Bluetooth Speaker For Wedding Reception

In This Build Log You Can See How I Built My Own Bluetooth Speaker And The Design Process Behind It

JBL Partybox 310 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker – Black – Product Overview

It sounds superb, has a great design, is portable enough to take anywhere, and it’s on sale for a great price. If you have an old home theatre system like me then you have found a very popular connectivity option, called bluetooth, is missing on your system. If you want to have a convenient way to play your music, take a look at this guide to find the best waterproof bluetooth speaker. In this project, i will be demonstrating how to create a portable bluetooth speaker that can be used for a long amount of time and can be made using a fairly low budget, low amount of skill and a small number of tools. Optimised for bass, the final unit beats the jawbone jambox, which is saying something!

Olafus Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers 2 Pack

Why its great: These speakers come in a two-pack and look like lanterns, complete with the handles on top, which makes them super easy to carry and move wherever you need them. Plus, with two speakers, youll get double the sound and a surround sound effect. These pair together through a Bluetooth device and synchronize both the music and the LED lights! You can change the settings on the lights to one color or have them rotate. You can also dim them, turn them off, or set a timer for them. With a stylish look and flashing colors, these will really get the party going! They also come with two 3.5mm auxiliary cables, so you can plug them directly into your phone or music player if you dont want to use Bluetooth.

Keep in mind: You can pair up to 200 of these speakers at once! So if you dont feel like you get enough sound from 2, consider buying a few more.

Good for: Anyone looking for unique speakers that will help create a party atmosphere.

How To Set It Up

A portable PA requires a few more steps to set up than an iPod dock or Bluetooth speaker. But trust us, it sounds more difficult than it is. In most cases, you’ll need to connect your iPod or mp3 player with a standard audio cable , which are available at most electronics stores or online.

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Disco Jam Powered Pa Speaker System With Flashing Dj Lights

Why its great: Youll be the life of the party with this light show in a box! This disco jam speaker is compatible with Bluetooth, which is ideal for use with your iPhone, Android, or any other audio streaming devices that you might need to use. With six different inputs, you can use this for karaoke nights or any spontaneous jam session. The portable speaker features multi-colored lights that can be turned off and on depending on the mood of the party. Whatever ambiance youre looking to add, this powerful disco jam speaker will liven up any crowd.

Keep in mind: This speaker doesnt have wheels along the bottom or a handle to travel with it from room to room. Its not very heavy, but it does need to be picked up entirely to be repositioned or transitioned to a new location.

Good for: Casual parties indoors or in the backyard, jam sessions, or freestyle dance parties where a light show would add to the ambiance.

What Streaming Service Should I Use

Ion House Party bluetooth speaker with party lights ...

Zoom has become one of the go-to streaming services for work and social functions, and it has also pulled ahead in weddings. Zoom is user-friendly, and its burgeoning popularity means that plenty of people are familiar with how it works, making it a low-stress solution for many attendees. On Zoom, you can have up to 1,000 devices in a single call. It offers live chat, private chat, and breakout rooms. “We can actually invite more people than our original venue would have allowed, so that’s a bonus!” says content strategist Jennifer Machiaverna, who is using Zoom for her wedding. “People who also were not going to be able to travel, like my grandmother, will also now be able to watch and participate in the ceremony, which is an unexpected blessing.”

Just make sure to get a Pro account, notes event planner , because the free service cuts out after 40 minutes.

If youre planning to have a smaller audience, dont forget the old faithful option of FaceTime, which many people are likely to be familiar with. I’ve had great success with FaceTime twice, says event planner Mindy Weiss. I had my videographer safe distance and live feed it to their chosen guests.

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Hale Street Center Amenities

  • Exclusive access to the venue when booking the entire building Saturday Weddings
  • Four temperature controlled ADA accessible floors. We are a year round event venue.
  • Tables and chairs for seating up to 150 people.
  • Weddings and receptions up to 150 people.
  • Caterers prep kitchen.
  • Bridal suite with private bridal room, bridesmaids area, makeup vanities, full length mirrors, elegant modern seating, private bathroom, bar area, Bluetooth speaker, full size refrigerator, coffee maker, and kitchenette.
  • Groom suite with city views, bar area, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, Bluetooth speaker, full length mirrors, elegant modern seating, and private bathroom.
  • Portable bar table.
  • Access to Custom Archway or Sweet Heart Canopy.
  • Building wide Wi-Fi.
  • Convenient location to street parking and parking garages.
  • Within minutes walking distance to downtown hotels, bars, and restaurants.
  • Downtown location makes hotel shuttle drop-off and pickup quick and easy.
  • You may use our facility for engagement photos at no charge.
  • Access to in-house wedding planner or day-of coordinator.
  • Flexible payment plans.

