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Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate Vs Tile Slim Vs Tile Sticker Design Size And Colors

Chipolo – Bluetooth key and phone finder

If you’re familiar with Tile’s lineup of trackers, you’ll notice something different about the 2021 product lineup. Whereas the old tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Sticker each had their distinctive looks, the new versions have a unified design. That means Tile logos prominently displayed on each tracker on every device but the Tile Sticker , the logo doubles as a button you can press twice to find the location of your phone.

The changes don’t stop there. The Tile Pro gets rid of its square design to look more like a key fob, with a rectangular look. The Tile Mate is the same square shape as before, only a fraction thicker. The Tile Sticker’s a little thicker, too.

You can opt for black or white versions of the Pro and Mate. The Tile Slim and Tile Tracker only come in black. That’s not much choice when compared to a rival like the Chipolo One, but I can confirm that the black models I’m testing look slick enough, even if Tile has sacrificed some of the flourishes that went into the old Tile Pro design.

Tile Ultra: What To Expect

The Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Sticker are all arriving now, but one of the more exciting Tiles won’t be here until early next year. The Tile Ultra also uses Bluetooth to connect your phone to a device tracker, but it adds Ultra Wideband to the mix. As featured on Apple’s AirTag, that can enable more precise finding. In the case of the Tile Ultra, that will incorporate augmented reality to lead you in the right direction toward your missing keys or valuables.

The Tile Ultra will have the same shape as the Tile Pro but will take on a fancier design that includes a stainless steel key holder. Tile hasn’t yet announced a price for this key finder.

Airtag Vs Tile Connectivity

Like almost every other key finder , Tile relies on Bluetooth connectivity. The advantage of this is that it’s easy to set up, and it means that the tracker works with any kind of smartphone. The disadvantage is that Bluetooth can offer only so much range.

The Tile Pro, which has the best range of any key finder we’ve tested, can stay connected to a phone up to 400 feet in most cases. That’s helpful for tracking down keys you might have misplaced in your house. But it’s less ideal for other uses namely tracking down valuables when they’re a greater distance away or, heaven forfend, if you’ve lost them completely and you don’t know where.

In addition to Bluetooth, AirTag taps into the U1 sensor featured in every iPhone released since 2019 . Ultra wideband can include more precise tracking info to help you locate misplaced objects more quickly.

To that end, the Precision Tracking feature in the Find My app will work with the iPhone 11 and 12 models to give you more precise directions on where your AirTag is. An arrow appears on the iPhone’s screen to show you which direction to look, and you’ll also be given an estimated distance on how far away your keys are. Precision tracking employs haptic and audio feedback, though we’ll need to test the feature to see how well it guides us to a misplaced item.

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Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate Vs Tile Slim Vs Tile Sticker Batteries

The Tile Pro and Tile Mate both featured replaceable batteries, but that’s changing with the 2021 models. While the Tile Pro continues to offer a battery you can swap out Tile claims the CR2032 battery inside the Pro will last about a year the Tile Mate has gone back to a non-replaceable battery. You should be able to get three years of use out of the Tile Mate .

The switch back to a non-replaceable battery for the Tile Mate improves water resistance to IP67 the previous Mate could only resist splashes. Tile also says Mate customers tend to prefer a set-it-and-forget-it device. It also helps that the battery was very hard to swap out on the 2020 model, so this eliminates one of the biggest knocks against the Tile Mate.

Still, the lack of a replaceable battery was a common complaint about early Tile key finders, so expect that criticism to resurface in regard to the 2021 edition of the Tile Mate. This device should last multiple years, though, as opposed to earlier Tiles that only offered a year of battery life, so that complaint is mitigated somewhat. Also, Tile’s app can point you toward e-waste recycling sites when it’s time to replace Tiles with a non-replaceable battery.

Use Vaya Lynk And Find Everything In A Wink

Monster Bluetooth Key Finder Anti

Vaya Lynk is a smart Bluetooth tracker that comes with a companion app to help you find your belongings faster. Download the Lynk app on App Store or get it on .

All you need to do is tag Lynk to your belongings keys, luggage, backpacks or your wallet and install the Lynk app on your phone. Every time you want to locate a tagged item, click on the app, so the tracking device beeps and you can track the item faster!

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Tile Premium Subscription: What You Get

Tile Premium continues to be an optional service for each Tile. Costing $2.99 a month, Tile Premium logs your location history, lets you share trackers with an unlimited number of people and gives you free battery replacement. You can also get a Smart Alert feature that notifies you when you’ve left the house without a critical item like your wallet, keys or backpack.

I’ve found Smart Alerts to be hit-and-miss when I’ve tested it in the past, so I’m eager to see if it’s improved. I’ve never really found Tile Premium to be a must-have part of the Tile experience, though the company responds that I’m in the clear minority here.

