Bluetooth Headset For Full Face Helmet

Q: Do All Headsets Come With Earphones

How To Install- SENA SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset in a Full-face Helmet

No, not all headsets come with a set of earphones, so, if you want these to be included in your purchase, be sure to check the product description before buying.

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Tips For Using Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

There are some tips for using Bluetooth to make your motorcycle ride amusing.

  • Using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will make your ride more enjoyable. And you can simply connect to the other riders without risking your life. Usually, we cant listen to phone calls while wearing a helmet. But this innovative technology is quite helpful for all bike riders.
  • Consider buying a helmet with Bluetooth technology, not only for listening to the calls.
  • Besides, you will have the GPS locator with all the Bluetooth devices that you can use to find the exact destination.
  • And you will have the noise-cancellation feature to hear the audio.
  • Using a Bluetooth helmet will connect you with other fellows through a long-range intercom.
  • The Bluetooth feature will secure your ride due to the hassle-free wireless connection.
  • Some of the helmets with Bluetooth allow you to charge the phone as well.
  • The Bluetooth allows the user to link 3 to 7 riders at the same time. Especially when you are traveling in groups, the Bluetooth feature with the intercom is handy.
  • Using the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets doesnt require any unique functioning. By pressing the button, you will hear several options, and you can choose the needed function.

Cardo Packtalk Bold Headset

Cardos PackTalk Bold Headset is a special unit that also utilizes mesh technology for large groups of peopleup to 15 riders at a range of up to five miles.

The big news for the Cardo PackTalk Bold is that it has natural voice command, meaning you can do voice commands as you do with Siri on your iPhone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. You can even access voice commands through the system for your phone.

In addition to those innovative features, the Cardo headset is waterproof and dustproof, supports Bluetooth 4.1 connections with up to nine riders at a distance of one mile, and connects to your phone calls and other features.

The system also provides seamless transfer from intercom to phone calls, offers noise reduction technology, self-adjusting volume based on speed and noise levels, and offers a customizable hot-dial number.

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Top 10 Best Helmet Bluetooth System

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With so many options available in the market choosing the best helmet bluetooth system can be tricky for normal customers. Consumers can get overwhelmed by the huge marketplace and end in a place by choosing a wrong product that will not serve its purpose perfectly. The purpose of this review is to avoid misunderstanding and help the customer with a shortlist of the most popular products of the marketplace by analyzing the features, functions, specifications, customers rating, and reviews. This review section will help you with the selected list of the most favored and trended items of the marketplace where you can easily check the reviews from the actual customers.


Integrated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Wireless Headset Full Face ...

Sena Outrush Modular Smart HelmetImage links to

A final option, one that is the newest to the market, would be to go for an integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, where the entire Bluetooth system is integrated into the build of the helmet.

So speakers, mic, control unit, battery are all built into the helmet with no external module at all.

There are two ways to go about getting yourself a motorcycle helmet communication system, either by using your existing helmet or opting to buy a new one.

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Buying Guide For Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets have a huge advantage over older bike intercom systems. You no longer need extra equipment wired into your battery, and you dont need to run a cable up through your jacket. Everything is wireless.

But thats just the start. They do way more than just let you talk with your passenger or other riding buddies. Many headsets have FM radio built-in, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you ride. They can pair with your GPS, so you get clear directions, unaffected by wind or traffic noise. You can use one with your MP3 player or a suitable phone. Some are even voice-activated the only button you press is to turn it on and off.

Given the various features, the different types of helmets, and the numerous manufacturers, picking the right Bluetooth headset can be a bit of a challenge. So, we at BestReviews have been assessing all the latest devices.

Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth

If you like the idea of a full-face motorcycle helmet, but you dont want the camera that was included with the first Sena helmet I showed, Id suggest the Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth Integrated Helmet. This helmet is essentially the same construction as the other Momentums from Sena. You get a fiberglass shell and all the other goodies in the Momentum package.

Where if differs from Senas other offerings is the Bluetooth communication unit. The Lite gets a 10S version of the headset integrated into the helmet. This isnt as powerful or as capable a Bluetooth unit, but it will still do the vast majority of tasks you wantstill a talk time of 27 hours and active noise canceling. It also makes the helmet more accessible in terms of price.

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Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth Adv Helmet

If the Klim helmet is far too expensive for you, dont fret! The Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth ADV Helmet is here to save the day. It is not as nice, but it does a pretty good job, especially for its affordable price. You get an ABS full-face shell that comes in two sizes, a removable injection molded visor, removable interior, and a flip-down sun visor.

In terms of the Bluetooth comm unit, its an older one and based on the SMH5. Obviously, there are more advanced systems out there, but this is a good option at a bargain price that offers Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The headset will offer about eight hours of talk time, some noise-canceling capabilities, and a few hours to full charge.