Power Output And Volume

The power of a speaker, measured in Watts , is a very important factor to take into consideration. While the loudness of your speaker, measured in decibels , is not directly related to the number of Watts it generates, they are related. Most important for you to remember is:

The more powerful your speaker, the higher you can crank the volume without sacrificing sound quality.

You get low power speakers that can generate quite a fair amount of decibels in volume, but the problem is that they quickly lose sound quality and starts to sound clanky when you dial them up to their party-level volumes.

There are many things to take into consideration when determining just how powerful you would like your party speakers to be and honestly, there isnt an exact science to it.

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Soundbox 2 Speaker For Outdoor Wedding

The SoundBox 2 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker designed for the most extreme uses and built to last longer than the worlds nights and to take anything an outdoor music festival will fuel this excellent speaker comes with an amplifier of 72-watt class D that pushes 120 decibels of crisp highs and a large phase up to 10-inch drivers and one-inch silk dome tweeter the enclosure constructed from Baltic birch plywood and wrapped in scratch-proof powder-coated aluminum.

It also feels exceptionally sturdy in a smart design choice there are built-in ball carriages to prevent the speaker from being damaged by anything else during transport. This is the only bluetooth speaker for outdoor events this racing exterior brings the real sound.

The game labels have unmatched volume, spill-resistant durability, and a battery with sufficient battery life or overtime make the soundbox the perfect speaker for outdoor music festivals and with incredible views of the customer rating center buy online.

Best Power Jbl Partybox 1000 Speaker For Outdoor Wedding

How to make a Bluetooth speaker fixing cradle for apartment broadcast reception.

The JBL party box 1000 is a powerful party speaker with JBL sound quality and an exciting full-panel light show that delivers unprecedented performance and authentic audio experiences you will remember for your party.

It has a high-frequency compression driver: 7-inch midrange drivers and a 12-inch Subwoofer with a rear-firing port to boost the Bass, theres also a selectable bass boost if you want to get your tune moving even more, and its all driven by a built-in amplifier with a maximum power of 1,100 watts with the entire front panel.

LED lighting for a built-in light shows that you can control using gestures when wearing the included wrist strap.

The DJ pad has a drum pad and includes controls to mute vocals, turning the speaker into a karate machine. With a handle and wheels integrated, you can drag it away like a piece of furniture.

The speaker is the best candidate for any party that wants to push the boundaries and can be purchased online

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Portable Pa Speaker System Combo Set With Bluetooth

Why its great: If youre hosting a party and featuring live music, this Portable PA Speaker System Combo Set has it all! Its fully equipped and able to amplify all different kinds of audio, music, and vocals that will work well in a live setting. It comes with 9 different pieces including an active speaker, a passive speaker, a microphone, a wireless remote control, a 30ft length speak-on cable, a power cable, a microphone cable, and 2 speaker stands. This entire set will work well for weddings, anniversaries, DJ events, home studios, and a vast variety of social events and will keep the party going!

Keep in mind: This PA system is portable and is easy to move around. However, it is important to mention that the speakers should be strategically placed in the room so that they dont accidentally get knocked over, since the tripods arent the most stable.

Good for: DJs, musicians, and anyone whos hosting a party and in need of live entertainment.

Columbus Wedding Sound System Rentals

Are you looking for an easy entertainment alternative for your reception? We might have an answer for you.

You can now rent the same DJ system we use for your wedding reception AND save you money!

Heres how it works:

We are offering a easy alternative for couples that still want to have a wedding reception. We make it quick and easy for people to play great music at receptions. Heres how it works.

1) We rent a complete DJ system to you. It includes a DJ speaker that we use for our business and a corded microphone for announcements.

2) We will deliver, set up, and return to pick it up at the end of the day.

3) You make a playlist on your favorite songs in your favorite music app such as Apple Music or Spotify.

4) You connect your phone, laptop, or ipad to our speakers via bluetooth. You can then play all your favorite songs and it will sound GREAT!

Here are a few items that you need to be aware of:

  • We do not supply any music, or a DJ to run the system.

  • The speakers CAN NOT be set outside, nor can it be moved once we have set it up.

  • Payment in full is required before the rental date.

  • We can only deliver to public wedding venues. We cant set it up in your back yard for example.

  • The speakers are connected to your device via bluetooth but can also be plugged into the speakers directly if you have the cables.

Fill out the form below and we will send you a custom quote on our services. Please note that we need all of the information to give you the quote.

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How To Pick The Best Party Speaker

When you set out to pick a speaker for your next party there are two important questions youll have to answer to help you decide what size speaker you should buy

  • Will my party be indoors or outdoors?
  • How many people will attend the party?

