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How to connect Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse | Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Ideas need a home and emails need answers. Right now. Super reliable and tiny-to-tote, KEYS-TO-GO lets you type for up to 3 monthsBased on 2 hours average usage per day without having to recharge the battery. A battery level indicator light tells you when its time to recharge and with the included USB cable, charging is easy.

Connecting A Wireless Mouse With A Dongle

Wireless mice with dongles are effectively the same as wired mice, except they use a small radio frequency dongle for communicating over short distances. Since the dongle and the mouse are already paired out of the box, the instructions are the same as connecting a wired mouse:

  • Connect your dongle to the USB port, and then connect the Lightning jack to your iOS or iPadOS device.
  • Turn on your mouse and make sure it has power.
  • Head to Settings > Accessibility > Touch.
  • Choose AssistiveTouch and toggle it on.
  • How To Use A Mouse With Your Ipad Or Iphone

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    With the announcement of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple surprised the world by adding support for mice. Mouse support is included in iOS 13 for iPhone. It will arrive on iPads with iPadOS 13, scheduled for September 24.

    Its still early days for mouse support on iPhone and iPad, and the feature isnt even enabled by default. Lets take a look at how to enable it, which devices it works with, and what are the benefits of using a pointing device on an operating system thats been designed from the ground up for touch input.

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    Works Perfectly At A Great Price

    There are so many journaling apps on the iPhone, but typing on such a small keyboard for longer entries is excrutiating. This app allows me to use my ergonomic keyboard and makes longer-form writing a breeze!I tried looking for apps to connect my phone online and the only apps that showed up looked terrible and were rather expensive, I’m so glad I did an additional search in the app store and found this! And with the paid version so cheap, you might as well just get it to support the dev.Connecting to my phone was very easy, and it has no delay on typing input. Overall I definitely reccomend this app.

    Use Your Android Device As A Mouse And Keyboard

    OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse for iPad and iPhone ...

    Being limited to Wi-Fi is unfortunate, but you can always set up an ad-hoc local wireless network on your Mac and connect directly to it if you need mouse functionality but dont have access to local Wi-Fi.

    Got an Android device instead? Set it up as a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for an even better experience.

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    Update Mouse Response Add Command Tab Processing

    A lot of updates in this release. Working my way up to a 2.00 release. Stay tuned. Want to make KeyPad compete with Universal Control.

    • Improvements to Mouse responsiveness
    • Added Command Tab/Command Space processing Requires that you give accessibility permission to KeyPad
    • Removed Rate KeyPad menu option.
    • Auto hide from Dock is default for new users.
    • Remove unnecessary close button from preferences.
    • Added additional languages please help me correct any mistakes.
    • Swedish
    • Added additional languages please help me correct any mistakes.
    • Japanese
    • Supports more options for hotkey to trigger mouse support
    • Supports better handling of key combinations that conflict on the Mac
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Change The Cursor Size Color & Visibility

    If you’re using iOS 13’s new Dark Mode feature, the default gray color of the cursor may be hard to see, but you can change it. In the AssistiveTouch menu, tap on “Pointer Style” Then, select “Color,” where you’ll find options for gray, white, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange.

    Back in the “Pointer Style” menu, there are options to choose the how big the circular cursor is under the Size section. There are ten available cursor sizes on the slider. Also, you can tap “Auto-Hide” to disable the feature to see the cursor always or to change the amount of time the cursor will hide after.

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    Key Features Of Wired Keyboards

    Traditionally, keyboards plug into the back of the computer with a PS/2 port, but newer keyboards use a USB connection. While USB keyboards take up a USB port, some computers, especially laptops, don’t have a PS/2 port.

    The length of the cord is often up to personal preference. If you prefer to sit back from your computer screen, or if you put the tower under your desk, you need a longer cord to accommodate this. Some people prefer a short cord to keep their desks tidy. A cable organizer can help keep things tidy if the cord is too long.

    Finally, try the keyboard out to make sure the keys are comfortable for you. Many keyboards come in ergonomic shapes that can be good for people who type all day, as they help to protect against wrist injury. Some people prefer flat keys, while others like keys that have some weight to them. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, try typing a couple of paragraphs so you can pick the keyboard that’s right for you.

    Pair Your Computer Mouse

    How To Use Your Keyboard and Mouse with your IPhone

    The type of wireless computer mouse you have will determine how you set it up, but both ways are easy. However, if you have a Bluetooth mouse without any dongles, you may have an easier time using the mouse since we’ve found that mice with USB dongle receivers are forgotten relatively quickly by the iPhone.

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    Which Keyboards Will Work

    Wireless Apple keyboards work with both iPad and iOS. Most USB keyboards should work just fine as well. We tested a Windows USB keyboard with a 2018 iPad Pro and it worked without any fuss.