Benefits Of Helmet Headphones

Cardo SMARTH Bluetooth Headset Review at

1. Increased Awareness

Yeah, contrary to popular belief or people who would flip out if they find anyone using Bluetooth Helmets or Helmet headphones, many have found that listening to music actually increases awareness. The winds whirling and the motors sound after a while becomes boring, and your brain adapts to automatically skip it.

This puts one in a state of inertia, and may even make them more vulnerable to accidents. The music on the playlists keeps changing, and you remain in a rhythm. So, you are more aware to notice the change around you.

2. Keeping tag with your fellow rider

Helmet Headphones are a must for the people who love to rides in a group. With the intercom or push to talk headphones, you can communicate and keep tags with everyone. Many of these headphones even extend coverage to a considerable distance. With that, even if one of the riders loses track, they can notify quickly.

3. GPS

While in-car, many of us are habituated using the cars navigation system, hearing the direction, and following it. On the bike, you might be missing from this ease of communication. With Helmet Headphones, you can listen to the tips and instructions just as well. Many of the headsets even come with their own GPS tracking to aid you.

4. The News

5. Ease and Safety

6. Respecting others space

7. The Feel

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Q: Is The Intercom Range Important On A Headset

This depends on how you’re planning on communicating. If you want to communicate with other riders via a Bluetooth intercom, then you want to make sure your headset supports this feature and has a decent intercom range. However, if you just want to use your headset for regular phone calls and music or navigation instructions, the intercom range doesn’t really matter.

Jzaq Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

Most Durable Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

  • Easy to set up and use
  • We did not experience any issues while using this Bluetooth helmet headset

While the Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Headphones are the most durable headphones for skiing and snowboarding, the JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is the most durable Bluetooth headset for motorbike riders.

At first, it may look like a fragile headset however, dont go by its looks. This headset is also dustproof and waterproof . So, you dont need to worry about using it outdoors.

Secondly, this headset delivers great sound performance. The noise-cancelling technology coupled with high-quality stereo music sound provides a stellar listening experience. We really liked the sound quality delivered by these Bluetooth helmet speakers.

Thirdly, you can connect the JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset with 2 devices at once. The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and supports a range of almost 20 m. While using this headset, we did not notice any drop in the Bluetooth connection.

Lastly, this Bluetooth helmet headset is easy to install and use. It comprises velcro that can be used to attach it to the helmet. In conclusion, the JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset ranks on top when it comes to durability. The battery life of this headset also impressed us a lot.

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Advantages Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

The freedom provided by a Bluetooth device is the key benefit to cyclists. These devices easily connect to almost all modern communicating and media devices. Besides, they operate wirelessly using power from rechargeable batteries. In addition, these devices are usually small in size making it convenient to carry them around.

Despite the fact that this technology was originally intended for use in mobile phones and microphones, its flexibility has seen it integrated into other modern devices as well. Such devices include: GPS systems, MP3 players, computers, video games, and cameras. Motorcyclists have not been left behind as well, they have benefitted in the following ways:

Our Range Of Bluetooth Helmets

Motorcycle Helmet w/ Wireless Bluetooth Headset Full Face ...

The AMX team enjoy group motorcycle rides with our mates as much as any other rider thats why we value the importance of Bluetooth Helmets. We have a huge selection of helmet communication systems with many features that boast the most advanced intercom technology in the bike industry. We also have a selection of specialty communication kits that can fit helmets with predesigned panels. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line communication device or a helmet specialising in audio for your music, we have it at AMX.

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headset

You will get crystal clear voice when you listen to music via these helmet headphones. They feature CSR Bluetooth 4.0 Technology that will enable you to keep connected to your device, and hence you will enjoy music while riding.

The helmet headphones are hands-free and hence allowing you to pick your calls while you are driving. They have a rechargeable Li-ion battery that has a long standby time. Another exciting feature is that they will support noise reduction capabilities.

Konnect Wireless in-Helmet Adventure Headphone will fit on the majority of the helmets, and this will help you remain focused on your ridding without a fuss. You will connect these helmet headphones to your phone via Bluetooth.

These headphones are sweatproof, and they will operate even in extreme temperatures of -20 degrees. They have a battery life of up to 24 hours that will allow you to enjoy unlimited music hours.

  • 24 hours of battery life

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headsetoutdoor Headsetwaterproof Motorcycle Sports Headsetspeakers Hands Freemusic Call Controlautomatic Answering

  • Effective Distance 20mOne Helmet Bluetooth Headset wirelessly connected to two mobiles at the same time,Automatic connection and enjoy music,strong signal connection.Provide efficient and convenient communications in the riding.
  • Long Play Time Built in 900mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery,Long stand-by and working time.Support 60 hours continuous talking and playing time, 500 hours standby time.Charging time 2 hours.Support display battery on phone.
  • Waterproof TechnologyNo disturb Dustproof and IPX7 Waterproof by using Nano coating technology,Can protect the headset safely in Outdoors.No worry about the rain or snow even.
  • Perfect Sound QualityBy using windproof and more stable connection.DSP noise cancelling technology,Loud volume,this helmet headset transfers clear and high-quality stereo music sound.Compatible with all the smartphones with Can be used for Riding motorcycles, skiing, horseback riding,MP3,GPS are supportable independently.
  • EASY To In StallDesign with detachable velcro,Easy to install it into the Helmet,fixed firmly. CE and FCC certification.Appearance patent, Bluetooth Association certification.Important: please check whether the size of your helmet is appropriate before buying, and look at the size of our headphones. You can see the size of headphones in the picture introduction.