The Best Key Finders You Can Buy Today

The latest version of the Tile Pro, the top key finder available from Tile, gets a new look for this year. Instead of the square design you may have grown used to, the Tile Pro now looks more like a traditional key fob with a rectangular shape and rounded edges at one end. It’s not as stylish as past Tile trackers, but it’s still a very capable tracker.

And that’s why the Tile Pro remains our pick for the best key finder you can buy. It’s got the best range of any key finder we’ve tested with a good, loud alarm. A two-way find feature helps you locate your phone if you’ve misplaced it just by pressing the Tile logo twice on the key finder. And the Tile Pro’s battery remains easy to replace after about a year of service.

If you’ve got the previous version of the Tile Pro from 2020, there’s no need to upgrade, as the feature set remains as strong as ever. But if you have an older Tile or are looking for the best key finder around, your search should end with this latest edition of the Tile Pro.

Owners of Samsung phones looking for the best key finder should consider the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag alongside the Tile Pro. Like the Tile Pro, the SmartTag fared well in our range testing, as we were able to stay connected to our keys from up to 225 feet away. We can also point to some real-world successes with the SmartTag, as our tester was able to find keys that were left behind using last-seen data from the companion SmartThings app.

Read our full Apple AirTag review.

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Best Key Organizer: Keysmart Pro Key Finder

  • Holds limited number of keys

  • Difficult to add or change keys

The KeySmart Pro is not a typical key finderits actually a key organizer and multitool, combining the keys you use every day with customizable accessories like scissors, a USB stick, a pair of pliers, or even a firestarter. The KeySmart comes with a built-in Tile tracking feature that allows you to ring or view your keys location on a map using the Tile app. Like other Tile devices, the KeySmart Pro relies on a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device to use this feature. This battery-operated key organizer is rechargeable and comes with an included flashlight and bottle opener. It holds up to 10 keys and keeps them in a particular order so you can find them immediately . Unfortunately, it can be a tricky process to take the KeySmart Pro apart to add or remove keys and accessories.

  • Battery drains quickly

Easiest To Use: Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker

Key Finder, Bluetooth Key Finder Cell Phone Finder Wallet Tracker Device
  • Finicky app features

  • 80 dB ringer on the quiet side

The Tile Sticker is a solid Bluetooth tracker with a very appealing price tag and a compact, unobtrusive design thats available in both black and white. Best of all, it’s got an adhesive back, so it’s super easy to use and to attach to nearly any surface/device.

Like other Bluetooth key finders, you use an app on your phone to ring the tracker or view your keys location on a map . The Tile app can automatically locate the Sticker within 150 ft, or utilize the anonymous Tile network to find it further out. The battery is built-in and designed to last for three years or more. The Sticker will even work with Alexa and other digital assistants and smart home devices.

The Tile Pro has excellent range, an unobtrusive design, and convenient in-app features like Community Find to help you locate items lost far afield. If you want something less expensive, the Tile Mate is a great alternative with a slightly smaller form factor and Bluetooth range.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Unlike Tiles trackers , the AirTag doesnt have any way to ring your phone if its nearby. So if its your iPhone thats lost, youll have to rely on the Find My app on another Apple device to find it.

Theres no way to share an AirTag with another person because the tracker can be associated with only one Apple ID, even if you use Apples Family Sharing plan. If you share a set of keys with a partner or roommate, for example, only one of you will be able to track them in the Find My app.

Because AirTags dont have any way to attach to your stuff directly, the actual cost is higher than the price of the tracker itself, unless you plan on just tossing one loose into a bag or pocket. Apples key rings and loops all cost at least as much as a single AirTag, effectively doubling the price . Obviously, you can save quite a bit by buying from a third-party accessory maker. Well be testing some holders soon and including a few of our favorites in an update to this guide.

Airtag Vs Tile Features

Apart from AirTag’s Precision Tracking, finding your keys works pretty much the same with both trackers. From their respective apps, you can press a button and sound an alarm on either the AirTag or Tile to find out its location. AirTag lets you trigger the alarm with a Siri voice command, too. To do that with a Tile product, you need to create a Siri shortcut a feature first introduced in iOS 12.

Besides tracking down misplaced keys, Tile also has a two-way finder feature, where you can press on a tracker to make your phone ring, in case you can’t remember where that device is. Through a subscription, you can also get alerts if you leave home without your Tile tracker .

Both AirTag and Tile have similar approaches when you lose an item. Mark something as lost, and Apple and Tile use their respective networks to run background searches using other connected devices. If your lost tracker is detected, you’ll get a notification.

In addition, Apple is touting security features on its tracker. AirTag stores no location information and any communication with Find My is encrypted. Plus, Apple is adding an anti-stalking feature that will alert you if an unrecognized AirTag tracker is trying to keep tabs on your location.

