Bluetooth Led Light Controller App

Major Advantages Of Bluetooth Led Controller

LED Strip Lights Remote Bluetooth App Control

Bluetooth LED controller has two major advantages. The first advantage is that it can operate without a network such as Internet or Ethernet. Another advantage is that it can synchronize lighting with music via mobile devices such as smart phones. The combination of these two advantages makes the Bluetooth LED controller unique.

When installing LED strip lights for cars, limos, RVs, yachts, boats, motorcycles, etc., Bluetooth LED controller is the best choice if you want to create casual entertaining atmosphere by synchronizing lighting with music, as you would like to play music on your smart phone when you are moving. There is no network in the vehicles, so WiFi LED controllers do not work.

Bluetooth LED controller is also a great choice for strip lighting for outdoor parties, weddings, events, etc., where there is no network available but synchronization of lighting with music is a wanted feature.

Go Smart By Cuco Smart

Many people dream of moving their whole lives into the cloud. However, if it is easy to do with photos and videos, you still have to manage your home devices in real life.

With the Go Smart app, you can now manage all the smart devices in your home remotely and in the cloud. If youre afraid you havent turned off your lights before you leave or left your appliances on, the app can help you turn them off.

You can add more than one device at a time for example, a lamp from an entire room or all the appliances from your bedroom. Go Smart supports Voice Assistant and Voice Control you may not even need to tap the screen.

Depending on your location in your home, you can always use Smart to start devices lights or ventilation. Go Smart also gives you the option to share control access between family members.

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How To Install Cozylady App

The best way to get started is by reading the instruction manual in detail. On the manual we sent, there is a QR code for the Cozylady App suitable for the LED strip lights you buy. You just need to scan the QR code with your phone and download the app.

QR Code for Happy Lighting, which is suitable for bluetooth LED strip lights

QR Code for Tuya Smart, which is suitable for wifi LED strip lights

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Description Of Rgb Color Changing Led Strip With Remote Control

1. APP Control & Mic Mode:Controlling the LED strip lights via APP, remote control and controller. With the APP, you can freely choose to control 16 million colors. The bluetooth strip light has a smart music mode, built-in sensitivity adjustable microphone, which creating romance, relaxation, party ambiance with Music, lights color will change with the music beats or your microphone.

2. Dimmable LED Strips : 1)This RGB Led strip lights kit has 150/300 premium 5050 SMD LEDs with dimmer and brightness controls. 2)28 Dynamic Modes can be chosen, like Flashing, Breathing, Strobe, Gradient, Cool etc.. 3)You can also DIY your unique color,I think this will make your party more awesome. 4)Using double layer copper on PCB board to keep the mixed colors more even.

3. User-friendly: Music Sync LED strip lights have memory function. When the strips are used again, they remember the last mode settings without having to repeat the settings. Eco-friendly, save money and no radiation. It can be cutted between every 3 beads, so you can adjust them to the right length.

4. Multiple Scenes Available: IP65 Waterproof, this is not only suitable for indoors, but also for outdoor use. It can be used for decorating your Dining room, Bedroom, Upstairs, Kitchen, Porch, Computer desk, Christmas tree, Bar and Living rooms, especially great for Holidays and Events like Christmas, Halloween, Parties, and more. It is a ideal gift for your family and friends.

Difference Between Rgb And Rgbw Bluetooth Led Controllers

Ranpo Bluetooth USB Controller For RGB LED Strip Light ...

The difference between RGB and RGBW Bluetooth LED controllers is that RGBW controller has one more color channel than RGB controller. Their ability to control strip lights is different. RGB Bluetooth controller can be used to control RGB light strips but cannot be used to control RGBW strips. RGBW Bluetooth controller is different in that it can control both RGBW and RGB LED strips. Another difference between RGB and RGBW Bluetooth LED controllers is that RGBW controllers usually have larger power than RGB controllers.

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Comparison Of Bluetooth Led Controller And Wifi Led Controller

The difference between Bluetooth LED controller and WiFi LED controller is that the WiFi controller requires a network such as Internet or Ethernet LAN. In order to control the LED strip lights, the mobile device and the WiFi LED controller communicate by connecting to the same network together. The Bluetooth LED controller does not need such a network. Bluetooth devices can be connected to each other directly.

Both Bluetooth LED controller and WiFi controller can work as a music LED controller. Music LED controller plays music stored on your smart phones or other mobile devices, and synchronizes music with lighting changes, creating a relaxing and happy atmosphere.

Detailed difference can be found here:Difference between WiFi controller and Bluetooth controller.

Finally I Figured Out How To Connect App To Phone

Like everyone else who uses this app, you will soon learn that you probably cant pair your phone to your new lights. Here is the trick. Unplug the lights from the power source. Close the Led Ble app. Turn off the Bluetooth. Open the Led Ble app. Turn on your Bluetooth, plug in the lights. Hit scan on the app and it should connect. Sometimes when it disconnects you just unplug the Led light and plug them back in. The app will recognize your phone and pair. This app has one major problem. Poorly written or non-existing instructions. Also you shouldnt have to unplug the Led lights and plug them back in, in order to pair to your phone. Other than that, the app works great when it works. Its pretty fun. They need to just work out a few kinks and get some instructions.

