Bluetooth Headset For Bike Riding

Battery Capacity Of The Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth Motorcycle / Dirtbike headset from Amazon – Review

The devices battery capacity also plays a major role in determining the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

If you drive regularly and have to use Bluetooth most of the time, its better to choose a device with high battery capacity. Since most bikes dont have chargers, you might not be able to charge your Bluetooth if it is dead en route.

The battery drain of a Bluetooth device mainly depends on the talk time. If you use the device mostly to talk or to chat with another person, there is a good chance the battery will be drained quickly. However, if your main requirement is using apps like Maps or Waze, the battery wont drain that fast, and you can enjoy using the device for longer times.

Sena Sph10 Bluetooth Helmetless Headset Intercom

The SPH10 is a Bluetooth v3 Class 1 Stereo Headset with long-range Bluetooth Intercom designed specifically for outdoor sports activities. With the SPH10, you can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigations by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with your companions. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth v3 and the advanced digital processing technology, the SPH10 offers the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound in its class. Also, the easy-to-access and intuitive button operations make the SPH10 a perfect companion for outdoor sports.


Who Do You Want To Talk To

This is important because some headsets only work well with pillions. If you want to talk to lots of people in your group, range becomes more important.

  • Just to your pillion or for solo use with a smartphone: In this case, range is not an important consideration.
  • To other riders and\or pillions: Once you start wanting to talk to other riders, then range begins to matter. The larger your group is, the more extensive range youll need. Generally, 500 yards is adequate for small groups of 2-3. Youll need approximately 1,000 yards range for larger groups.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds True Wireless

These are a stylish and inexpensive pair of wireless earbuds. They can be used with either Apple or Android and sit firmly in your inner ear. Theyre comfortable, lightweight at only 12gms for the pair, plus theyre nice and grippy. They feel like theyll stay in place even on the bumpiest ride. Unfortunately, there is a however.

The fact is that this kind of earbud is always more liable to get lost. If for whatever reason, one does come out on a ride, theres a good chance youll not be able to find it. We prefer a more traditional cable or band to keep them together, securely as a pair, to minimize the chance of losing one.

These are only IP56 rated, which means theyre protected against dust and sweat. Think twice before going out on a rainy or potentially rainy ride. If it does start to rain on your ride, be prepared to put them in your pocket in a dry place.

A nice feature of the Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds is that they will work with digital assistants. They work with Alexa, Siri, and Google Now. For cyclists, this is great for checking out the weather. More particularly for wind speeds and directions, if you fancy an easy ride or a cheeky crack at a Strava PR or KOM.

The battery life is not great. Its just five hours fully charged. You can get another couple of full charges from the case. However, thats not a great deal of use to you when youre on a ride. In reality, youre hardly likely to take out the case unless youre on a long tour.

Our rating:

What Is A Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Cycling Riding Bike Bluetooth Intercom Helmet Headset for ...

If youve ever seen another biker with a small black widget attached to the side of their helmet, often with a flashing blue light, then the chances are theyre riding with a Bluetooth helmet. Theyre probably listening to Radio 4 or their favourite podcast, getting directions from their sat nav or perhaps asking their other half whats for dinner.

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How Do You Install A Motorcycle Headset

Installing a motorcycle headset is straightforward and shouldnt take longer than 30 minutes. Everything you need for the installation, including instructions, should be included in the box.

The easiest way to install the speakers and control module is by using double-sided tape. Youll have to remove the pads on the inside of your motorcycle helmet to ensure everything is properly positioned. Consider using glue if you want a more permanent solution.

Should you have any problems, there are always videos on YouTube that can help you with the installation process. As I mentioned, installation is straightforward and most of you wont find it difficult.

Wireless Earbuds Aukey Bluetooth Headphones With Deep Bass

These are another great set of budget headphones from Aukey.

Theres plenty to like about these headphones other than the price. They fit deep into the ear and fit over the ear with ear hooks, they feel comfortable and fit firmly. They come in a choice of three colors. If light or dark grey isnt your thing, they have a rather vibrant bright red color variant.

The two earbuds are joined together by a tangle-free cable. The inline remote for music and the built-in microphone is on the right of the cable.

The cool thing about these earbuds is the button free automatic on/off system. The ends of the earbuds are magnets. One theyre together, they power off. Pull them apart and they power-up. A simple and effective idea. We like it.

These are IPX6 certified, so they will stand up to sweat and rain.

The battery life gives you a standard eight hours of playback time. You can get a further 80 minutes with a quick 10 minutes charge. This is very much standard, and we think very fair for the price.

These use Bluetooth 5.0, and we were very happy with the reliability of the audio signal. We had no signal dropouts at all. Either on a call or playing music, the audio signal remained solid. For this price, thats pretty impressive.

The sound is also pretty impressive for the price-point.

If youre into bass, youre going to love these.