You obviously need a much more powerful system to ensure your music reaches 150 people at an outdoor venue, as opposed to 25 people in a single room indoors. For your convenience, weve put together the table below which you can use as a rough guide to help you size the speaker youll need.

200-400W System300-600W System

Bear in mind, theres no real science behind this, just years of experience and a lot of conversations with DJs and event planners. You know your venue and your sound requirements better than we do, so apply your own criteria on top of this and buy a speaker youll enjoy owning.

Appoint A Master Of Ceremonies

Top Best Bluetooth Speaker For Wedding Reception Based On ...

Enlist a friend or family member to help cue the music and make key announcements like when dinner is served or its time for the first dance.

Set your MC up for success. Make sure they know the days timeline and can familiarize themselves with your playlists and sound system before the wedding day.

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Diamondboxx Model Xl2 Black Speaker For Outdoor Wedding

Take the party with you anywhere anytime with a neo powerful diamond box model XL2 portable Bluetooth speaker.

This party speaker comes powered by our lithium-ion battery that will power it for up to 50 hours for a party without limits and 1000 Total watts of power from 12 amps that literally create a portable concert the two carats facilitate.

The diamond indicates the battery level changing the colors included the charger charges the diamond case entirely dead for 100% in six hours the enclosure is made of MDF the front panel is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which also serves as a heat sink for the amps to keep them cool when the part is hot.

A charging port for the included quick charger and 1 by 4 inch TRS input and output jacks for linking multiple units can be controlled from one volume control.

For those looking to really be the neighborhoods envy or perhaps host a backyard music festival, diamond box model shafts are a wide choice for you. With great reviews and customer ratings, you must get online.

What To Look For In Party Speakers

So you’re ready to put on the party of the year. But you’re not quite sure what speakers you need in order to get the job done. That is understandable because there are a ton of factors to take into account when picking out the best party speakers. How loud do they need to be? How big do they need to be? Do you need them to be Bluetooth connectable, or is wired okay?

Here we go over a few of the things you need to consider when picking out the best party speakers for your purpose.


As you can see, speakers come with many different levels of power capabilities. You can get speakers that are battery powered and emit 10 watts of power all the way to thousands of watts. If you are looking to blow the doors off and really create an atmosphere to remember, you may want to consider picking up some party speakers that carry somewhere above 1000-watts.

That way you will have the power and sound clarity available when the beat drops. If you are only going to be throwing smaller, intimate get-togethers, a much lower wattage will do the trick.


How often will you be throwing parties? Will you always be using the same venue? Unless you are planning on keeping your speakers in the same location for every party, you should consider how important a factor like portability is.




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Has Anyone Been To A Reception Without A Dj That Went Well Do You Have Any Tips

Posted in Do It Yourself1

Hi, so I know there have been lots of threads about using a DJ instead of DIY weddings. I agreen with getting a DJ for a large reception. However, has anyone experience IPOD weddings or had one that went well. I am having a DW and am expecting less than 30 guests, all of which are close family and friends. I originally was going to get the huge sound system they offer at the resort but it is & dollar 200/hr and I feel like that is ridiculous. So, then I was thinking of taking a nice portable speaker and doing the music on that. Now I am worried about the announcements and everything for the first dances. The DJ is over & dollar 1000 for the reception and that seems like a huge expense for 30 people who probably don’t care. I think my friends will dance with me regardless of having a DJ. I would really appreciate tips or experiences with IPOD weddings. Thanks!

How To Dj Your Own Wedding

The Philips 5000 Series 80W Bluetooth Party Speaker

If you want a great wedding on a budget, you may want to consider running the event’s music yourself–everything from the processional to the dance party. CNET’s Donald Bell offers the tips and tricks he’s used for his own wedding and for others.

Donald Bell

Senior Editor / How To

Donald Bell has spent more than five years as a CNET senior editor, reviewing everything from MP3 players to the first three generations of the Apple iPad. He currently devotes his time to producing How To content for CNET, as well as weekly episodes of CNET’s Top 5 video series.

The DJ plays a critical and often misunderstood role in any wedding ceremony. If you can afford a professional, by no means should you use the following tutorial to skimp out. You’ll save yourself loads of hassle and be able to enjoy your day with one less concern floating around in your head.

Also be aware that the term “professional” does not apply to your estranged pothead cousin who owns a bunch of DJ gear and could really use some extra cash. In fact, that scenario is potentially more stressful and prone to failure than doing things yourself. Really, if you can afford an experienced wedding DJ, it is worth every penny.

One thing I did have was access to a great PA system and enough time on my hands to assemble a handful of useful iTunes playlists. The results, while not fairytale-perfect, worked well enough to steer a beautiful ceremony into a fun party with a full dance floor.

The minimum: two-bus micro mixer.

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