    As mentioned above, all you have to do is use an appropriate USB adapter and connect a wired keyboard to work. Getting a Bluetooth keyboard to work with your iPad works exactly the same as using any other USB device. Simply go to Settings > Bluetooth Devices. Make sure the Bluetooth toggle is on and then put your keyboard into Bluetooth pairing mode as per its manual.

    When it appears on the list of available devices, all you have to do is tap on it and type in a passcode on the keyboard if it asks for one.

    Go For A Sweet Familiar Feel

    KEYS-TO-GO feels great to type on, whether youre typing up a report or taking notes for a remote class. Youll get great tactile feedback and perfect bounce every time you press a keyall with impressively fast and accurate results. Plus, a full row of function keys and shortcuts perform your favorite iOS-specific actions.

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    What Our Users Are Using Keypad For:

    • A Digital KVM Use your Mac keyboard and mouse to control all your other computers
    • Privacy Keep your private messages and texts on the phone, and still use a full keyboard
    • iPad Keyboard Want to decide if you really want to buy a $250 keyboard for the iPad, try KeyPad first its free
    • A remote control for the Apple TV, and any Smart TV
    • Reduce desk clutter You really only need one keyboard
    • Developers Developing iPhone/iPad apps, try out how it works with a keyboard
    • Anybody who truly hates using their thumbs to type messages

    In the words of Andy Ihnatko of MacBreak WeeklyA really great app that I didnt know I was looking for.

    Sadly, nobody goes to the App Store looking for a Keyboard. So users have not heard about us yet. If you are reading this, you can help me. Please help me get the word out.

    Enable Mouse Support And Configure Your Mouse

    China 4 in 1 Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse ...

    Mouse support is available once you have enabled AssistiveTouch under Settings > Accessibility > Touch. With your pointing device connected, you should be able to see the cursor onscreen as a fingertip-sized circle.

    You can configure your mouse by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. Tracking Speed lets you adjust how responsive your pointer is to input, and Pointer Style enables you to change the size and color of the on-screen pointer.

    Tap on Devices and choose your mouse . You should see a list of available mouse buttons. Tap on each button and assign an input type.

    If your mouse has more buttons than those listed, you can tap Customize Additional Buttons to configure them. Youll be asked to press one of the buttons on your mouse and then pick an action. Keep going until youve configured your mouse the way you want it.

    The only setting we werent able to change on the two mice we tested was scroll wheel behavior. These work perfectly fine in apps like Safari and Notes but not when trying to scroll certain UI elements .

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    Use The Computer Mouse On Your Iphone

    Now for the big moment â actually using the mouse with your iPhone. Since this is an AssistiveTouch feature, you need to turn AssistiveTouch on. So back out of the Devices settings until you’re on the AssistiveTouch screen again, then toggle on “AssistiveTouch” at the top. Alternatively, you can use the triple-click Home or Side button shortcut if you have that enabled for AssistiveTouch.

    The circular AssistiveTouch menu icon will appear, as well as the circular mouse cursor. You can disable the AssistiveTouch icon when a pointer is active by toggling off “Always Show Menu” in the AssistiveTouch settings.

    Depending on what actions you chose for each button, mouse use will vary from person to person. But if you stuck with the defaults as I did above, left-clicking will select things. Left-clicking and holding it down will grab items or let you perform swipes like to open the Control Center or Notification Center.

    Right-clicking will open the AssistiveTouch menu. And clicking the middle button will take you to the home screen. It’s relatively intuitive and easy to use â just like a mouse on your computer.

    Mouse Implementation On Iphone And Ipad

    In its current state, mouse support feels more like finger simulation than proper mouse control. Apple hasnt made any changes to the way the operating system works when youre using it with a mouse. iOS and iPadOS are each still a pure touch-based OS.

    One example of this is in how text manipulation works with the mouse. On a regular computer, you would move your pointer over the text you want to select and then click and drag. But that doesnt work on the mobile OS. You either have to double-click then drag, or double click to select then drag the text selection marker and move it.

    Even this doesnt work quite as youd expect. When you double-click and drag, youll select the entirety of the word rather than making a selection from the exact location of your pointer. It sounds like a small issue, and we didnt find it difficult to adjust to, but it still feels more like touch simulation than proper mouse control.

    Another example of this is button mapping. You can map your mouse buttons to common iOS and iPadOS functions. By default, your left mouse button will single-tap just like your finger would.

    Theres no way to add a left mouse button or right mouse button action because the OS wasnt designed to receive inputs from a mouse.

