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# Ik Multimedia Tablet Page Turner And Stand

PageFlip Butterfly Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

The IK page turner and tablet stand is specifically designed to work together with a tablet computer and ensure that you never need to worry about any mistakes or inconsistencies while turning the pages of your sheet music documents.

The page turner can be used conveniently on Ipad, Mac and other iOS devices as well as most Android tablets. Although it can also be used for presentations, the page turner is best equipped to fulfill the needs of musicians and performers looking to access sheet music and lyrics through their tablet PCs.

Any iOS device or Android tablet that has Bluetooth 4.0 can be paired with this device to ensure convenient sheet music reading. The page turner is portable, easy to use and versatile, featuring backlit buttons, three different control configurations and a highly secure mount that allows you to mount your tablet within seconds.

The low cost, the easy to use mount and the exceptional compatibility rating of the device all contribute to its high popularity.

IK Tablet Page Turner is great for those that dont require all the extra features. Take it out your bag, connect via Bluetooth and you are ready to go.

The Stomp Does All This

Using all these killer features on the STOMP makes all your gigs easier. Its the ultimate page turner. All you have to do is

1. Power on the STOMP by pressing the silver power button.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your tablet. The STOMP shows up as a keyboard named Coda Music Tech.

3. Open your sheet music or chord chart app on your tablet

4. Select one of the four function modes by scrolling through the mode selection switch.

5. Start playing!

The STOMP is so easy to use, kids learning how to play their first instrument will be turning pages in minutes. And seasoned pros will find it to be the ultimate addition to their performance.

Stomp Bluetooth 40 Page Turner

When youre a musician going out to gigs, you have to be able to focus on playing music hands free. Having to turn pages or be swiping screens is an annoyance and a distraction, but the STOMP Bluetooth 4.0 page turner eliminates those distraction with technology ahead of the competition.This device lets you control just about any app with the tap of a foot. It works with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac Bluetooth 4.0 device and anyone who uses lyric sheets, charts, digital set lists, metronomes or backtracks will find it more than useful for their performances.

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A Bluetooth 40 Page Turner For Hassle

STOMP is a rugged, floor-based, and hands-free performance solution. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to ensure you never lose your place while performing again.

You know you can put all your chord charts, setlists, and sheet music in PDFs on your tablet. But how is it more convenient if you still take your hands off your instrument to swipe to the next page?

Now you can swipe through your music completely hands-free.

Ik Multimedia Irig Blueturn

Bluetooth Page

A great straightforward page turner from the well-known Italian brand.

Where to buy:

Price: 59 / $69.99

  • Light and compact design that feels sturdy and durable.
  • A no-fuss, easy-to-use page turner.
  • Completely silent footswitches.
  • The footswitches have a blue backlight when the pedal is turned on, which can prove handy in low-light settings.
  • AAA batteries included.
  • The iOS virtual keyboard can be made to pop up easily by pressing the left footswitch for about 3 seconds.
  • Several hours before the batteries die, the LED light will start blinking slowly, which is a very good thing as it reduces the risk of running out of battery in the middle of a show.

Could be improved:

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If Pageflip Pedal Is Connected Can I Type Something On The Ipad Without Disconnecting This Tool Wont Ipad Forbid Me From Using A Pop Up Keyboard

To hide the virtual keyboard you should simply press the current mode button. This button is next to the blinking light. You need to do that only once at the beginning of a session before you power off the pedal.

So just press it once and the virtual keyboard will work as you need. It will appear when you tap into a text field.

Have You Used A Bluetooth Page Turner

Id love to hear your thoughts on your own experience using a Bluetooth Page Turner. Do you use it in your lessons or just for performance? Leave your comments below.

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Moukey Wireless Page Turner Pedal

If youre looking for a good way to free your hands and take back control of music reading, the Moukey Wireless Turner Pedal has some great features and qualities worth checking out! The first thing youll see is its high quality PVC casing with a soft silicone pad thats non-toxic and harmless to protect your new pedal.The Moukey Wireless Turner Pedal works with MAC, PC, Android tablets and iPads and has a great anti-interference ability that gives it great signal stability. The wireless range goes up to 33 feet, and with a 30 days money back guarantee thats unconditional and awesome customer support, theres no risk in going with this nearly unbeatable page turner!

Airturn Duo Silent Pedals

Musicnotes iPad app adds support for AirTurn Hands Free Page Turner

If youd still like the sensation of the movement of a foot pedal, then the BT-105 has also been updated with much better functionality and indicators on the top panel.

The new model is called the AirTurn Duo and retails for $99.

Its got much the same functionality as the older BT-105, but much more intuitive user interface and functions. Oh, and its a bit lighter too.

