Bluetooth Receipt Printer For Ipad

Bluetooth Printers: The Technology Explained

How to Pair TSP654II Bluetooth Receipt printer with Apple iPad

Bluetooth was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. The technology is an essential feature for any business looking to run mobile transactions. It is designed for low power consumption, so a receipt printer with Bluetooth capabilities will also last longer than other wireless, battery-powered printers.

The effective range of your printer will depend on a variety of conditions like antenna configurations, material coverage, and battery. The setup you choose should always be defined by your immediate business needs.

Need To Print From A Mobile Device Iphone And Ipad Pos Printers

Apple set a standard for mobile phones releasing their first iPhone in 2007. In the same year we launched our first mobile printer. Both iPads and iPhones work with the iOS operating system, launched in September 2017, which integrates seamlessly with our growing selection of iOS printers for iPad and iPhone.

This range of iPhone and iPad POS printers are purposely designed for point-of-sale professionals. They also prove highly effective within various other industries, such as logistics and retail. This is due to their adaptability with various other platforms, such as Android, Windows and Symbian. This provides a unique level of flexibility as the tools your organisation use transform over time.

All About Bluetooth Receipt Printers

A Receipt Printer with Bluetooth interface has become more popular than ever when connecting to a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. This is mainly because tablets such as iPad don’t have standard or suitable port to enable you to connect direct.

Epson & Star Micronics are the major brands that developers are using to connect a Bluetooth Receipt Printer. The popular model for Epson is the TM-M30 where Star offers the TSP143IIIBI & TSP654IIBI. It is important to check with your software vendor or the team at Cash Register Warehouse to ensure that the Bluetooth Printer you are looking to purchase is compatible and supported. It comes down to the individual software or application you are using so just because it connects to your iPad or Tablet, doesn’t necessary mean it is going to work with the POS Software. You will also notice that all current printers that connect via Bluetooth are in fact a Thermal Receipt Printer.

If you are looking to connect multiple Bluetooth Printers, you must read this! When you are preparing to setup a new or existing POS System with a PC, Tablet or iPad with Receipt, Kitchen & Drinks Printer, you are only able to pair the Bluetooth Printers to one device. This means that you are not able to connect two or more iPads to a single Bluetooth Receipt Printer but you CAN connect a single iPad or Device to Multiple Bluetooth Printers. This may change but is current when written.

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A Guide To Selecting The Best Bluetooth Receipt Printers

What printers can print receipts?

The main options for choosing receipt printers include thermal printers , dot matrix printers, and ink jet printers. matrix printers have tiny pins that are mounted on the print head, which work with an ink ribbon to produce a series of dots that form the letters on the paper.

In this regard, does thermal printer have Bluetooth?

Direct thermal printer uses thermal paper instead of ink and is typically smaller, quieter, faster, and more energy-efficient than dot-matrix printer. With Bluetooth 4.0 function, support Android, iOS and Windows, convenient for you to print data from your device wirelessly.

Besides, can printers print with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Printers are very handy to use, and they can easily get connected to your wireless devices. Bluetooth Printers are easy to use and compatible with most PC and mobile devices. As a result, printing becomes efficient and faster.

Accordingly, how does a Bluetooth receipt printer work?

They all work via Bluetooth, i.e. your mobile device running the Square Point of Sale app syncs wirelessly with the printer after the initial pairing through the app. Common to these Bluetooth printers is the portability, as they are small enough to be carried around easily.

Munbyn Imp001 Best Seller Mobile Bluetooth Thermal Printer $7300

VOXLINK 58mm Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer ...

This mini Bluetooth receipt printer was developed for the iOS system. Its portable and allows a business to print receipts anywhere. The printer is compatible with Loyverse POS software for Android, as well as the following POS platforms:

  • CasierStock
  • Kyte
  • Pozool
  • Cash sale POS
  • ExpressExpense for android devices

The IMP001 comes with the DEMO APP pos printer or RT printer for basic text printing.

