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Setup: Still Rough Around The Edges

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Even several years after its debut, the 1.3MB Mouse without Borders app feels like a throwback to Win32 utilities of old, rather than the more polished UWP apps Microsoft is promoting within Windows 10. Youll need to enter encryption keys manually, tweak options, and so on. But its a live app, whose most recent update was released in January.

First, youll need the Windows without Borders app itself, which runs on everything from Windows 7 and above. Up to four PCs on the same network can share the same mouse and keyboard. The author, Truong Do, recommends that both PCs be connected via ethernet, though wireless worked acceptably in some cases. Obviously, youll need to download and install the app on more than one PC. This is where it gets a bit confusing.

When Mouse without Borders first loads, the app will ask you if youve downloaded it on any other machine. Even though youve probably downloaded the utility to two PCs at about the same time, youll need to pick one of these PCs and select No. Doing so reveals the name of the PC youre working on, as well as an encryption code.

Mouse without Borders will generate an encryption code to enter manually on the other connected PCs. .

Like Flow or the Smart Switch technology Microsoft tied to its Surface Precision Mouse, the PC layouts can be organized either vertically or next to one another, as on a desk.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The Logitech K380 lacks backlit keys, but thats a necessary trade-off to achieve such long battery life. It also lacks a built-in number pad, and its arrow keys are small. If you need a full-size number pad or larger arrow keys, consider a to use with the K380 or check out our larger keyboard picks.

Using Software To Sync Your Mouse

  • Pros Convenient, immediately available, easy to set up, refund if you dont like the experience, sync between more than two computers
  • Cons Potential latency issues, requires an upfront payment

The most immediate suggestion would be to use software to sync up your mouse between two devices. Right now, one of the most popular programs for this is called Synergy. There are pros and cons to using software like Synergy and well explain these below.

Firstly, Synergy features a one-time purchase price. Ive taken a look at other options, such as ShareMouse, too, but its a similar purchase experience unless you want to use a heavily restricted free version.

Synergy costs $29 for the basic version, or $39 for the Pro version. Both offer the same functionality but the Pro version adds a layer of SSL encryption. Synergy do offer refunds for those that are not happy with the experience from either version.

Once youve installed Synergy on all of your PCs, it becomes very easy to quickly move your mouse and even your keyboard between devices. Setup is quite straightforward, but there are videos in their forum if you need help.

Synergy also allows you to share your clipboard between PCs, and you can even combine Mac, Windows, and Linux together. The functionality is great all in all, but the syncing issue is somewhat of a concern.

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A Bluetooth Keyboard For Multiple Devices

For anyone familiar with connecting a Bluetooth peripheral to a computer, tablet or smartphone, you must pair the two devices with one another. This is typically a process that involves putting both into a discovery mode and then selecting the peripheral off the main device Bluetooth setup menu. This process works great when you have a single computer, tablet or smartphone that you want to pair peripherals with. Many people now have multiple Bluetooth capable devices. Trying to use a single peripheral with each of these devices can be a pain because it requires unpairing the device from one before it can be used with another. Thankfully, Logitech has come out with their Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 that allows you to use a single keyboard with multiple devices. But just how well does this work?

Logitech Easy Switch: Switching Mice And Keyboards Between Computers Is So Un

2018 Multiple New Mini 03 2.4G 1600 DPI Wireless Keyboard ...

We look at Logitech’s MX series with an eye towards how easy the company makes it to switch mice and keyboards between computers. We also showcase some high-quality budget mice and keyboard options.

I’m sitting here, on my couch, in my living room, with my dog on my lap, writing this article. There are days, especially like today, when it’s just above freezing and rainy outside, and oh-so-cozy inside, that I’m grateful that I get to work the way I do.

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What To Look Forward To

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is a compact version of our current pick for a full-size keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys, that omits the numpad and navigation keys for the same $100 price tag. It adds a few new keys to the top row, such as an emoji key, a voice-to-text key, and a mic mute key, but takes away the optional USB dongle in favor of a Bluetooth-only connection. We already think the MX Keys is a bit pricey, but well test the Mini in the upcoming months to see if its a worthwhile compact option.

How To Use A Bluetooth Mouse With Multiple Computers

Most computers are now compatible with Bluetooth mice, which are often preferred over traditional wired mice because there are no wires that can be easily tangled or damaged. If you have multiple computers that support Bluetooth and do not want to buy any extra mice, you can always use the Bluetooth mouse on each of them. This requires that you pair the mouse with each computer, which enables you to use the mouse with them.

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What People Say About Synergy

Been using Synergy for several years now, and had the occasional problem usually related to adding new computers with different operating systems and everytime the Symless support has been exemplary quick polite and solutions found.

Colin Baguley

Amazing product. Ive used it for several years on my Linux/Windows machines, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to use multiple computers at once.

