Bluetooth Remote Control For Laptop

Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Pc Remote Control

How to control your PC remotely with bluetooth

There are quite a few PC remote control apps to choose from in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Most are also available for use on both Windows and Mac operating systems. There are also apps out there that can turn your mobile phone into a universal remote capable of controlling everything in your home from the refrigerator to the air conditioner.

These are not those apps.

Remote Mouse is one of the easiest to use PC remote control apps that youll find. Its 100% free and converts your Android or iOS smartphone into a wireless input device for your computer.

RM has over a million active users and supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

  • Youll also have to download the server to your computer. The size is relatively tiny at only 706 kilobytes, with the phone application being 9 megabytes.
  • After installation, both the computer and phone must be connected to the same WiFi hotspot or router. This will allow both devices to sync.
  • Once a connection has been made, run both the server and client app.
  • From the client app, you should be able to see a list of all devices currently connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Tap on the name of the device you want to control with the application.
  • If the device you seek is not displayed, tap the + icon and select Connect by IP. Enter the IP address of the device into the text field provided.
  • When the connection from phone to computer is successful, the client app will open its primary user-interface.
  • KiwiMote

    If Your Camera Has Wi

    More and more modern cameras are coming with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect and control them from your smartphone or tablet. In general, you connect your smartphone to a wireless network created by your camera and then use either Canons Camera Connect app or Nikons Wireless Mobile Utility .

    The best thing about this option is its free if your camera has Wi-Fi and you have a smartphone, youre good to go. The other significant advantage is that you get a live view on your phone if you really cant be near your camera, you can at least preview your shot. Its also convenient to be able to transfer photos to your phone quickly so you can edit and share them, no computer needed.

    While remotely controlling your camera from your phone is an excellent idea in principleand the apps kind of workmost of the time youre not going to want to mess around with your smartphone when youre trying to take a picture. The apps also lack some pretty significant features theres no timelapse mode or powerful video controls in either. To be honest, theyre both a bit half-baked.

    If your camera has wireless, play around with controlling it from your smartphone. If it works for your needs, go for it. If not, check out the rest of this article.

    Control Your Windows 10 Pc Remotely Via Android Or Iphone

    Using your mobile device, you can control various aspects of your desktop computer. It includes the keyboard, mouse, media playback, and more. There are several Android and iOS apps that allow you to control your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers remotely. So without further ado, lets check out the best apps to control your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC remotely from an Android device, iPhone, or iPad. Do note that, in most cases, you might have to also install a server app on your desktop alongside the client app on your mobile device.

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    How To Remotely Control Your Camera

    Harry Guinness

    Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more…

    As a photographer, youll want to control your camera remotely on occasion. For example, if youre shooting landscapes by the sea and dont want to get your feet wet, taking a group portrait youre also in, playing around with self-portraits, or making a timelapse, remote control is essential. Lets explore some of the different options.

    Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker With Dual Connectivity Bluetooth Or Usb For Powerpoint Keynote Google Slides Wireless Presenter

    2.4G Wireless Keyboard Controller Bluetooth Remote Control ...

    as of May 5, 2022 2:17 am


    • The R500 is optimized to work with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and leading presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slides, and prezitm.
    • Move and present freely from as far as 20 meters away. Perfect for medium to large-size rooms.
    • The R500 pairs with the powerful Logitech presentation app so you can customize button functions, monitor battery life, and set an on-screen timer for your presentation.
    • Connect the R500 to your computer via USB receiver or Bluetooth low energy technology. A convenient, built-in dock stores The tiny USB receiver inside the R500 when not in use.
    • The R500 runs for 12 months on a single AAA battery. When your battery is low, The R500 goes into a ‘power-saving’ Mode disabling the laser to extend battery life so you can continue presenting for an extra week.

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    Android Apps That Act As A Remote Control For Your Pc

    With these Android apps, you can remotely control aspects of your PC like the keyboard, mouse, and media playback.

    Have you ever been in a position where you didn’t want to get off the couch to pause a movie that’s playing on your Windows PC? The good news is that you don’t have to do that anymore, as long as you have your Android smartphone by your side.

    There are several apps that let you control your PC from your phone like a remote. These apps act as the mouse and keyboard, allowing you to control your Windows PC from the comfort of your bed or elsewhere. Let’s take a look.

    Best Free Android Apps To Remote Control Your Pc

    Given the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of workers have had to work remotely from home or in some defined space/cubicle and I was thinking of how I could turn remote into a topic. Well, the remote control isnt too far removed I hope.