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Tips For Successful Use

If youre considering making the switch to a Bluetooth pedal and tablet, here are a few tips for success:

I highly recommend using the forScore app. You can organize your music with Setlists, easily search by title or composer, and import PDFs directly into the app. I always use the Crop tool to get rid of the white border around each page, which makes the music even easier to read. If a page is slightly askew, you can rotate it left or rightwhen you use this feature, a grid appears to help you center the page. Marking up scores can be done with your finger, but greater clarity is achieved with the use of an Apple Pencil. Theres even a metronome with audible and/or visible beats.

There are three options in forScore for turning pages: Curl whips the music up from the bottom right, as one would do if physically turning, but the first measures of the next page are the last to be revealed, making continuity of reading more difficult. Slide advances the next page as if sliding it over from the right, which works well enough. By far the fastest, and my preferred choice, is Stackthe current page disappears rapidly, instantly and cleanly revealing the next.

For a piece with repeats, forScore makes rearranging the pages incredibly easy: Just copy the repeated pages, then arrange all pages in sequencerepeats and all. Then you need use only the next-page pedal, which, anyway, is closer to your foot.

What Weve Done So Far

In 2015, I founded Coda Music to make a Bluetooth page turner that did just this. When I first released it on Amazon, it quickly shot up to the top spot. I was getting glowing reviews faster than I ever expected because I built what musicians wanted. But I knew we could do better.

First, I sat down with music industry veterans to ask them about their favorite music gear. Then I wrote down a wish list of all the things we cover bands, church groups, instrumentalists, and orchestra players needed…the STOMP was born!

The STOMP has been under development since January 2017. Weve sent exclusive prototypes to loyal fans in the field and are partnering with a top manufacturer. Musicians have been testing all the STOMPs features during real gigs for 2+ months. The STOMP works and our early-adopter fans love it.

We also have a track record for creating top music gear. Our first page turner was a smash success with musicians of all walks. In the process, the STOMP is being anticipated by big music industry names like

  • Gary Lunn, the bassist for Michael W. Smith
  • J. Daniel Smith, a Dove award winning producer in the Christian music industry
  • Scott Sheriff, the keyboardist for Carrie Underwood

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Diy Friday: How To Make A Usb Foot Pedal For Third


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Matt Richardson’s friend Lauren wanted a device to hold down the down arrow and physically scroll through Google Reader, like a sustain pedal on a piano. Matt built it for her using an old USB keyboard, wire, solder and a little DIY invention.

It’s surprising we don’t see foot pedals more often in mainstream desktop computing. They’re a natural, well-established interface: besides analog tech like pianos, drums, bikes or a spinning wheel, think of cars, table saws and electric guitars.

If you’re curious, there are plenty of commercial USB foot pedals available, mostly targeted for disabled users or industry-specific uses. For example, they’re extremely popular in professional digital voice transcription, often coming bundled with transcription or dictation software. These usually have three controls: play/pause , rewind and fast-forward .

Musicians, too, continue to experiment with foot pedals: we’ve written about AirTurn’s Bluetooth sheet-music turner for iPad, with a special eye towards its potential for disabled users.

Other USB foot pedals are extraordinarily versatile and programmable. But because they aren’t a universal accessory marketed to mainstream users like a mouse or keyboard, all foot pedals tend to be expensive and often highly tailored to individual users’ needs.

Backlit Silent Bluetooth Page Turner For Iphone Ipad Mac And Android

Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

Now, using an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android on stage for set lists and sheet music just got a lot easier! iRig BlueTurn is a Bluetooth page turner with silent backlit pad buttons that easily lets you turn pages and scroll through material hands-free. If youd like to streamline the page turning process for your sheet music, lyrics, slides, tabs and other documents, iRig BlueTurn is the answer.

iRig BlueTurn is a compact Bluetooth page turning solution for iPhone/iPad, Mac and Android that lets you use your feet to set your hands free while performing. It comes with two highly visible silent backlit pad buttons that you can trigger with your feet to turn pages, leaf through lyrics, scroll slides and more in your favorite apps and software. Now, with iRig BlueTurn, you’ll be ready to perform at your best no matter whether you’re conducting an orchestra, playing music from a score, shredding through some guitar or bass tabs, giving a major presentation, lecturing, or making a speech. With iRig BlueTurn, it’s your turn.

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What Other Page Turners Are Missing

My frustration was at an all time high. I couldnt believe Id just spent $100 on a piece of gear that made it just 30 minutes into the set. Blame it on cheap, brittle, good-for-nothing plastic.

I searched and searched online, but no luck. Everything on the web was a different version of the same thing. The reviews werent promising either.

Everyone agreed these Bluetooth page turners were terrible! As a musician, dont you wish there was a pedal out there that works as hard as you gig after gig?