Alan Guinan

This is the best keyboard / mouse sharing software out there. I have used others and while all of them are less than perfect, I have to rate this one the best.


I have several development PCs running various OSs and am tired of using KVMs. Synergy is a fantastic solution. I had it working within minutes of purchasing. This is a great tool.

I have a basic license and run synergy server on my MacBook Pro. I run synergy client on an nvidia tx2 dev board and also on a laptop with mint on ubuntu. Synergy works great. Exactly what I want. The mouse and keyboard work fine, copy-n-paste works fine. Its great.

Peter Leiser

Great software, works a treat across my 6pcs. When I had a problem the support team were very quick to reply to my email and the advice given was second to none. Highly recommended

Ken Hutton

Mouse Without Borders: Free And Easy For Windows

How to use one Mouse & Keyboard with two Computers 3 options

An experimental project from Microsoft developer Truong Do, Mouse Without Borders is a free program that shares your mouse and keyboard between Windows machines only. Its also very easy to set up, which makes it a good first step if youre just starting out with these programs.

From the main Mouse Without Borders window, you can click and drag the icons to rearrange your PCs to match how they appear in your physical space. For example, my desktop is to the left of my laptop, so I made sure the icons matched that layout. That way, your mouse should easily hop over to the other PC when you drag it to the correct edge. There are some other options you can play with in this window, if you so choose.

Mouse Without Borders works well for free, but I find its a bit stuttery at times. On the second computer, my cursor would often be slow to respond or get stuck for a second as I moved it around the screen, which can cause you to lose some precision when clicking on things.

Still, clipboard sharing worked well between my two PCs, and I could drag and drop files from one machine to another with no issues. Try it out for yourself and see if it works well enough for your use case if not, check out Synergy below.

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One: Install Logitech Options

If you havent already, on all the computers you wish to connect via Flow. Its pretty handy software even without this feature, allowing for gesture control and custom key bindings. Just download the installer and follow the on-screen instructionsin Windows double-click the install file, in macOS drag it into the Applications folder.

Once the program is installed, it should detect any compatible Logitech products automatically. Youll need to use your mouse or keyboards multi-device functionality to pair it with all the computers, one at a time.

Best Kvm Switches For Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

KVM switches are devices that will allow you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse or even a monitor. In case you have a shortage of space for placing multiple monitors or keyboards, a KVM switch can be very useful. A KVM switch needs cAT5 cabling or a special cable kit to connect with the computers and once the mouse and keyboard are connected, control can be shifted from one computer to another, simply by pressing a button.

These switches are space-saving and economical options for both home and office environments. They can connect between two to sixty-four computers and they are quite easy to install.

So in a business environment, they enhance productivity and also eliminates unnecessary hardware. It is best to do a certain amount of homework before you select a model for your purpose of use.

We will review some of the best KVM switches for wireless mouse and keyboards but before that, we will list down some points that you need to consider before you choose a KVM switch.

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Wireless Connection And Bluetooth Pairing Overview

Wireless and Bluetooth® connection takes place between the device or a dongle adapter when attached to the personal computer. Without this process taking place, the device will not function properly with the computer.

This guidance covers the following Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Models:

Installing the battery on your Mouse

  • Locate the slot on the side of the mouse cover. Using your fingertip, pry open the mouse cover.

  • Remove the USB dongle from its compartment.

  • Install the AA battery into the battery compartment.

  • Replace the mouse cover.

  • Slide the power switch to turn on the mouse.

  • NOTE:

    Pairing your mouse using the USB dongle


  • Connect the Dell Universal USB dongle to the USB port on your computer.

  • The connection-mode light on the mouse turns on to indicate it has paired and then turns off.

  • The mouse is paired with your computer.

  • Pairing your mouse using Bluetooth


  • Press the connection-mode button twice on your mouse until the connection-mode light turns on, indicating that the first Bluetooth connection is selected.

    The connection-mode light blinks for 3 minutes, indicating your mouse is in the pairing mode.

  • Pair your mouse with your Bluetooth enabled computer:

  • In Windows Search, type Bluetooth.

  • Click Bluetooth and other devices settings. The Settings window appears.

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on.

  • From the Other devices section, click Dell Mouse.


    How We Picked And Tested

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Jelly Comb 2.4G Ultra Slim ...