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Motorcycle Helmet Communication Systemfreedconn Bluetooth Headset Intercom Tcom

as of March 9, 2022 10:07 pm


  • FreedConn Motorbike Helmet Intercom: This 2-way motorcycle bluetooth intercom communication system can be use for 2 riders talking at the same time in open distance 2624ft. Helmet Bluetooth intercom up to 3 Rider Pair. Support auto call answering,FM,music,mobile GPS.
  • Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset with LCD Screen: TCOM-SC motorcycle helmet headset with LCD screen that will display operating information for the intercom system such as call status, pairing, music, battery, turn on or off function etc. More convenient.
  • Noise Reduction Motorcycle Wireless Headset: With the help of advanced DSP technology motorcycle bluetooth intercom can eliminate echo and noise.Deliver the clear voice quality even riding at a high speed.
  • Bluetooth Helmet Headset Easy Installation: Helmet bluetooth headsets is weatherproof, sun-proof and durable to use in any weather conditions. Upgraded to 2 in 1 Mic ,it is suitable for full face, open face, half-face, 3/4 helmet etc.. Ideal for motorcycle riding/ATV/Dirt Bike/skiing adventurous sports.
  • Large Capacity Motorcycle Intercom& 1 Year Warranty: Waterproof helmet bluetooth headset contains 400mAh battery.It can work up to 10 hours for phone talk time,5 hours talk time when using the intercom. we’ll reply to you in 12 HOURS|

Factors To Consider Before Buying Helmet Headphones

Full Face Helmets w/ Integrated Bluetooth – Geek Speak #80 at

1. Comfort

Foremost of all, the helmet headset must be comfortable and have a secure fit on your head and face. You dont want to wear something that will put you at unease in the long drive.

2. The Build

Remember, though the headphones are to be used inside the helmet, still, it is on the road. Buy a headset that can survive the outdoor roughness.

3. Battery life and Travel Distance

Calculate how much longer each of your rides will be in total. Then pick a headphone with enough juice, i.e., battery life, to function for the whole trip.

4. Number of People involved

If you are using the headphone for talking with other riders or your passenger, then buy headsets considering this factor. How many people can the headphone connect to!

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Why You Need Bluetooth Helmets

Whether you are on a solo drive or riding with your mates, an excellent communications system integrated into your helmet comes with many benefits. If you are on a group ride, you can easily communicate with your team using your Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth. There are intercom systems that allow a group of riders to communicate even if they are up to a mile away from each other. It can also be useful for coaching and training, so there can be constant communication between coaches and riders.

If you are on a solo drive, the Bluetooth Bike Helmets can be used to answer calls safely on the road so you can stay connected with your friends and family. These helmets can also be connected to Bluetooth headphones which means you wont get bored on extended rides because you can listen to your favourite music or even FM Radio. Furthermore, if you are going on an adventure to a new location, the navigation instructions can be played through your helmet – easy peasy. How much better is that than stopping every 5 minutes to check your GPS?

Klim Krios Sena 10u Stealth Helmet

Klim makes some of the best motorcycle gear out there, and the companys Krios helmet is no exception. You can buy this helmet without the 10U comm unit, but with it, you get even more functionality out of a full-face adventure helmet. The helmet has a full carbon-fiber shell, aerodynamic visor, Klimatek Fabric liner thats fully removable, excellent airflow, and the ability to wear this helmet with goggles off-road.

In terms of the Sena 10U for the Krios, you get a good communicator thats on par with the other 10 series units integrated into Senas own helmets. It includes about 10 hours of talk time as well as active noise canceling, and only a couple hours to charge fully.

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Sena 10c Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera

First up, we have the Sena 10C Pro. This is a unique option that wont be for everyone, but that doesnt stop it from being one of the better choices out there.

Why is it good but not for everyone? This Bluetooth headset combines a communication device and an action camera into one unit.

The built-in camera technology adds 1080p:60fps video capabilities as well as time-lapse video capabilities. Pair that with Senas renowned high-quality communication technology and you have a killer product.

The product offers Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, four-way intercom with a range of up to one mile, advanced noise control, smartphone connection, and an app for Android and Apple, smart audio to mix music with your video, and water-resistant for use in inclement weather.

You get about 17 hours of talk time or two hours of recording time per charge and each charge takes 3.5 hours.

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