Our rating:

  • Only two sizes of silicone pads included.

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Do I Need A Specific Model For My Helmet

Some manufacturers like AGV, LS2, Nolan, Schuberth and X-Lite all make their own helmet-specific intercoms.

Most generic systems attach to the outside of your lid and you attach the mic to the inside of the chin bar and stick a soft speaker into the lining of your helmet by your ear.

If youre the sort of rider who rocks an open face lid or a flip-up helmet then you need to buy a Bluetooth headset that comes with a boom mic attachment. Most do come with one in the box but if they dont, youll be able to buy one for that model.

The 9 Best Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth 2022

BONX Bluetooth Headset Review | Stay connected on a mtb group ride

Riding a motorcycle is an amazing experience that can be dangerous if you dont take the necessary precautions. One of the most important precautions you can take, for your safety and the safety of others on the road, is wearing a helmet.

A good helmet not only protects your head from injury in case you are involved in an accident, it also helps to keep your head cooler by drawing heat away from your body. However, there are some helmets that offer more protection than others. For this reason, its important for you to do some research before making a purchase.

Todays age has made it hard for us to keep our hands off our phones. The need to stay connected every second of your life has somewhat become essential. This however, proves to be highly dangerous.

Texting while driving or talking on the phone while riding a bike, both are life-threatening situations that we must not risk experimenting around. Then what to do we about our phone conductivity addiction? Well, Bluetooth helmets were made exactly for this reason.

The need to be connected while riding is very easily catered with the help of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This article will provide helpful tips about how the best helmet with Bluetooth and how to choose the best helmet for your needs and budget!

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Boltune True Wireless Waterproof Earbuds

Best Budget Earbuds for Cycling Long RidesUnder 40$

All right, wait for a second, great sound, impressive playtime, totally waterproof for less than 40 bucks? This sounds too good to be true, but it is! The Boltune is probably the best cheap wireless earbuds for cycling and all sports in general.

They feature a Bluetooth V5.0 with ensures fast pairing and transmission speed, stable connectivity with no signal loss or music dropouts, and a range of up to 50ft away, even with walls in-between.

The music quality is breathtaking for the price and the sound signature delivers immersive sound, putting you at the center of the stage.

They feature a Bluetooth V5.0 that massively reduces the level of power consumption, so you can get 6 hours of playtime. 34 hours with the charging box and realistic music for several days.

The compact and lightweight magnetic charging case holds 34 hours of charge, which added to the 6h life of the Boltune earbuds reaches an impressive 40h playtime. Type-C USB 3. 1 connector transfer speed is up to 10 Gbps and charges fully in 90 minutes.

The Boltune True Wireless is IPX7 waterproof, can be used under the shower, and even rinsed with water, no problem.

Once you get these to fit snug in your ear they stay in pretty well. You can do a fair bit of jumping around and shaking your head before they start to come loose. These are great for mountain biking.

Q3 How Do Bikers Talk To Each Other

Bikers talk to each other through Bluetooth headsets that have an intercom enabled. The rider and pillion also communicate this way generally. This is because its nearly impossible to be audible when shouting through ambient noise at high speeds, not to mention inconvenient and dangerous.

If youre traveling in a group, having high-quality Bluetooth headsets will allow easy and crystal clear conversations so that theres no confusion around directions.

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Sena 10s Bluetooth Headset Review

Quick info: Mid-range, Best seller, £164.99

The Sena 10S is one of the best selling motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the market today. Its the upgrade to Senas flagship SMH10 headset. You can talk to three other riders in a group conversation, unlike with the lower spec Sena SMH5 where its one-on-one. It has a mile-long range, 12 hours of talk time, can connect to other brands, connects to your phone seamlessly and has plenty of other cool functions.

  • FM radio: Yes
  • Audio multitasking allows you to listen to music or GPS while using the intercom at the same time
  • Can be connected to other brands
  • Group conversation with up to four sets
  • FM radio included
  • Comes with advanced noise control to block out ambient noise
  • Shorter range and battery time
  • Doesnt have all the features its competitors do
  • Connects four riders but only allows conferincing between two at a time
  • Radio is availble on the SMH5-FM version only

Do You Need Mobile Reception For The Headset To Work

Cycling Riding Bike Bluetooth Intercom Helmet Headset for ...

Typically, you dont need any mobile or cell reception for your motorcycle Bluetooth headset to work. To listen to music or communicate with the people youre riding with, the Bluetooth connection is all thats required.

If you want to make calls then of course, youre going to need cell reception. You will also need reception if youre using a motorcycle GPS and you want to hear the directions coming through the headset. Otherwise, cell reception isnt required for intercom communication and listening to music over Bluetooth.