    These are the features we look for in a wireless keyboard, in rough order of importance:

    • Size: In most cases, we recommend keyboards without number pads because wide keyboards force you to place your mouse farther from your body, which can put strain on your shoulders, neck, and back. Most people dont use the built-in number pad on wide keyboardsand you can get a for number-intensive tasksbut if you do need a built-in number pad, we also have recommendations for that. Smaller keyboards also take up less room on a desk and are more portable. But a keyboard shouldnt be so small that the keys feel cramped and uncomfortable to type on.
    • Typing comfort: A keyboard should have full-size, well-spaced keys that feel satisfying and responsive, not cheap or mushy. Most keyboards are angled upward from front to back, and some have little feet to angle the keyboard even further. But using a keyboard in that position causes wrist extension. To minimize the risk of injury and to optimize performance, it is important that a keyboard can be used with the hand in its most neutral position. That is, straight and level, said Alan Hedge, professor and director of Cornell Universitys Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group at the time of our interview. A keyboard with a flator even negativeslope is ergonomically ideal, but such keyboards are not common. The flatter the keyboard, the better.

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    The Best Premium Multi

    If you want to get serious about multi-device functionality on your desk, we like Logitechs mid-range K780. There are bigger and more expensive options in the companys stable, but this one includes a handy shelf for your phone or tablet, long and strong enough to handle the biggest, heaviest tablets. Dedicated device swap buttons make switching easy, but its also compatible with Logitech FLOW for macOS and Windows, allowing seamless switching from one screen to another. It works on up to three devices, using either Bluetooth or Logitechs Unifying USB receiver.

    Kvm Switch: The Hardware Option

    Before software could easily perform this task, hardware devices known as KVM switches served a similar purpose. Simple KVM switches like this HDMI JideTech model or this DisplayPort IOGear model act as a simple A/B switch. You press a button on the device to move your keyboard and mouse from one PC to another.

    More expensive models may support higher refresh rates for your display, or may trick your display into staying connected so your icons dont rearrange themselves. If you already have multiple monitors, you may only need a simple USB switcher. Many KVM switches have their own quirks, though, so you may need to read lots of reviews and do some experimentation to figure out which KVM switch is best for your use case.

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    Serial Interface And Protocol

    Because the IBM PC did not have a quadrature decoder built in, early PC mice used the RS-232C serial port to communicate encoded mouse movements, as well as provide power to the mouse’s circuits. The Mouse Systems Corporation version used a five-byte protocol and supported three buttons. The Microsoft version used a three-byte protocol and supported two buttons. Due to the incompatibility between the two protocols, some manufacturers sold serial mice with a mode switch: “PC” for MSC mode, “MS” for Microsoft mode.

    How To Sync Your Mouse Between Two Computers

    Using single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers without KVM switch

    Impress the boss, amaze your friends

    In this article, we will explain how to sync your mouse between two computers with three different techniques. Hopefully, one of the methods will be suitable for your needs.

    Before we begin, lets take a look at why syncing your peripherals to two computers at once can be useful for work, productivity or even just recreational time.

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    The 5 Best Apps For Sharing A Mouse And A Keyboard Across Multiple Computers

    Do you want to increase your productivity by using two computers? Here are five programs you can use to control multiple computers from one device.

    As companies sent their people packing and working from home, they included company gear for them to work on. However, many people have their own personal computers at home.

    To support the simultaneous use of multiple systems, developers created software such as Synergy. By using these applications, you can use one mouse and keyboard across multiple computers without having to plug and switch devices.

    So aside from Synergy, what other options are there? Here are the five best apps for sharing a mouse and keyboard across different systems.

    Control Multiple Systems With One Keyboard And Mouse

    Software KVMs are helpful for automatically connecting multiple devices. You no longer have to press a switch or turn a dial just to control your other device. Having this will save you both time and desk space, letting you get more done.

    So whether youre a programmer, a video editor, or even a writer, if youre working with multiple systems a lot, a KVM app will make you more efficient.

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    How Can I Share One Keyboard And Mouse With Two Computers

    There are a couple methods to control twodifferent computers from one keyboard and mouse:either with a cable or with software. First, there is a cablecalled a KVM switch, which is short for keyboard,video and mouse switch. These let you , keyboard and monitor between twocomputers.

    Moreover, can you use one wireless keyboard two computers?

    Multiple Monitors, Multiple Computers,Single Mouse/Keyboard Between Them: Software-based optionsallow you to have a single keyboard and mouse, but allow youto move your mouse cursor between each monitor that’s connected toa different computer, copy and paste between systems, justlike they were all one cohesive

    Additionally, how can I use two laptops as one? How to Use a Laptop as a Second Screen

  • On the laptop which will be a second screen open Settings.
  • Choose your settings.
  • Go to the other PC or laptop.
  • Press Win-P and click on Connect to a wireless display.
  • Wait until your other laptop is detected.
  • Select it and choose whether to duplicate or extend.
  • Also question is, can I hook up 2 computers to one monitor?

    The easiest way to connect multiple computers to onemonitor is to first check the back of your monitor tosee how many inputs there are. On my monitor, I have an HDMIport, a DVI port and one VGA port. That means I canconnect up to three different computers to my onemonitor.

    Can a Bluetooth mouse be paired with two computers?

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