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Product Info:

The Clearon portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the best bicycle speakers on this list, offering excellent audio quality and impressive battery life.

This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a silicone bicycle mount holder, designed to be attached to your bike quickly and easily.

Using two 8 watt speaker cones, this has a massive, 360-degree surround sound, so you can make your music be heard wherever you are. It offers solid bass performance with detailed highs and mids. We were very impressed with the high-quality sound this speaker produces, and it performs well in cycling conditions. The fact it uses dual speakers gives it a much broader, wider sound than other models, resulting in strong and stunning audio.

These bicycle speakers have an extremely long battery life, surviving for up to 15 hours of playtime. It also has a huge wireless connectivity range of over 100ft. Few speakers offer such a large Bluetooth connectivity range at this value.

Its rugged design will withstand all the bumps and hits of biking through life. Its IPX4 rating means its protected from water so a rainstorm wont kill your vibe. Although be careful around sand and dust. It also wont withstand full submersion so avoid dropping it in bodies of water.

Its lightweight and easy to take anywhere with you, weighing in at less than 2 pounds its easy to take anywhere, including on a hike or to the beach.

Pros & Cons:

Product Info:

Pros & Cons:

Zealot S1 The Cradle Of Music Power And Illumination

Zealot S1 proves that theres more to a Bluetooth speaker for bike riding than just playing music. Exceptionally built, its essentially the combination of three wireless devices wrapped up in one portable solution.

When used as an outdoor audio system, the S1 makes your rides nothing but bass-rich. The speaker is a pleasure to listen to at the low-pitch level thanks to its passive resonance membrane technology. It pairs well with the 40mm driver and the built-in stereo amplifier, making sound pierce through wind and outdoor noises without compromising clarity.

What you might not expect from a Bluetooth speaker for bicycle is that it can also serve as a flashlight and a power bank. Zealot S1 has it all. The speakers 4,000-mAh battery is proven to store 24 hours of playtime or less when you choose to share some juice with your smartphone. And if youre a night person who has a passion for twilight rides, you want to have this Bluetooth speaker secured to your bicycle handlebar. Its built-in torchlight is a great feature to maximize your safety.

Avantree Portable Wireless Bike Speaker

The Avantree Portable Wireless Bike Speaker offers you the opportunity to enjoy bold sounds as well as rich bass even in the midst of noisy background. The responsible audio drivers consist of dual 5-Watt speakers and a passive bass radiator. All these come in a robust, compact and lightweight casing that is also aesthetically appealing.

The speaker allows you to enjoy music in three playing modes. Do it wirelessly via NFC , directly via AUX and MicroSD/TF slot. You need to choose what suits your needs. The NFC allows you to start listening to your music right away by pairing your speaker with any NFC-enabled device.

The Avantree wireless speaker is specifically designed for sports enthusiasts. It is modeled for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus you can cycle, sail or hike to your distraction-resistant device.

The outer part of the speaker is crafted with shockproof, waterproof and IPX4 splash-proof rubber. This means you can listen to your beloved soundtracks on the road without worrying about losing your device.

Like all great quality bike speakers so far reviewed, this piece from Avantree comes with a bicycle mount that allows you to fit its security even for the wildest riding experience. The speaker will not come off easily. Also if it dropped, the shockproof casing would not allow the internal drivers to undergo damage.

Special Features:

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Who Is This For

A Bluetooth wireless bike speaker is the best solution for people who want to enjoy riding and listening to music. Theres no question that a dose of good music can mean having the best bike journey of your life. A great wireless bike Bluetooth speaker is perfect for enthusiastic bikers that want to have a music friend that sits on the handlebar to keep them company in their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by CLEARON Wireless Waterproof ...

Is it safe to use Bluetooth bike speakers?

Using a Bluetooth bike speaker is the safest way to listen to music while cycling. You are not advised to use headphones or earphones because they block out the sounds of the rest of the world. Most of them have noise-canceling technology that leaves you in a little cocoon. It is risky to shut out the rest of the world when youre riding your bicycle, especially on busy roads.

Bluetooth bike speakers are the best solution because you can enjoy your music and your adventure. You can also listen to the radio if you choose to. Bluetooth speakers are also easy to set up, so you have no excuse.

Are Bluetooth speakers loud enough?

While they are unable to provide 360-degree surround sound like other speakers, Bluetooth speakers hold their own in terms of sound production. A lot of time has been invested in improving the volume of portable speakers and the audio quality. Gone are the days of low-quality speakers. The speakers in this buying guide are well-known for providing a premium listening experience.

How do I carry my portable speaker when Im cycling?

What if I dont want to use Bluetooth connectivity?

What happens if I lose the USB cord for my speaker?

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Avantree Cyclone The Luxury Of Listening To Music The Way Thats Convenient For You

Not all speakers for bike riders allow you to enjoy music in three ways. If you want to have more options besides listening to your tunes wirelessly, Avantree Cyclone is for you. Bluetooth mode aside, the speaker enables you to make use of a MicroSD card and an AUX cable. Switch between them, depending on whether youre on an outdoor ride or chilling out between trips.