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Bluetooth Control Module And App

The Bridgelux Bluetooth control module provides wireless control of single channel or dual channel LED driver via its dual 0-10V control output. The module’s two 0-10V outputs may be configured to connect to a dual 0-10V control input of a LED driver where one channel controls intensity dimming and the other channel controls corelated color temperature tuning. Multiple modules can be arranged to securely work in large, non-flooding, self-healing mesh networks. All mesh communications is encrypted with 128 bit AES and secure key exchange. Because this module is separate from a driver, it provides luminaire designers the freedom to place the module in a location for a maximum of RF signal strength. Bridgelux’s Lighting Control app communicates directly with any of the nodes and allows for easy and quick commissioning of an entire network.

How To Connect Led Strip Lights And Cozylady App

Tuirel LED Strip Lights with App Bluetooth Control (Review)

For bluetooth LED lights, its very easy. Just turn on the phones Bluetooth, then open the Happy lighting App, and click connect to your device.

For Wifi LED Strip lights, you can go as below.

Step 1.Connect the light strip correctly and power on. Download and install the Tuya Smart App.

Step 2.Open the Tuya Smart App and create a new account or log in directly with existingaccount.

Step 3.Press the power on button on the right corner of the controller and hold it until the light strip starts to flash that means the controller has entered Pairing Mode.

Step4:Choose Your Home wifi and enter the wifi password.

Step5: Wait for seconds for successful connection with the home wifi and then you can name the controller as you want, such as light4. Lastly, click done to finish the setting.

To Learn more about Cozylady LED strip lights, visit our


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Minger Light Up Your Home Tiktok Led Strip Lights

Can I control my LED lights with my phone?

Can LED lights be wireless?

  • App controlled LED light Strip version could be connect with phone

What app do you use for LED lights?

  • Different brand led strip lights have different APP!
  • Minger LED lights for example ihomementlight

How to Connect my LED Lights to my Phone

How do i Connect my LED Lights to my Phone

How to Connect Phone to LED Lights

  • First. Download APP for example Minger brand led lights App ihomementlight
  • Second. Turn on the App controlled version LED Strip lights by press power button
  • Turn on cell Phone Bluetooth function and open the LED lights App on your cellphone
  • On device category, you will found the LED lights device nearby, Click to connect it
  • If no any problem, you success connect your led lights to your phone!
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    How do you connect your LED lights to your phone Bluetooth?

    How to connect LED lights to phone Bluetooth

    How to connect phone to led lights

    How to connect your led lights to your phone

    Say Goodbye To Rgb Old Control Way

    This LED Controller is designed to update your 10mm RGB strip. If your RGB light is the old version and can only be controlled by traditional way of 24 keys remote control, our RGB controller is what you need.

    With Sunity RGB Controller, you can update your RGB and have more exciting lighting experience. You can control your RGB light with APP and make your RGB light have more new functions as Music Sync Mode, Timer Mode, Unlimited Colors Adjust.

    Unlimited Colors Adjust

    Enjoy your warm and light colored home. Your RGB strip Light will have more colors than RGB. The APP ‘Adjust’ Function enables unlimited colors adjust. Beside RGB, you can DIY and change to the color you love or dim to any color fitting for your mode.

    Music Sync Mode

    Invite your friends to your home and bright up your party with music and changing lighting color. Enjoy party and festival holiday moment.With Built-in Sensitive Mic, start your music and light will dance with music under the music mode. With the Mic Mode, light will sync with any music / sound / voice.

    Schedule Timer Mode

    With our LED light controller, your RGB light can also be a sweet timer. You can do a schedule setting and make your RGB light off at your sleeping time and light on at morning waking time. It is time to update your RGB light and control it with smarter ways.

    Package Include:

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    Differences Between Bluetooth Led Controller And Rf Led Controller

    The difference between Bluetooth LED controller and RF controller is that the Bluetooth controller can act as a music LED controller to play music and synchronize the music with the LED lights. This is not available with RF controllers. In other words, if you don’t need to play music or sync lighting with music, the RF controller can fully meet the needs to control the RGB LED strips where there is no network available. Another difference is that RF controller usually has a larger control distance than Bluetooth LED controller.

    Smart Life Smart Living

    ICOCO Wireless Bluetooth Phone APP Controller Music Remote ...

    Smart Life Smart Living is one of the most popular applications for managing a smart home system. Home appliances, home appliances, and of course lighting all this will be in your smartphone at any time convenient for you.

    Even if you are away from home somewhere, you will be able to control the lighting in your room. You can control multiple devices at the same time in one application.

    Because the application is considered modern and smart, Smart Life Smart Living allows you to control it via Google Assistant or Amazon Echo. Devices will start up just when you specify it even if you cant track their activation.

    You can also share your access rights with other people such as party guests or family members. Lamps can be connected in seconds, so Smart Life Smart Living doesnt take you long to fill in.

