Bluetooth Speaker That Stays On

Fix : Restart The Bluetooth Service

Liddle Speaker Set of 2 Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers on QVC

Your Bluetooth works relying on some certain service on your computer. If it encounters issues, you need to make sure that that service runs normally. The easiest method is to restart the Bluetooth service.

Here is what you can do:

  • Press Win+R to open Run.
  • Type services.msc in the Run box and press Enter to open Service.
  • Find Bluetooth support service. If it is not running, you can right-click it and then select Start. If it is running, you can right-click it and then select Restart.
  • After you make sure the service is running, you need to right-click it and select Properties.
  • Select Automatic for Startup type.
  • Click OK to save the change.
  • Tip 4 Make More Playlists

    Playlists are like digital DJs keeping the party going without having to pay someone. The downside is, as the night goes on, people get a little tipsy and the party needs to go in a new direction. The quickest way to change gear is having the right playlist ready to go. When your friends start asking for more of a certain genre, you just start the new playlist. Create different playlists for genre, year, generation and maybe even a mood like chill, acoustic, upbeat, dance and beast mode. Let your party speakers do the work while you have fun with your friends.

    How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Wont Stay Charged

    At times, the speaker may not hold charge as it used to. The issue here is the battery has surpassed its number of charge cycles. If your speaker has stayed with you for five years or more, its charging cycles are likely depleted.

    Most Lithium-ion batteries are designed to hold about 300 to 500 charging cycles. The JBL Go, for instance, has a battery round of about 12 hours, which goes for multiple days. Depending on how often you charge, this speaker is meant to provide optimal battery performance for several years.

    Therefore, if your battery is not lasting long, it is time to replace the batteries. Replacement batteries are reasonably priced and can add more years to your Bluetooth speaker.

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    Bold Sound For Wherever Life Takes You

    From the pool to the park to the patio, the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is a tough and water-resistant companion thats perfect for any adventure. Featuring a soft-touch silicone exterior and a built-in microphone for calls, its your go-to speaker with bold soundwherever you need it. Now in Midnight Blue and Yellow Citron.

    Jbl Speaker Wont Charge Or Stay Charged

    Jabra Speak 510 MS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 7510

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    When buying speakers, JBL is a safe choice they make nice, highly speakers with great sound for the money. But like with any electronics, things dont always go according to plan, which is very frustrating when it does happen. In the case of battery troubles, it can turn your nice equipment into a brick.

    If your JBL isnt charging or is depleting in battery quickly, it could be a bad battery, but more often than not, it is a software issue rather than a hardware one. If it is a hardware issue, it could be a bad cable. Try factory resetting and swapping to a different cable.

    We will be going over the various charging related issues that a JBL speaker can have if you would like to learn more, we encourage you to read further.

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    Best Sound For The Size And Price


    • Powerful, bass-forward, bright sound signature
    • Gets loud for its relatively compact size
    • Fully waterproof design
    • USB-A port for charging mobile devices



    • Powerful audio performance with rich bass depth and clear highs
    • Fully waterproof and dust-tight design
    • Solid speakerphone clarity


    • Powerful audio with rich bass depth and bright highs
    • Portable, dust- and water-resistant build
    • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control



    • Powerful, bass-forward audio with four drivers and dual passive radiators
    • Outdoor-friendly waterproof build
    • Can be linked with multiple JBL speakers


    Q: Reset Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker

    If you have an Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker and you are having problems connecting a previous paired device or even connecting to the SoundLink Speaker. Try resetting the Speaker with the following steps.

    To reset the Bose SoundLink Speaker:

  • On the speaker, press and hold the Mute button for 10-12 seconds or until the LED Indicators Flash
  • The speaker should now be powered off, now press the Power button to power the speaker back on.
  • Now, try connecting your Bluetooth device to the Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker.
  • If the above steps did not work, please visit Bose Product Support for more helpful troubleshooting steps.