The convenience of the Cyclone speaker also extends over how it can accompany you on your ride. You can either insert it in a bottle holder and keep it low on the frame or use its snap hook to secure it to your belt. This wireless speaker wont be damaged by bumps or dust, so you can attach it anywhere you want.

Despite being more affordable than most portable bicycle speakers, the Cyclone has a few hiccups. The major one is about its battery life. Its four times shorter than that of the Treblab HD7 Bluetooth speaker, with only 6 hours to go. To top it off, this speakers built-in bass radiator is somewhat unequal to the task of amplifying lows.

Best Bicycle Speakers In 2021

You love spending your days riding around on your bicycle.

But youve realized that the experience would be even better if you could listen to your favorite songs while riding your bike.

Sure, you can buy headphones or earbuds and listen that way. But you arent the kind of person who enjoys sticking things in their ears or covering them up.

Youve searched high and low for the best bicycle speakers to no avail. You dont know what to look for most likely.

Were here to help with our handy guide thatll teach you all you need to know about bicycle speakers.

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What Should I Look For In A Bike Speaker For My Handlebar

Technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. The bike speaker is one such technology. With it, any trace of boredom during cycling is sublime, at least for those who have installed the best bike speakers. This device lets you enjoy your favorite tracks and increases your riding experience.

Here are some features you should look for in a bike speaker:

Sound Quality

No one will appreciate music from low-quality bike speakers that are muffled, distorted, and sultry. A top-quality bike handlebar speaker should have a high-quality sound system. It should be able to provide smooth, crisp, and loud music so that you can enjoy listening to the wind as well as other sounds in the background.

Try to find a speaker with dual audio drivers because they are equipped with the potential to create a 360-degree affect sound quality. They do this by splitting the audio and then channeling it in both directions. These speakers, combined with a subwoofer setup, provide outstanding sound quality.

Wireless Connectivity Range

An essential consideration is the range of wireless connectivity. Top-quality bike speakers feature a Bluetooth connectivity range of at least 100 feet. This is good enough, but the longer the range, the better it is for you.

This will ensure effortless connectivity that is free from any disturbance and static concern. You dont want your listening moment to be interrupted by connectivity screw-ups because your gadget is out of range.

Connectivity Options

Scosche Bmbtcan Boombars Tiny Headlight

Avantree How to – Bluetooth Speaker for Bike, Mount to Bicycles

Are you shopping around for compact and budget-friendly speakers for a bike and can do without the loudest systems? Meet the wireless BoomBars. This Bluetooth speaker offers quite a few pros for those who prefer portability to tremendous power.

With the incredible 3.52 ounces in its weight, this speaker makes it to the most lightweight one in this selection. For your better understanding, iPhone X is twice as heavy. Whats more, youll find a 360-degree bike mount in the package when buying the BoomBars. You can move it the way you want, and its elastic band on the top and rubber grip will keep your speaker safe.

Yet, the BoomBars doesnt beat other bike handlebar speakers when it comes to battery life and loudness. Those are limited to meager 5 hours and single-speaker 2W sound with no bass amplifiers. If youre not going to bike the Tour de France and hate long outdoor rides altogether, its a legit option.

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Clearon Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Best Mounted Speaker

The CLEARON Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker is a step above the rest because of its 360 degree sound, the powerful and satisfying bass, and the rock solid, durable, and resistant bicycle mount, which is why we designated it the best mounted speaker.

What we like: Built-in MP3 player and FM radio, 12 hours of playtime

What we dont like: Faulty battery has trouble holding its charge

Standout Features

I really like this bicycle speaker because its waterproof, so you can bring it wherever you go and never have to worry about having it break if you ever get caught in a torrential rainstorm. It will withstand the assault of water, or dropping it in the bathtub, or accidentally letting it slip into the swimming pool.

Besides that, its also a great choice because it utilizes Max Bass hi-fi technology, which means the sound is powerful and crystal clear. It also has 360° surround, with four speakers on one side of the device and four speakers on the other side, which enhances the overall listening experience whether youre indoors or outdoors.

One reviewer was upset because the battery wouldnt hold its charge, so he had to constantly keep it plugged in in order to get the speaker to work. Obviously this isnt a good thing if you plan on mounting it to your bicycle since you arent going to have an outlet handy while riding around.

Alpatronix Ax410 Bluetooth Rugged Speaker

Made in California, the Alpatronix AX410 bike speaker is genuinely one of the best Bluetooth bike speakers currently in the market. It features a heavy-duty, cylindrical design. The speaker can fit a majority of the water holders on bikes. You can listen to your favorite tracks while you cycle.