    Todays article presents you with a list of software that will enable you to control your PC from your Android smartphone. It could be via Bluetooth or an Internet connection. The point is that you get to make things happen on your computer without handling the PC yourself.

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    Amerteer Bluetooth Wireless Presenter Rf 24ghz Presentation Clicker Finger Ring Remote Powerpoint Ppt Slides Rechargeable

    as of May 5, 2022 2:17 am


    • Bluetooth & RF 2.4 GHz PowerPoint Clicker with finger ring design, the rubberized slip-resistant ring adjustable to fit finger sizes . The control area with five buttons can be controlled simply by your thumb, quickly switch between BT and RF 2.4GHz modes with a single button.
    • A red and bright laser pointer that’s easy to see against most backgrounds, highlight key areas of your slides, super easy to use to take your eyes of your audience. Equipped with top-grade microchip, wireless control range up to 12 meters, so you can free to move around the room and interact with your audience.
    • The mini USB receiver supports plug and play technology. No driver is required. Built-in docking bay stores receiver magnetically so you are less likely to lose your receiver. One-touch keys easy to control slideshow. Buttons: laser pointer, page up, page down, launch slide show, black screen, switch on/off.
    • Built in rechargeable Li-polymer battery. You can charge it by a laptop or wall adapter via the standard Micro USB input port. Comes with auto standby and deep sleep functions for energy-saving and durable use, equipped with a separate switch that effectively avoids unwanted power consumption when you put it in your bag.
    • Support options: Supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACD See, website, iwork , Google Slides, Prezi,etc Supported OS: Win2000,XP,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10,MAC OS, Linux.

    as of May 5, 2022 2:17 am


    Best Apps To Control Windows Pc With Android And Iphone

    Control your PC AFAR – Bluetooth Remote PC (BT Remote PC v.2)

    Remote access applications, like LogMeIn and TeamViewer, let you access Windows PCs from another Windows device in a server/ client configuration. However, did you know that you can also control your Windows computers and MacBooks with Android devices and iPhones? In this article, we will show you how to control your Windows 10 PCs, MacBooks, and Linux machines just by using your Android device or iPhone. Here, we will list the best apps that you can use to remotely control your Windows PC from an iPhone or Android device.

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    The Serious Option: Camranger

    The bestand by far most expensiveway to remotely and wirelessly control your camera is CamRanger.

    CamRanger is a $300 box that connects to your camera. It creates a wireless network so you can connect your smartphone or computer and then use the dedicated app to control your camera. The difference between this and Canon or Nikons solutions is that CamRanger is incredibly feature-packed.

    With CamRanger, you get a wireless live view, total exposure control, movie recording with focus control, macro and focus stacking, timelapse and HDR support, the ability to transfer photos to your phone or computer, and loads more. While it still has all the downsides and clunkiness of controlling your camera from a smartphone, CamRanger at least adds enough extra features that in certain situations, its definitely worth the tradeoff.

    Every photographer needs a way to trigger their camera remotely. At some point, youll at least be roped into taking family photos where you have to be in them. Theres also really important if youre into taking landscapes, long exposures, or time-lapses.

    Beelink Mini Mxiii Ii Libreelec Community Build By Kszaq Dvbsky S960 Dvb

    Quote from ashrafhumax

    Thank you all for your help, I ordered Xiaomi remote clone and paired it successfully with my s905x Libreelec box and every thing is OK

    The build quality is not that good however it connects as a remote control not as game pad and working the price is half the original one

    Display More

    kszaq would it be possible to incorporate those changes into the new libreelec builds 8.2? Especially with the Wetek Hub, this remote is great, it even powers on and off the Hub completely perfectly . Please tell me if I can support in something to make this remote work out of the box.

    Here is a link to the remote: Mobile – Product info

    Edited once, last by vlaves (Jul 22nd 2017

    It’s the best simple remote I’ve ever used especially with Android TV on WeTek devices !

    It’s the best simple remote I’ve ever used especially with Android TV on WeTek devices !

    Thanks for the support and I have to say its awesome in Android TV on the Wetek Hub, would love to get it running same way in Libreelec too, just that the context menu button is not working and unlike using it with Android TV ROM it doesn’t wake up the box.

    Any chance to get this fixed?

    Thanks for your great support wrxtasy

    It’s the best simple remote I’ve ever used especially with Android TV on WeTek devices !

    Yes, it certainly is.

    ‘You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know -..’ ~ Walter Sobchak

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    A Function For Each Key

    With Bluetooth Remote Control you’ll enjoy the possibility to control both the keyboard and mouse of your computer remotely from your phone via Bluetooth. You can also configure each phone key to perform a function on your computer. The application has a clean interface that makes it very easy to handle and can be used with a wide range of Sony Ericsson models.