    Please note: The above steps are included in the users manual for the product however, the steps are located under the troubleshooting section for poor audio quality.

    Update: November 2012

    If you have tried the above steps, and your Bluetooth device is still unable to connect to the Bose SoundLink Speaker, you may need to clear the Bluetooth pairing settings for the Bose SoundLink Speaker on the device you are attempting to pair the speaker with. For example, if you can not get the speaker to pair with your iPhone, you need to delete the pairing entry on the iPhone and then re-pair the speaker to the iPhone.

    Since the number of devices that have Bluetooth capabilities, the particular steps to delete or un-pair a device is outside the scope of this article.

    Update: Flashing Red Battery Light

    Battery Protection Mode

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    Top 10 Bluetooth Stereo System With Wireless Speakers Of 2022 To Stay You Favorite

    You can quickly check out the Bluetooth stereo system with wireless speakers of February 2022 with several well-known Beats, Dual electronics, Tenmiya, Proreck, Edifier, Supniu, Cambridge soundworks, Audioengine, Toshiba, Boytone, including brands. Also, 10 market-leading products are presented through 7,525 customer reviews.

    • Pair and play with Bluetooth device with a 12-hour rechargeable battery
    • Power source type: Battery Powered
    • ,all weather resistant ipx4 rating, your portable bluetooth speakers have an ipx4 rating which will protect them from splashing water, regardless of the direction so feel free to take them on your outdoor adventures or have them by the pool
    • 150-Watt RMS,1000 Watts Peak 12″ Woofer and Compression Driver with 1.35″ Titanium Diaphragm Digital LCD Screen Master volume controls, Mic, Line, Tremble, Bass volume controls
    • XLR and 1/4” Mic Inputs for balanced and unbalanced microphones RCA Line Input and RCA Line Output Speakon output 115 V/230 V power selector
    • PLANAR DIAPHRAGM TWEETERS Get clear highs thanks to fully planar diaphragm tweeters.
    • 8-INCH WIRELESS SUBWOOFER Achieve rich, room-shaking bass sound with the 8-inch wireless subwoofer.
    • PREMIUM AUDIO SPEAKERS: External amplifier with 800 Watts offers professional bass and loud surround sound quality
    • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Personal system is small enough for a bookshelf or for transporting to a party

    Fix : Modify The Bluetooth Power Setting

    Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth Wireless Speaker on QVC

    If it is set to allow your computer to turn off the Bluetooth device to save power, your Bluetooth can keep disconnecting when in a low-power state. To solve the issue, you need to modify the Bluetooth Power setting.

  • Use Windows Search to search for device manager and then select the first search result to open it.
  • Unfold the Bluetooth option and then right-click the Bluetooth device you want to fix its Bluetooth disconnect issue. Next, select Properties.
  • Switch to the Power Management Then, uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.
  • Click OK to save the change.
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    What Type Of Sound Quality Do You Need

    Will you be using your speakers solely for music? For podcasts ? Maybe a bit of both? You should decide that now, because it will surely factor into what kind of speaker you end up getting whether that’s surround sound, Dolby Atmos, something for the great outdoors or just plain old stereo . Not all speakers produce the same kind of sound quality, so it’s important to know exactly the kind of listening experience you’re looking to get out of it before you make the purchase

    Resetting Altec Bluetooth Speaker

    To reset Altech Bluetooth speaker follow these steps:

    • Press and hold the three buttons on the right side of the speaker
    • The speaker will turn off by itself
    • Power on the speaker by pressing the power button, and the speaker is in Bluetooth mode. Also, ALTEC offers budget-friendly options such as top-rated Bluetooth speakers under 20 dollars which you can try without breaking your bank.

    There are certain brands covered in detail, such as how you can reset Sonos Bluetooth speakers as well as resetting Samsung soundbars on Speakers Daily.

