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Should You Buy An 8k Receiver

Bluetooth Audio Receiver to retro fit your old school Home Theater System

You want to make sure your new receiver can keep up with the latest TVs and video gear. Standards do change all the time, but the bare minimum right now is support for HDR and Dolby Vision, and at least HDMI version 2.0 or better. All of these models support 4K and HDR video. 8K support is here, even if content is hard to find, and most recorded content is still going to be in 1080p or even SD anyway. If future-proofing is a concern for you, then everything save for the Sony STR-DN1080 on this list offers 8K and HDMI 2.1 compatibility as well.

That said, I would still advise caution when buying an 8K receiver, especially if future-proofing is something you’re interested in. All of 2020’s 8K-compatible receivers were susceptible to a bug preventing them from displaying variable refresh rate video, and from the Xbox Series X in particular. While Denon, Marantz and Yamaha have announced fixes for existing models, if you buy a Yamaha RX-V6A right now there is still a small chance it could need a mainboard replacement. A Yamaha spokesperson told me that compliant receivers began shipping in the summer, but there is no easy way to check compatibility yet .

Competitor Onkyo released its $599 TX-NR5100 in mid-July 2021, and while I found it could pass 4K/120Hz, I believe it’s not as recommendable as the older, more capable TX-NR696 for the same money. The $799 TX-NR6100 is its true replacement, but it is more expensive.

The Denon AVR-S960H

These Are The Best Bluetooth Receiver For Home Theater

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With so many options available in the market choosing the best bluetooth receiver for home theater can be tricky for normal customers. Consumers can get overwhelmed by the huge marketplace and end in a place by choosing a wrong product that will not serve its purpose perfectly. The purpose of this review is to avoid misunderstanding and help the customer with a shortlist of the most popular products of the marketplace by analyzing the features, functions, specifications, customers rating, and reviews. This review section will help you with the selected list of the most favored and trended items of the marketplace where you can easily check the reviews from the actual customers.


What To Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The first thing we all pay attention to is the price. The market has a lot to offer when it comes to Bluetooth receivers and the price can vary quite a lot. You can find a basic receiver with standard analog audio outputs for less than $50. There are even Bluetooth transceivers under $50. Bluetooth receivers with more audio connections and those made by more reputable manufacturers are much pricier .

Once you establish your budget, you have to think about two things available audio connections and Bluetooth characteristics .

Depending on the available audio connections on your non-Bluetooth speakers, you should be looking for the receiver with the corresponding outputs. So, it doesnt really matter if the receiver has digital outputs if your speaker has only analog inputs you dont have to spend extra money if all you need is a receiver with analog outputs.

One additional thing to pay attention to when looking for a receiver for your non-Bluetooth headphones or for your car audio system is the size and portability of the device. You should be looking for something tiny, portable, and battery-operated. If you only want to make your speakers wireless, you dont really have to pay attention to the portability.

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How To Buy An Av Receiver In 2022


If you want truly great sound, it’s worth moving from a soundbar to an AV receiver with separate speakers. Here’s what you should know.

Ty Pendlebury


Ty Pendlebury is a journalism graduate of RMIT Melbourne, and has worked at CNET since 2006. He lives in New York City where he writes about streaming and home audio.

If you want true home theater sound in your living room, even the best soundbar isn’t going to cut it. Soundbars are convenient, easy to set up and sound much better than your TV’s built-in speakers, especially for shows and movies. But an AV receiver paired with a set of takes sound quality to the next level, with immersive, powerful audio that trounces a soundbar, particularly if you listen to music as well.

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Sony Strdh590 52 Channel Surround Sound Home Theater Receiver: 4k Hdr Av Receiver With Bluetoothblack

  • Cinematic Sound at Home: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and more with theater like sound in the comfort of your home
  • Virtual Front Surround: S Force PRO delivers virtual surround sound with only a 2 speaker setup
  • Smart Connectivity: Stream music and use Bluetooth Standby turn on the receiver from your phone
  • Multi Function System: Enjoy a Multi Channel Stereo Setup, FM Radio Tuner and 1/4 Inches Headphone Jack
  • Dynamic Setup: 4 Stereo Rca Audio Inputs and 2 Digital Audio Outputs
  • In the box: Receivers include a calibration microphone, FM wire antenna, remote control, batteries
  • NOTE: Scroll down the catalog to find installation Manual and User Guide for trouble shooting steps.