    A Free Software Utilities Program For Windows

    Compare Prices on Ipad Bluetooth Remote

    Bluetooth Remote Control is a powerful, free Windows program, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Mobile and has been created by Sonyericsson.

    It’s available for users with the operating system Windows 2000 and former versions, and you can download it only in English. The program version is 3.02 and its last update on 6/22/2011.

    Since the software joined our selection of programs and apps in 2011, it has managed to obtain 194.724 installations, and last week it had 4 downloads.

    About the download, Bluetooth Remote Control is a light program that needs less storage space than average programs in the section Software utilities. It’s a software very heavily used in many countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, and Singapore.

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    Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

    Image Gallery

    This Android app is a bit different from all the other ones discussed, but offers the same functionality. With the Serverless app, you don’t have to install any servers on the host computer. The service only works over Bluetooth connectivity, which means that your PC or laptop must support Bluetooth. It’s thus a good option if you can’t install server software, or don’t have Wi-Fi at the moment.

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    The app features a basic mouse and keyboard remote, which lets you control the connected device with ease. You can also use this app to control a tablet or an Android TV. Even cooler, it can turn your smartphone into a movement-based “air mouse” using the gyro sensors on your device.

    It’s free to install, but does include an in-app purchase that enables extra features.

    A Wireless Pick For Serious Gamers

    It’s an investment, but if you’re looking for a premium controller that takes PC gaming to the next level, many buyers recommend the ASTRO C40 TR. While it was initially designed for the PS4, it connects to PCs using a wireless transmitter . It then offers countless customization options, both in terms of the configuration software and the swappable stick modules and D-pad. It also has a touchpad, ergonomic rear buttons, trigger stops, high-fidelity game sounds, strong vibration, and voice chat, all combined with a 12-hour battery life.

    Compatibility: PS4, Windows

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    How To Control Your Computer From Your Phone

    There are plenty of reasons to have a remote control for your computer. Maybe you need a way to access your files from outside your home, or you use a headless system without a monitor, or you want an easy way to control a home theater PC without a mouse and keyboard cluttering up your coffee table.

    How To Control Your Pc With Bluetooth

    Vectir Bluetooth Remote Control – Nokia N8

    If you have a Harmony remote paired with the Harmony Hub, you can also control your PC via Bluetooth. Youll need a Bluetooth adapter if you dont have one , and youll need to install its drivers if Windows doesnt do it automatically. But when thats done, you can pair your PC with your remote and add it to your arsenal of devices.

    Youll need to use the Harmony app for iOS or Android to pair your remote with a computerit wont work through the desktop MyHarmony software. So, download the app and set it up if you havent already.

    When youre ready to add your computer, open the right sidebar of the app and tap Edit Devices.

    Next, tap + Device along the bottom to add a device.

    Choose Computer from the list of possible devices.

    Select the operating system of your computer , and click the Next arrow in the upper right-hand corner.

    Power on your computer, if it isnt on already, and press the Next arrow.

    When asked if you want to create an activity, choose Yes. You wont be able to control it until you add an activity with it, since thats how your remote pairs with your computer.

    Select your Windows Computer from the list of devices.

    Select the devices to be included in this activity and click the Next arrow.

    Turn on all the devices and click the Next or My Devices Are On button.

    Select which devices do what, and which inputs you use, as you would for any other activity. Click Next when finished.

    Select the Harmony Keyboard option that appears and click Next.

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    Use Office Remote To Present

    After youve paired your phone with the PC, do the following:

  • On your PC, open the file you want to present and on the Office Remote tab, select Office Remote, Turn On.

  • On your phone, open Office Remote. The file you opened in step 1 and any others that are open on your PC should appear.

  • Tap to open one and start presenting.

  • How To Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Pc Remote Control

    The missing link between the couch and your screen

    Watching TV isnt what it used to be. Nowadays, more people are choosing to cut the cord and switch to online programming for their viewing entertainment. This also means those same people are likely sitting at their computer desk longer than they once were.

    Sure, there are some who have access to gaming consoles that connect to their primary television or smart TVs they can use to access movies and shows directly. However, not everyone is so fortunate. Though you may not have a Sony PlayStation 4 or one of Samsungs newest Ultra HD models, chances are good youve got yourself a smartphone.

    With a smartphone, you already have the missing piece that brings your computer-centric home theater together. Simply download one of the apps below and youll finally be able to use it as a PC remote control to navigate your computer screen from the comfort of your own couch.

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