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    What Are The Longest Lasting Bluetooth Speakers

    There are many factors to consider when choosing the longest-lasting Bluetooth speaker for you below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

    Weight: While all of these speakers are portable, they span a range between 1.6 pounds and 6.8 pounds, which is a big difference if you plan on carrying it around everywhere you go.

    Durability: An electronic devices resistance to dust and water is measured on the IP scale. Every Bluetooth speaker below has either an IP67 or IPX7 rating, which means theyre dustproof and waterproof.

    Multi-Speaker Pairing: A relatively new feature to Bluetooth speakers is the ability to pair two or more of them together to create a multi-room wireless audio system. All of the Bluetooth speakers weve researched for this guide support this feature.

    USB-C Charging: All of the speakers were recommending charge using a USB-C cable, which allows you to plug them into a portable battery pack to extend their life if youre not near an outlet. We recommend Ankers PoweCore Slim 10000, which is small and light, but will coax a few extra hours from your speaker.

    Pairing And Connecting With Bluetooth Devices

    Sharp All Weather Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black ...

    To pair with a second or subsequent BLUETOOTH device, perform the following pairing procedure for each device.

    Before operating the speaker, be sure to do the following:

    • Place the BLUETOOTH device within 1 m of the speaker.

    • Connect the speaker to an AC outlet via a USB AC adaptor . Or charge the built-in battery sufficiently.

    • Stop playback on a BLUETOOTH device.

    • Turn down the volume of the BLUETOOTH device and speaker to avoid any sudden loud sound output from the speaker. Depending on the BLUETOOTH device, the volume of the device may be synchronized with the speaker.

    • Prepare the operating instructions supplied with the BLUETOOTH device for reference.

  • Turn on the speaker.
  • Check the status of the indicator.

    When the indicator is double flashing

    After you pair the speaker with a BLUETOOTH device for the first time since purchase or initialize the speaker , the speaker automatically enters pairing mode when it is turned on. Proceed to step.

    When the indicator is flashing slowly

    The speaker is searching for a BLUETOOTH device.

  • To pair the speaker with a second or subsequent BLUETOOTH device , proceed to step.

  • When the indicator stays lit

    The speaker has been connected to the BLUETOOTH device.

    To connect to other BLUETOOTH devices, follow one of the procedures below.

  • Press the

    You hear voice guidance from the speaker and the indicator starts double flashing .

  • Hint


  • The speaker can be paired with multiple devices, but can only play music from one paired device at a time.

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    Battery Is Defective Or Needs Replacement

    If the battery is not charging or unexpectedly turns off you may need to replace it. Make sure this is a persistent issue before replacing. Instances of leaving the device in abnormal temperatures can cause the device to loose power quicker than normal. If the issue continues, follow our battery replacement guide.

    Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1

    Bang & Olufsens Beosound A1 is the best-sounding ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, and it has offers an impressive 18 hours of music playback per charge at typical listening levels. That number jumps up to 43 hours if you listen at low volumes.

    Thats less than the other speakers in our guide, but significantly more than youd expect from a speaker this size. The circular speaker weighs a little over a pound, and measures just 5.2-inches long. It comes with a strap, which makes it easy to carry, or hang on a nearby tree branch, fence post, or beach chair.

    The main reason we like this speaker is that it sounds excellent offering a great blend of treble, midrange, and bass. Music sounds clear whether youre blasting it at maximum volume, or listening quietly at home. Youll have no problem filling a mid-sized room with music.

    As a bonus, the Beosound A1 works with Amazons Alexa, which you can use to operate the speaker totally hands free.

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    How Do I Choose A Bluetooth Speaker

    When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, what it really comes down to is size and price. If you’re looking for a very portable speaker, you’ll want to get something very compact, but remember that smaller speakers usually produce less sound and bass than larger ones. So while there are plenty of mini Bluetooth speakers that deliver bigger sound than you might expect, they do have their sonic limitations. For a lot of people it’s a question of finding a speaker that’s not too big or too small — one that travels well but also is capable of producing good sound for its size. But finding the best portable Bluetooth speaker also comes down to your budget.