This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with dual 6-watt of HD sound inclusive of a passive subwoofer. The subwoofer offers you enhanced bass and full clarity. The speaker also includes Bluetooth 4.1 technology which pairs with a matter of seconds to all Bluetooth-enabled devices with a 30+ft range.

Alternatively, you can plug in your device through an aux port with an auxiliary cable. This offers even better audio transmission as well as audio quality. The speaker is compatible with a wide variety of devices including iPad, Apple iPhone, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Android Smartphones, laptops, some PCs and MacBooks.

The Alpatronix AX410 is exceptionally durable. It features a layered design meant to protect the inner components from accidental drops, water, and debris. The outermost layer is a shockproof cage which is rugged to protect your speaker from internal damage when it drops and from regular wear/tear.

The second layer is a metal grill designed to protect audio drivers from exterior elements. A weather-resistant port cover cushions and protects your power and auxiliary ports from water and debris.

Special Features:

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Treblab Hd7 Never Add Any More Weight To Your Handlebar

The best Bluetooth speaker for biking is the one thats so lightweight that it doesnt restrict the movement of your bicycle handlebar. The catch is that every audiophile wants it to be powerful to give their rides a boost. While a lot of hardware can add up to the speakers overall weight, its not going to happen with Treblab HD7.

Weighing in at just 0.8 pounds, the HD7 shows other bicycle-mounted speakers the way to follow. Despite being small and easily attachable to any road bike, it houses the duo of 6W drivers and a couple of subwoofers. More than enough to fire up your next cycling trip.

Treblab HD7s 2,500-mAh battery outclasses that of the previous waterproof speaker. Capped at 25 hours, it keeps the wireless device playing in an unstoppable way! You can even get another HD7 to pair both bicycle Bluetooth speakers into the True Wireless Stereo mode for more fun around the clock.

Considering the unbelievable price for this portable speaker, what more could you ask for?

Timix Fabric Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker is a worthy buy because it has two uses. The speaker can be attached to a bicycle mount and be used as a bike speaker, and you can also use it in the shower. It has a strong suction cup that you can use to stick directly onto the wall. With both indoor and outdoor uses, this device is a worthy purchase.

The speaker has an IP 65 waterproof rating. This makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. Weather changes are often unpredictable, and you dont want to be caught out once it starts raining. Purchasing this speaker will save you the trouble of rushing for safety whenever it starts raining, and youre out cycling with your speaker.

The modern design makes the speaker portable. You can easily move the speaker from one place to the next. It is easy to transfer from your shower wall to your handlebars. You can mix it up so that your music accompanies you wherever you go.


  • Battery: A lithium-ion battery is required, and this purchase comes with one.



  • It is heavier than other speakers in its range. Compared to the other devices on this list, this speaker is heavy. This might negatively impact your ride by making you heavier and thus slowing down your bike ride.

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Ayaport Speaker Mount Holder Golf Cart Speaker Strap Fits Most Portable Sound Bar Round Cylindrical Speakers Radio

  • Pioneering Webbing BagãAyaport golf cart speaker mount straps have a big webbing bag that can hold every shape of golf cart speakers, or Radios, Phone, bottles etc.
  • 2-Straps Designã We use 2 straps to secure speakers to avoid straps touching the speaker buttons.
  • Fit Most Speakersã Fit speakers up to 3.
  • Multi-purpose carabiner & bungee cordsãAyaport golf cart speaker mount can be attached to backpack with carabiner, and also can be hung to a big tree branch with bungee cords.
  • Package includesã1 pc of golf cart speaker mount, 1 carabiner, 2 bungee cords.

Switch To Radio Option

If you are tired of listening to the playlist, it is also good if your portable speaker can have the radio option, that is connecting to the FM radio. By having this option, you can quickly gain access to the current news in the local and songs on the top hits.

These speakers with an FM radio option usually has an antenna to amplify the signal it captures from the nearest radio tower in your vicinity.

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Avantree Portable Bluetooth 50 Bike Speaker

The Avantree Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Bike Speaker is in a class by itself with 10 W of powerful sound booming out of two 5 W dual speakers. It also radiates passive bass, its perfect for cycling, its waterproof, and it has a 24 month warranty.

What we like: Bluetooth connectivity, portable audio, three playing modes

What we dont like: The sound quality isnt the greatest

Standout Features:

The best thing about this speaker is that its actually two speakers rolled into one. The device has a total of two 5 W speakers that systematically create a rich bass experience. Youll be able to hear these powerful little speakers even in the noisiest settings, so if you bring them to the beach, to a live sporting event, or anywhere else with a lot of people youll still hear your favorite songs or audio programs without fail.

Even better, you can use this speaker in three different playing modes. If you need to plug the speaker into your portable audio player, then by all means use the AUX cord. Alternatively if you want to connect it to a Bluetooth device, you can certainly do so and enjoy crystal-clear audio at the same time. Or if you would like to play audio from your microSD or TF card, you can do so and play your music directly through the speaker without the need to connect another device to enhance your listening pleasure.

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