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Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Mobile Magnetic Awei A920 Bl

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Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for mobile Magnetic Awei A920 BL- Red

Description:Top-quality AWEI wireless Bluetooth headphones with high audio performance.They have a metalhead and a magnet that allows the headphones to be connected and transported easily!Experience the ultimate audio experience with AWEI certification!Crystal sound with 92dB + 3dB and magnetic clasp!They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2 and allow both listening to music with HD sound and talking on the phone.The metal housing provides durability but also improves sound quality.The internal construction of the speaker ensures the clarity and smoothness of the sound.Ideal for any of your sports activities.They have keys for adjusting the volume, as well as answering or ending calls. They offer great autonomy for:4 hours of listening to music6 hours of talk time200 hours of waiting

Attach The Magnets To The Headphones

Take a magnet, and move it close to the back of one of the earbuds and let it snap into the back of it, where it wants to. Try putting this earbuds in your eat it test that the magnet will not affect the comfortability of the earbud. Take the magnet off, out some glue on it and let it snap into the same place again . Repeat with the other earbud and let sit.

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The magnetic buds did a good job of keeping the Bullets Wireless from tangling up during my brief hands-on time with it. I wish there were a way to adjust the length of the cables so I could put the remote control in a more accessible spot, though. It hangs right by my jaw, and when reaching up for it I almost always knock the earbud out of my ear. Still, I enjoyed wearing the aluminum device as a faux necklace for a bit, and it’s not a bad looking thing. The black-and-red aesthetic is subtle yet stylish when you look closely at the buds, and I’m thankful for its weather resistance .

We can’t discuss sound quality yet, unfortunately, nor any of the features like the magnetic triggers or launching Google Assistant by long pressing the play button. But if you already know you want the Bullets Wireless either way, it’ll be available in early June on If you’re concerned that the wireless headphones means the company is taking the headphone jack away, don’t worry — the OnePlus 6 still has the 3.5mm audio port. Phew!

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Buying Guide Choosing The Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under 30 Bucks

The price range that reaches $30 is considered as cheap by most people. However, since earbuds arent exactly expensive in most cases, its safe to assume that models under thirty bucks are moderately cheap.

Youll notice that there are numerous differences between models under $30 and those that are under $15 . This section will help you gain the knowledge and insight needed to pick the best Bluetooth earbuds under thirty bucks.

Sound quality

The perfect and unparalleled sound quality attributes are practically reserved for higher-end models. That means that you shouldnt expect too much, but exceptions are possible.

As each earbud set features a different driver which powers it, its pretty clear that youll encounter bassy, crispy, thumpy, and all kinds of sounds if you decide to pick a moderately priced set.

However, certain models have at least a sort of balanced soundstage, so the negative aspects of their inferior quality would appear as diminished, at the very least.

Acceptable Bluetooth quality and range

The latest up-to-date Bluetooth version is five point zero, but you wont find a set of moderately priced earbuds with it, though exceptions might be possible in near future. Even though you should always look for the best features available, settling for acceptable Bluetooth quality wont lead you away from picking a good set of buds.

Bonus/Complementary features

Comfort rating

Moderate sturdiness

How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Earbuds With Ear Hooks LEMFO F11 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth earbuds are the pinnacle of convenience for the audio listening experience especially true wireless ones. Other types of headphones simply have no match over their portability. But they have one caveat: they tend to fall off your ears when you move to a certain extent.

Thats where ear hooks come into play. Bluetooth earbuds with ear hooks are designed to stay in your ears even when you move rigorously.

However, choosing which pair to go for isnt easy. Our ears have different shapes and sizes, which means its impossible to find one-size-fits-all pair of earbuds, especially for models with additional parts like ear hooks. Getting the wrong ear hook size, flexibility, or material can easily turn your earbuds into torture devices that continuously pinch your ears.

In this buyers guide, were diving deep into what you should consider when buying Bluetooth earbuds with ear hooks and our top picks for various categories. Lets get right into it.

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Takes Apart The Dvd Drive

As my drive is in many pieces right now I don’t have a picture to put here. I would suggest being as careful as possible if you want to salvage any other parts for other projects. If you’re having a problem starting, try prying the plastic cover off the drive, which should then give you access to things you can unscrew, poke, or prod. You will need the screwdrivers and pliers for this part.What you need for this project is the piece that has the lens on it. Take it off its mountings and carefully disassemble it . Cut the wires attaching the lens piece to the rest of the frame . pull the lens piece out. You’ll notice two metal boxes with 3 open sides on each end of this larger frame. Pull these out, and use the wire cutters and/or pliers to bend each box flat. Remove the magnets that are inside the box.

How Do Magnetic Fields Affect Humans

Let’s start by stating that the Earth itself is like a giant magnet. A spinning ball of liquid iron in our planets core produces a huge magnetic field with north and south poles.