The printer is highly mobile and comes with a free Velcro belt to hang on your waist. The printer is green-friendly. There is no need for ink, toner, or cartridges just thermal paper. Additional features include:

  • Print speed of 90 mm/sec
  • Reliability TPH life 100 km.
  • Print width 48 mm
  • Resolution 203DPI
  • Supports barcode and logo printing

The IMP001 has BQB, CE, and MSDS certifications. It comes with an 18-month warranty and professional tech assistance.

Its important to note, there are many platforms this Bluetooth receipt printer does not support. That includes the popular POS platform Square, as well as any Mac applications. Its critical you call prior to purchasing to ensure the system will integrate properly.

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Bluetooth Receipt Printer Setup

The Star Micronics 650II Bluetooth Receipt Printer connects wirelessly with your iPad register to print receipts. Follow this guide to learn how to pair the printer with your iPad, set up a cash drawer, and connect the printer to the Retail POS app.

Setting up an Epson TM-m10 / TM-m30 Bluetooth receipt printer? Visit instead.

Watch our setup video below:

Return Your Receipt Printer To Its Factory Settings

You can return your receipt printer to its factory settings.


  • Unpair your iPad and receipt printer.

  • With the printer turned off, find the reset button located on the back of the printer, and then use a pen to press and hold down the button.

  • While holding down the reset button, turn on the printer. When the ERROR light flashes, release the button.

  • Wait until the ERROR light stops flashing. To complete the reset, turn off the printer a second time, wait 5 seconds, and then turn on the printer again.

  • The printer is now fully reset and ready to be paired with your iPad.

    If you’re using model number TSP143IIIBI, then resetting leaves auto-connect enabled, although you do need to pair your devices again.

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    Pair And Connect The Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Printer With Your Ipad

    Pairing identifies devices to each other and establishes a bond between them. This enables the paired devices to connect in the future without repeating authentication checks.

    The Star Micronics TSP100IIIBI Bluetooth wireless receipt printer comes with auto-connect enabled. This means that after you’ve paired your printer with your iPad, the Bluetooth connection is established automatically every time the printer is switched on and in range of your iPad.


    Make sure that the receipt printer has paper correctly loaded before you pair it with Shopify POS.


  • Connect your printer to a power supply.
  • Open the iPad’s Settings.
  • Tap the Bluetooth menu option. Find the Star Micronics printer in the Other devices list, with a name like TSP100-XXXXX.
  • If you’re invited to download an associated app for this printer, then you can do so now or later. You need this app if you intend to disable auto-connect.
  • Tap the receipt printer TSP100-XXXX and wait for the pairing process to complete. The pairing is complete when the printer moves to the My devices list and has Connected displayed to the right of its name.
  • Connect Bluetooth Scale To Ipads

    Star Micronics SM-T300i – Portable Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

    To connect a Bluetooth scale to your device:

  • Make sure your Bluetooth settings on your device are turned on.

  • To check the connection, open the Square Point of Sale app and tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Settings > Hardware > Scales.

  • Next, tap Connect a Scale.

  • Youll see a list of supported scales. Tap Connect to pair a scale to your device.

  • If your scale ever becomes disconnected, your Point of Sale app will remember your scale and attempt to reconnect automatically.

    Note: Your Square Point of Sale can pair with only one scale at a time. To pair your Bluetooth hardware with a different iPad, youll first need to unpair it.

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    Epson Mobilink P20 $316

    This 2 printer offers big performance with a small footprint. The ultra-lightweight equipment only weighs .5 pounds and can fit in the palm of your hand. It is easily one of the most convenient Bluetooth receipt printers on the market. It delivers all the features you need to print anytime from anywhere.

    The Epson Mobilink P20 has the best battery life in its class and lasts up to 8 hours. Its NFC-pairing ready and supports all major mobile operating systems. This printer has an exceptional print speed of 100 mm/s so you can move lines along quickly.