Donner Bluetooth 50 Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver 4 Channel 440w Peak Power Home Theater Stereo Receiver Usb Sdfm 2 Mic In Echo Rca Led

  • High-power independent control: Its peak power can set of to 440W110W x 4,and has four channels which is independently controlled.440W is enough to support 4 groups of 8 speakers with 4-8 ohms and peak power within 50W.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: The integrated hybrid amplifier is equipped with the new updated 5.0 bluetooth.It will increase the stability, sound quality and use distance.It Works with latest devices including smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.
  • Multiple input modes: In addition to the Bluetooth function, the amplifer can also be connected to SD card, USB disk, RCA input and ECHO microphone input.And supports treble and bass adjustment and microphone volume control
  • FM function:With automatic search function, you can save up to 50 radio stations. Detailed operating instructions can be found in the manual or contact our customer staff.
  • HD SCREEN: The integrated receiver for home stereo has a built in LED display. FM antenna and remote control are included in the stereo amplifier package for distant audio adjustments. The product needs to be connected to passive speakers to play audio. When there is no speaker connected, there will be a certain amount of wind noise, which is normal

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Our Pick: Startech Bt2a

Our pick

*At the time of publishing, the price was $73.

The StarTech BT2A Bluetooth Audio Receiver is our top pick for most people thanks to its combination of good sound quality, range, usability, connectivity, and price. It comes from a reputable vendor, has a two-year warranty, and is reasonably priced.

The BT2A paired to new devices, and reconnected to old devices, reliably in our testing. It can remember eight paired devices if an additional device is paired, the oldest-paired device is bumped from the list. Additionally, it includes NFC circuitry for easy pairing with Android mobile phones and other compatible devices, although the normal pairing process is easy enough.

In terms of audio quality, the BT2A supports the aptX codec and features a high-quality DAC thats well-regarded in this price range. When used with my computer and iOS devices, the BT2A provided the best sound quality of the models we tested in this price range. Overall, it offered the best dynamic range, the best high-frequency and midrange detail, the best bass power and tightness, and the least high-frequency distortion. It noticeably bested the audio of the Grace Digital 3Play and Avantree Roxa, and far exceeded that of the Motorola Moto Stream.

Reception was about average for the home models I tested, but enough to cover most living areas well. Indoors, each covered my living room and most of an adjacent bedroom outdoors, unobstructed range was about 40 feet.

Top 5 Wireless Home Theater Systems

Onkyo HT-S5600 Bluetooth Ready Home Theater System
  • Acoustic Audio AA5172 – Cheap
  • Wireless home theater systems are no different from standard surround sound systems, except they are easier to set up. You have an option to replace your TV or stereos directional sound with several interconnected wireless home theater speakers. This way, the qualitative sound will evenly spread out across the whole room and will come from all directions.

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    Best Av Receivers : Which Home Cinema Av Receiver Should You Buy

    The best AV receivers from Denon, Sony, Onkyo, and more

    FMJ AV850

    Buying one of the best AV receivers of 2021 is a superb decision if you want to transform a more modest entertainment setup into your own personal home theater system. We like to think of an AV receiver as a home entertainment hub, which will ensure you get the best possible audio and video possible from the devices you already have.

    With that in mind, if you want the best entertainment experience, an AV receiver is important. Buying one of the best TVs on the market allows you to bring that huge cinema screen feel to your home, but it far too often wont be able to deliver the audio you need to match it. Whats the answer? To get the high-end sound that truly makes the most of your 4K TV, you’ll need to buy yourself an AV receiver.

    But you might be asking what what an AV receiver actually is. And that’s a fair question. It might sound like complex audio equipment, but an AV receiver is really just a much way to better control your AV setup. AV receivers are able to take the audio track from whatever TV show, movie, CD, or video game you’re watching or listening to and then process the audio and send it through to any connected speakers you have.

    The best part? The best AV receivers you can buy might just be going on sale as we’ve entered the festive period. As such, they could make a great gift for you, a loved one or a friend this Christmas.

    You Don’t Really Need Dolby Atmos ‘height’ Speakers

    Most receivers in the $500-and-above price range include Dolby Atmos capability and DTS:X, but the effect they have on your home theater movie-watching can be subtle, or in most movies, nonexistent. In other words, don’t worry about missing out on these formats if you don’t install an extra height speaker or two. Mounting your rear surround speakers high on the wall will get you halfway there in terms of quality, immersive sound.

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    What Is A Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    Bluetooth audio receiver is a device that receives a Bluetooth signal from a Bluetooth-enabled audio source . Bluetooth receiver is supposed to be connected to a non-Bluetooth device like a speaker system or headphones. That way, it makes your non-Bluetooth audio equipment wireless and allows wireless transmission of audio.

    Hey Great Question Glad You Asked This One Is A Bit Subjective And Depends On How Many Components You Want In Your Setup

    Yamaha 5.1

    The simple fact is if you have Audioengine wireless speakers you will have the easiest setup under the sun. All you have to do is connect your speakers to power, connect the left speaker to the right, find the speakers in your phone or tablets list of available Bluetooth devices and BOOM, youre done! Think of it as if the B1 Bluetooth receiver is built into Audioengine speakers.

    On the other hand, if you are using a pair of non-wireless speakers and you want to make them Bluetooth compatible by using our B1 Receiver, you will need to add B1 to your setup, but in all actuality the B1 itself is just as easy to use as the speakers. Long story long, if you love your current speakers and arent ready to make the switch, adding the B1 is still an extremely user-friendly option and you will be up and running with great-sounding wireless audio in no time flat.