Humans have evolved with the Earth, so we’ve evolved to survive and thrive in magnetic fields. Furthermore, our very own nervous systems produce electromagnetic fields.

To add to the everyday magnetic fields surrounding us, humans have created artificial magnetic fields with power lines, electrical appliances, and many other commonplace technologies. In fact, due to electromagnetism, any flow of electrical current has a coinciding magnetic field.

The magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field at its surface ranges from 25 to 65 microteslas and is considered static at a single point. This means it is not varying rapidly at any given point .

The tesla is an SI unit for magnetic flux density with base units kg/

The Earth’s natural magnetic field does cause any harm, and its effects are practically omnipresent.

Stronger magnetic fields, like those produced by magnetic resonance imaging machines , can trigger nausea, dizziness and a metallic taste in the mouth, but these effects are temporary.

The negative effects of the electromagnetic fields generated by our household devices, including headphones, are minimal.

That said, the WHO suggest the upper limit of continuous exposure for the general public be 40 mT.

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How Strong Are The Magnetic Fields In Headphones

The magnetic field strength of headphone magnets varies greatly from model to model.

Though many headphones have magnetic field strengths that would typically have a noticeable effect on our physiology, they really do not affect us much. The fields are concentrated and typically lose most of their strength before they reach our brains.

It’s important to note that the magnetic field of a headphone driver’s permanent magnets is static and will have much less of an impact as a time-varying magnetic field of the same strength. The electromagnetic field produced by the moving-coil/diaphragm is time-varying but practically negligible relative to the permanent magnet.

I’ve assembled a shortlist of headphones/earphones and their rated magnetic field strengths at their drivers:

Headphones Model

Top 11 Best Microphone Brands You Should Know And Use

Well, the magnetic field of the oddly-shaped headphone drivers is very concentrated. Additionally, these magnetic field strengths are measured at the magnet of the headphone drivers. There is a significant decrease in field strength as we distance the measuring point from the magnet.

With all that being said, headphones have been in use for decades, and there is no solid evidence that their magnetic fields cause harm to our physiology. This, to me, is evidence enough to make me feel safe wearing my headphones.

The headphones’ volume on/in our ears is much more concerning, which brings me to my next point.

Bummd Bluetooth Neckband Headphones With Magnetic Earbuds Flexible Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic Sports Headphones For Running Hd Stereo Noise Cancelling Earphones For Iphone Samsung Lg

Mpow Magneto Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


  • Comfort Flexible Neckband Headphone Around the neck wearing with body-contoured fit, a unique neck-strap and very lightweight. The flexible and bendable neck-strap make sure your earbuds are 100% comfortably, especially running, cycling, traveling & staying in the office or at home.
  • Innovative Magnetic Earbuds The built-in magnet attracts the earplugs when you dont need the Bluetooth headset . Greatly decreasing the burden on ears and giving you a convenient storage way to carry around.
  • Vibrating Call Reminder Wireless Earpiece could remind you with vibration independently when coming a call in case that the earplugs are not in your ears, also could enjoy hands-free calling and easy control of all media features via buttons on both sides of the headset.
  • Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headset The upgraded version of our stereo wireless earphones that provide a solid bass with high quality sound. Plus the CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology provides more clear and natural listening experience.
  • Bluetooth Technology Wireless Earpiece comes with Bluetooth 4.2 technology + EDR to ensure smooth bluetooth transmission and high fidelity sound. COMPATIBLE FOR ALL BLUETOOTH ENABLED DEVICES.

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Buying Guide How To Pick The Best Wireless Earbuds With Mic

Finding the Best bluetooth/wireless earbud with mic model shouldnt be too hard. After all, these earphones are the same as any other, only they come supplied with an additional feature a built-in microphone. However, since the market is filled with all kinds of brands and models, we feel as if its necessary to help you out regarding the things that need to be considered when picking out this type of earphones.

Build quality

Its easy to point out that youll find no value of a flimsy set of earphones, but the build quality of your set is even more important when your earphones come with a microphone. If youre asking why is that so, were more than happy to oblige.

Namely, earphones are almost exclusively petite in size, so theres only so little space for the microphone this is usually a microscopic hardware piece which needs to sit right between other small-sized hardware pieces without interfering with each other.

Since this is tricky task, some manufacturers leave out certain features so as to minimise the risk of microphone impeding upon the rest of the features and vice versa. Thats why you need to be extra careful when determining the build quality of your earphones.


Effective Bluetooth range

Remember the era of corded telephones? Remember how we all used to forget ourselves at times and went a foot or two too far and the line snapped? Well, the same case occurs with a set of wireless earbuds if you step out of the effective Bluetooth range.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $:

Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Under $30


In the uber-budget category, the Senso earbuds are about as good as you can get. They are stylish, adjustable, and fit every budget.