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Sena Smh5 Bluetooth Headset Review

Quick info: Affordable, Entry-level, £88.99

The Sena SMH5 is an excellent entry-level Bluetooth headset and intercom system. What makes it entry level you ask? It lacks bells and whistles and fancy pants features, but more than makes up for that with its simple and easy to use functionality. It does everything youd want it to and well just with a shorter range and intercom connection for four riders .

This Bluetooth headset is for the everyday rider who wants an affordable no frills system to connect to their phone, play music and take calls you know, general headset requirements.

  • FM radio: Basic version no, FM version yes
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes with all the basic functions youd expect
  • Two year warranty
  • Can be connected to other brands
  • Can be used while charging
  • Doesnt have all the features its competitors do
  • Connects four riders but only allows conferencing between two at a time
  • Radio is available on the SMH5-FM version only

The Durability Of The Device

Since the primary use of a motorcycle Bluetooth is, well, on a bike, the device needs to be highly durable. With Bluetooth headsets, water and sun damage tend to be the cause for quick wear and tear. When youre investing in a higher-priced premium Bluetooth headset, youre also paying for durability and the trust that it wont die on you all of a sudden. Id only recommend picking up budget Bluetooth headsets below $50 when youre in a pinch and need to travel for short distances.

Some Bluetooth devices use anti-vibration materials that can absorb shocks better than regular high-grade plastics. Thats a great feature to consider when shopping for a Bluetooth headset.

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Can I Drink Water While Wearing My Motorcycle Helmet

The U.S. Department of Transportation says that the only beverages you can consume while riding a motorcycle are carbonated and non-carbonated, and any container with a limited or no-spill design. Even though you can drink from a bottle while wearing your helmet, some states still limit you to a single can of light beer, according to NHTSAs website.

Fitting A Bluetooth Headset

The Best Bluetooth Headphone for Cycling for under $10

Youre going to need a good half hour to fit your headset and speakers properly. I know youll be itching to get out on the bike but take your time here, do a good job and youll get much better sound clarity and comfort. Trying to fit it and set it up half an hour before you head out on a ride isnt going to yield the best results.

Each manufacturer has its own way of rigging up your headset and what comes in the box varies too.

Pretty much all motorcycle bluetooth kits come with:

  • the main unit
  • a pair of speakers
  • a microphone

Some of the better-qualitykits include extras such as a boom mic, wall charger, spark parts and different attachments.

When it comes to fitting the main unit to the outside of your helmet, youll either get a stick-on fitting or a clamp on fitting. Some units come with both.

The stick-on fittings use seriously tough foam adhesive, which might affect your lid if you come to remove it. A little bit of petrol would help break down the glue so you could ease off the pad but remember to clean up the petrol as that too could damage the helmets shell.

So what Im really saying here is that when you go to stick the base plate onto your helmet, make sure you figure out where the unit itself ends up and ensure it wont end up postitioned incorrectly.

Some systems use clamps which fit snugly on the edge of the lid, just under the lining. These can be adjusted and more easily removed than a stick-on clamp.

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What Can You Do With Bluetooth Communication System

  • Talk with other riders in your group. This is a big advantage in being able to warn of any upcoming problems, advise following riders of which route to take when they reach a fork in the trail or road intersection. Or just make conversation when cruising along.
  • Make and receive phone calls while riding if you choose to. Some riders are totally against this for safety reasons, but you always have the choice to stop riding and pull over if youre concerned.
  • Stream music from your phone to your helmet speakers
  • Receive directions from your phone GPS
  • Talk to your pillion passenger and stream your music to their speakers
  • Use for rider training on a motocross track. Receive immediate instructions in real-time from the trainer either following on another bike or trackside, rather than waiting till the rider comes off the track.

Aukey Wireless Headphones Key Series B80 Bluetooth 5 Earbuds

These are a great budget option for Bluetooth cycling headphones. They are nice and comfortable. They have earbuds, with memory foam tips, that fit snugly in the inner ear. The AUKEY Wireless Headphones come with three different sizes of memory foam ear tips. The cable, between the two earbuds, hooks neatly over the top of the ear.

These are IPX6 rated, so youll have no problem in the rain or when you build up a sweat.

All the controls and microphone are found on the control module. This is the usual design sitting down from the right ear on the cable. The control module can take calls and pause, play, and skip tracks from our music collection. It can change the volume too.

The earbuds can be charged via USB. You get up to eight hours of listening time out of a full charge. Its not spectacular, but it should be fine to suit most cyclists needs.

A full charge can be achieved in two hours. A 10-minute quick charge will leave you good to go for another 80 minutes. Again, not spectacular, but perfectly fine for this kind of device.

The AUKEY Wireless Headphones have dual drivers. These help to deliver a wide range of frequencies, between 20Hz to 22,000Hz, and some good quality audio.

For an inexpensive pair of earbuds, the sound quality is very good. They have plenty of warm and deep low end. The highs are clear, and the mids are well detailed. These sound much better than their price would suggest.

Our rating:

  • Block out a lot of external noise.

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