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    Bluetooth Led Controller For Led Light Strip

    Bluetooth LED controller is a great choice for LED strip light applications where there is no network available. Bluetooth technology makes it very convenient to connect a mobile device to Bluetooth controller, so it is widely used to manage strip lighting over a short distance. As the Bluetooth technology is still advancing, Bluetooth LED controller has more powerful functions. The better future is still coming for Bluetooth controller to be used more and more for LED strip lighting projects. There are different types of Bluetooth controller. Below we discuss their differences, so users can have better knowledge when buying the Bluetooth LED controllers for their strip lighting projects.

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    Making The Arduino Bluetooth Connection

    I recently had bought a kit to make a robot, and it came with an HC-05. As I was making a line-following robot, I did not need this yet. However, I was still quite curious about it, and wanted to use it-I did not want a component just sitting on my table. So, I decided to use it to control an LED, using a mobile app developed with MIT app inventor.

    You can access MIT app inventor from this link:

    Also, it is quite nice to be able to switch on and off an LED using a mobile app.

    To do this, you do not really need much of prior knowledge at all, and is very easy to do.

    The MIT App Inventor is created by MIT to allow easy app creation. You need almost little to no programming knowledge to do this-there are just blocks which you have to move around.

    The main way this is going to work is when you click a button on the app on your phone. Then, there is a signal sent to the arduino uno via bluetooth communication, and the arduino receives the signal. Then, we can program the arduino to act based on this signal. We can use the MIT App Inventor to choose what signal gets sent. In this case, I have chosen to send text of ‘0’ or ‘1’. However, you can change it to send whatever you’d like.

    A bluetooth module can be connected to via bluetooth, and can be communicated with via serial communication. So, the RX and TX pins are important. If you do not want to use these pins, you will have to use the Software Serial library. This tutorial does not cover that.

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    Difference Between Bluetooth Led Controllers For 12v And 24v Strip Lights

    1. The input voltage of the Bluetooth LED strip Controller is 12V-24V. The same controller can be used for 12V or 24V LED strips.

    2. Most vehicles, such as cars, RVs, yachts, etc., have 12V system battery. So the voltage on the Bluetooth LED controller is 12V. This reminds users to choose 12V strip lights for cars, RVs and yachts. Be aware that the alternator charges battery temporarily at 13V or 14V when starting the engine, so it is better to have protection before Bluetooth controller so that the voltage change can be regulated.

    3. It is worth noting the 12V or 24V output of Bluetooth LED controller. The controller is placed between the LED strip and the power supply. It does not have a transformer function, so the input voltage of the Bluetooth LED controller is its output voltage. If the power supply of the Bluetooth controller is 24V, the voltage of the light strip connected to the controller should also be 24V. If a 12V light strip is connected, it can be damaged because the 24V voltage is too high.

    Magic Light Bluetooth Led Controller

    Bluetooth RGB Led controller App | Makelogy

    1. Millions of colors for choice. At the same time, the warm white light can be adjusted to meet the needs of the scene lighting.

    2. A variety of color-changing modes are stored. You can also DIY color change modes, create your favorite mode, and save it for quick recall.

    3. Music sync function. Generally, our music is stored in mobile devices such as smart phones. In places where there is no network, playing music from the smart phone and synchronizing the lighting changes with the music rhythm is a major advantage of the Bluetooth LED controller.

    4. Sound sync function. Bluetooth LED controller is the perfect choice for synchronizing sound and strip lighting in outdoor activities. For example, in a beautiful garden wedding, the host can synchronize the sound and lighting through the Bluetooth controller to create a happy atmosphere.

    5. Scene setting function. Set the lighting scene according to your picture, being it a beautiful sunset, or a colorful garden.

    6. Timed lighting control. Set the lighting to turn on at a preset time. And you can create the color or color-changing mode for the lighting, and the lighting will enter the set mode when it is automatically turned on at the preset time.

    7. Multi-zone Bluetooth controller. You can freely create zones, and assign controllers to each zone. Multiple controllers can be controlled in one zone, or each zone can be independently controlled. Save the zone combination and retrieve it at any time.

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    Led Controller Bluetooth Technology

    Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication standard for data exchange between two mobile and/or fixed devices over short distance. It was established in the late 1990s. Compared with the popular infrared technology at the time, Bluetooth has a higher transmission speed, and does not require an interface-to-interface connection like infrared.

    The working frequency band of Bluetooth technology is universal, suitable for unconstrained use of users worldwide. Bluetooth solves the national border obstacle of mobile phones. Bluetooth product is easy to use. One Bluetooth LED controller can search for another Bluetooth controller and quickly establish a connection between the two controllers.

    Bluetooth technology has been improving from the very beginning, when it was low-speed close-range transmission, and now the transmission speed and distance have made a big leap.

    The Mesh network is an independently developed network technology. In the network, Bluetooth LED controllers work as signal relay stations, so they can transfer data to very large physical areas. The Mesh network is compatible with Bluetooth protocols of newer versions.

    Traditionally, Bluetooth LED controllers establish connection by pairing one device to another, creating a one-to-one or one-to-many micro-network relationship.

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