Bluetooth Headphones For Yard Work

Stanley Sync Digital Am/fm/mp3 Radio Earmuff

Best Headphones for Yard Work

If you need FM headphones for mowing, consider this option. They come with digital AM/FM tuning with LCD screen that automatically searches for radio stations. They also use hi-fidelity digital stereo for excellent sound. The radio option has ten pre-set stations storage capacity as well as a volume management technology that allows you to customize your listening experience.

The headphones have an AUX input jack that can connect to MP3 players, mobile phones and other audio devices. They incorporate a patented Air Flow Control technology that reduces sound. They also have an ergonomic design that makes them lightweight and functional.


  • Patented Air Flow Control technology
  • AUX input jack connects
  • Padded headband for extra comfort


Can A Lawn Mower Cause Hearing Damage

The average lawn mower makes a noise of up to 90dbs, which is way above the maximum threshold of 85db noise threshold for the ear. This basically means exposure to the lawn mowers noise for long periods of time can cause hearing damage to your ears.

Its also important to note that some lawn mowers may even be louder than the usual 90dbs, which could mean more risk.

However, if your lawn mower is making absurdly loud roars, you might want to call a technician for a checkup since something must be wrong for such noises to be generated.

Stanley Sync Am/fm Radio Earmuffs Best Overall

The Stanley Sync AM/FM Radio Earmuffs are the best overall choice because of the gorgeous LCD display, the digital radio tuning, and the automatic search function.

What we like: Connects to MP3, mobile, and tablet

What we dont like: Thin plastic, difficult battery cover to open

Standout Features

  • Lightweight ear cup design
  • 25 dB noise reduction rating

I dont know about you, but I like wearing lightweight headphones when Im doing yardwork or mowing the lawn. The last thing I want is to have some heavy piece of metal or plastic on top of my head on a hot sunny day.

The lightweight design is one of the most appealing factors of these headphones for me. And the fact that theyre made with a padded headband means that theyre exceedingly comfortable, so I could wear them for long stretches at a time without feeling the need to take them off.

Even though it has a built-in radio, I often like to listen to my own streaming services and MP3s on my phone while Im mowing the lawn. Sometimes I enjoy certain talk radio shows or podcasts that I like to hear to get an education while Im doing yardwork. Or sometimes Im in the mood for comedy so Ill listen to streaming standup sets on Spotify or just about anything else besides regular radio stations.

Thats why I love the fact that they have an AUX input jack that allows me to connect these noise reduction headphones to my mobile phone so I can listen to whatever the heck I want without any restrictions.

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Why You Might Want A Headset headphones for yard work

If you work in construction, you already know that ear protection is vital to block out ear-drum damaging noise. But most people dont want to listen to their heartbeats all day long, so its become very common for workers to wear noise-canceling earbuds.

The earbuds protect against loud drilling, hammering, or saws while also providing music that helps you get through the day. Of course, everyone has their preferences for what goes in their ears. But the best headsets or earbuds for working in construction incorporate Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth, there are no cables, wires, or dangling bits hanging from your ears. Fewer wires mean less chance of catching them or getting tangled on tools.

There are plenty of benefits to getting yourself wireless earbuds. But you might wonder which is the right pair for you? This list looks at the best Bluetooth headset for construction workers to help you decide.

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Types Of Headphones For Mowing

If you will be categorizing headphones in terms of their shape then you will most likely come across two. These include:

Earbuds These are small earphones that have silicone and memory foam inserts that go straight inside your ears. These work just like earplugs. They create a seal just inside your ears to prevent excessive noise from getting in.

Most of the time, these are more effective in blocking noises but they come at the expense of durability as the earbuds will usually deteriorate after a month or so of regular use.

Over-the-ear Headphones Unlike earbuds, these ear headphones are large and cover the ears instead of plugging them up. Headphones have thick foam padding that conforms to the shape of the ears, creating a seal that minimizes the amount of noise that reaches them.

This option for hearing protectors is quite popular in countries where the weather is usually cold as they can also double as earmuffs. However, when used in warmer climates, these can get unbearably hot.

Now if you will be grouping headphones in terms of how they minimize sounds, your options include:

Passive Noise Reduction These are protective headphones that rely only on passive forms of noise reduction. This is the thick foam and the headband, providing just enough pressure on the ear cups to keep them in place on your head.