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    What Type Of Mouse Can You Use With An Iphone

    The iPhone supports all kinds of computer mice for input. The best one to use is a Bluetooth mouse since its the easiest to connect. However, you can also use a wired mouse or a wireless one with a USB dongle. However, to use this type of mouse with your iPhone, you will have to purchase an external adapter.

    The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is essentially a Lightning to USB-A dongle that allows you to connect USB-A devices to your iPhone. This will allow you to connect a wired mouse or a wireless receiver.

    Advantages Of A Wired Keyboard

    How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse on iPhone! (iOS 13)

    Even as computer technology advances, the keyboard remains the standard for data input. Yes, a touchscreen may replace a mouse, and while on-screen keyboards are available on some devices, fast input is often impossible, as your hands are in an awkward position, and fast taps can be misinterpreted. Voice recognition has improved greatly since it was first introduced, but misheard words and odd punctuation add to the time needed in editing. Pens are perfect for drawing on a computer, but typing is faster than handwriting for inputting text.

    Once you’ve decided on a keyboard, the choice comes down to wired or wireless. A wired keyboard is generally the more affordable option. As it connects directly with the computer, it tends to be more reliable, with no concerns about interference with the radio signal. This direct connection also usually results in less lag, so your words show up on the screen as you type them. If you’re concerned with wrist health, wired keyboards may offer more ergonomic options than their wireless counterparts.

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    What To Look For In A Gaming Keyboard

    Wired keyboards are also a good option for play, especially for serious gamers. They draw power from the computer they’re plugged into, so there’s no risk of the batteries running out in the middle of a raid.

    The direct connection lessens the risk of lag, which occurs when you click a button and it takes precious seconds for the computer to respond. Wired keyboards are also more responsive, with even complex key combinations getting an immediate response.

    Specialized keyboards come with additional features that help you excel at your favourite game. They have programmable buttons, so you can easily create hot keys for the actions you take most often, and some have backlit keys for when you’re playing in the dark.

    How To Discover Keyboard Shortcuts On Ipad

    Apple has given iPad better keyboard shortcut handling. It doesn’t work yet! on iPhone, but once you’re connected, you can quickly and easily find all available keyboard shortcuts on iPad.

  • Launch the app you want to use.
  • Hold down the modifier keyshift, alt, or command keys you want to see the shortcuts for.
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    Fix Some Minor Ui Issues/irritants

    • Hides KeyPad window if the app goes into the background. If you see the KeyPad window your keystrokes will go to the connected device.
    • Asks you to rate the application after you have launched KeyPad at-least 25 times. Please do consider giving us a rating it will help the app get visible.
    • Fixes AutoLaunch at login where it would try to connect to the phone/device whenever you logged in to the Mac
    • If you use the hotkey to launch KeyPad, pressing the hotkey again will close the window.

    How To Connect A Mouse With Your Iphone

    Ultra slim Mini Bluetooth Wireless White Keyboard Mouse ...

    Step 1: If youre using a wired mouse or one that uses a USB receiver, plug it into your iPhone, and the iPhone will detect it. If youre using a Bluetooth mouse, put your mouse in the pairing mode and open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, select the Bluetooth option. Tap on the name of your mouse listed under Other Devices to connect with it.

    Step 2: Head to the Accessibility option in the Settings app.

    Step 3: Tap on Touch under Physical and Motor.

    Step 4: Select AssistiveTouch and enable the toggle next to it.

    After this, you can use your mouse with a circular cursor appearing on your screen. However, if you want to take full advantage of your mouse, you can customize its button functions and other parameters like tracking speed.

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    How To Customize Your Settings

    To configure the ability to drag items without holding a button on the input device, enable the Drag Lock function. This will allow you to hold the input key until the item is ready for dragging, then move it to another location without continuing to hold the button. If you click again, it will release the drag locked item.

    If you use Zoom with AssistiveTouch, you can change how the zoomed in area responds to the pointer location, just go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom, then select Zoom Pan. You’ll have these options once you enable Zoom Pan:

    • Continuous: When zoomed in, the screen moves continuously with the cursor.
    • Centered: When zoomed in, the screen image moves when the cursor is at or near the center of the screen.
    • Edges: When zoomed in, the screen image moves the cursor when the cursor reaches an edge.

    The Dwell options allow you to perform actions with the pointer without physically pressing buttons. Dwell has settings for Movement Tolerance and the amount of time before a selection action is carried out. When Dwell is enabled, the onscreen keyboard will always appear.

    Can I Pair My Iphone With Bluetooth Keyboard

    You must go through Bluetooth setting in order to set up a Bluetooth keyboard on an iPad or iPhone. To use Bluetooth, tap the Bluetooth icon. Ensure that Bluetooth is set to On, then let it search for devices on its own. You can pair Bluetooth keyboards by tapping them when they appear.

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