    Price can be a limiting factor. You may not want to spend $150 or more for a small speaker. Luckily, there are plenty of good options for $100, and some decent mini Bluetooth speakers can cost less than $50. Also, certain “value” brands that sell primarily on Amazon are strongly worth considering because they do offer a lot for the money.

    If you’re looking for the best sound quality, as I said, bigger is usually better, and some larger portable Bluetooth speakers — sometimes referred to as Bluetooth boom boxes — can put out a lot of sound and have an integrated handle for toting them around.

    Can An Old Speaker Keep Powering Off

    TOP 5: BEST Bluetooth Speakers 2021

    If your JBL speaker is old, it will have so many issues that a simple reset may not solve. These speakers may have a faulty circuit board that makes it switch on and off repeatedly. Again, the battery of the speaker may be damaged to a point that it doesnt hold charge.

    For an old speaker that is no longer covered by the warranty, if resetting and a battery replacement dont fix the issue, you may have to replace the speaker. Most of the JBL speakers are affordable and getting another speaker might be a good option to avoid the repair costs that come with an old system.

    These speakers may also have a problem with Bluetooth connectivity, especially if they are running an older version of Bluetooth. Know when to get a new speaker.

    Why upgrade to a new speaker?

    The newest JBL speakers have better features. For starters, they have Bluetooth version 4.2 or better, which makes them safe and allow them to connect fast and over a long distance. The speakers are also sleeker and easier to carry when you need to bring them to the next adventure.

    If you pick a newer speaker, you will enjoy better audio quality. This happens thanks to the better Bluetooth version and a better subwoofer in the speaker. Further, you have several choices to choose from and there is a speaker for every budget.

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    Do Jbl Speakers Have Problems With Bluetooth Connectivity

    All Bluetooth speakers may have a problem with Bluetooth connectivity. In most cases, they will not pair, or they will lose the connection after pairing. Unless the speaker is very old, connectivity issues are not common with JBL speakers, but they can happen.

    If your speaker fails to pair, you can try switch off the speaker and the phone and wait for about three seconds. Switch on the phone and the speaker and open Bluetooth settings from your phone to pair the devices.

    If the connection problem persists, check that there are no barriers, there is no interference, and the two devices are close enough to establish a connection.

    Grace Digital Voice Enhanced Wireless Tv Speaker Conclusion

    The Grace Digital Voice Enhanced Wireless TV Speaker is a really versatile speaker, packed with an array of features not found on other portable wireless TV speakers. Although very simple to use, the Grace Digital has slightly more complex features that may overwhelm someone who might get confused by extra buttons and controls. The speaker produces about 16W of power which is around triple the output of the other portable TV speakers in this article. This added power delivers a higher volume and more intelligibility. Unfortunately, the Grace Digital doesnt have a headphone output so you can only use it as a speaker.

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    How Do Speakers Sound Outside

    Portable Bluetooth speakers have come a long way in the last half decade. Today small speakers can pack some fairly impressive firepower. This is thanks mostly to the near-ubiquitous inclusion of passive radiators.

    Passive bass radiators are made of rubber-like surfaces that vibrate sympathetically with the output of a powered driver├ólike when you place a speaker on a long wooden table and you notice the table vibrating, seemingly increasing the bass response. The vibrations often create the sense of stronger bass depth, even without these radiators receiving actual powered audio on their own. It sounds like a gimmick that shouldn’t be effective, but some manufacturers have worked magic and manage to pump out rich bass response from fairly small speakers.

    Some outdoor speakers also feature outdoor listening modes. These modes tend to dial up the treble to make up for the lack of reflective surfaces when you’re sitting in the middle of a field or forest. The walls in your kitchen or office do, indeed, perform a function in transmitting audio to your ears, and without them in the picture, high frequencies in particular can sound dulled, especially if you’re not terribly close to the speaker.

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