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Stereo Vs 21 Vs Surround Sound: What’s The Difference

ARCHEER 25W Loud Bluetooth Speakers with Super Bass, Home Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer, Upgrade

Stereo speakers consist of only a left and a right speaker, “2.1” refers to a pair of speakers augmented by a subwoofer, and surround sound involves between five and seven speakers plus a subwoofer. The role of the subwoofer is to cover deep bass frequencies, generally below 100Hz. A solid sub at a reasonable volume can add rumble to film explosions and depth to kick drums, bass guitars, analog synths, orchestras, and more. Some stereo speaker pairs, however, sound great even without a subwoofer, primarily because their woofers are perfectly capable of handling the bass response.

The vast majority of desktop speakers are stereo pairs. Some have accompanying subwoofers, but you won’t likely have more than two or three satellites to deal with. Some serious gamers and cinephiles might want to look for a 5.1-channel surround sound system, but the extra cost and inconvenience of placing all those speakers around the room isn’t worth it to most users.

There are also one-piece solutions that offer plenty of power but don’t provide the stereo imaging you get from multiple satellites. Even portable Bluetooth speakers can serve as one-piece systems for your PC if they have a 3.5mm audio input or support a USB connection .

Directivity Control Waveguide For Flat On

A revolutionary approach was taken by Genelec in 1983 with the development of its Directivity Control Waveguide used at the time in an egg-shaped enclosure. The Genelec DCW technology developed and refined over more than 30 years greatly improves the performance of direct radiating multi-way monitors.

The DCW technology shapes the emitted wavefront in a controlled way, allowing predictable tailoring of the directivity pattern. To make the directivity uniform and smooth, the goal is to limit the radiation angle so that the stray radiation is reduced. It results in excellent flatness of the overall frequency response as well as uniform power response. This advanced DCW technology minimizes early reflections and provides a wide and controlled listening area achieving accurate sound reproduction on- and off-axis.

Minimized early reflections and controlled, constant directivity have another important advantage: the frequency balance of the room reverberation field is essentially the same as the direct field from the monitors. As a consequence, the monitoring system’s performance is less dependent on room acoustic characteristics.

Sound image width and depth, critical components in any listening environment, are important not only for on-axis listening, but also off-axis. This accommodates not only the engineer doing his or her job, but also others in the listening field, as is so often the case in large control rooms.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker For 2021

Portable speakers continue to improve with better sound and battery life. These are the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now.

There are so many reasons to get a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Maybe you need an outdoor speaker for gatherings, you’re aiming to build surround sound with multiple speakers in your home theater or perhaps you’re just looking for great sound that can be moved on a whim. Regardless of the reason, there’s almost certainly a portable speaker with powerful sound that’ll work for you.

In our quest to find the best Bluetooth speaker, we considered factors such as sound quality, battery life and more — below, we present our current contenders, including compact mini models, pocket-size micro versions and heftier models with powerful audio. If you’re looking for more, we can also recommend the best smart speakers and the best Wi-Fi speakers and music systems.

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Sound Appeal 65 Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers Conclusion

If youre looking for a plug-and-play outdoor Bluetooth speaker system, then the Sound Appeal 6.5 is definitely the way to go. No need for external amps or receivers reducing the amount of equipment and wires for install. The Sound Appeal 6.5 are great for background music on the patio. Still, I wouldnt choose these outdoor speakers if you are looking for a party speaker. Rather go with one of the passive outdoor speaker options in this article. At just under $200 for two speakers with a built-in amplifier, power, and speaker cables, the Sound Appeal 6.5 is a good all-in-one buy.

If youre looking for something on the budget end, you can always rely on Pyle to deliver. The Pyle 6.5 Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System is an affordable pair of outdoor Bluetooth speakers. One thing to clarify, on all Pyles marketing material for these speakers, theyre rated at 300W. This is, in fact, incorrect. This might be the program power output of the speaker, but the actual RMS is closer to 30W. So something to keep in mind when checking these speakers out online.

Loudest Stereo Speaker: Aiwa Exos

beFree Sound 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker ...

The Aiwa Exos-9 is possibly the loudest Bluetooth speaker you will ever find that delivers up to 200 watts of massive stereo sound. This massive speaker comes equipped with 5 drivers, including a 6.5 dual-voice coil subwoofer. This speaker delivers really pristine stereo sound with deep bass, crisp treble ranges and balanced mid-range. You can really push this speaker up to maximum volume and still get distortion-free sound, which is definitely the best selling point about this speaker clarity. Overall, if you looking for one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers that can deliver the clearest, crisp sound youll ever hear, go for the Aiwa Exos-9.