That is why I created the STOMP. Because it is meant to be STOMPed on. Ive been a gigging musician for over 15 years. I know how hard it is to find roadworthy gear. The stuff that will last and be with you for a decade.

And it should make your life on stage easier and less stressful than it is now. That way you can focus on your best performance ever.

Stomp Bluetooth Foot Pedal

Great for:Musicians who like a sleek-looking tool to add to their set. Those who are always on the move and want a durable, compact, and long-living foot pedal.

What we like about it:

  • Solid metal enclosure so rugged that it can be run over by a truck
  • Long battery life to last through any performance or practice
  • Made in USA
  • Additional USB port to charge your phone


  • Works with most Bluetooth 4.0 and newer devices.

Price: $149

Shop here

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Best Page Turning Bluetooth Pedal

The AirTurn DUO 200 began over a decade ago as a simple page-turner for sheet music readers. Today, it has become the best page-turner on the market due to its high-quality and long-lasting design. Featuring tactile, silent switches, the DUO 200 is nearly indestructible. The DUO 200 has a longer battery life, greater range, and faster connectivity than its competitors. Plus, it is completely customizable for keystrokes, shortcuts, switching types, MIDI, and so much more!

Depending on what app or software you choose, you can do more than turn pages. You can scroll lyrics and tabs, start and stop backtracks, metronomes, and much more.

The DUO 200 is the professional choice for taking control of your tablet or computer.

Donner Bluetooth Page Turner

iRig BlueTurn page turner – Overview

Sheet music, guitar tabs, lyrics and many other applications are handled with ease through the use of Donners fashionable and versatile Bluetooth page turner. This is a device that can be used from an impressive distance of over 30 feet, and can support all major platforms as long as you have a working Bluetooth connection.

Like the AirTurn Duo, it features a similar construction with pedal controls designed to emulate arrow keys and PageUp/PageDown control, as well as a central control unit that allows you to access the various modes of the page turner.

The practical advantages of this unit are quite impressive. Its ABS and metal construction makes it remarkably resilient, while the built-in, rechargeable battery allows you to use the device continuously for up to 50 hours on a single charge. Finally, if youre on a budget, youll love the Donner Bluetooth page turner, since its one of the most affordable devices you will encounter just about anywhere you look.

It works seamlessly with ForScore and many other page flipping software with minimal setup.

The Donner Bluetooth page turner has a solid metal construction which means it should be able to withstand even your most harshes foot tap. With the massive 50-hour battery life you will be able to use it for weeks on a single charge, and it works from up to 30 feet away whats not to love.

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Why Use Page Turners

Before the advent of lower-cost digital computers and tablets designed to ensure easy sheet music page turning capabilities, standalone devices were more commonplace. Some were entirely mechanical, designed to actually turn the pages of sheet music notebooks and journals, while others featured their own proprietary touchscreen display attached to a stand and a wired or wireless digital pedal for convenient page turning.

Today, modern page turning devices are more streamlined, compact and affordable. Best of all, they are designed to be compatible with all the most advanced tablet computers and touchscreen notebooks.

Most page turners available on the market today are designed for digital sheet music, and are made to be compatible with wireless Bluetooth connectivity technology. If your tablet has a Bluetooth connection, there is a good chance that you can connect your automatic page turner, and have it used during practice or concerts, to conveniently access and manage your entire library of digital sheet music.

There are many benefits these devices have that you should know about:

Below we will provide you with an overview of four of the best page turners that are, affordable, easy to use and versatile.

Pageflip Firefly Bluetooth/usb Page Turner Pedal

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Allows hands-free reading on iPads, Android tablets, and all computers
    • Emulates PageUp/PageDown, arrow keys, and mouse clicks
    • Builds upon success of PageFlip Cicada by featuring programmable pedal modes, illuminated pedals, wireless or wired operation, 30-minute timeout period, rugged construction, and silent pedal mechanism
    • Works with keyboard-compatible iPad and Android apps. Compatible iPad apps include ForScore, unrealBook, Deepdish Gigbook, …
    • Operates on 2 AA batteries Use the included USB cable to plug into any USB AC adapter or tablet/computer

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    Top 4 Best Page Turners All

    To start this review, lets focus on the best all-round Bluetooth page turner pedals. These page turners will offer you great reliability and performance for a mid-tier price, and will follow you on stage with no problem. If you dont mind the advanced features of the more expensive models, you will find your happiness in this category.

    Best Bluetooth Page Turners: 2022 Review

    Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

    Frantically trying to find our spot on the next page is all too common, but what if it were possible to get to the next page without hands? Bluetooth page turners are starting to make their way into the world of music, and these page turners will do just that. They let you operate your tablet or other digital music score free your hands from having to turn pages. Never put down your instrument again. To help on your search for the best ones for you, weve done the research for you and put a list together of the 10 best bluetooth foot pedals and page turners!

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