In a nutshell, active noise-cancellation technology involves the use of a small microphone outside the earphones that scan for low-frequency noises .

Is It Safe To Wear Headphones While Mowing The Lawn

Noise cancellation headphones are safe since they go a long way in trimming down the lawn mowers rumbles. However, if youre still worried about not really being aware of your surroundings due to the loud music, go for noise headphones that do not need background audio for effective noise cancellation.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Headphones For Yard Work

If you’re working in your yard, there’s a good chance you’ll be using headphones. Whether you’re listening to music or podcasts, or just trying to keep tabs on the kids, a good pair of headphones can make all the difference. Browse the top-ranked list of headphones for yard work below along with associated reviews and opinions.

What Are The Limit Noise Values For Best Radio Headphones For Mowing

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Sony TV

The level of daily personal noise exposure is a measure of a persons total exposure to both the level and duration of the working day. This value is expressed as the continuous sound level, which will give the equivalent exposure over a period of 8 hours. The weekly personal sound exposure level is the average of daily noise risks throughout the week. Since the decibel is logarithmic, noise exposure levels are best done with suitable measuring instruments.

Lowest exposure level

  • Daily 8 Hours Exposure: 80 dB
  • Peak Exposure: 135 dB

Highest exposure level

  • Daily 8 Hours Exposure: 85 dB
  • Peak Exposure: 137 dB
  • Daily 8 Hours Exposure: 87 dB
  • Peak Exposure: 140 dB

In the absence of an alternative tool to prevent exposure to hazardous noise, occupational health and safety regulations require that ear protectors be made available and used. Ear protectors should be available when the average noise level reaches 80 dB. When the average noise is 85 dB, music headphones for mowing should be used.

Protectors should be used to reduce noise reaching the ear below the lowest exposure level . Decreasing the noise level to 75 dB will provide adequate protection. Protectors with an excessively high SNR value can have dangerous consequences, such as blocking communication and not hearing the surrounding audible stimuli.

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Bose Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Headphones Ii

The premium option. Any audiophiles out there? If you want a premium option that will work for mowing the lawn then this is my choice.

I love these headphones and so does the general population. Youve probably seen these headphones more than a handful of times.

Theyre just so comfortable and the sound quality is just amazing. The reason I have them on my list is their noise cancelling feature.

While earbud noise cancelling didnt work for me, over-ear noise cancelling actually works for mowing the lawn. It means you wont have to crank the music to compete with the mower.

If youre concerned with sound quality, and have the finances to back it up, this is your best option.

Should I Really Be Concerned With Durability

If you think youd prefer over-ear headphones, then I think you should definitely consider the different durability levels of headphones. Some headphones are just designed to be worn inside and dont come with components that can take a beating.Youre going to want to look for a flexible headband as well as a replaceable cable if possible. I hate having to replace an entire set of headphones when the cable breaks.

DJ headphones tend to be the most durable headphones on the market. They also are generally great in terms of sound isolation.

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M Worktunes Connect Hearing Protector Wired 90541

3M strives to be the best radio earmuffs in the market by reducing noise by up to 24 decibels and incorporating a bass boost to enhance your music listening experience. They have easy to use controls, a jack that enables you to connect them to other audio devices. They also have audio assist technology that helps you to preset up to 50 AM/FM radio stations.

They also have a low battery indicator.


  • Noise Reduction Rating 24 dB
  • Voice Assist
  • 2 Bass Boost options control
  • Recessed input jack
  • Softer ear cup padding for extended comfort
  • Easy-to-use
  • Battery cover to reduce breakage


Types Of Radio Headphones For Lawn Mowing

FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones Wireless Cancelling ...

There are not that many types of radio headphones. The only categories that these headphones can be separated into include if they are battery-powered or come with rechargeable batteries.

The headphones that come with rechargeable batteries have their own set of pros and cons. First, the batteries are lighter and usually pack more power. When fully charged, these batteries can power the headphones for the better part of the day. When you have used up all the charge, you just need to plug the batteries into the wall charger.

On the other hand, headphones that use disposable batteries can still supply the same amount of playtime even though they weigh a bit more. One unexpected advantage of battery-powered headphones, at least for some, is that when the batteries run out of juice, you just need to replace them with brand new ones.