    There are paper-saving options of up to 23% for optimizing green efforts. The printer also supports 802.11a/b/g/n with 2.4GHz/5GHz compatibility and Bluetooth 3.0 . It corresponds with all of todays best-of-breed POS platforms and the latest standard wireless security protocols. Additional features include:

    • Print method: Thermal line printing
    • Paper width 58 mm
    • Reliability: 10 million printing lines
    • Custom Lithium-Ion battery pack, AC adapter
    • Standard 1-year limited warranty

    The Bluetooth receipt printer features a durable design with a 6.5-foot drop rating. It is also IP54 ready with a padded case. Epsons unique ePOS-Print software allows you to print from any device running an Android, iOS, or Windows operating system. This is through a Bluetooth or wi-fi connection, using an HTML5 browser or native app. This makes the Mobilink a simple and smart solution for todays mobile receipt printing requirements.

    Add Your Receipt Printer In The Retail Pos App

  • On your iPad, open the Retail POS app.
  • From the Profile screen under Devices, tap Receipt printer.
  • Tap Add printer.
  • Under Printers on your network, tap your Star TSP143IIIBl receipt printer. It could take a few seconds for your receipt printer to appear.
  • Optionally, enable Automatically print receipt switch if you want receipts to print automatically when you complete a sale. Alternatively, leave it disabled if you want to print receipts manually at the end of a sale.
  • Tap Done. Your receipt printer will display as online on the Profile screen under Devices.
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    Star Receipt Printers For Ipad And Iphone

    iPad POS systems have become increasingly popular in retail and hospitality. Its easy to see why, they are feature-rich, affordable and easy to use and offer improved flexibility to process transactions at various locations across the store.

    iPhone and iPad receipt, label and ticket printers designed to work seamlessly with the Apple iOS operating system

    Star offers a range of Mobile and Fixed POS Printers which can print directly from iPad and iPhone applications via USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet LAN and WLAN while aesthetically matching the modern design of Tablet POS.

    How Do I Connect My Receipt Printer To My Ipad

    VOXLINK 58MM Pocket Bluetooth thermal receipt Printer Android IOS Bill ...


    If you want to Print the Receipt From Ipad, frist things you need choose a right Retail POS cashier APP. To check the APPs support WIFI or Bluetooth, the you can choose the right Receipt Printer for your Ipad.

    1, Connected Receipt Printer by Bluetooth

    Bluetooth connected way is very easy, only need find Bluetooth Receipt Printer with your pos system and connected it , it will be working.

    But Please dont use the system setting Bluetooth to screarch the Bluetooth Printer, Because many small ticket printer Bluetooth modules have not been certified by Apple, they cannot be seen in the Bluetooth name list. This does not mean that they cannot be used in iphone or ipad products. Most manufacturers will provide API interfaces for development. Personnel can provide the Bluetooth search method in the POS software APP through the API interface, so that the user can search for the Bluetooth printer through the POS software, so that the Bluetooth printer can be found and used.

    2, Connected Receipt Printer by WIFI,

    You can use the Wifi setting tools to set the printer connected to your network.

    Setting the your WIFI info to Printer, the printer will try to connected with your network .after the printer connected your wifi, it will be print the ip address Automatically.

    You also can set the Static IP address to printer

    After you set the Receipt printer connected to your local network, then can use the IP address to print it from your Ipad.

    • Products

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    Pair The Printer With Ipad

    Since Bluetooth devices do not connect to the iPad over WiFi, they must be paired directly with the iPad to communicate with it.

  • Plug the power cable into the rightmost port on the back of the printer.
  • Pull back the switch to open the cover, load the paper, and close the cover.

    Paper must feed from the bottom of the roll as shown below.

  • On the iPad, open the .
  • Tap ‘Bluetooth’ and toggle Bluetooth on.
  • Under Other Devices, tap Star Micronics and wait for its status to change to Connected.

    If the printer does not pair, visit our for help.

  • Ios Mfi And Android Ready Printers

    Mobile Printers that are ready for the IOS and Android operating systems. These printers are all MFi-certified and will work seamlessly with your Android device via Bluetooth. Address the expanding presence of iOS and Android products that are making their way into enterprises around the world that require a printing solution. Call or chat with our experts with any questions about printer compatibility.