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Innway Tag Key Finder


For an affordable and reliable all-around key finder, check out the Innway Tag. The QR code on the box allows you to quickly hit the reader with your smartphone and immediately be in business. We did not run into any issues when it came time to pairing this tracker with our phones. We were super impressed with the range of the Innway while using the measuring wheel, we saw that this model was able to transmit to a distance of 395 feet.

The Innway Tag is not without its flaws. The alerts that emit from this model aren’t super loud. If the device is muffled by a furniture cushion, lost in a car seat, or buried by other belongings, you’ll probably need exceptional hearing to locate it. Also, unlike other Bluetooth models, we found that the Innway Tag doesn’t have much going on in the computer department. The Innway app is less than spectacular and doesn’t offer a laptop-based user interface.


For folks who participate in rigorous outdoor activities like swimming, check out the Tile Pro. This model is rated to IP68 waterproofing, meaning that it can withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes before sustaining any damage. One of the biggest perks of this model is that the associated app’s Bluetooth searching capabilities are unmatched. With the app, you’ll be part of a huge worldwide group of Tile owners. We also love that the Tile program includes 15 different phone ringtones.

Tile Introduces New Key Finders: Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate Vs Tile Slim Vs Tile Sticker

iTrack Motion Key Finder, Bluetooth Wireless Keys Phone ...

Since Tile last updated its line of key, wallet and purse finders, there’s been a lot of upheaval in the tracking business. Both Apple and Samsung have since produced trackers of their own, catering to the vast number of smartphone owners toting around either an iPhone or a flagship Galaxy device. And yet despite the presence of these two heavy hitters, Tile has remained at the top of of our best key finder rankings, thanks to its mix of value and features, plus the fact that Tiles work with both iOS and Android phones.

With the latest overhaul to its product lineup, Tile hopes to stay ahead of its competition. The 2021 lineup of Tiles introduces a new unified look across the lineup, with improvements to both range and alert volume. And the four trackers debuting today won’t be Tile’s last word on the subject. A fifth Tile key finder is set to debut next year that will offer Ultra Wideband connectivity for more precise location data, matching a feature found in Apple AirTag and the Samsung SmartTag Plus.


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Even If You Don’t Regularly Lose Your Stuff A Bluetooth Tracker Can Be A Huge Time

ByJim Martin, Editor| 15 Jun 2021

Losing stuff is a fact of life. Keys, TV remotes, favourite toys and other items go missing on a regular basis and time is wasted and stress caused unnecessarily when attempting to find them.

When you lose your phone, you simply ring it from another phone. Bluetooth trackers allow you to ‘ring’ then so you can hunt down the item they’re attached to.

And you can attach them to almost any device , or even a favourite cuddly toy that your child is constantly losing.

Bluetooth trackers are also great gifts for forgetful friends and relatives who regularly misplace their keys, wallet and other items.

They cost between around £15/$15 and £35/$40 but you might want to buy a few to keep tabs on your own stuff and there are often discounts for buying in bulk.

Cube Tracker Key Finder

Losing items can be very easy but finding them again can take hours. With the help of Cube Tracker Key Finder, find your lost key in a jiffy. All you have to do is tag, ping, and locate it. Simple, isnt it? The Cue Tracker Key finder is a cool and innovative way of keeping track of your important things. You can attach this mini device to your keys, phone, or even wallet. If you lose your key, ping Cube with your phone and the device starts ringing. If you forgot your phone and if the tracker is attached to it, you can press the button on the Cube. Even if your phone is in silent, the phone will start ringing. The app also shows the last seen location on the maps. In short, it is a very useful device.


  • The Cube Tracker is a waterproof device.
  • It helps you locate your phone with ring, flash, and vibrate notifications.
  • It works even if the app is not working.
  • The device uses Bluetooth to tell if the item is near or far and it rings if it is in the range of 100 ft.
  • You can even use the tracker as a shutter button for your phones camera.
  • You get an extra battery with the package.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • It offers a low range of comparatively.
  • The app needs to be worked on.
  • You might it a bit difficult while pairing it with your phone.

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Loudest Key Finder: Keyringer Key Finder

  • Bulky design

The KeyRinger finder is very straightforward to use and its extra-loud ringer makes it a good fit for those who need higher volumes. The package comes with two identical devices that are paired to each other and ready to use right out of the boxsimply double-click the button on one of the trackers to set off the alarm on the other. The maximum range is 300 feet. It can be attached to a key ring via the plastic loop on the device or attached directly to other objects using the included adhesive tape. The KeyRinger runs on a CR2032 button battery that lasts for about 18 months and is simple to replace once it dies. The ringer may be too loud and unpleasant-sounding for some, but its definitely effective. This device is also a bit bulky compared to the other key finders on this list so youll want to take that into consideration if youre attaching it to something slim like a smartphone.

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