Sensos Bluetooth headphones are the first in our under 30 bucks list, and were here to show you that theyre good even though theyre quite cheap.

First of all, these headphones feature a robust construction , and they will be able to withstand quite a pounding. The ear hooks are fully adjustable and customizable, packed with memory metal materials which fit perfectly with the ergonomic design.

The ActivBuds are outfitted with gel-flex silicone buds which not only feel comfortable as a piece of heaven, but remain firm at all times. Apart from that, the battery life of these earphones is quite amazing, given that they belong to the moderately cheap price point category youll be able to enjoy in your calls and music up to eight full hours, or 240 hours while theyre on standby.

The recharge time of the battery, however, promises even more. Namely, youll need just 1.5 hours to get the juices back and running again.

Lastly, this headphone set features the 4.1 Bluetooth technology. Though its not the latest version, its very fast, reliable, and stable. Youll be able to seamlessly connect to your smartphone if its in the vicinity of 30 feet, though most physical obstacles would narrow the initial range down a bit.



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Picun Wireless Headphones 20 Hours Playtime Sports Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds Hifi Stereo Bass Magnetic Earphones With Noise Reduction Mic Bluetooth V50 Ipx7 Waterproof For Gym Running


  • COMFORTABLE NECKBAND HEADPHONE: Ergonomic neckband and Earbuds design, you can wear it around your neck like a necklace, which decreases the burden on ears and keeps them from dangling freely. Come with custom S/M/L earfin and earcap, you can find your perfect fit.
  • 20 HRS PLAYTIME & MAGNETIC: The improved battery ensure you can get days of listening from single charging, 1.5 hour quick charge for up to 20 hours seamless enjoyment. Comes with a USB-micro charging cable. Build-in magnetic design, The magnetic design also allow them easy to carry.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY: 10mm larger graphene diaphragm combine latest decode and bluetooth V5.0 tech, not only can produce high-detail superior clarity CD-like sound quality, but also ensures you faster and more stable signal connection and transmission.
  • SIMPLE CONTROL & HD MIC: Enjoy the wireless convenience of easy control for hands-free call, song switch, volume control. The build Microphone allows free your hands without missing any calls while you are doing exercise or even in a noisy place. The control is on the neckband, not cause other burthen for ears.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: Advanced IPX7 waterproof tech can resist water, rain, sweat and more. You can use headphones without any worry. Picun provide 30 days no-question-asked return policy, 12 months guarantee period, 24-hours Customer-friendly Support Service. CLICK TO ORDER NOW!

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Why Do Headphones Have Magnets

The vast majority of headphones use magnets in their drivers. Headphone drivers are the transducer elements that effectively convert audio signals into sound waves .

These drivers are referred to as dynamic drivers and utilize the principle of electromagnetic induction to move a diaphragm and produce sound waves that represent the applied audio.

An overwhelming percentage of headphone drivers are designed with the moving-coil dynamic driver design . Though planar magnetic and balanced armature headphone drivers also have magnets and work on electromagnetic induction.

Let’s quickly go over how the most common moving-coil headphone driver design utilizes magnets. We’ll start by having a look at a simplified cross-sectional diagram:

The audio signal is passed through the voice coil, attached to a movable diaphragm and suspended in a cutaway of an oddly-shaped permanent magnet. This audio signal is an alternating current and, therefore, induces a varying magnetic field in and around the voice coil.

This induced magnetic field interacts with the permanent magnetic field, repelling and attracting the coil in such a way that moves the coil back and forth within the cylindrical cutaway.

For more detailed information on dynamic headphones and the relationship between headphone drivers and magnets, check out the following My New Microphone articles:

Soundpeats Q30 Hd Bluetooth Headphones In


  • Adopt high-end Qualcomm QCC3034 chip and Bluetooth 5.0, built-in 10mm large driver, along with dvanced aptX-HD codec to deliver superior stereo sound with powerful bass under stable and smooth connection.
  • Up to 13 hours talk time / music time with only 1.5 hours charging time for non-stop enjoyment . Built-in magnets clasp the earpieces together for easy carrying and wearing.
  • Equipped with IPX6-rated for water and sweat resistant to keep you company during daily and weekly exercise for your active lifestyle. The earphones are widely compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices with version 4.0 and above.
  • With 5 pairs of different sized ear tips, 3 pairs of normal size and 2 additional sizes , for secure fit and long time wearing without discomfort. With right size ear tips, youll also get very good noise reduction performance.
  • Built with in-line button control and microphone. The easy operation allows you to change songs, adjust volume and answer/hang up phone calls in a very convenient way. Tips: When charging with a charging adapter, please make sure the current should not be greater than 1A.

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