You can then immediately go back to listening to your favorite music. One can also categorize headphones into Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth enabled. The non-Bluetooth enabled headphones can still connect with smartphones and MP3 players via the auxiliary input jack.

Although the aux cord can be a bit cumbersome and sometimes gets tangled on objects, the one benefit that it has over Bluetooth connectivity is that it does not drain the batteries as fast. Also, according to some people, audio sounds better when transmitted via a wired connection.

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Researching Radio Headphones For Lawn Mowing

Finding the right radio headphones for lawn mowing may not be as easy as you think.

There are definite aspects and features of each headphone that you must consider.

I like to research and write reviews about audio products so I have no problem sharing my wealth of knowledge and wisdom on this topic. You, on the other hand, may not enjoy this process at all in need expert guidance to figure out the right choice.

During my research today I discovered that some radio headphones for lawn mowing come with an AM/FM radio tuner, while other options only have an FM radio band. If you like to listen to the news on AM radio, then buying an FM only headset will not meet your basic wants and needs.

They also have headsets with built-in MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, or a wire that you can connect directly into your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player. Ill look over each of these aspects when reviewing the headphones on my list and let you know why I think each choice is a good idea.

Ultimately, you need to know what you want and need out of your radio headphones. So pay close attention to these reviews, read them thoroughly and really think about what Im saying to you today and then use this info as a guide to choose the best headphones for lawn mowing to meet your needs.

Dewalt Dpg17 Bluetooth Hearing Protector

Ideal for woodshop working or loud yard work, this earmuff-style headset has a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB to block out any unwanted noise. You can listen to your favorite music or even receive calls while you work.

Dewalts design allows for a bigger, fuller sound than comparable ear-protecting headsets. Even though you might have a hard time hearing yourself speak, youll certainly hear more of your songs with better sound quality.

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Sennheiser Hd1 Wireless Headphones With Active Noise Cancellation

These Bluetooth headphones by Sennheiser have Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the ability to connect with the smart devices by NFC which is something new for headphones present in this article. Like other headphones in this list for Bluetooth headphones for mowing. These headphones block the external noise and provide you with a direct clear voice.

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If you are thinking of the battery time of these classy headphones, then these have a battery time of almost one day i.e. 22 hours.

Sennheiser is a brand recognized widely for its customer-friendly products. It has kept the same policy for these headsets too. Most of the headphones have no mic or at maximum one mic, but these Bluetooth headphones have 2 mic within the headphones.

To improve thedesign and to keep them more appealing to its consumers, it has a new addition.Around the ear cups, it has jack plugs which are connected to the headband bythe cable.

But in theworst scenario, if someone does not like these extremely stylish jack plugs,then there is a relief for that kind of person. The jack plugs are detachableand the same applies to the cable. They show response to voices with afrequency of 16- 22 kHz.

Instead of connecting to a single device at one time, these Bluetooth headphones can connect to two devices at the same time.


Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones For Mowing 2020

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to any TV

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Honeywell Sync Digital Am/fm/mp3 Radio Earmuff

If you are looking for similar headphones at a lower price, this product from Honeywell is ideal for you. It doesnt cost as much as other models, but the quality is on the same par. This is definitely one of the best noise cancelling headphones with radio built in.

First of all, the noise reduction rating is 25dB, and this headphone is able to cancel noises across several frequencies. The patented airflow control technology also facilitates noise cancellation without increasing the size of ear cups. In this way, your ears are protected from harmful noises in a high-volume environment.

When it comes to the radio tuning feature, this headphone does not disappoint. You can get access to many radio stations of your own choice via the auto-searching LCD screen. It is much more convenient than physically turning the knob to choose the right station. There are 10 pre-set stations with uninterrupted and high-fidelity sound.

Moreover, the headphone can be connected to multiple devices with the auxiliary input jack. If you want to listen to your favorite playlist on the mobile phone, just connect it to the headphone. Listening to your favorite tunes while working might increase productivity, release stress, and yield better outcomes.

This headset is powered by two AA batteries. The battery life is quite impressive, so it might be suitable for those people that use headphones frequently. You can use this device for several hours on end without worrying about the batteries.

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