon on the left side of the screen. If it says Bluetooth: Off, click on the option below that says, Turn Bluetooth On.
  • Press and hold the power button on your headphones. In order to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Mac, you need to activate pairing mode on your headphones. Depending on what headphones you have, this will turn them on and automatically activate the headphones Bluetooth. You might also have headphones that have a different paring button. Check the instructions that came with your headphones to find out more.
  • Finally, click Connect next to your headphones name. Your headphones might be listed with their model number, which might be a series of letters and numbers. However, if you cant remember the model number, you can always look for the speaker icon as well.
  • If you want to connect yourheadphones faster next time, click the box next to Show Bluetooth in menu barin the Bluetooth menu in System Preferences . Then you can click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and hover overyour headphones name. Finally, click Connect from the pop-up menu.

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    Wired Headphones: How To Use Multiple Pairs On Pc

    If youre on Windows 10, this is how to have two headphones connected to one computer.

    • Small delay between primary and secondary headphones
    • Potential issues with volume control on secondary headphones
    • Not compatible with dual listening on Bluetooth headphones

    Use an audio mixer to manage audio output

    An audio mixer has an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage sound input and output. You can adjust the properties of the sound to create high-quality audio and choose which channels you want to use.

    Audio mixers automatically detect audio devices. They let you choose one or more devices so you can use two headsets on your PC without a splitter.

    You have plenty of software options, but the following are highly recommended.

    • Dual listening only works with software open
    • Freeware might include unwanted software

    Buy a headphone splitter

    A headphone splitter is a device that turns one headphone jack into two or more audio outputs.

    Its simple and easy to use. Simply plug the splitter into your PC and plug the headphones into the splitter.

    The most common splitter is theY splitter, so named because its Y-shaped. The Y splitter splits the headphone jack into two audio outputs so you can use two headphones at the same time.

    A multi splitter splits the jack into more than two outputs. Some multi splitters also have extra functionality that lets you plug other devices, such as microphones.

    • Need to buy and carry the splitter
    • Slight waste of money given built-in options for Mac

    How Do I Connect Two Wireless Headphones To My Laptop

    Put that auxiliary cable to your Laptop to physically connect the transmitter. Next, put your both Bluetooth headphones into pair mode by holding the appropriate buttons. Switch on the signal emitter, put in the pairing mode, and wait for the transmitter and headsets to get in sync. Congratulations!

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    Windows Wont Tell You If Its Using Aptx

    Bluetooth is confusing. As audio website Darko.Audio puts it: Bluetooth audios dirty secret is not that it doesnt sound very good, its that it will only sound good if certain conditions are met.

    Modern high-end Bluetooth headsets support AptX, an audio codec compression scheme that offers better sound quality. But AptX is only enabled if its supported on both the transmitter and receiver. When using a Bluetooth headset with a PC, it only works if your PCs hardware and drivers are compatible.

    Other configuration issues may also disable AptX audio. As Darko.Audio explains, on a Mac, if youre using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, if you have more than two Bluetooth devices connected to a desktop, or if you have more than one connected to a laptop, macOS drops down to lower-quality SBC audio over the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile connection. Thats according to Apple.

    Windows 10 now has integrated support for AptX, but its impossible to tell if your Bluetooth connection is actually using AptX. Android and macOS let you see this information, but it isnt visible anywhere in Windows. So youll never know if youre getting the highest sound quality possible.

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    How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Pc Or Mac

    Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with 80 Hrs Playtime ...

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to connect and use Bluetooth headphones on a Windows or Mac computer.

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    Why Bluetooth Headsets Are Terrible On Windows Pcs

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Bluetooth audio is good now, right? Thats what Ive been hearing, so I purchased a $300 Bluetooth headset for my Windows PC, expecting to have a good experience. It was terrible. I blame Bluetoothand Windows.

    Full disclosure: My coworkers have had great experiences with Bluetooth audio on both Android phones and W1-enabled Apple devices. This is about PC headsets.

    Are Wireless Headphones Okay For Gaming

    There are some for whom nanoseconds do matter, or at least are perceived to, and they may wish to steer clear of wireless headphones, but for the majority of us there is little problem with the best wireless gaming headsets today.

    Unless you connect via Bluetooth, however. That is the laggiest of current wireless connections, with a 2,4GHz wireless interface able to deliver the audio performance that won’t get in the way of your game.

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    So Which Sounds Better

    As we said in the opening paragraphs, a PC is more likely to sound better, provided certain assumptions are made. To compare the two devices, you need to make sure none of the reasons we mentioned above applies to either device. That is:

    • Both devices should have the same EQ settings or none at all.
    • The music youll be streaming or listening to on both devices should be from the same source or same file.
    • They should both be played or streamed at the same bitrate.
    • There should be no contact issues on any or both devices if youre using wired headphones.
    • Both devices should be of the same quality and manufactured around the same time. That is, do not compare a high-end PC with a budget smartphone and vice versa, or compare devices produced years apart. This is to make sure that the DACs on the devices are the best in their category.

    When all these are taken into consideration, youd discover that both devices sound more or less the same, particularly with wireless headphones which have their own power source, DAC, and amplifier, and are not subjected to the DAC or amplifier of either device.

    The situation is quite different with wired headphones. A lot of the wired headphones manufactured nowadays are low impedance high sensitivity headphones. This means it doesnt take much power to get them to their maximum volume. So it doesnt matter which device youre listening on, your music will sound good on both.

    The Truth About Bluetooth Compatibility

    How to Pair Sony Headphones to Windows PC Connect Sony Bluetooth Headphones Wirelessly

    Read the fine print for many Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, and you may see the words optimized for mobile devices or computer/laptop use is unsupported. Despite what the box might say, most Bluetooth headphones will connect with newer Bluetooth-enabled computers, and they should work perfectly well for video chats and music listening. The reason that headphone companies include this caveat is twofold: the rise of app-only features and the complications of tech support.

    Many new Bluetooth headphones include features that require the companys app to set up and usefeatures like adjustable noise cancellation, sound-quality equalization, control customization, firmware updates, and location tracking. If the app isnt available for a computer, you cant access all the bells and whistles on those headphones without a tablet or phone. In other words, the headphones you set up on your Google Pixel phone, say, will also connect to your Chromebook, but the controls or features may be limited on the computer. The control buttons might let you skip tracks in the Spotify app on your phone, for example, but not when you listen to Spotify on your laptop. Or perhaps you can adjust the intensity of the noise cancellation via the app when listening to your mobile device, but with a computer you can only turn noise cancellation on and off.

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