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If youre primarily interested in music playback, youll want to look for the best wireless headphones. Headphones dont necessarily provide a microphone for speech, while a headset always has a microphone. Headphones are optimized for sound quality, so you can get the best possible listening experience.

A headset is optimized for conversation, so you can talk on your phone hands-free. Headsets often have other controls, like a button to answer calls, so you can use your phones voice assistant. Features like noise cancellation help promote the best environment for conversing back and forth, and a headsets engineering focuses on the listener and the speaker.

Best Earbuds For Phone Calls In 2021

Top Picks for Uninterrupted Phone Calls

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations around the world to move to remote working. According to research, from 2019 to 2022, remote work is expected to increase by almost 77%. As a result, the need for the best earbuds for phone calls has increased. Meetings now happen over phone calls or video calls. 89% of remote employees say they feel more connected and involved with projects and teams when using video conferencing.

However, with so many earbuds and headphones for remote work available on the market, finding the right earbuds or headphones has become a daunting task. In this guide, well focus on top-rated earbuds for phone calls and video calls.

To help you find the best earbuds for phone calls, we tested over 50 pairs of earbuds across 3 months. Weve shortlisted 10 earbuds that are perfect for phone calls.

Roundup of the Best Earbuds for Phone Calls

Overall Best Earbuds for Phone Calls

In this guide, well review each of them in detail, and list their pros and cons. Well also discuss different factors you should consider when buying earbuds for phone calls, and answer some frequently asked questions about them.

Sennheiser Presence Uc The Best But Expensive

If it is within your price range, the Sennheiser UC Presence is one of the best Bluetoothheadset options available in the market.

First of all, it has a range of 33 feet which is handy enough for normal use. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with all other versions also. You can easily switch from phone calls to music and vice versa without any hassle.

The Sennheiser Presence UC is also equipped with 3 digital microphones that ensure a certain high-quality high definition sound in all its surroundings, making sure that everything you are saying is to be picked up.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you about 10 hours of non-stop calling time and has unique Speak Focus Technology that works to help pick up those sound waves for some better sound quality.

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Also Great: Poly Voyager 5200

*At the time of publishing, the price was $94.

The Poly Voyager 5200 is the best headset available if background noise reduction is your primary concern. Even if youre in a busy airport or at a playground while children are squealing with joy, the Voyager 5200 can make you sound like youre in a quiet room. The tradeoff is lower overall sound quality: This headsets digital processing makes your voice sound less natural than it would with our other picks, and incoming audio also can sound choppier. Because the Voyager 5200 does everything else well, with a nearly all-day talk time and comfort to matchwe think its worth the tradeoff if being heard above the ruckus of the rest of the world is most important to you.

During testing, our panelists unanimously noted the Voyager 5200s unbelievable noise cancellation in loud environments compared with other headsets we tested. While the M300-XT had excellent noise reduction, with loud coffee shop chatter only slightly audible in between spoken words, the Voyager 5200 eliminated almost all sounds aside from the speakers voice. This is likely because the Voyager 5200 uses active digital signal processing on its four mics, plus other technologies designed to optimize incoming sound for the speakers voice. Our other picks have two microphones, and while they use their own noise cancellation technology as well, they dont block as much background noise.

Bluetooth Headset With Noise Canceling Technology

TSV Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Headphones w ...

What use is a Bluetooth headset, if you can’t hear what the caller is saying? Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets offer noise-canceling technology: essential for a business call and extremely pleasant while listening to music on the go. Check out our sports headsets to enhance your workouts and enjoy a superlative sound performance of your favorite track during your morning jog. For clear crisp sound when taking that business call wherever you are, you can count on Sennheisers noise cancellation technology!

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How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headset For Iphone

Battery Life

There are a lot of in-ear headphones that have small batteries and are lightweight, but they last just several hours. They will be suitable for those who listen to music while exercising, but if you want to use them while traveling, its not the best option.

However, some models, like AirPods from Apple, come with a charging case, so you might want to buy in-ear headphones with this feature.

Noise Canceling

This is a very important aspect to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone. Some models are particularly designed for travelers or those who listen to music in noisy places. They boast an active noise-canceling feature. It eliminates background noise, but such headsets can be more expensive than other options.

However, be careful not to confuse it with passive noise isolation. This is when headphones block in/on sound, which is similar to when you put on earplugs or ear defenders.

Sound Quality

I advise you to test new headphones in stores when you can, but it doesnt always make sense because there are always plenty of new models available, which can be quite confusing to you.

Thats why I have tested some top options to help you find the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone.