The sound performance of the Aiwa Exos-9 portable speaker is unlike anything that weve heard before. It delivers some of the loudest stereo sound that we have heard with impeccable clarity and precision. You can hear the music crystal clear even at maximum volume with virtually zero distortion something which no other Bluetooth speaker comes close to doing. The speaker also has great bass and can project the bass in large outdoor spaces. The bass is comparable to the JBL Boombox 2 but the Aiwa Exos 9 clearly sounds much louder all things equal.

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Do Cheap Speakers Have Good Battery Life

Battery range for most portable speakers is a respectable 8 to 12 hours. It’s always good to keep in mind that whatever number is listed in the specs on a manufacturer’s website is likely the very best result you can expect, meaning you can listen up to that long, but your results will vary. If you play your music loud, for instance, your battery life will almost certainly be lower than the number quoted by the manufacturer.

A number of speakers also have a built-in USB port for charging mobile devices on the go. Obviously, this is useful when you’re away from home and your phone or tablet is running low on juice, but charging your device will definitely decrease the speaker’s battery life, so there’s some trade-off. The batteries in these speakers are often a fraction of the capacity of a larger dedicated battery pack, which you should consider as a separate purchase if you really want to keep your phone charged when you’re out.

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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Speakers For You

As you shop for outdoor speakers, the first thing youll want to look for is weather-proofing. Outdoor speakers should be at least partially water-resistant, and if you want to leave them outside all the time, they should be fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating. The next thing youll want to consider is how the speakers will be connected. Many outdoor speakers are wired, so youll need a power source. If thats not doable in your backyard or patio, then you will want to concentrate on portable Bluetooth speakers.

Next, think about how big your space is and what kind of volume level youll require. If you have a small patio or mainly want music for dinner parties, a smaller set of outdoor speakers may be perfectly adequate. But if you have a large suburban backyard or want to host crowded dance parties, you may want to shop for larger speakers with more audio capacity.

Last but not least, theres cost. Outdoor speakers can get pricey, as they need to be tough and rugged enough to withstand the elements. You can still find great sets at any budget level. Note that Bluetooth speakers are generally going to be more expensive.

Best Wireless Speakers : Wonderful Wi

Mackie FreePlay Home Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


Best wireless speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up of the best wireless speakers you can buy in 2021.

The category of wireless speakers evolves and multiplies at a rate similar to new titles on Netflix. When it comes to driver-housing sonic boxes if you just want something for blasting out tunes in the kitchen, there are now some splendid options out there for little money.

But if you need a wi-fi speaker for home with a bit more versatility and have a slightly more malleable budget, you can get a whole host of features plus better sound and multi-room capabilities for marginally more outlay.

Increasingly, wireless speakers also boast smart skills if you want them, with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant baked in for good measure. That means they’ll be at your beck and call when it comes to shopping, weather forecasts or taking charge of smart home appliances including your lights and thermostat.

Whatever your needs, we have a great recommendation for you. Want to read more about your favourite in this list? There’s a full What Hi-Fi? review attached to each product.

Want a smaller, cheaper wireless speaker you can sling in a bag and take to the park? Check out our best Bluetooth speakers recommendations.

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Best Speaker That Doesn’t Look Like One


  • Powerful audio performance with rich bass depth and bright highs
  • Works with other Sonos speakers and AirPlay2
  • Can be combined with another Symfonisk speaker as a stereo pair
  • Stylish, mountable design
  • Not actually a picture frame
  • Mono audio only


  • Powerful audio performance for the size
  • Cool, compact design

Wireless speakers are everywhere these days. Big, small, portable, expensive, cheap, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi…the sheer amount of choice can seem overwhelming. But our top picks are sure to have at least one speaker that’s right for you. Before anything else, though, you need to decide how you want to go wireless.

How Much Should You Spend On An Outdoor Speaker

There are plenty of solid-sounding outdoor-friendly speakers for $150 or less. The top end of this price range will get you reasonably good bass response, and typically, the speaker will be able to transmit stereo audio. The lower end of this price range will usually feature smaller speakers, often mono, and few of them will have much low-end response to offer.

Below, say, $50, you’re flirting with options that may not sound markedly better than your mobile device on its own. And if you’re willing to reach above $150 there plenty of alluring options, including offerings from luxury brands.

If you don’t necessarily need something rugged, head to our list of the best wireless speakers overall. For budget-friendly options, check out our top picks under $100.

And for more outdoor-friendly tech, see the best outdoor smart home devices we’ve tested.

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Do Extra Features Matter

You might not think much about extra features when it comes to PC speakers, but there are some things to consider: Do the speakers include bass and treble controls so you can tailor the sound to your tastes? How about a Mute button? Or a remote control?

High-quality sound and robust extra features are not necessarily mutually exclusive it depends on the set. If your PC has a limited number of USB ports, you’ll probably want to go with the more common 3.5mm audio output connector, though USB-powered speakers sometimes come with extra features, or even software that enables special functions. And, if your PC has Bluetooth, you can stream music wirelessly to any speaker that accepts it .