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    Connect Bluetooth Scanners To Ipads

  • Scan the bar code below to put your Bluetooth Socket Mobile SocketScan S700 into iOS pairing mode.

  • Visit your iPads Settings.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on.

  • Tap Socket S700 from the Devices menu to pair it.

  • Note: Bluetooth can pair with only one mobile device at a time. To pair your Bluetooth hardware with a different iPad, youll first need to unpair it.

    Connect Cash Drawers To Ipads

    MUNBYN Mobile Thermal Receipt Printer Bluetooth 58mm Printer for Android iPhone iPad

    A cash drawer must be connected to a receipt printer to open automatically. Otherwise, youll need to manually open the drawer using the cash drawer key. To link your cash drawer to the Square app on your iPad, you can connect it to a supported receipt printer that has a peripheral drive connector using an interface cable. Most receipt printers, except mobile bluetooth printers, generally have a peripheral drive connector.

    The Square app officially supports APG, Star Micronics and Heckler printer-driven cash drawers though other brands may work.

    Note: Certain USB cash drawers are supported by the Square app but require a Square Stand to open automatically.

    Once the cash drawer is set up, itll automatically open in the following scenarios:

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    Bluetooth Pos Receipt Printer 80mm Direct Thermal Printer With Usb Serial Ethernet Support

    • Easy to use: load the paper roll and begin to print after the setup of software.
    • Economical: cutter and print head are durable and reliable with 500,000 times longer life than ordinary ones.
    • High-speed and convenient: fast printing up to 50 pos receipts per minute with a speed of 300mm/s.
    • Multiple use: connect to multiple devices such as pc with windows by ethernet port ,usb, serial port, android mobile phone via bluetooth, and cash drawer.
    • Bluetooth: allows you to connect your phone with printer via bluetooth, saving the precious counter space, for advantages in distance and mobility.

    Powered by

    Buy Paper For Your Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Printer

    Any thermal paper rolls works with this printer, if the paper meets the following specifications:

    Paper specifications for the Bluetooth wireless receipt printer

    Between 0.053 mm and 0.085 mm
    Roll diameterUp to 83 mm

    For an explanation of how to load the receipt printer, refer to the guide in the manufacturer’s hardware manual.

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    Star Tsp143iiiu Usb Pos Receipt Printer

      The TSP143IIIU is a game changing USB POS printer, and the first of its kind to be able to connect directly to an iPad or iPhone using the Apple Lightning cable for reliable USB communication and simultaneous charging.

      A standard USB receipt printer for traditional POS terminals , the TSP143IIIU can be used with a mobile tablet based system with direct printing from iOS devices via the supplied Lightning to USB cable, providing a truly versatile solution. Retailers can now combine the reliability of cabled terminal POS with the flexibility and advantages of mobile tablet POS without the Bluetooth or WiFi / wired LAN set-up issues around pairing, network infrastructure and connectivity.

      Star’s unique futurePRNT software has also been included. This features easy-to-use “instant” coupon and voucher and receipt redesign software tools. See for more information about the range of futureprnt tools.

      ECO Features are also included with the TSP143IIIU with both horizontal and vertical text reduction to save paper and print on demand receipt option.

      Star Micronics Tsp143iiibi Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer For Ios Android And Windows

      NETUM P58E Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Mini Portable 58mm Receipt ...
      • Adjustable printing paper size,support 58mm-80mm paper printing, black mark detection, address labels, bar code labels, clothe labels, medical labels and so on, the thermal receipt/label printer perfect for business/ industrial/medical.
      • Anti-fall and waterproof receipt printer,this shipping label printer made of high quality,durable material ,never worried the industrial/business label printer damage from fall or spill drink/water.
      • High efficiency portable receipt printer with fast printing speed-90mm/s meet your requirements,direct thermal printing without expensive ink cartridges or toner cartridges.
      • Our thermal transfer label printer design with screen choose receipt printer thermal printing model easily,remind you label/receipt roll shortage ,user friendly.
      • The thermal receipt /label printer support andriod/ios/windows system based on esc/jpl/tspl/cpcl print command, multi-language,wireless and portable bluetooth connect.

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