All models on this list are compatible with the newest iPhones. They support the AAC codec. However, some options support other codecs as well, like aptX, which will be convenient for you if you decide to use them for Android devices.

Bluetooth Headset Comfort: Battery Life And Connectivity

Sennheisers Bluetooth technology goes easy on the batteries, allowing you hours and hours of listening pleasure. Sennheiser headsets are fitted with lithium-ion batteries that can be quickly charged with USB-C to save you precious time when on the move, so you can pop the headset back on after a couple of hours and keep living your best life.

However, comfort means different things to different people. For some, it means long-lasting battery for others, broader connectivity. For those who wish to enjoy the same freedom of Bluetooth headsets but from the comfort of their home, we created a solution for your very own home entertainment system. Experience Sennheisers high-quality sound performance by pairing multiple devices via excellent Bluetooth connectivity.

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Best Wireless Earbuds And Bluetooth Headphones For Making Calls

Here are the best wireless headphones and earbuds that are great for making and taking voice calls.

    While sound and comfort are arguably the most important factors when buying a pair of headphones, their performance as a headset for making phone calls has become a key feature as we use headphones to communicate on the go — or working from home — in a world where we’re no longer tethered to the office.

    I’ve created a list of best headphones for working from home, but this one is a little different. That list includes more “work” or “business” headphones that you’re more likely to use with both a phone and computer and features some enterprise headphones with boom microphones. Some of those are Microsoft Teams-certified and are also designed to work with Unified Communications applications. This list is less business focused and includes only consumer wireless Bluetooth headset that works well for making calls on the go with your cell phone .

    So, what makes the best earbuds for phone calls? Well, for starters, the best Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are able to reduce ambient sound even in loud environments, allowing people to hear you clearly when you speak during conference calls. Needless to say, you’ll want to hear people clearly, so sound quality — and often noise isolation — are also important. And finally, comfort is essential along with decent battery life and touch control.

    The Best Headphones With A Mic For Voice And Video Calls In 2021

    Mpow Dual Microphone Bluetooth Headset For Conference Calls Review
    Fit Pro

    The best headphones with a mic for voice and video calls show how tech you’d normally associate with sound output alone can have a secret talent for two-way communications. Its extremely common nowadays for headphones, especially the best wireless headphones and the best wireless earbuds, to have microphones built into the headset.

    As such, theyre incredibly easy to use for calls on whatever device phone or computer you have them connected to. However, not all headphones are created equal, and even some high-end models can disappoint with low mic clarity of spotty connectivity. Save yourself some trouble and just consult our list below, where weve gathered the best headphones with a mic for voice and video calls that weve tested.

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    Mpow Bluetooth Headset V50


    If your workday includes constantly switching between your computer and smartphone, you need a Bluetooth headset that can keep up. The Mpow Bluetooth Headset V5.0 has dual Bluetooth connectivity that means users can seamlessly switch between two devices, making it easy to answer calls or listen to music on your phone and video conference on your computer. The Mpow also boasts an impressive 50 feet of distance between the headset and device, meaning you dont have to be right next to your phone to hear it. High definition speakers deliver a crystal-clear connection and a noise-canceling monitor helps to keep out ambient noise. We also like that the Mpow has two mics, with one to capture the wearers voice and another to reduce background noise for added clarity. The Mpow also has one of the most impressive batteries on our list, running up to 22 hours of talk time on a two-hour charge.

    How To Set A Bluetooth Headset Or Speaker As The Default Audio On Iphone

    Your iPhone has a built-in option of Call Audio Routing that lets you use your Bluetooth headset or speaker to receive and answer calls. Before you turn it on, make sure your speaker and iPhone are connected with each other via Bluetooth.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to Accessibility settings.
  • Next up, Select .
  • Now, choose Bluetooth Headset or Speaker as per your choice.
  • Now when you receive a call on your iPhone, you can answer and talk through your speaker.

    Auto-answer Calls is another most useful feature in accessibility settings. If you often get caught up in a situation when you cant manually accept calls , you can enable it and let iPhone automatically accept the call. To do so, go to Accessibility Touch.

    Enable the toggle.

    At last, dont forget to set the wait-time before your iPhone auto-answer the call.