LG UltraGear GP9

Best Bluetooth Home Speaker Reviews For 2021

Rockville TM150C Bluetooth Home Theater Tower Speaker System (2) 10 ...

Best Bluetooth Home Speaker Reviews for 2021

The way we listen to music is changing. In the past, you had to connect your speakers through a complex system of wires. You needed wires for the player, the subwoofer, the individual speakers. A set of one of the best Bluetooth home speakers can change all that.

Today the world is going wireless, and audio entertainment is too. Through high-tech Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to music with powerful, crisp sound. And you dont have the burden of wires. This frees your home from the tangle of connecting and wiring your home audio. It also allows you to move speakers and audio parts wherever you desire. You dont have to worry about where the wire will go or how to hide them!But like all technology, you need to be smart about the products you buy. You need to know what to look for. You need to understand what qualities are important. You should also know what products will meet your specific needs.

This list is for those who are ready to buy, but arent sure where to start. Well review many of the top options. But first, you need to understand what you should look for in Bluetooth home speaker technology.

Here is a list of the top rated and reviewed bluetooth home speakers to help you choose the best products for your home.

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How Do Speakers Sound Outside

Portable Bluetooth speakers have come a long way in the last half decade. Today small speakers can pack some fairly impressive firepower. This is thanks mostly to the near-ubiquitous inclusion of passive radiators.

Passive bass radiators are made of rubber-like surfaces that vibrate sympathetically with the output of a powered driver├ólike when you place a speaker on a long wooden table and you notice the table vibrating, seemingly increasing the bass response. The vibrations often create the sense of stronger bass depth, even without these radiators receiving actual powered audio on their own. It sounds like a gimmick that shouldn’t be effective, but some manufacturers have worked magic and manage to pump out rich bass response from fairly small speakers.

Some outdoor speakers also feature outdoor listening modes. These modes tend to dial up the treble to make up for the lack of reflective surfaces when you’re sitting in the middle of a field or forest. The walls in your kitchen or office do, indeed, perform a function in transmitting audio to your ears, and without them in the picture, high frequencies in particular can sound dulled, especially if you’re not terribly close to the speaker.

Best For Retro Design Fans


  • Powerful audio performance for the size
  • Cool, compact design


  • Seriously powerful sound with deep bass and crisp highs
  • Highly water-resistant and dust-proof
  • Can be used for karaoke or as a guitar amp


There’s a seemingly endless supply of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, most of which will work just fine after being stowed in your luggage and pulled out for use in your hotel room. But perhaps you’re looking for something to take on your next camping excursion or trip to the beach. Or maybe you want a speaker with built-in cupholders, a retractable luggage handle, and the ability to double as a guitar amp. We test plenty of outdoor-friendly speakers that meet all of these requirements and more. Here’s what to look for, as well as the top models we’ve tested.

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Latest Lists & Reviews

Bose SoundTouch 10 Quick Review

Bose is one of the top brands in speaker technology. The Bose SoundTouch 10 is a perfect example of the companys innovative approach to sound. The speaker has easy-to-use settings, great versatility, and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for simple connectivity.

One of the top advantages of the Bose SoundTouch10 is that its made for multi-room use. It also has a sleek, small profile. It can fit well into many different spaces without too much trouble. You can fit it under a desk, on a book shelf, or near your entertainment center. It does this without you needing to significantly reshuffle items and furniture.

The Bose SoundTouch 10 is a popular choice because it comes with a remote control. It also has preset buttons at the top of the speaker. These features make operation simple and convenient. If you are a less-than-savvy tech user, you will likely appreciate these additions.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Black Home Audio Bluetooth Speaker SRSZR7 – Overview

A subwoofer is a speaker that reproduces low-frequency sound. It is typically used in conjunction with satellite speakers to form a complete music system. Browse the top-ranked list of subwoofer Bluetooth speakers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 22 reviews

    Top comment

    Excellent bass response which can be automatically or manually tailored to the listening environment. Bluetooth connection is very stable, design style unobtrusive, set up is a snap. …Small Sony Subwoofer for HT-A7000 Soundbar…I also recommend adding the wireless rear speakers.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Experience deep, rich bass in everything you watch with the SA-SW3 wireless subwoofer, designed to pair with the HT-A9/A7000/A5000 Soundbars for advanced home theater sound.See all Subwoofer SpeakersTop comment

    Excellent bass response which can be automatically or manually tailored to the listening environment. Bluetooth connection is very stable, design style unobtrusive, set up is a snap. …Small Sony Subwoofer for HT-A7000 Soundbar…I also recommend adding the wireless rear speakers.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Experience deep, rich bass in everything you watch with the SA-SW3 wireless subwoofer, designed to pair with the HT-A9/A7000/A5000 Soundbars for advanced home theater sound.$399.99Your price for this item is $399.99Add to Cart

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