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    Benefits Of A Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth audio receiver? Well, here are some of the advantages to consider beforehand.

    • Youll have an easier set-up to deal with whenever you want to use a non-Bluetooth device.
    • Bluetooth receivers are portable and can fit in your car, room, or bag on the go.
    • You have total control over the audio from your device once you are connected.
    • Bluetooth connection is reliable and will keep streaming even if Wi-Fi is lagging.
    • Receivers can connect to anyBluetooth 5.0 device so they have a wide range of compatibility.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Ive been obsessing over audio gear for 14 years, going through more headphones, speakers, and audio components than I care to admit. I spent six years covering audio gear for Macworld, where I reviewed more than 75 headphones, DACs, headphone and speaker amplifiers, and computer accessories. I also contributed to Macworlds yearly headphone and speaker buying guides. Im passionate about good sound, and Im not ashamed to call myself an audiophile. But just as important, I love finding great, affordable gear that connects people to the music they love. I also have a PhD in computational biology, so I have a strong technical and scientific background, and Im not afraid to delve into technical details to answer important questions.

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    Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

    Compelling Value

    Moving on, we have an extremely small and compact Bluetooth receiver from Logitech. Seriously, you could put this thing in your pocket and barely notice it. This Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter definitely looks and feels the part, and it sounds great too. However, its not without its quirks.

    The small size makes it incredibly easy to hide in your entertainment setup. You could even add double-sided tape on it and hide it underneath a table. It draws power from a power adapter that can be plugged into the back of the device. It has a 3.5mm auxiliary output, along with RCA. Logitech even includes a 3.5mm to RCA cable for added flexibility.

    The giant Bluetooth button on the top is what activates the pairing process. From there on, you simply pair the device with your phone, and youre good to go in a matter of seconds. It has a range of about 50ft. Sound quality is actually quite good, considering the small size. There is a little bit of lossy compression, but nothing to make it unenjoyable. At the end of the day, this is the Best Small Bluetooth Receiver

    The real issue, however, is the connection. It does form a strong connection but tends to jump around a lot. If you pair two devices with this receiver, it will often switch to the one with the stronger signal, even while playing audio. You could say its inconsistent. Apart from that, it makes a very loud noise when connected, which is frustrating in the middle of the night.

    How We Picked And Tested

    Sony STR-DH590 home theater receiver | Crutchfield

    The main appeal of a Bluetooth audio receiver is the convenience of playing audio through your existing speakers without having to plug in a cable. This means that pairing and connecting your devices to the receiver should be easy and reliableif connecting your phone to a receiver is too finicky, youll just reach for the simplicity and reliability of a cable. Also, the receivers range should be long enough to cover a typical living areawireless isnt particularly useful if you cant roam with your device.

    Ideally, a Bluetooth receiver should sound as good as a direct, wired connectionif wireless audio sounds bad, youll likely put up with the inconvenience of a cable to get better audio. Whether a receiver comes close to this standard depends on the quality of the receivers built-in digital-to-analog converter and other audio circuitry, as well as how the audio is compressed for transmission: Bluetooth doesnt have enough bandwidth to transmit uncompressed CD-quality audio, so Bluetooth devices use one of several codecs to compress audio for transmission, and can vary the bit rate of the compression based on available wireless bandwidth. The receiver decodes the transmitted data for playback on your speakers.

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    Multiple Input And Output Ports Offer A Unified Entertainment Setup

    A home theater receiver with HDMI® inputs allows users to connect several compatible devices for flexibility when setting up a system. RCA and digital audio inputs make it easy to connect various devices, while a convenient headphone jack enables private listening. Some models come with phono input terminals for hooking up record players and turntables. Consider appropriate equalization and pre-amplification with A/V accessories like an audio signal cable to maximize all connected devices.

    Sound Bar Bestisan 80w Home Theater Soundbar System With Ir Remote Function Wired

    • Memory function and bass control: the update remote’s reset button could be memorized to the factory settings. and you can control the treble and bass settings of the sound bar.
    • Advanced 5.0 bluetooth technology- works well with echo dot with wireless bluetooth 5.0 connectivity , or wired 3.5mm stereo cable . also for tv can also use the optical , rca cable included . no fussing or limitation to move it to more rooms.
    • 100% satisfaction service: we offer one year maintan service, 45 days money back assurance, lifetime technical support, please feel free to contact us via amazon message or support mail on the service card.
    • Powerful loud sound soundbar: fantastic room-filling sound- two 3drivers and two 2tweeter deliver 80-watt powerful wallop to fill the whole room, and create a 3d stereo surrounded and immersive theater environment.
    • Various sound effects: three sound effects allow you to optimize the audio so that it is best suited to what you are listening to, whether you need clear dialogue for news, treble and bass rhythm for music, 3d surround sound effects for movies or create a sense of authenticity and excitement for sport events. the bass and treble levels can also be adjusted as you wish

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