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    Poly Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset Single

    • Ideal For: Mobile professional who relies on mobile phone for on-the-go communication
    • Cutting Edge Noise Cancellation: Voyager 5200 features four microphones and a proprietary DSP that work together to cancel disruptive background noise like traffic or crowds.
    • Exclusive WindSmart Technology: Six layers of our Unique WindSmart technology detect wind direction and respond accordingly so your voice comes through clearly, especially outdoors.
    • Comfort-Tested Design: Rigorously tested for stability and comfort on a wide range of ear shapes, so it feels as comfortable on your last call of the day as it did on the first.
    • Talk Time & Roaming Range: Up to 7 hours of talk time. Roam up to 98 feet

    Latest Headphones News And Releases

    Bluetooth Earpiece
    • The Apple AirPods 3 has made its way onto the market. See where it ranks on this list.
    • Bose launched the newest entry in the QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones series, the QuietComfort 45. See where it ranks on this list.
    • The Sony WF-1000XM4 is a mostly fantastic pair of true wireless earbuds, but despite some mic improvements it’s not great for voice and video calls.
    • Another new release, the OnePlus Buds Pro makes for an adequate calling headset, though its greater strengths are sound quality and noise cancellation.

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    Who Should Get This

    A mono Bluetooth headset might seem like a relic of older days, back when Blackberry and Nokia were the dominant cell phone makers and talking with your phone in your pocket was newfangled magic. While Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have become more popular, Bluetooth headsets can still meet specific needs. One of these headsets might be for you if:

    • You spend a lot of time on calls on your phone and want hands-free convenience in a lightweight, portable device.
    • You consider microphone quality and noise cancellation of utmost importance.
    • You want call-management functionssuch as answering or ignoring calls with your voice or with dedicated buttonsthat many traditional earbuds or headphones dont offer.
    • You want to keep an ear free to stay aware of whats going on around you on your commute or at the office .

    As with wireless and wired headsets , a Bluetooth headset is a compromise. It wont make you sound nearly as good as the best USB microphone can, it wont make incoming audio sound better than a good set of headphones, and its not as discreet and as lightweight as the best earbuds. What a Bluetooth headset does better than these other options, however, is pick up your voice clearly while suppressing background noise, wherever you may be.

    Best Bluetooth Headset : Top Picks For Hands

    Get hands-free with the best Bluetooth headset choices around today


    The best Bluetooth headsets money can buy in 2021 can be some of the wisest purchases you make. With many of us still working from home, we use our phones more than ever for everything from staying in touch with our colleagues to video calling team mates, as well as friends and family.

    This means picking the best Bluetooth headset for your needs can drastically improve both your work and your personal life, but due to the sheer amount of products out there, how can you be sure you’re buying the right one? That’s where this guide comes in, as we pick the top headsets that combine comfort, value for money and features.

    This means the Bluetooth headsets on this page gave been picked thanks to their top-notch audio and recording quality. They all feature noise cancellation features that allow you to be heard even when you’re using them in noisy environments.

    So, if you’re looking to find a great Bluetooth headset, you’ve come to the right place. No matter if you’re in a car or at your desk, one of these will allow you to enjoy the benefits of hands-free calling. When compiling this list, we picked devices that make taking calls quick, easy and safe, whether you’re driving, using equipment or typing on a keyboard.

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    Best For Battery Life: Tecknet Trucker Bluetooth Headset

    Get up to an impressive 32-36 hours of playtime with this Bluetooth headset that is comfortable to wear all day thanks to the lightweight design and adjustable headband made of soft protein leather with anti-slip padding. The mic is also rotatable and reversible to use on your left or right side.

    Offering AI Noise Cancelling technology, they help reduce up to 99.6% of transmitting noise, so customers, clients, or whoever is on the other line won’t hear your background noise. Use the mute key to easily turn the mic off when you need to tell the kids to get back to bed or talk with a co-worker in person. Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast and stable signal, you can even connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

    Finished in black, the highly-rated over-ear headset is ideal for working from home, conferences, or using at the office so you can keep your hands free to multitask.

    Charging Stands Charging Cases And Backup Batteries

    Bluetooth Headphones for Meetings & Phone Calls (Air Sound M99 Pro)

    Some headsets offer charging accessories that can help manage battery life. If youre worried about running out of battery, you may want to look at a headset that comes with a charging stand, a charging case, or a backup battery.

    Some headband style headsets may include a charging station or stand where you can rest your headset when its not in use. You may also be able to purchase a compatible charging stand after the fact. For instance, Plantronics offers its Plantronics Spare charging stand, which is compatible with its Voyager Focus UC headset. If youre using your headset primarily at a desk, charging stands can be particularly helpful because they allow you to keep the device charging when you get off of a call.

    You may also see charging cases. The case can extend the battery life by adding additional on-the-go charges. You may get ten hours of talk time on a single charge, but the charging case lets you charge the device three more times without having to connect to an electrical outlet.

    While not as common, a handful of headsets come with two batteries. This allows you to charge one battery while you use the other.

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